"In societies where Robbing Hoods are treated like a celebrity it is but natural to expect political parties to act like a Mafia syndicate" Political Jaywalker "In a nation where corruption is endemic people tend to confuse due process with aiding and abetting criminals" Political Jaywalker "War doesn't determine who is right, war determines who is left" Bertrand Russell "You have just one flash flood of money, you keep your people poor. It's like a time bomb and it's scary" Philippine Lawmaker

The Heroes in Renato Corona’s “Fake” Bank Account

It seems that if the rag tag politicians identified with accused electoral saboteur Gloria Arroyo will have and still have their way; they will hunt down and jail the people responsible for what they see, pathetic as they are, only they see as a dastardly act of exposing the numerous bank accounts including the highly state like secret dollar account of Renato Corona.

One is almost given the impression that these politicians who think they are the opposition just because they are former running dogs errr identified with the former plundering regime are really law abiding public officials strictly adhering to the rule of law.

The stupidity never ceases and since when did money laundering become a political platform? Forget I asked because in the plundered land of the Philippines the absurd takes a center stage in an Inquirer report by Gil C. Cabacungan titled, House opposition presses probe into leakage of Corona bank documents. In said report I received a response from a certain Mark, what probably sums up the so-called “opposition’s” sentiments on where they stand on money laundering, to quote:

 Bibigyan mo ng medal ang nag leak ng information!

 Are you out of your mind? Nababaliw ka na ba?

These people violated the law, and you commend them?

If it is your opinion that the law is so strict, ask your congressman to file a bill to amend it.

Let congress fix it.

Dapat sa iyo itapon sa basurahan kasama ni NoyNoy.

You don't even know how to act right in a civilized society.

 Do you understand, stupid?

Was the numb nut errr Mark right in his indignation at seeing how I felt about the source of the scandalous numerous bank accounts of Corona? Here is the comment I left at that report below that elicited a "brilliant" response:

No wonder the so-called minority identified with the plundering regime of Arroyo are so puny, these numb nuts are vent on prosecuting those who leaked the bank accounts of Renato Corona. A law that was legislated during the dictatorial regime of the frozen stiff one whose bank secrecy law is the strictest and frowned upon by civilized society due to the problem it poses on transparency and going after the plundered resources of the government. 

Hypocrites known for flaunting their sick perversion of the institution and yet acts as if they are law abiding citizens strictly adhering to the rule of law. The only problem is the law they are so fixated at following is a law that is tailored fit for corrupt government officials, criminals of all kinds local and international where they can launder money in a secure, safe, out of reach of the police agencies and courts due to its absolute secrecy provision that makes us the laughing stock of civilized societies, LOL. 

Dingbats, think they can fool the people all the time, keep at it and continually antagonize law abiding citizens with your perversion and you may soon face the wrath of the hungry and angry poor people fed up with your perversions. 

The people who leaked Corona's bank accounts deserve a medal and they should be rewarded instead of prosecuted. They should be given immunity or amnesty for what they did is a service to the people who are tired with corrupt public officials of the elected and appointed ones. Those who want the source prosecuted are nothing but corrupt delusional amoral individuals hiding in an unjust law. A law that supports those with unexplained wealth stashing away their loots converted into dollars in our banking system that caters to criminals instead of hard working OFWs, who are the genuine dollar earners of the Philippines. I say expose the crooks for what they are and their hypocrite supporters deluding themselves that they can fool the people all the time! 

It is unfortunate that there were so many unjust laws that Marcos left us and no one really paid attention or was it because patronage politics has that uncanny effect on politicians to become crooks?How about you, do you believe the source of the numerous bank accounts of Corona should be prosecuted or given a medal? If Gloria Arroyo can hail Chavit Singson a self-confessed Jueteng bagman as  hero why can't we in turn hail our heroes too? Don't you think those who work at the bank are more deserving of appreciation for exposing the truth than those with self-serving interest?

The banking secrecy law is obsolete, hanging on to a law that helps criminals launder dirty money in a safe, untouchable legal manner is corruption of the highest order.

Of course Corona being a thug that he is will not listen to what other religious organizations when it comes to opening his dollar accounts. Corona does not care what religious organizations says as long as he has the backing of fanatical fools like Iglesia ni Batman waving their support for absolute bank secrecy, LOL.... The next time we question why we are in a rut just look at the opportunist Iglesia ni Batman and you will know why, hehehe.

The best way to end the thuggery of a cheap justice is to follow what Walden Bello proposes, seize Corona's assets. I say seize Corona's properties and freeze his numerous bank accounts including the absolute secret dollar accounts, that is the only language a criminal understand to put him in his proper place. Do that and let us see if the cheap justice will still portray himself as a martyr to be pitied, and then we can reward the informer who gave the bank documents to the prosecution team which is really the standard in ill-gotten wealth cases, LOL.....

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A nation on trial

AS a physician witnessing the impeachment proceedings against Chief Justice Renato Corona, I cannot help but compare and discern a stark difference between medical practice and the legal process as far as the search for "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" is concerned. Also, holistically, at this impeachment, not only one person is on trial but a whole nation and its people.

