"In societies where Robbing Hoods are treated like a celebrity it is but natural to expect political parties to act like a Mafia syndicate" Political Jaywalker "In a nation where corruption is endemic people tend to confuse due process with aiding and abetting criminals" Political Jaywalker "War doesn't determine who is right, war determines who is left" Bertrand Russell "You have just one flash flood of money, you keep your people poor. It's like a time bomb and it's scary" Philippine Lawmaker

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's 8th SONA Spits errr Speech & The Truman Show Delusion

Would you believe that Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's spits errr 8th SONA speech took a total of 4,609 words, 28,331 characters (w/ spaces), 118 paragraphs, 505 lines, totaling 12 long pages and the message she sent out was loud (loud but not clear) and absurd........ absurd enough that it can be reduced to a 1 liner instead of 505 lines or just 4 letters instead of the 28,331 characters she shoved on the marginalized Filipino people thus Manuel Buencamino of Uniffors was yawning in boredom. LIES, that is exactly what it meant and with all the pomposity, glitter (real blinding diamonds) and glamor amidst the stark poverty that surrounds the complex complete with Butasan Pambansa (House of Representatives) renovation just so an illegitimate president can spit errr do her long speech of lies is just not worth our time.
Well, a number of bloggers just can’t resist dissecting and commenting on her worthless but tele-novella voluminous speech that can be likened to spitting at the Pagpag eating sector of the poorest of the poor so let me just point you in that direction. DJ of Philippine Commentary posted the whole spits almost ruining his blog with halitosis and one on Pulse Asia SONA Survey Was Propaganda, Just Like the SONA due to the manner or how they construct the questionnaire. I say I kind of agree with his premise and they could have gotten a more accurate survey had they posed a different set of questionnaire starting with did you even bother to listen or read the spits errr SONA speech. I for one never bothered to read the whole text after watching some snippets on the idiot box I just have to skip it in my desire to hang on to my sanity. There is a saying in the vernacular that goes like this: Ang Pumatol sa sira ulo ay mas sira ang ulo (One who takes on a fool is a bigger fool), with that in mind and seeing the delusional president literally dwarfed her achievements with thousands of words it just shows that there was really no achievement but pure blah blah blah of someone really losing it.

Anyway, if you are into this SONA here are some blogs to consider:
Jen Jen had her 2008 My Last Hurrah, hopefully it was but at the rate the tongress mobs acts like her Mafiosi lieutenants this yearly spits may well extend beyond 0210 (sounds like fart) errr 2010. Maverick of Equalizer can’t help exposing Gloria Arroyo’s passing off discounted cellular text as her doing when it was merely a promotional gimmick but hey that is what liars do, they lie so no surprise there. You can also visit Angela at Stuart-Santiago’s Kontra-Sona, Kabelle’s Top Ten Lies in Arroyo SONA, Mount Balatucan's SONA: “An Annual Lying Ritual”-Sen. Pimentel, “State of NO Achievement” - Rep. Guingona III, and Nina at Underside posted 2008 SONA where I found the video titled Destination Anywhere that was posted by Moo Pare at the comment section.that is if you still have the stomach for it.

As you can see most if not all the bloggers reacting to La Napoleona’s halitosis spits errr speech sums it all up in just 4 bold letters or one word…. LIES. Now what has Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's
8th SONA Spits errr Speech & The Truman Show Delusion got in common?

The Truman Show Delusion is a newly diagnosed mental illness by 2 brothers both Montreal shrinks where sufferers are convinced their life is one big reality show, here is a quote from NY Post:
Psychologist brothers Joel and Ian Gold, who are writing a paper about the illness, have treated five men, all between the ages of 25-34, for the disorder.

"I realized that I was and am the center, the focus of attention by millions and millions of people," one patient told the doctors.

"My family and everyone I knew were and are actors in a script, a charade whose entire purpose is to make me the focus of the world's attention."

"The delusions we treat are narrow," Dr. Joel Gold told Canada's National Post newspaper. "There is Capgras Delusion, where someone will think his family has been replaced by doubles.

"Or the Fregoli Delusion, where someone believes that one person is persecuting him," he says.

