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Year 2010

Ok, I know we are just approaching 2008 and here I am yapping about year 2010, bear with me and see if this makes sense.

Year 2010 is the year of the fiesta in the context of Philippine political setting. This is the year when presidential election will be held, where the will of the people will once again be assaulted by math wizards of the garci type and traditional politicians lording over the arena of a struggling democracy or pretending to be a democracy if we the people allow the transgression.

Year 2010 will be another one of those same old things in the realm of politics if we remain indifferent and allow those who willfully and insidiously sabotaged the sanctity of the ballot.

Year 2010 will remain if not worse as all the other years if those responsible in the last election anomalies causing deaths and having leaders who were not voted by the people but through the back door operations of the comelec cheat remain unpunished and not held responsible for their misdeeds.

In lieu of the year 2010 Simbahan Lingkod ng Bayan (church in the service of the people) launched a 10 x 20 campaign, if only we as a people are willing to take action and mark a new beginning:

10 REASONS Why We Need To Get Involved in 10 by 2010

  1. The future of our democracy is at stake.
  2. This is a fresh opportunity to right the wrongs of the past and to resolve critical issues.
  3. There is a necessity to be vigilant and to protect the integrity of the electoral and political processes.
  4. There is a great need to rebuild the trust in democratic institutions and processes and to generate hope in the realm of socio-political change.
  5. There is a pressing need to authentically counteract social distrust and hopelessness.
  6. Every right that we have is coupled with a corresponding responsibility.
  7. Getting involved is our way of remembering and honoring those who defended the sanctity of the ballots even to the point of death.
  8. Inaction contributes to the whole problem and it only emboldens the oppressors.
  9. We need to be united and help one another so that our voice and force will be stronger.
  10. Effective social transformation needs to start from us – the people.

In order for us to achieved effective social transformation by the year 2010:

10 ACCOMPLISHMENTS that Should Be In Place By 2010

  1. Held those responsible for anomalies in the past elections accountable to the people.
  2. Revamped, professionalized and depoliticized COMELEC
  3. Modernized electoral system
  4. Paid a special attention to ARMM and the problem of warlordism
  5. Reviewed electoral laws and installed the needed reforms
  6. Developed mechanism that entrenched a deeper political education of voters, fostered public accountability of politicians, encouraged civic participation, and sustained a coordinated political action among the youth, civil society groups and Church-based organizations
  7. Cleaned the voters’ list
  8. Encouraged people especially the youth to register in order partake in the elections.
  9. Created avenues for constructive political engagement.
  10. Propagated the message of hope by showcasing individuals and groups who concretely help our country in various capacities.

To prepare for the year 2010 SLB has 10 options for involvement:

Political Education:

  • CGE: Citizenship by Good Example
  • Pinoy Voters’ Academy (Brgy. Edition, ARMM Edition, 2010 Edition
  • Kwentong Bayan
  • Gabay Halalan

Research and Publication:

  • SiLBi Newsletter
  • Electoral Reforms

Community Organizing and/or Mobilization:

  • Bantay Pangako
  • Disenfranchised Voters
  • Reg2Vote Campaign
  • SLB Volunteer Program

To partner or help in the campaign here are the contact details:

Loyola House of Studies
Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Contact Information:

Tel. 426-6101 local 3440 / 3441
Telefax: 426-5968
Mobile: SUN 8600
SLB (09228600752)

E-mail: slb@admu.edu.ph

Will this be the dawning of a new beginning towards a truly participatory democracy where we can level the political playing field? Will we see some if not all the groups desiring genuine change for once to let go of their bulging ego and come together in solidarity working towards meaningful change? It takes a lot of courage, sacrifice, hardwork and stubborn tenacity to achieve some if not all of the 10 to do list and 10 accomplished by the Year 2010 and it is fast approaching. Are we up to it or are we content at dreaming the impossible dream shrugging our shoulders clueless as ever?


Recall Bid Against Ed Panlilio Brewing?

Something's cooking and the people doing the cooking are not even crooks errr cooks but local politicians close to the daughter of D. Macapagal Highway Robbery errrr project. Say whaaaaat.... A recall bid against Ed Panlilio brewing!

Guess on what grounds or basis the morons are cooking up to oust a very "unpopular" (to the scalawags not the people) governor elect according to an inq7 report......... INCOMPETENCE! Holy mackerel so their governor is incompetent for collecting quarry taxes averaging P1MILLION A DAY and this numb nuts says he is incompetent. Now wait a minute here, something is awry and perversion in its lowest form afflicts those who are supposedly behind the criminal mafiosi conspiracy to rid the province of a man of integrity.

Well blow me down and slap me silly this is like a nightmare that never ends! When Lito Lapid was the governor he barely collected almost nothing from the quarry tax, is that not INCOMPETENCE? Ok maybe he was so competent at pocketing the tax proceeds if the rumor was true as was widely known and circulated in the province so "incompetence" does not apply here. Why do these "great" and "competent" elected local officials not held him accountable then? Are they afraid of the "duwendes" (trolls) that was "killing" Lapid's opponents?

He has a conflict of interest as a governor with responsibilities and duties controlling the quarry tax structure while at the same time own a family quarry business never even landed in the papers much less heard from the geniuses who wants Ed Panlilio ousted.

So what do the geniuses identified with Gloria Arroyo together with equally loyal like running dogs of the administration even supporting him in his successful senate bid? Well, if you look at his “splendid performance” I think people know the difference and another name for INCOMPETENCE is....... LITO LAPID.

So if it was the people whom Ed Panlilio defeated as those behind the recall well what can you expect from these geniuses anyway? Great minds indeed concocting what maybe another "miracle" in the Cobra Man & Cobra Women's (illegal numbers game bet collector) fashion when they shamelessly picketed and successfully stop the anti-jueteng drive campaign since they have a "right" to make an illegal livelihood. Now why am I not surprise that these geniuses will pull something up their sleeves on a "legal" option that will just expose their true intent...... they can't live with transparent, accountable, and responsible good governance.