In medicine, when the complaints of the patients are heard by the physician or a group of physicians, and the clinical interrogation, examination, evidence-gathering (laboratory test reports, etc), are initiated, the "advocates for truth," who are the physicians and other members of the team, have only one clear universal goal: to search for truth (the right diagnosis), supported by facts, upon which the verdict (treatment) will depend. Hence, the truth is essential, fundamental, and truly indispensable. And everyone on the case, in good faith and in accordance to their sworn Hippocratic Oath, works expeditiously, to get to the truth in the name of quality medical care or medical "justice" for everyone, Chief Justice or not.

No member of the treating team, including the Big Professor, would be objecting, or refusing to accept, vital data, reports, documents, evidences, etc. None of them would try delaying tactics and technicalities to evade the issue in order to avoid the proper treatment. Above all, no member of the healthcare team would be calling for the medical investigation to be stopped, before or after it has been initiated, with the intentional sinister purpose of keeping the truth from being revealed and setting a most probable criminal to go scot-free.

Law was my second love in college, before I decided to take up medicine. As a young impressionistic college student, I had the utmost admiration and respect for the law profession and lawyers. To me then, lawyers were synonymous with the defender of truth and justice, who keep criminals off the streets and send them to where they belong, behind bars, to protect the people and the nation.

I also thought they were simply brilliant for crafting legal tenets like "no one is above the law, public trust is inviolate, and that all public officials, especially the members of the executive, legislative and judiciary, must be ethical, transparent, accountable, and held to a higher (nay, the highest!) standard of law and justice.

As I grew older, the legal realities became more obvious: When two sides, as in two legal protagonist teams, collide in court, one prosecuting and the other defending two diametrically opposite stands (as to guilt or innocence), only one could be right and just, since there is only ONE truth. This reality in the legal process means only 50 percent of all lawyers are defenders of truth and justice, and the other 50 percent defenders of falsehood and injustice, as what would result in every trial, including the Corona Impeachment.

It is one thing for the defense team to make sure their client gets a fair trial; it is another to prevent the truth from surfacing and obstruct justice. Lawyers who advocate with blatant disregard for the truth are an insult to the legal profession and no better than criminals themselves. The same applies to the judges, to a greater degree.

Why would any lawyer on the case, prosecution or defense, not welcome legitimate and proper evidences that could help expose the truth and serve justice? Aren’t both sides searching for the truth? The defense can present evidence, if they have any, to show that Corona is a saint and not a criminal, that the Chief Justice was legally compliant in his SALN, that he earned every single penny, every home and property (5 or 45, I lost count!) that he possesses today, that he did not amass ill-gotten wealth, that the praying Corona shedding tears was not a plunderer or law-breaker, that the Chief Justice is sinless. If Corona is innocent and has nothing to hide, why does he not come clean and bare it all? What is he scared of?

So far, I personally view Chief Justice Corona and his defense clowns as enemies of honesty, truth, and justice, by the way they argue and behave in and out of court. They also are alike and truly deserve each other. My respect and admiration go the integrity, tenacity and patience of the "younger, fumbling, inexperienced" prosecutors who are struggling very hard to present the truth, while the grandstanding Cuevas tries to derail and prevent them.

I am one of those who believe that Justice Corona’s defiance and arrogance and refusal to do a "Merci," were a result of Divine Providence. God is good to the Philippines and the Filipino People. He wanted to expose the truth and bestow upon our ailing nation and our suffering people the generous blessing that will help us wage a more effective war against graft and corruption. If the Chief Justice is determined innocent, which is most unlikely with all the evidences presented so far, he deserves to be free, but the painful lessons in this Trial will serve as a serious warning to all our public officials that Juan del Cruz, inspired by P-Noy’s "Daang Matuwid," has awakened and will zoom in on them and their activities with extreme vigilance.

If, in spite of the damning evidences exposed at the Impeachment Trial, the Court of Legislators still does not impeach the Chief Justice and set him free, these members of the impeachment court will become suspect as crooks and thieves protecting the honor of a fellow plunderer and criminal. And they themselves must then face the full wrath of the Parliament of the Streets.

On trial and at stake at this impeachment is not only Chief Justice Renato Corona but Philippine justice itself, and the dignity and honor of our nation and the Filipino people.

Let us show the world that in the Philippines no one, not even a Chief Justice, is above the law, and that the Filipinos are honorable and just, and not dumb and stupid.
Philip S. Chua, MD, FACS, FPCS, Cardiac Surgeon Emeritus in Northwest Indiana, USA, trained at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston, is Chairman of Filipino United Network (FUN-USA), Vice Chairman of Filipino American Leadership Council (FALCONadvocacy) and Vice President for Far East of Cardiovascular Hospitals of America, Wichita, Kansas. He is a columnist for five newspapers and one magazine in the United States and five newspapers and one magazine in the Philippines. Author of Lets Stop "Killing" Our Children, A simplified survival guide for parents and society to save our children.

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Renato Corona's Fake Bank Account Documents?