The Truman Show Delusion, though, involves the entire world.
See the similarity here, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has the same symptoms that are even on a larger scale than those suffering the Truman Show Delusion and she suffers not by her lonesome but her tongress supporters are in it too. They seem to concoct their own reality of lies following in the footsteps of Goebbels but with a twist, instead of having an effect on the population they are the ones that are convinced by the web of lies they concocted. I wonder if Joel and Ian Gold the Montreal based shrinks are willing to diagnose La Gloria de Napoleona, what will they call it? I vote for Garcified Math Delusion or perhaps Halitosis Ingested Spit Syndrome, how about you what will you call Gloria Arroyo and her minions mental illness?

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Kobra Najjar's Fate under Iran’s Discriminatory Laws Against Women

The discriminatory laws in Iran may yet claim another victim to be executed by stoning to death for the “crime” of adultery. There are 8 cases in Iran on the brink of death through stoning anytime soon and one such case is that of a woman named Kobra Najjar a victim of domestic violence, for 12 years was beaten repeatedly and forced into prostitution by her husband to support his heroin addiction.

Kobra Najjar found herself in prison when Habib, a “client” of Kobra seeing her sorry plight decided to murder her husband. Habib was sentenced to death by
the Tabriz High Court for the murder together with Kobra Najjar as an accomplice.

What makes this case unusual and deranged is that it shows the disparity and unequal treatment of women under a penal system favoring men over women. Serving eight years for the murder and 100 lashes for fornication Habib was released upon paying compensation to the victims’ heirs. In contrast Kobra Najjar who has also served eight years remains in prison her fate uncertain as she face the prospect of being stoned to death anytime for adultery. Now how sick is that, forced into prostitution but under Iranian’s Discriminatory laws against women she is guilty of adultery even though she was systematically subjected to violence to force her into submission for prostitution.

In Iran’s perverted justice system under Article 83 of the Iranian Penal Code, a married person is committing adultery when they have sexual intercourse with anyone other than their spouse. Adultery is the only crime where women is sentenced to stoning and all sexual intercourse outside of marriage is illegal that can result in flogging, or hanging for the forth offense. Now how perverted is that?

Kobra Najjar under constant beatings was forced into prostitution clearly did not have any choice or say on the matter was definitely a victim. She is seen under the cross eyed Iranian sadistic judge who obviously sees only the sexual intercourse but not the circumstance of one who was victimized. It does not matter whether she was forced through coercion and violence she is an adulterer therefore deserve to die the most painful savage medieval death by stoning.

In Iran a 13 year old girl is old enough to legally marry and considered as an adult at age 8 years and 9 months, old enough to be sentenced to stoning, flogging and hanging for adultery and fornication. Iranian gender biased law favors men where pedophiles are likely to prevail over the girls and women they victimized facing the risk of being convicted should they go to courts. Women and girls face insurmountable obstacle in getting a divorce, forced to stay even if she was in an abusive marriage and most likely lose custody of her children above age 7 to her husband and the children’s paternal grandfather. In contrast men can marry up to 4 girls and woman and can divorce them at will. The rules of evidence make it extremely difficult for women to prove their case in court should the wife decides to file a case of domestic violence her testimony is only worth half of a man’s testimony. Rape is even more impossible if not incredulous under Iranian rules of evidence; her testimony as if half its worth of a man is not bad enough has to be corroborated by men in order to prove her claims. Under this scenario a rape victim is at the mercy of her rapist and most likely end up getting sentenced for adultery, now that is truly disgusting.

Equality Now appeals to everyone to take the Recommended Actions below to help Kobra Najjar and other victims of gender biased laws against women:

Please write to the Iranian officials below, calling for Kobra’s immediate release, the commutation of all sentences of death by stoning and the prohibition by law of all cruel, inhuman and degrading punishments in accordance with Iran’s obligations under the ICCPR. Urge the officials also to initiate a comprehensive review of the Civil and Penal Codes of Iran to remove all provisions that discriminate and perpetuate discrimination against women, including those regarding adultery and fornication, in accordance with Iran’s own constitutional provision for equality before the law.