Well six months has passed and the politicians spent ton loads of money to get elected so they are getting impatient......... you know when they are so used to recouping their "investment" in the shortest time possible and the governor instituted transparency measures in the process you can expect trouble. Big trouble in fact that crooks will resort to anything to a point where they will self-destruct.

All the 21 local officials in Pampanga are ganging up against Ed Panlilio with the exception of San Fernando Mayor Oscar Rodriguez, according to Panlilio. All 14 members of the local provincial board are like their tongress counterpart including youth leaders, que barbaridad do they start them early or what. So young yet so perverted, I wonder how they will turn out once they reach maturity.

I don't think incompetence will fly and according to Lito Basilio a law student, blogger, and avid supporter of Good Governance of Among Ed, one of the basis that may stick is loss of confidence. Well in the land of cheats where laws are interpreted according to who owns errr are in power with an equally loyal injustice secretary and a not so blind justice system anything and everything is possible.

This is the time where I want to see IBP (Integrated Bar of the Philippines) the biggest lawyer group to the rescue of what is just and right against the immoral and perverted politicians’ lust for power and greed that comes with the office. I hate to see them going out of the street to stage a protest like what they did in Pakistan in their frustration at the grind of justice which is more of an injustice in seeking the truth on the raging scandals of this administration.

This is where the Supreme Court is needed the most to shut the trap of these scalawags and let the rule of law takes its due course on what is fair and just. This is the point where I want to see the scalawags where they rightfully belong…… in jail and throw away the keys for good.

Panlilio has extended his reconciliation and forgave them and ask for forgiveness if they have been wronged, we will see how this will turn out next year...... a classic battle is looming, good vs. evil. On one side is Ed Panlilio, his supporters including Ang Kapatiran Party and numerous organizations including the newly formed Save Pampanga Movement and overseas cabalen associations and YOU if you believe in good governance while on the other side will be the 21 local officials backed by an allege jueteng lord reputedly the new "kingmaker" together with of course the Arroyos and their minions plus the ATM journalist. How times have changed, from the sugar barons to gambling lord as "kingmakers" to what's next? KFR (Kidnap for ransom) Lords as kingmaker?

A gathering of Heroes

Amidst the political uncertainty a glimmer of hope out of the political muck that local politicians in Pampanga are desperately trying to drown good governance in their Mafiosi rule of the mob style of governance.

Boy Montelibano a strong advocate of Gawad Kalinga who is also a columnist at Inq7 titled Glimpses just reported a gathering of men and women of good intentions and good will. A gathering of heroes 200 strong to be precise, coming from different church groups congregated in Macabebe, Pampanga place of Fil-Am Bong & Carol Tulud of Houston, Texas.

Despite the evil machinations of the local provincial board and their vice governor here they are in a truly Christian response of showering evil deeds with good deeds to help alleviate the plight of the poorest of the poor in a province where might is right. Where having excessive money irregardless of where it came from does not matter whoever has it is treated like god.

Another affirmation that man is good and mans desire to do good is contagious as shown by these men and women of GK. The meeting was geared towards helping their fellow men unlike the provincial board meeting whose agenda was how to sabotaged good governance gain showing their “talangka” (tiny crab like creature) mindset or kiss the behind of their supreme leader the daughter of the infamous DM Macapagal highway robbery errr project affirming their “unswerving” loyalty. Now who says only the north is solid, so are Pampanga’s local officials….. I just don’t know if it was the moolah, intimidation, or skeleton in their closet factor. At the rate the forces of good are going the local forces of evil will eventually self destruct if they don't change their ways. Oh incidentally did anyone know that even the youth representative of the provincial board is on Giuiao's "bandwagon" of belly aching impatient officials..........hmmmmn, they start them young do they?

Below is the email from Boy Montelibano, I have added a couple of links for more insights:

Tony & Lyn Meloto, Drs. Martin & Sylvia Bautista (AKP senatorial bet), and Hapag Kainan painter, Joey Velasco arrived together, with San Isidro (Nueva Ecija) Mayor Sonia Lorenzo and UP Dean of Public Administration & Governance Alex Brilliantes and his wife following shortly after. This comprised the GK team that Tony Meloto brought to rally Macabebe and support the GK fund-raising efforts of Bong & Carol Tulud in the US.

On the side of Macabebe, there was the complete GK caretaker team and their second line support of GK volunteers, Bong & Carol Tulud, their guests and clinic partners from Houston, the top leadership of CFC Pampanga, and different Church groups and foundations already engaged with Carol. The vice-mayor Felicisimo P. Navarro Jr. of the town was also there although the mayor was not.

Among Ed arrived the last, having had to pass by a farmers cooperative in Apalit. Before he arrived, Tony Meloto had started the ball rolling by challenging the citizens of Macabebe to help their poor so that the efforts of Circulo Kapangpangan in the US will not go to waste in Macabebe. A land donor, the first in Macabebe, was introduced, and the plan to set up Macabebe's first GK village was announced. The funds for the houses raised by Bong & Carol are already in place.

It was announced that another property in nearby Masantol town was being donated and GK committed to build another village there once the donation papers are finalized. Again, Bong & Carol Tulud will raise the funds for the homes in what will also be Masantol's first GK village.

Another property in Guagua has been donated and can absorb at least 50 homes for the poor.

Three new GK sites - Macabebe, Masantol, & Guagua - are confirmed and will soon be added to the present number of GK villages in Pampanga.

In his short speech, Among Ed announced his gratitude to GK and committed to have GK as an integral part of his vision for Pampanga. Both Tony Meloto and Among Ed reiterated their invitation for all LGUs in Pampanga to set aside political differences and join the GK movement in Pampanga.

GK and Among Ed's staff and leaders of various civil society groups will meet immediately after New Year's Day to finalize operational plans on how to build more GK villages in Pampanga.

