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Who is Oscar Rodriguez?

Let us start the year 2008 with a "positive" entry, so we can hopefully start the ball rolling in a step forward towards a new beginning to highlight the good aspect of our pathetic state of politics. If you have noticed in newspaper reports there is one person that is mentioned in passing regarding the mafiosi mob like tyranny of the majority embarked on by the local politicians in sabotaging good governance in Pampanga. That person is San Fernando Mayor Oscar Rodriguez, the only holdout and unwilling participant in the scheme of the jueteng and quarry inspired greed activities of the local boards and local mayors.

The only one elected official that is not supporting the insidious scam errr scheme to sabotage Gov. Ed Panlilio and that is San Fernando Mayor Oscar Rodriguez who despite belonging to the admistration party Kampi has shown his mettle as a man with principle not swayed by evil peer pressure.

Vice-Gov. Guiao, all the provincial board members including the youth representative(how sad so young and so perverted to be swayed by the jueteng "leaders"), mayors and their council members are opposed to Gov. Panlilio.

The fact that only one mayor did not oppose Panlilio made me curious enough to do a little research on the man and maybe try to grasp his situation who dared to be different and risk the ire of the local and even national leaders in his decision not to be identified with the scalawags. Voila! There he is, nominated and was one of the recipient of the very prestigious award in the Top Four (4) World Mayor of 2005:

The four top-placed mayors in World Mayor 2005 – Dora Bakoyannis/Athens, Hazel McCallion/Mississauga, Álvaro Arzú/Guatemala City and Oscar Samson Rodriguez/San Fernando - are all politicians who are greatly admired by their own communities as well as nationally and internationally. All four mayors understand that local politics must have national and international dimensions. They have shown that in order to promote successfully the interests of their own communities they must also address issues faced by other cities in their respective countries and indeed across the world.In World Mayor 2005, the four top-placed mayors all received more than 6,000 votes, with Dora Bakoyannis winning the support of more than 7,500 voters.

Oscar Rodriguez as profiled by the site:

Oscar Samson Rodriguez, Mayor of San Fernando (Pampanga / Philippines), can rightly point to a successful career in politics before assuming mayoral office and then playing a key role in transforming San Fernando from a town to a recognized city. In World Mayor 2005 Mayor Rodriguez won wide support from across the Philippines in addition to votes from Filipinos in North America and Europe. His supporters describe him as one of the most honest politicians in his country.

Now we know why he is the lone mayor going against the tide and just like Panlilio believes in good governance. In contrast the people opposing Panlilio are also TOP in the world of scandals worthy of landing in the Guiness Book of world record such as; TOP tax quarry plunder, TOP Boss of Jueteng, TOP Queen of Jueteng, TOP anak ng Jueteng errr son of TOP "Kingmaker" on TOP of the Mayors League, TOP quarry tax plunderer, known for their undying devotion and loyalties like running dogs supporting the lady by the stinking Pasig River with highly questionable mandate. Click on the highlighted words to learn more about his Profile published by World Mayor, Comments and Interview.

Oscar Rodriguez is married to Dolores Pineda Pabustan, father to Raissa & Wito Bautista, Oscar Jr., Orson & Joy (y Maglalang), Malou & Dindo Caguiat and Omar and grandfather to Jomo Bautista.

Our amusement for the new year will not be complete if we don't mention the brilliancy and perversion of the suspected and widely perceived quarry tax plunderer landing himself a senate seat at the expense of our sanity. This is a little dated but should be mentioned here once again to remind us of the kind of "leaders" emerging from our pathetic fraudulent prone electoral contest, to quote.

Sen. Lito Lapid: Ben Tumbling Tumbles

A friend of both the Arroyos and the Pinedas, Senator Lito Lapid heroically tried to pin down Michaelangelo Zuce on the source of the money Lilia Pineda had allegedly handed out, but managed to pin down President Arroyo instead.

"You've been mentioning the Pinedas, Jun Dy but you have no proof. What if the money was just given to Baby (Lilia) Pineda? WHAT IF IT CAME FROM MADAM (Pres. Arroyo)?"

Stunned silence in the gallery as stupefied audience adjusts to idea that question could be this stupid.

Then, Ping Lacson with the punch (line): "Isn't it more serious if the money came from Madam?"Failing to recover from his having knocked himself out, Lapid was last seen by reporters making a quick exit, "visibly blushing".

It was hilarious until it dawned on me that what this person did was show his perverted sense of undying criminal loyalty utterly ignorant or having a very corrupted mindset in his defense of his Lady Boss where criminal acts are irrelevant in his puny mind to comprehend. A person that can justify or even publicly show his undying loyalty even to a point when his idol is literally breaking the law treating her like the Queen of Sheeba, and as loyal subjects in a fiefdom has no right to question the mighty ruler's action illegal or immoral as it may be.

Well Happy New Year to one and all!


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Who is Oscar Rodriguez?

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