His Excellency Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi
Head of the Judiciary
c/o Ministry of Justice
Park-e Shahr
Islamic Republic of Iran
Email: iripr@iranjudiciary.org, irjpr@iranjudiciary.com and info@dadgostary-tehran.ir
Phone: +98 21 22741002, +98 21 22741003, +98 21 22741004, +98 21 22741005

Note: The contact information above may encounter delivery problems so please keep trying to send your message. Thank you for taking action!

Please also contact the Iranian embassy in your country. The following link may help you find the contact information: http://www.embassyworld.com/embassy/Iran/Iran.html

Bahrain: Embassy of Iran in Manama
Tel: 722400, 722660
Fax: 722101

Canada: Embassy of Iran in Ottawa http://www.salamiran.org/
Tel: 613 2354726 Ext 225
Fax: 613 2325712

Denmark: Embassy of Iran in Copenhagen http://www.iran-embassy.dk
Tel: 39160071
Fax: 39160075

Finland: Embassy of Iran in Helsinki
Tel: (9) 6869240
Fax: (9) 6869241

Germany: Embassy of Iran in Frankfurt
Tel: (0) 695600070, (0) 695600730
Fax: (0) 6956000728

India: Embassy of Iran in New Delhi
Tel: (011) 3329600, (011) 3329601, (011) 3329602, (011) 3320491
Fax: (011) 3325493

Jordan: Embassy of Iran in Amman
Tel: (6) 4641281, (6) 4641282
Fax: (6) 4641383

Kenya: Embassy of Iran in Nairobi
Tel: (2) 720343, (2) 720796
Fax: (2) 713966

Lebanon: Embassy of Iran in Beirut
Tel: (1) 821224

Malaysia: Embassy of Iran in Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (3) 4514830, (3) 4514824
Fax: (3) 4562904

Norway: Embassy of Iran in Oslo http://home.eunet.no/%7Eiranamb/
Tel: 23 27 29 60
Fax: 22 55 49 19

Russia: Embassy of Iran in Moscow
Tel: (95) 9177282, (95) 9170039, (95) 9178440
Fax: (95) 2302897

Sweden: Embassy of Iran in Stockholm
Tel: (80) 7650829, (80) 7653174
Fax: (80) 7653119

Switzerland: Embassy of Iran in Berne
Tel: (31) 3510801, (31) 3510802
Fax: (31) 3515652

United Arab Emirates: Embassy of Iran in Abu Dhabi http://www.iranembassy.org.ae
Tel: (12) 4447618
Fax: (12) 4448714

United Kingdom: Embassy of Iran in London http://www.iran-embassy.org.uk/
Tel: 02072253000
Fax: 02075894440

United States: Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Washington, D.C. http://www.daftar.org/
Tel: 202 9654990
Fax: 202 9651073

Women's Action 29.1: March 2007

Please keep Equality Now updated on your efforts and send copies of any replies you receive to:

Equality Now P.O. Box 20646, Columbus Circle Station, New York NY 10023, USA
Equality Now Africa Regional Office, P.O. Box 2018, KNH 00202, Nairobi, KENYA
Equality Now P.O. Box 48822, London WC2N 6ZW, UNITED KINGDOM

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Pagpag, A disgusting Glimpse on Poverty

There is no question that poverty has existed in Philippine cities since its inception, nothing new or nothing unusual about that. Crowding, congestion, low level of living standards and desperation are so common that it has numbed people of its existence especially the leaders and the shrinking middle class.

Rapid urbanization in the midst of development brings along increase in high cost of living. Despite the advent of technology, poverty still persist in massive proportion and the potential to increase rapidly should have alarmed the nations’ leaders. if indeed they truly care you would have seen some semblance of effort to improve their lot but it seems greed and corruption prevails over the welfare of its suffering people. Instead of improving or at the least prevent the rapid increase in the marginalization of people, the government would rather promote and encourage people to seek greener pastures in distant lands unaware of their rights or if they even have one in those strange places.