Photo of GK advocates w/ Among Ed courtesy of:

Boy Montelibano

Shameless Impunity of the Forces of Evil! - p3

Conclusion......from part 2 & part 1

A brief background on Quarry fee collection (source, for a more detailed comprehensive and legal background and opinion visit J. Soriano & Lito Basilio’s blog)

Congress website reported that Natural Resources and Development Corporation (NRDC) the corporate arm of the Department of Natural Resources (DENR) used to collect quarrying fees from 1999 to 2001. NRDC was able to collect P382 million averaging P131 million from 1999 to 2001 until they turn over the responsibility of collection to the Pampanga provincial government. Now why in the name of Lady Madaya (cheat) will they do that?

As soon as the vultures errr Lapids (father now a senator and son former governor both using their actors credential to run the provincial capitol) was given the responsibility to collect, the drop in revenue was like jumping off the plane without parachute collecting a measly sum of P20 million averaging P10 million annually at the time of the tongress inquiry..

The Shameless

Give it to tongress with their “brilliant” investigative work in the guise of the overused rationale in justifying their 1 minute of fame in the broadcast media. Looking in all the wrong places arriving nowhere because they seem to focus on how to project themselves trying to appear brilliant in front of the idiot box is just so pathetic. Guess what they gathered in their so called investigative work? A survey conducted by the private sector representatives of the Regional Development Council (RDC).

In the survey most businessmen in Pampanga perceived the provincial capitol system of collection for quarry taxes are tainted with corruption and irregularities. Was that a surprise or what? Now why on earth are they getting paid with so much taxpayers’ money and all they can show for it are surveys? What’s up with survey and feeling the pulse of the people or peoles' perception?

Heck, we already know that people since time immemorial perceives elected and appointed officials down to the rank and file no doubt perceives them as corrupt so why delve on surveys? It makes me wonder why they are so concerned with perception instead of digging for facts and those criminally liable. Holy mackerel they are after all “representatives” of the people, so if they are more concerned with perception instead of legislation what does that tell us?

These people are just like my neighbors in the exclusive village of social rejects or the congregation of fishermen’s wives in their gossip sessions……. concerned with what people are saying than focusing on their own private lives. What an odd similarity with the representongs just like the cheat errr chief executive so obsessing fixated with perception instead of focusing on their duties and responsibilities on a public trust sworn by them to govern effectively for the common good.

During the reign of plunder errr the term of the Lapids it was marred by the proliferation of “fake receipt”, so is it not more logical to find out why it happened instead of how people perceived the collection process? Assuming we believe their tall tales that the “fake receipt” was the reason for the grossly inefficient pathetic below 10 percent of the previous collection of P131 million annual revenue of NRDC. In effect if their findings were accurate then for every 10 truck load they can only collect legitimately from1.3 truckload and the collectors assigned to collect pockets 8.7 truckloads?

It was outright thievery and to think that it went on unabated for 6 years is beyond explanation. How can they not detect this? Are the collectors playing Jueteng (illegal numbers game) thus yearly they are losing P121 million? Well it does not take a lot of time to play Jueteng, unless they are moonlighting as jueteng collectors themselves and leaving the collection to the cobra men and women (collectors) of the Jueteng Lord known to reside in his mansion in their province.

The Lapid’s are known to own a quarry business enterprise, whatever happened to “delicadeza” and conflict of interest? Why were they allowed to control the quarry tax collection or why did the father and son not relegated the duties and responsibilities to another public official that has no interest in the quarry?

In the Ordinance 176 the board members has remove the governor and was not even a member of the council so what’s up with that? They remove an official for diligently structuring the collection in a transparent manner while the past governor whose pathetic dismal collection with conflict of interest and widely perceived to be on the take was allowed to control the collection for 6 years. Why the haste to remove the efficient collector who is barely six months in office and to think they voted unanimously so they can revert to their old bad habits?

As if the situation is not worse enough, NRDC has a standing “offer” to the provincial government to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) guaranteeing a minimum of P120 million a year back up by bond if the provincial government appoints them as the quarry collection agents. Ok, I can understand that the government is getting short changed by about P11 million a year so they rejected the offer.

So why in the world did the provincial capitol collected even less than what NRDC would shortchange them on a measly P10 million a year? Where did they learn how to count anyway, from Garcillano and the tongelec commissioners? I don’t expect politicians to have any business sense but even the dumbest of the dumbest has foresight way beyond these fools “fixing” a perfectly working collection process earning an average of P1 million/day in a years time can be hovering around + - P260 million (5 days a week) double the NRDC P131 million and TENTY SIX TIMES (26 x) repeat TWENTY SIX TIMES the Lapid’s P10 million/year. Should they not focus on investigating these anomalies making the Singson/Eraption Jueteng payola pale in comparison?

Why is Giuiao and the rest of Among Ed’s detractors so fixated on lambasting and belittling the efforts of Among Ed quarry collection that will make their province the richest instead of pursuing the corruption case against the Lapids? It makes me wonder if they are doing this as part of the usual posturing all sound bytes to boost their ego willing to pursue their “good deeds” only to a point? To a point where you don’t disrupt the monkey business of corruption since scalawags think in their narrow pea SIZE brain that all men are just like them? Now, can we blame people if they perceive his zarzuela act as tantamount to a brat’s tantrum not getting their share of the goodies? Are the people right into thinking that they are now after Among Ed because they can’t dip their dirty fingers in the quarry revenue and might as well spread the bounty down the mayor’s level and take their chance of getting their share of the bounty with scalawags? Some people are telling me that it maybe that getting some is better than none because they can’t bribe someone seriously taking his vow of poverty. What do scalawags do when they cannot sway an honest man of impeccable integrity to their corrupt ways? Give him a hard time and just like their tongress counterpart connive like a Mafiosi mob using sheer numbers to wrestle control away from him.

These people never cease to amaze me, another reason for not appointing NRDC citing a regional trial court decision which held that the power and authority to collect taxes from quarry operations was an inherent and non-transferable right of the local government. If that is the case why in the name of plundering buffoons will the gang of thieves’ errr local board passed Ordinance 176 transferring the collection duty to the mayors?