  1. On the matter of the subject DOCUMENT, assuming that the document is fake, then all that the Senate has to do is exclude all testimonies of witnesses on the document, upon motion of defense, punish for contempt those party who knowingly are complicit in the submission of the fake document and set aside the document at opportune time for being spurious or fake. That settles the fake document issue.
  2. But on the CONTENTS of the fake document, the issue is different. The content of the fake document consists of banks accounts of CJ Corona. They appear genuine, existing and has not been declared to be false or spurious. Thus, in so far as these peso accounts of CJ Corona are concerned , there is no legal impediment for the senate impeachment trial body to demand the bank to produce its records for the senate to determine what is true, in the exercise of the senate's plenipotentiary power for truth and justice. Remember, the primary duty of the senate is to arrive at the truth, behind any or all 8 allegations of the impeachment complaint and to pass judgment whether CJ Corona is fit to stay in office or not as charged on the basis of what they found to be true in all these things.

  3. The only reason why the senate could not touch anything that relates to the dollar bank account of Cj Corona is because of its respect to the SC which issued a TRO to the bank pending its resolution whether the senate may or may not look into the dollar account of Corona in the bank, But whatever the decision of the SC, it is simply moot and academic when the senate does not concur with it because Sen, Enrile said that in so far as the proceedings of the impeachment is concerned the senate 's decision is paramount and supreme. It could not be appealed to any court or agency. The senate seems to concede authority to the SC ONLY on matters relating to interlocutory orders 

KAYA, BAKIT NAKAKAGULO , when the issues are these simple?

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The Way I See It

PJ’s musings on the gossip errr news of the day affecting me or maybe just me alone but if you are also affected you are welcome to contradict me or commiserate with me, LOL.

Corona & his defense counsels are the typical slobs that they are, give them an inch and they want a mile, LOL.

Let us see if Corona will stoop so low to instigate his gang mates at the SC to issue a TRO in desperately stopping the impeachment trial.  Let us see if he and his cohorts at the SC are that dense in trying to impose their sick will that will definitely bring us to a constitutional crisis of their own making. Let us see if they can dare face the wrath of a frustrated angry people who may not be as lenient as the impeachment trial.

On SC creating ‘safe haven for criminal acts,’ says justice…..

Indeed it is promoting impunity and opening the Philippine banking industry to shady characters of the criminal syndicate types like the Yakuzas, Mafias, and the Drug Cartel Lords, not even counting the local counterparts who just found a haven and safest place to stash their ill-gotten wealth.

Leave it to the corrupt justices to save the skin of their godfather errrr midnight chief justice to interpret the absolutist privacy right to stash money undetected & unhampered by scrutiny of any kind even trump the exception when it is an impeachment case. Never mind that Corona being an appointed government official is subject to disclose everything in the civil code of ethics because it is the Code of Omerta that is the absolute code they will follow no matter what the public says.

These fools wants us to believe that the law on bank secrecy is absolute when there is no such thing as absolute in law, even taking of a person's life is not an absolute criminal offense when it is self-defense so why can a mere dollar bank account have an absolute secrecy?

On What Crisis?

Constitutional crisis is more likely an induced constipational crisis courtesy of Renato Corona's gang mates in the SC, while the senators who voted to "respect" the TRO are using constitutional crisis to justify their adherence to the CODE of OMERTA, LOL.

These people are losing it or so out of it because of all the law that they are following to the letter it is the one that protects corrupt people in their "right" to bank secrecy. What the Mafia can't openly declare, the Philippines even created into law courtesy of the Marcos dictatorship. If these people are truly law abiding public officials they could have countered with the PD that amended this law that allows the opening of the dollar bank account in impeachment case. Isn't that ironic that our justices and majority of our senators are better Mafia's than the Mafias? LOL

On Dense and denser……..

In the Mafia Republic the code of omerta is legislated into law that must be strictly adhered to in the absolutist manner or it will disrupt their money laundering activities, LOL.

We know who you are and why you are so protective of Corona's dollar bank account because once Corona's dollar account is exposed what will prevent your dollar account from being exposed and scrutinized by the hungry and angry public too, hehehe.

On Arroyo allies working to impeach Aquino……..

These morons are no different from the perennial nuisance presidential candidates, they are more likely to get hit by lightning or my chance of winning the lottery is way greater than they are even getting into the first base, LOL.

Hey fools, perhaps you should help Oliver Lozano to become a legislatong so he can lead your bankrupt Palaka Party since his numerous impeachment petition cannot even get a single legislator to endorse it.

If Edcel is one funny character Danilo Suarez is even worse but the irony is he cannot even pass himself off as a clown, LOL.

On PS Bank execs ‘very evasive’ over Corona bank records………

I feel sorry for the PS Bank execs finding themselves between the rock and a hard place. Their option is either to perjure themselves (hoping against hope that perjury is really treated lightly without any consequence but there is no guarantee it will be so) or tell the truth that the "fake documents" came from them which may land them in jail and lose money launderers errr client depositors who might see their bank compromising the code of omerta errr their right to bank secrecy, LOL.

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