The video on Pagpag is a testament or an exclamation point to the stark reality of massive poverty in the urban jungle of the
Philippines. Pagpag is a verb in Filipino language meaning an act of shaking the object to rid it of dust and "germs." Pagpag, a disgusting glimpse on poverty as seen up close, documented on the TV screen is one revolting scene that will be etched in one’s consciousness to hopefully compel people to do something concrete to rid society of this stark reality

The extreme poverty in the Philippines means a surge in urban population coming from the influx of migrants escaping poverty in the countryside seeking better opportunities only to end up trapped in misery and desolation. You would think finding themselves in such dire consequences they would have opted to return to the villages they left behind, easier said than done. When you are poor with virtually no possession except perhaps the cloth on your back going back is not an option. With the influx of more people comes the proliferation of shanties and squatter colonies transforming the city they migrated into an urban jungle where survival of the fittest dictates the quality of life if ever we can even use that term for the poorest of the poor in the Philippines.

In order to survive in a city that can employ and accommodate only so much there are some among the poorest of the poor resorting to the grossest gut wrenching indescribable scavenging like bottom dwellers to fill their hungry stomach eating food leftovers from restaurants' trash bins, recycled, washed, and re-cooked.

The disturbing video shows a scavenger gathering recyclables in restaurant trash bins looking for plastics, glass, papers and anything they can sell to recycling plants. Part of the hunt was leftover food thrown in the trash which a scavenger collects and once back home with the help of the whole family sort and separate the trash to be sold.

Most of these leftover food came from junk fast food restaurants as if eating them is not bad enough the same refuse and leftover is then sold to a local Carinderia (eatery) which the cook then washes three times in hot water and then cooked and sold at a “bargain” to regular loyal customers.

The sight is just so disgusting enough to make one squeamishly nauseated that will shock even the most boldest of the bold viewer. I am so dumbfounded not really sure how to react at this indescribable existence and wondering how can we allow people to live such miserable life. What is so amazing is that these people who eat this junk they call food are able to rationalize and even joke about it. I can understand people in the streets doing this out of desperation but what I fail to understand is how and what kind of enterprising people can make a living out of garbage serving them for profit? Is this an indication of the bleak future of Philippine society?

Philippine leaders especially the corrupt which comprises the majority of the politicians should see this and maybe just maybe they still have a sliver of conscience to change the course and destiny of the nation. It makes you wonder if these people will be included in the dole out program of Gloria Arroyo's anti-poverty program........ but then again will the dole out solve the problem?

Warning the video contains extremely disgusting materials!

From the gross to the macabre the stark reality of poverty in the urban jungle, this video shows an alarming shortage of housing transforming the cemetery into a village.

While the praise brigade errr press are busy trivializing the upcoming Screw Our Nation Again errr State of the Ration errrr State of the Nation better known as SONA for another bola bola (ball ball errr lies) with speculations and description of her designer "Maria Clara" gown for the event poor people in the Philippines are literally eating garbage and living with the dead......................

Blog Action Day on October 15. The launching of Blog Action Day-Poverty
is where bloggers all over the world will discuss the same topic on that day in hopes of triggering global change. If you have not registered your blog for this event please register here or check them out here.
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The Drama Intensifies at the Philippine Ombudsman

The plot thickens and the drama intensifies at the Philippine Ombudsman as prosecutors taking the sides of top honcho Merceditas Gutierrez dissed out their counter offensive to discredit Dennis Villa-Ignacio. Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez vs Dennis Villa-IgnacioThe latest to come out of the closet errr out in the open in a praise ooops press conference held at Club Filipino are Deputy Special Prosecutor John Turalba supported by Robert Kallos, Jesus Micael and Wendell Barrera-Sulit. The three stooges’ errr deputy special prosecutors are asking Dennis Villa-Ignacio to resign due to the problem they said he caused.

Among those present at the Club Filipino but not as assertive in asking for Villa Ignacio’s resignation were Bureau Directors Manuel Soriano, Jr., Danilo Lopez, Cornelio Somido and Raymundo Julio Olaguer and prosecutors Victor Pascual and Rabendranath Uy. All of these characters cannot afford to displease their boss Merceditas Gutierrez who can fire them anytime for no apparent reason unlike Villa-Ignacio’s whose term is guaranteed.