Even more Shameless

It is not possible for the quarry fee collectors to have done this without the people in the provincial capitol and the Governor not knowing what’s going on, after all P121 million loss in revenue yearly for 6 years is not a measly negligible amount. In the same manner that it is impossible for the national government to have not noticed this and especially with presidential son Mikey Arroyo actively involve in the Province being a representatong errr representative of the house of ill refute errr congress.

Mikey’s mother is a hands on president to a fault that oftentimes it makes me wonder if she would have been better as a supervisor instead of cheat err chief executive. She can erupt like Mt. Pinatubo when she sees trivial things in her visits to government facilities and berate those running the agencies when she is displeased. So why was she so eerily silent in her hometown, when the provincial capitol is losing P121 million a year or a total of P726 million based on NRDC’s past revenues?

For six loooong years the people in government have done nothing except grandstand but the scalawags and thieves are out there laughing their way to the bank leaving the people of Pampanga holding an empty bag.

Evil prevail when good men fail to act………. Ignore this and abandon Among Ed’s moral crusade for good governance and forever sink in the quagmire of corruption wher we may not recover. Let this pass and our children and their childrens children will wonder what our present generation did why they are in such a society so perverted and sick retrogressing centuries back to a wild animalistic survival of the fittest. If we don’t act now who will, if not now when? We snooze we lose, one province at a time and we may see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Shameless Impunity of the Forces of Evil! - p2

    continued from part 1……

    On the other side of the pathetic political spectrum lorded by patronage and personality politics wallowing in the muck of corruption and unexplained wealth desperately sabotaging and frustrating the good governance effort of the duly elected administration of Among Ed. The people opposite to the camp of Among Ed’s moral crusade unhappy with his good governance effort:

    • Lilia “Baby’ Pineda – Bong’s wife, former mayor of Lubao; a former BUKO (coconut) VENDOR, now wealthy business woman; locally revered ‘mother of perpetual help’ because of her yearly largess to the local poor; two term provincial governing Board Member one of the defeated candidate for governor running against former Pineda political ally Mark Lapid. A sore loser who can’t accept Among Ed’s victory as the will of the Pampanga people shamelessly accused a man of the cloth for electoral irregularities.

    • Rodolfo ‘Bong’ Pineda – reputed national gambling, or ‘jueteng’ (pronounced ‘ouetting’) boss of at east nine provinces; wealthy movie producer, fast-food and construction business owner; a reputed ‘king maker’ who, allegedly in order to protect his illegal business interests from prosecution, has reportedly backed several politicians rise to power – including (until the last election) the Lapids. This is the guy who will sue people for libel if they call him a Jueteng Lord and will not open his books to his unexplained wealth because it will "violate" his privacy..... only in the god forsaken province ruled by one with a questionable mandate will you hear such perverted "champions" of "privacy". Duh, privacy ends when there is probable cause to investigate criminal activity and last time I heard Jueteng is still illegal, so what kind of investigatong errr investigative agencies do we have anyway? Come clean and prove he is not a Jueteng gambling Lord instead of invoking "violation of Privacy" just like that self-confessed little brother of Mike Arroyo as the Jose Pidal opening a bank account using an alias.

    • Dennis Pineda, anak ng jueteng errr only son of Bong Pineda godson of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo currently the mayor of her hometown Lubao and president of the Pampanga Mayors League (PML). The “crowning achievement” aside from being anak ng jueteng errr son of Bong Pineda and La Gloria’s godson as PML president was to blame Ed Panlilio for “accepting” P500K from his fairy godmother the Big Briber and boycotting the Capitol’s social functions
    • Mikey Arroyo son of Gloria Arroyo and past vice-governor (at the height of what others believed to be the quarry tax plunder) currently a Representative in a district in Pampanga rumored to have bragged in Congress he is releasing or has released P10 million intended for the “demolition job” to discredit the governor and his good governance. Rumor has it that the disclosure of the P500K bribe by Among Ed has the son wanting to get back at the good governor for impugning the "integrity" of her mother. If the rumor on the P10M is true is it possible he has so much "lahar skeleton" in his closets that to allow Among Ed to be effective in his good governance will expose all those nasty secrets?

    • Manuel “Lito” Lapid & Mark Lapid (Banana Heart), father and son former governors of Pampanga the father now senator turning Mt. Pinatubo’s 1991 eruption disaster for the province, into a windfall for their family while the province suffers neglect needing funds for rehabilitation and reconstruction 100 of millions of pesos were lost to the so-called fake quarry tax receipts. His Family happens to own a very “lucrative” local quarry business, exporting sand and gravel to other provinces. Widely perceived by the local and outside people to have pocketed millions in Kickback as governor has control over tax structure on the lahar quarrying activities. According to reports, Lito lapid’s opponents are dying of mysterious deaths attributed to ‘duwendes” (Hobbits), unbelievable but these people are dead but he still landed in the senate. In the senate performing like their village idiot if this bloggers entry was accurate, funny on the onset but only shows a senator’s perverted mindset is just unreal.
    • Vice Gov. Joseller Guiao, Board Members Crisostomo Garbo, Catalina Bagasina, Tarcicio Halili, Ceferino Laus, Arthur Salalila, Edna David, Ricardo Yabut, Johhny Quiambao, Nelson Calara, and Nilo Caballa are cooking up things through a sleight of hand like a scamming street hustlers without shame passed Ordinance 176 and illegally overruled the governors veto power to let the mayors took over the collection of Mt. Pinatubo Lahar Quarry fees.

    Why would the gang errr politicians like Guiao and the ten stooges’ errr board members “reassign” the responsibility of quarry fee collection when Governor Panlilio’s administration is doing an excellent job?

    Here is a
    hint…… it appears according to this source if indeed it was accurate and not the usual ATM influenced journalist report that Governor Panlilio promised full control of quarry tax collection to Guiao only to “backtrack” later on. Uh huh, well why will Gov. Panlilio promise full control to a politician when clearly the priority was to clean up the mess of the past administrator?

    I am not saying or accusing the reporter of ATM journalism practice (new term replacing the infamous envelop journalism of journalist on the take) but what I am questioning here is the perverted mindset of finding fault on Among Ed’s excellent impeccable tax quarry collection never seen before in this god forsaken center of jueteng province. What gave this "journalist" the right to dictate who should take over quarry tax collection through his liepaper anyway.

    Early on when Panlilio was starting the clean up process Guiao was all praises like a choir when he is not even inside a church. Now he is lambasting and belittling Among Ed’s achievement in a very short period of time like a brat having a tantrum because he can’t have his cake and eat it too? It makes me wonder if what he is doing supposedly pursuing graft cases against the Lapids are all for show and just like sly politicians will pursue anomalies only to a certain point.

    Since they portray themselves as better qualified and assails the governor’s integrity may I asked why for six (6) long years they have allowed quarry tax collection lose several millions to hundreds of millions over the course of 2 past governors and turning the province into the jueteng capital of the Philippines after the power grab of the number 1 Cabalen on an anti-Jueteng platform?

    Governor Panlilio has a very transparent collection system that may surpass and break the Guinness book of world record (the only government office operations that is transparent and efficient in the Philippines) that will make the Province the richest in the whole archipelago averaging P1 million/day in quarry fee collection.

    Is it because Among Ed being a man of the cloth taking his vow of poverty seriously, he then becomes a liability in the circle of thieves’ errrr elected officials who has no need for material things? He owes no one any favor or any from the vested interest groups thus for the first time in the history of Pampanga a man of impeccable integrity is at the helm?

    Is it frustration and greed that drives these morons to connive like Mafiosi mobsters gambling efficient centralized quarry revenue collection away from a man with proven track record and impeccable integrity? What kind of moron will rearrange and decentralize what is working to venture into the unknown transferring the responsibility in the hands of the mayors? Is it because quarry revenues in the hands of the Governor go directly to the Provincial treasury thus they can’t dip their dirty hands in the proverbial cookie jar? Greed or moron you tell me…… at stake P121 million yearly in unaccounted revenues and with Among Ed’s P1 million daily collection we are talking more money than what they were supposedly losing or use to land in some peoples’ pockets of the past Lapids administratong.
    Is it because normally election expenses need to be recouped in the shortest possible time that in all shameless impunity grab quarry tax revenue away from the people of Pampanga just like the "happy" days of the past?

    To be continued.......

    Shameless Impunity of the Forces of Evil!

    The campaign to support Good Governance and the beleaguered Governor in his moral crusade for good governance in the province of Pampanga, Philippines is a call to all people who wants genuine meaningful change. The shameless impunity of the forces of evil in the form of corrupt patronage and personality politics of the ruling elite class have brought us to the depths of unfathomable shameless mismanagement and thievery afflicting the nation. We have been humiliated as a people for so long that failing to act in this crucial time is an act of surrender to the forces of evil patronage and personality politics. We cannot allow the greedy corrupt ruling elites to forever relegate as to the sideline shrugging our shoulders whining and ranting at our pathetic state of political affairs while they impose their evil will at the expense of our sanity and integrity as a people. The forces of evil is repudiating Among Ed’s good governance using all the dirty tricks to sabotage the significant gains of his administration in its infancy stage.

    ”That Man is basically good, and goodness is contagious,” is Among Ed’s number one guiding Principle. Are we going to reject that we are all good and allow evil to disrupt the spread of goodness and impose their evil deeds to our fellow men?

    Indeed Man is not just basically good because it is in inherent our nature that separates us from the rest of the wild buffoons. This is basically what Governor Ed Panlilio and his followers believe in, why will Among Ed leave the priesthood if he has no faith in man? His ongoing term has been an act of goodness with a firm resolve to serve his people in a moral crusade to give the people their due…… good governance through transparency, accountability, and responsibility. This is the side where good men cling on amidst the dirty politics and corrupt governance of the politicians’ shameless impunity dump governance in the quagmire of corruption and inefficiency. This is the side where good men thrive and an ongoing battle to restore Cabalens pride and dignity where Filipinos who has not given up hope for a meaningful change are intently watching.

    The Bad and Shameless Cretins slowly are getting exposed in what may become a classic battle of good versus evil. Is this the start of a classic battle that will ultimately put finality in the unfinished disappointing EDSA 1 peaceful revolution but definitely not the EDSA 2 experience which is more of a power grab? An epic battle and moral crusade of a man with impeccable integrity pitted against the evils of patronage and personality politics backed up by legitimate and illegitimate vested interest. Unlike the sellout Edsa 1 where the “victors” comprised of despondent military coup plotters slithered their way out of certain doom from the hands of the conjugal dictatorship by forging an alliance with Cory Aquino and her civil society. The revolution has seen the wife of a martyr who can’t control those under her and the vested interest she herself belongs. This time around we have Among Ed the man at the forefront is solidly without vested interest baggage. While Edsa 1 is a big disappointment Edsa 2 is a shameless bogus exercise concocted by power grabbers under false pretense of cleaning up the government of corruption. A hope dashed only to end up rearranging the makeup of leadership but more corrupt than ever that even “lordship” of Jueteng has been widely believe to be transferred in the hands of province mate now the new “kingmaker” in the sick political zarzuela.

    We cannot trust anyone especially coming from the ranks of traditional politicians; we have seen how they have managed to bring us down further towards hopelessness and desperation. Ed Panlilio is not your typical politician as a matter of fact he is not a politician but a leaders of impeccable integrity. He is our only hope for redemption but he is facing a crucial point in his moral crusade where forces of evil are out to get him through legal (illegal actually) maneuverings using greed and mob mentality to thwart the province progress.

    Benazir Bhutto Assasinated!

    Benazir Bhuto 54 former Pakistani prime minister two months after returning from exile to attempt a political comeback assasinated at a campaign rally.

    Proof that you cannot prevent a determined assasin from slaying their target, Bhutto was leaving the rally in her bullet proof vehicle asked that the rooftop hatch be opened so she could bid supporters farewell. What may have been a gesture of farewell turned to her ultimate farewell when she leaned her head to the latch several shots were heard and as she sank into her seat a bomb went off besides her vehicle. The explosion killed along with bhutto 20 people and scores of people hurt.