It seems that they have a goat with Monica Villa-Ignacio who they complained had a bad temper and they were at the receiving end. That is a human resources issue which they can resolve internally and their public airing of their complaint is an indication of a disorganized agency with a top management composed of immature inexcusable dumb asses errr executives.

Turalba’s contention that the OSP (Office of the Special Prosecutor) is ‘burning down’ all because of a falling out between two best friends namely Monica Villa-Ignacio, special assistant to her dad Dennis and Elvira Chua who sued her boss for Estafa (Fraud).

What is interesting to note is while the gang errr camp of Merceditas Gutierrez supporters voiced out the falling out, they failed to state what exactly is the reason behind it all. Although the reason for the falling out has no bearing on what is transpiring at the agency, it is noteworthy and interesting to know what really happened. Dennis Villa-Ignacio seems to offer a reason at least partially, which I quote from this ABS-CBN News article:
Villa-Ignacio said the friendship ended when his daughter realized that Chua had "other intentions… on the special prosecutor."
Oh gee, I don’t want to speculate or insinuate what exactly did he mean by “other intentions” but assuming it was meant as you know what, then whatever strong bond there is will of course crumble.

Does that mean that Elvira Chua has a score to settle like a scorned woman errr ok let us not put a love triangle angle here, this is not your usual soap opera but how can we explain the Estafa (Fraud) complaint she filed against Villa-Ignacio? Unless the agency hires intellectually challenge prosecutors then that should explain the lawsuit but then again when they actually entertained the lawsuit does that mean that the agency itself are members of Developmentally Unfit Movement Brigade or DUMB for short of Raul Gonzales DOJ?

But then again knowing that Merceditas Gutierrez biggest qualification for the post was being a classmate of the First Boor errr First Gentleman Mike Arroyo and being a bar flunker according Ernie Maceda what are the chances that the agency are composed of incompetents?

In the meantime the likes of Rodolfo "Bong" Pineda's plunder indictment is yet to materialize..... but then again nothing surprise as anymore in an administration with questionable mandate....... for whatever its worth just go ahead and sign the
Petition of the Pampanga Anti-Gambling Coalition

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Dennis Alcoreza & the Manila City Hall Councilors Tear Jerker Drama Against Alfredo Lim

Remember the saying you can’t fight City Hall? Everyone knows you can’t win fighting City Hall but what happens when the fight is within City Hall? Well that is exactly what is happening with Dennis Alcoreza & the Manila City Hall Councilors Tear Jerker Drama against Alfredo Lim over their “victim hood” portrayal giving Korean Tele-Novellas a run for their money. Who do you think will win? Will it be Alfredo Lim the Mayor or Dennis Alcoreza and his kuligs errr colleagues in the city council? Maybe the question should be who will lose instead of who will win because the losers are definitely the taxpaying public in the city of Manila. Why is that? For one the drama is so pathetic and incorrigible a show window on the state of partisan politics based on personal loyalty and vested interest out in the open as if it was normal with a copy cat city council mimicking their tongress counterpart. Would you believe these jokers are also conducting probes ala tongress “in aid of legislation” complete with privilege spit errr speech? Heck what has gotten into these people, fer cryin’ out loud who do they think they are? Pork Barrel fed Congress people?

Jokers indeed, the gallery was so fool errr full of drama with Dennis Alcoreza's kuligs errr colleagues resigning their committee membership which Itchie G. Cabayan of Journal Online thinks maybe a "moro-Moro" (a farce). According to the observations of UP-Manila students who were at the gallery during the break of the session that some staff of the councilors who were in the gallery that positions "vacated" will be filled up just the same during a subsequent "reorganization." In a "reorganization" wherein these same jokers will be voting among themselves to fill up the vacant positions serving as an opportunity to ease out those they "dislike."

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

The “tear jerker” (Yeah, I am tearing up laughing so hard at how pathetic these people are, not out of sympathy) unfolded when city hall short on its budget started levying delinquent business establishments. One of the firms targeted was DEALCO Farms, Inc a family owned corporation of Delfin Alcoreza the father of Dennis Alcoreza who won a council cheat errr seat in the first district of Manila last May 14, 2007. DEALCO Farms, Inc. entered into a 25-year lease with the former city administration to rehabilitate and modernize the abattoir in Vitas, Tondo, a 22,000 square meter facility to maintain it in accordance with health and sanitation standards set by the National Meat Inspection Commission. Nothing unusual there except some violations of the contract here and there according to the Manila City Hall’s website.

The drama with a flavor of victim mentality ala human rights “violation proportion” started when City Hall took over the facility for non-payment of taxes and contract violations such as the unsanitary conditions among other things to which the employees complied leaving the premises peacefully while Dennis Alcoreza and his wife together with DEALCO Farms, Inc. officers defied the order to vacate the facility was forcefully carried out and removed by the Police of the City of Manila.

What was the Manila Police thinking when they forcefully evicted DEALCO Farms, Inc. officers? Don’t they know that they are dealing with a cheating errr seating Council member of their city? Dennis Alcoreza and Joyce Alcoreza among the officers bodily carried out by the police complained to the Human Rights Commission. Exactly what is their beef? I have no clue especially when PO1 Efryl Rose Francisco and SPO1 Ruby Hilado of Station 1 said a medico-legal report showed they were stabbed with a ball pen, bitten and scratched by Dealco official Joyce Alcoreza as they escorted her out. There are real victims of human rights abuse out there and for these jokers to waste the time and resources of the commission only shows the pathetic state of the nation gone mad and incorrigible.

Going back to where it all started it appears according to the City Hall website that DEALCO, Farms Inc., violated the lease contract by transferring the lease of the facility to Meatworld a company with the same incorporators as DEALCO Farms, Inc. Exactly why will they do that, the contract stipulates they remit 1%, rental payments and other obligations to the city which they failed for the past 8 years despite earning billions of pesos each year of operation. According to Lim they DEALCO Farms, Inc., failed to remit over P46 million in supposed city revenue from the slaughterhouse for the past eight years. Now why will they transfer the lease to another company that they also own? No, I did not say for hanky panky but one thing is sure this will be part of the complaint to be filed with the Ombudsman against Dennis Alcoreza for conflict of interest. How this will play out in Merceditas Gutierrez Ombudsman dismal conviction records remains to be seen but then again, this is Alfredo Lim they are dealing with so let us see.

Well, on the modernizing part of the contract they actually did by installing a spacious fitness gym and recreation center. Wow, good job like the workers need exercise in their back breaking job so maybe the purpose was for the pigs and cows to be fit and have some fun before they are slaughtered? Not! Guess who benefits from the “modernization” that has nothing to do with the abattoir but the owners and officers of both firms owned by the same people.

The city council members showing tribal partisanship at its worse wants a recall against Mayor Alfredo Lim, and should they succeed this is one for the books. It will be a triumph for deadbeats and open conflict of interest what with the number of deadbeats Lim inherited from the former Talibani Mayor Lito Atienza. The City Treasurer Erlinda Marteja in her report to Mayor Alfredo Lim said the city has conducted 29 auctions after issuing warrant of levy against those with outstanding obligations to the city. She said in the first batch of those covered by warrants of levy, there were 100 delinquent taxpayers. The second batch has 300, Marteja said. Maybe the council members should reconsider their position but then again there seems to be no clear demarcation line that separates private interest and public interest in a political system gone awry.

My money is on Alfredo Lim but what makes me wonder is had there been no drama will the city even bother to run after Dennis Alcoreza for conflict of interest and graft charges? If Dennis Alcoreza can openly do this as if they are not in violation of the graft and corrupt practices, how many more like him are out there doing the same treating the crime as SOP? It appears that Mayor Lim is willing to "settle" the matter on the condition that Alcoreza's firm pay their dues, the only problem here is and I hope the "settle part" Lim refers to is all about personal differences. If the complaint the city filed with the Ombudsman is proven then it is not for Lim to decide because the violation was against the taxpaying citizens of Manila for which the culprit should be held responsible and accountable.