    Bhutto's killing came 12 days before the national election, as of this writing no one has claimed responsibility but finger pointing on who is responsble ensues pin pointing on extremist terrorist organizations like Al Queda but supporters are blaming it on Pakistan President Musharaff. Bhutto represents progressive democracy and her election could mean trouble for authoritarian ruler like Musharaff to extremist terrorist organization..

    "I have led an unusual life. I have buried a father killed at age 50 and two brothers killed in the prime of their lives," Bhutto wrote in a recent Op-Ed for The Washington Post. "I raised my children as a single mother when my husband was arrested and held for eight years without a conviction -- a hostage to my political career. I made my choice when the mantle of political leadership was thrust upon my shoulders after my father's murder. I did not shrink from responsibility then, and I will not shrink from it now."

    Bhutto accused military rouge officials of conspiring with extremist terrorist organizations which they have denied. Her slaying benefits Islamic terrorist thriving in chaos and instability and the rioting has now started as soon as Bhuttos supporters learned of her assasination.

    Pakistan is an ally in the war on terror what happens then with the slaying of Bhutto who wanted to work out a power sharing deal with Musharaff? A power sharing that the US is pushing, Bhutto being a more reliable ally in the ongoing war on terror is now gone.

    Among Ed under attack?

    There are rumors going around the internet that the powers that be are out to sabotage Among Ed's legitimate mandate as the duly elected Governor of Pampanga. It maybe just a rumor but judging from the actions of local officials from the provincial boards all the way down to the mayors refusal to cooperate with the Governor tells you something rotten is going on. Unconfirmed report Mikey Arroyo that P10M was allocated for the "demolition team" out to sabotaged through mercenary spin doctors in collusion with local politicians unhappy with the efficiency of the Among Ed's administration and his team exposing the rotten corrupt politicians whose very pockets are hurting losing their milking cow known as the Mt. Pinatubo Quarry fees in the process.

    In my previous post we have seen the efficiency of Ed Panlilio's quarry collection and local officials should be happy that their respective towns and cities are now getting fund from the quarry. Now why in the world will they not cooperate and that these local officials wanted to now decentralize collection when this is run efficiently and honestly for the first time? You guessed it right, maybe they are upset that the funds are going straight into their provincial treasury instead of getting into their pockets errr municipal treasury..... how dare Among Ed give them a hard time.

    It is time for the Filipinos who wants to regain their pride and dignity against the onslaught of perverted corrupt politicians lording over the province and its bounty to be on the offensive. We cannot allow the trapos to subvert Among Ed's a duly elected and legitimate administration. We must act now and not wait for things to unfold and be on the defensive when we know that the local selected errr elected officials are not cooperating with him.

    It is obvious and it may be true that anak ng jueteng errr son of DM Macapagal Hwy robbery errrr project is out to sabotaged Among Ed simply for collecting quarry fees (P29.6M in 26 days that took more than a year with the past administratong) efficiently.The tinseltown father & son team of the Lapids graft ridden quarry collection with the proliferation of fake receipts is an outright thievery and accountability and responsibility of those before him has now been exposed. Exposed simply by collecting fees a standard operating procedure (SOP) in countries where corruption is not prevalent.

    Is this a question of incompetency of the Lapids? If the Lapids are not incompetent then they must be on the take. If they are incompetent then they must own to it and redeem themselves in the eyes of the people who suffered from their incompetency. Looking at how much money was collected against the measly collection of past administratong the Lapids has a lot of explaining to do why it took them one year to collect quarry fees against Among eds collection that took a couple of weeks or less than 1 months. If they are proven to be crooks they cannot pocket the proceeds alone without those well connected to the present administratong giving their "blessing".

    Now, what bugs this Political Jaywalker is the seeming silence a defeaning silence in fact on those well meaning knights in white shining armor in their immaculate carabao frantic in their desire to proclaim themselves the savior of the poor. Actually so busy in the stance of being the hero while ignoring the developments in Pampanga where a "revolution" is going on to retake their pride and dignity stolen by the corrupt to the bones politicians running their lives.

    You want action then let us be on the offensive by backing up or initiating an investigation on the quarry collection of the past administration of the Lapids & the Macapagals. You want change, then the least we could do is expose and oppose scalawags in the Provinve ofPampanga...... a good start where their citizens are retaking their pride and repudiation of crooks and corrupt public officials.

    If you want change and make a difference as a blogger, then Join Bloggers Supporting Among Ed's Good Governance Campaign! Show your support by voicing your support for the moral leadership of Among Ed, Blog and be counted. Don't let a good man down unless you want the corrupt and mafiosi type politicians lord it over Pampanga.
    Join Bloggers Supporting Among Ed's Good Governance Campaign! Among Ed needs your support! Show your support through your blog rejecting the moral degeneration of patronage and personality politics.
    Bloggers supporting Campaign:

    Campaign Supporting Good Governance in Pampanga

    LUID KAPoliticians of the criminal conspirator kind are out to sabotage whatever gains have been achieved in good governance by the duly elected Governor of Pampanga. There is a clear pattern to get rid of Among Ed the catholic priest leaving his parish to take on the challenge of providing moral leadership in a province wracked with corruption spawned by years of evil patronage and personality politics.

    Against all odds winning with a clear mandate over two formidable opponents one a personification of personality politics an actor succeeding his famous actor father whose mandates can be best described for pathetic incompetence if not outright corruption in quarry collection and the wife of an allege jueteng (illegal numbers game) lord.

    Days after the election we see the “demolition” campaign against Among Ed and his supporters accused of unbelievable and appalling accusation of electoral irregularities, a portion of the petition I quote below:

    On May 25, 2007, defeated candidate Lilia Pineda filed an election protest against Gov. Among Ed on allegations that he and his supporters engaged in massive cheating, vote-buying, harassment and other poll irregularities.

    We are appalled at the turn-out of events that now cast aspersion on us Kapampangans who worked hard to usher in a new era of politics in Pampanga. While we fully recognize the right of any losing candidate to challenge the outcome of the elections, we cannot condone the baseless and senseless charges levelled against us and Gov. Among Ed.

    Then we see the news on Vice-Governor Joseller Guiao lashing out “Among” Ed whose “only” achievement he claims was collecting quarry fees while neglecting other duties such as the BIDDING processes that the province badly needed. Uh huh yeah how dare the Governor delay the badly needed bidding so he can institute transparency measure to eliminate corruption? Does he not realize that people running the bidding process badly need to make a living? Yikes, what is up with that? How impatient of the vice governor, maybe instead of lashing out at the governor he should help out in making sure that transparency measures are in place so that the province receives their due in fair legitimate bid in the interest of the province and their taxpayers.

    Maybe if this Guiao person checks Among Gov. Ed’s first
    100 days report before lashing out exposing his talangka (a small crustacean related to crabs) mentality, then he knows no one really takes him seriously or believe his load of crap (excuse my French) …… it makes me wonder why would he do such a thing early on is just puzzling, or is it? Instead of lashing out that is so counter-productive I wonder if he ever read the DRAFT of the PROVINCIAL EXECUTIVE AGENDA where cabalens (province mates) are encouraged to improve on it, did he? Or is he more interested in grandstanding akin to shooting his foot and mouth in the process?

    These kind of pathetic perverse mentality really does not surprise us anymore, corrupted environment will naturally lead to corrupted mind especially the corrupt who corrupts our society. Take the case of the P500K palace by the stinking Pasig River bribery errr gift giving when it was clearly not a christmas gift. When Among Ed exposed the bribe all of a sudden lies in all shape and form mutated out of the murky river by La Gloria's palace most of witch errrr which are outright ridiculous it's not even funny anymore but so insulting to peoples intelligence. The most pathetic though goes to politicians and liepapers for printing and lashing out at Among Ed for exposing the anomalous bribery, saying it was counter-productive..... excuse me but this is just too much.

    It appears that these people are ganging up on Among Ed another indication of a conspiratorial sabotage came in a report by
    Julius Fortuna in the Manila Times opinion section which I quote:

    Pampanga Gov. Among Ed will find out that without the support of the provincial board and the mayors, he would have a hard time managing the province. I was told that the provincial board is totally uncooperative with the popular governor. If that situation continues, the governor could not move. The provincial board controls the budget.

    Fortuna maybe right but based on the action of the 10 member provincial board over-riding the Governor’s veto of Ordinance 176 imposing a new arrangement on the quarry resources, they are not just uncooperative they are out to sabotaged his efficient quarry fee collection. Why are the local provincial board antagonistic to the Governor, is it because these are Lilia Pineda's used to be one of them? Political vendetta perhaps, or just plain crab mentality to bring down a very popular leader in his and the cabalen's quest for good governance?

    Just how much money are we talking here and why in the name of Lady Madaya (Lady Cheat) will the Provincial Board members sabotage the governor? In an article on
    UCA News (international Catholic news service) which I quote:

    Between July 2 and Sept. 20, the government collected 60.2 million pesos in quarry fees, compared to 29.1 million pesos for all of 2006.

    On July 20, Father Panlilio gave village chiefs, municipal mayors and municipal treasurers shares in the quarry fees that were collected July 1-15.

    After accepting a 129,000-peso check, Benjamin Palma, chief of sand-rich Dolores village in Mabalacat, told UCA News, "The governor is right in saying sand from lahar was a disaster turned into God's grace." Noting that his check was 35 times more than his village's share from January to June, Palma hailed the "good governance" of his province as "God's will."

    Well, all eyes are on Pampanga as seen on the UCA News and the Overseas Filipino communities are watching. If these corrupt politicians think they can get away with their shameless impunity they are dead wrong.

    Now why would they pervert and steal the efficient collection from an honest administrator really tells us something. Is it because if Governor Ed Panlilio keeps on collecting the quarry fees in graft free transparent manner people will see the corruption of the past administration? Now who are these people lashing out and sabotaging what may have been the most efficient and honest governance? Is it because now they fear that shenanigans and scalawags of the past administration and some of these politicians were there during those days are afraid of getting exposed?

    Jimmy Soriano posted an excellent legal backgrounder on the Quarry supervision and the legal quandary of Among Ed jeopardizing his moral leadership to rid the province of the evils of graft and corruption. To quote J. Soriano:

    By next week the grossly unconstitutional and illegal Ordinance No. 176 would come into full force and effect. If Governor Panlilio does not implement the law, after the provincial board has over-ridden his veto, he could be charged with deriliction of duty and be the subject of administrative proceedings, especially by vested interest groups seeking political vendetta.

    On the other hand, when Among Ed took his oath of office as governor of Pampanga, he swore to uphold the Constitution and obey and execute Philippine laws. This places Governor Ed in a precarious situation where he has to implement a local law which is constitutionally infirm and grossly violative or in contravention with national laws. It is neither here nor there for the good governor.

    On the strength of his solemn oath, his crusade for moral leadership and the rule of law, and to resolve the novel issue whether or not there exists no other legal remedies available to a local chief executive whose exercise of the veto powers is reversed by the local sanggunian, Governor Among Ed Panlilio should seek judicial relief, perhaps before the Supreme Court on pure questions of law.

    In the alternative or simultaneously, the people of Pampanga should also rally behind Governor Among by starting a local initiative calling for the repeal of Ordinance No. 176.

    After all, the clamor for good and moral governance would never succeed if, as often said, ‘good men do nothing’.

    To fully grasp the legal ramifications and legal (more of illegal) maneuverings of Among Ed's opponents visit Jimmy Soriano's blog entry The ‘Quarry’ Test for Gov Among for a detailed and comprehensive legal explanation where Pampanga is headed if we as a Filipinos don't support the people of Pampanga in their quest for good governance.

    It is ironic that the local Provincial Board are learning the tricks from their counterpart in the house of congress using sheer number to drown out and prevail over anyone that does not conform to their perversion. It makes one wonder if jueteng errr Lilia Pineda has a hand in over ruling the veto of the governor since she was once a board member and what influence if any or role she played. Jimmy Soriano maybe right in saying that indeed it may have been political vendetta of sore losers that stands to lose should good governance take its root in the center of jueteng land and fake quarry receipts.

    In the comment section is an excellent argument bolstering Jimmy Sorianos legal contention coming from Joselito Basilio:

    1) The ordinance partakes of the nature of tax law which requires holding of public hearing and approval by the Secretary of Finance in addition to the usual requisites of publication of ordinance. (Tuazon vs. CA, 212 SCRA 739). Section 10 of the proposed ordinance is not compliant with this requirement.

    2) The ordinance which delegates the regulatory power of Governor Panlilio over quarry industry to the mayors is illegal and invalid as it is tantamount to an undue delegation of powers. Potestas delegata non delegari potest. What has been delegated cannot be delegated. A further delegation of such power would constitute a negation of the duty in violation of the trust reposed in the delegate (Governor Panlilio) mandated to discharge it directly.

    Unfortunately, the good governor cannot suspend the operation of the ordinance otherwise he will be charged administratively by the enemies of good governance. In addition, he may run afoul of the law on usurpation of legislative powers if he suspends the operation of ordinance. The appeal to the DOJ does not have the effect of suspending the operation of the recently approved ordinance. The ordinance has the presumption of regularity and color of legality unless and until it is declared null and void by the Secretary of Justice or a court of competent jurisdiction upon appeal, as the case maybe.

    Incidentally, there’s a bill in the Senate (SB No. 1458) which seeks to amend Sec. 138 of the LGC seeking to shift the power to levy taxes on sand, gravel and other quarry resources from the province to the city or municipality concerned where the quarry is located.

    The people of Pampanga are rallying behind the good Governor, we Filipinos desiring change should do the same if we want to regain our pride and dignity as a people. We can’t change the Philippines overnight but we can change one province at a time especially when we have a leader on a moral crusade towards transparent, responsible, and accountable good governance. A classic battle and a revolution is going on, a test case if indeed the people of the Philippines will confront the evils of corruption and declare ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    Photo courtesy of:
    Luid Ka, a coffeebook table cover by prolific writers led by Nina Lucia Tomen through Lito Basilio.

    Bloggers Supporting Good Governance and Among Ed's Moral Crusade:

    Join Bloggers Supporting Among Ed's Good Governance Campaign! Among Ed needs your support! Show your support through your blog rejecting the moral degeneration of patronage and personality politics. The picture on the left will be our official campaign image courtesy of Luid Ka, a coffeebook table cover by prolific writers led by Nina Lucia Tomen through Lito Basilio, you can download and post the picture for your blog entry. Email or post a message here so I can link your blog entry to this post.

    An Atheist for President?

    An article by Beverly McPhail in Houston Chronicle brought forth an intriguing question which probably will not happen but just the same makes one pause and think. Suppose we elected an atheist for president she asked in her column citing the visibility of religion in the US presidential nominee race where candidates are scrambling to prove their religious bona fides to the left and right divide of the political spectrum.

    In reality this is not going to happen considering that atheist are a tiny speck compared to the majority of the population believing in god to which I doubt if atheist can even put up a candidate much less come out in the open and declare themselves an atheist. That’s a surefire formula for defeat but looking at where we are and the intensifying animosity and violence caused by fundamental Islamic and the fundamental Judeo-Christians, maybe it is not a bad idea after all.

    The advantage of having an atheist for president seems to be very logical and maybe a way out of this numbing violence, to quote
    Beverly McPhail’s article:

    One benefit of having a president who is atheist would be that policies would be adopted or rejected due to science and reason rather than a religious creed that may not represent the beliefs of all Americans. Issues such as stem cell research, evolution and gay marriage would be considered on their merits and in accordance with the Constitution rather than human interpretations of religious texts.

    A disadvantage, however, is that journalists and voters would have to focus on substantive policy positions held by candidates rather than their professed beliefs. No longer could a voter hold up a Christian Bible, as one questioner did at a recent Republican debate, and ask if candidates believed every word in the book. Perhaps candidates would have to pledge, instead, that they have read and believe every word in the Constitution.

    Another benefit of having an atheist president is that bloodshed could be less likely. Some of the most brutal episodes in world history, including the Crusades, the Inquisition, witch burnings, genocides and bombings by Christian and Islamic fundamentalists, have been conducted in the name of God. Other countries might well be more trusting of our motives if religious subtexts were absent.

    The atheist are coming up or maybe OUT is more appropriate with a Humanist Identity Project while you don't have to be an atheist to be a humanist, it is a good alternative to carry around compared to those berserk religious fundamentalist with their gory war of terror/war on terror depending on how you look at it.

    Friendly Atheist posted a chain email appearing to have been lifted from the Richard Dawkin's Out Campaign, author unknown, but this one chain email really stands OUT. Unlike the usual chain email I receive especially from Filipinos (you know who you are, lol geez, no wonder the Philippines ranks among the top spammers in the world) on sending superstitious email claiming miracle or bad luck this one does not promise anything of that sort.

    Maybe this is what the world needs, a humanist approach especially when we see people kill or launch holy wars or Jihad all in the name of god. Heck even the most corrupt and criminal politicians in the Philippines invoke their "piousness" and supposedly clean graft free life with god as their "witness", what if we take that out of the equation? People have varying interpretation of god and religion thus we see perverted sociopaths acting like messiahs instigating and fuelling hatred and violence against those they deemed infidels or "enemies" of their faith. Instead of declaring god as the supreme being we replace it with LIFE as the most sacred and supreme being in our existence that no one has any right whatsoever to violate the sanctity of our being much less end it to suit their perverted interpretation of fundamental Islam and Juedo-Christian religion.

    What if we strictly adhere to separation of church and state and one day woke up where Humanist Atheist are the majority in the world especially in the Middle East? The world will rid itself of unnecessary violence and crazed human bombs brainwashed into thinking they are "martyrs" just so they can have 72 virgins in the afterlife. Think about it maybe a godless humanist is what the world needs and there will be peace................ ok, I'm dreaming........


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