Is this a human rights violation issue? I don't think so, perhaps we can say it is a cheap shot not even on a very long shot. If there is any rights violated here it is definitely not the owners and officers of DEALCO Farms, Inc. but the meat dealers and the consumers for exposing them to health hazards due to the unsanitary condition of the facilities. They defied and dared the police to drag and carry them out physically and willfully preventing the police to enforce their lawful order so they got what they deserve....... no wonder the left is having a fit or maybe these politicians are not paying attention or greed takes the better of them when they hear them repeatedly shout Down with Bureaucrat Capitalism!

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Merceditas Gutierrez Gains Allies in Tongress Against Dennis Villa-Ignacio

Special prosecutor Dennis Villa-Ignacio’s fight to ward off his detractors at the Ombudsman just got more difficult when Merceditas Gutierrez gains allies in Tongress.

The lady with a Hall of Lame award for dismal acquittal record and onetime bar flunker as she was fondly described by Manay errr Manoy Ernie Maceda position just got better. Who cares if her record is dismal her supporters are no better anyway so why not rush to her side like what medieval tribes do but with a Mafiosi twist.

Amazing indeed how these Mafiosi mobs shows their ignorance and lack of principle, to quote GMA News:
North Cotabato Rep. Emmylou Taliño-Mendoza in describing Villa-Ignacio’s tirades against Gutierrez as “too childish and very ungentleman-like" and does not sit well on his position as special prosecutor.

“If he is confident that the case against him has no legal basis, a good lawyer like him can always defend himself in court," she said of Villa-Ignacio’s claim that he is being subjected to “pure harassment" when Gutierrez gave due course to an estafa (fraud) case filed against him by his deputy Elvira Chua.
What was that all about? Oh, please spare us the agony. In the first place the complaint of estafa (fraud) filed by Erlinda Chua should have been dismissed outright for lack of merit since there was no deceit, criminal intent, or the money ending up in Villa-Ignacio’s pocket. It went to Gawad kalinga fer christ sake... the complainant was fully aware and should have stopped her boss if she did not want her donation going to GK. So why Estafa and why did the IAB gave the case due course and worse without the docket that specifies the time the accused can file his counter affidavit? Smacks of railroading I suppose but does that surprise us? Of course not, they are the law so they do as they please.

What a joke these people at the non-performing anti-graft body with Assistant Ombudsman Jose de Jesus Jr., the agencies' spokesman, saying Villa-Ignacio was wrong in his perception that supporters of Ombudsman Ma. Merceditas Gutierrez are ganging up on him. Further dishing out their bola bola (spin not ball ball) that there were no plans to suspend Villa-Ignacio. If that is the case why did they went along with the frivolous lawsuit of Estafa? So is he saying that Villa-Ignacio is to be treated differently?

It seems Cavite Rep. Jesus Crispin “Boying" Remulla was quick on the draw like a fake cowboy on insinuating that Villa-Ignacio was coveting Gutierrez's position. So quick to draw his conclusion but did he even take the time to look into Elvira Chua’s disciplinary action by Dennis Villa-Ignacio for mishandling a celebrated case?

As if on cue convicted/pardoned ousted but not resigned former Jueteng nation president Joseph "Asiong Salongat" Estrada as if in a chorus with Remulla says that Dennis Villa-Ignacios "ambition" to be the Ombudsman was behind all these hullabaloo. How about you shut your trap Erap, you are a convict and the person you are criticizing is the one responsible for your conviction.

Yeah, yeah even house Speaker Prosepero “Nogi Boy” Nograles joining the fray on the grounds that Dennis Villa-Ignacio’s attack was based on “speculation” and “paranoia.” Really, exactly was he referring to the Office of the Ombusman spending 996,000 pesos for a 10-day observation trip to Denver Colorado that Villa-Ignacio exposed on ANC?

Then we have Rep. Antonio Cerilles of Zamboanga del Sur saying it is “unfair" to claim that the conviction rate dropped under Gutierrez’s term, compared to her predecessor Simeon Marcelo, since most convictions were filed during Gutierrez’s predecessors. What a surprise, of course we expect this kind of argument from pork bellied errr pork barrel starved solons. The fact is under the watch of Merceditas Gutierrez the dismal record of conviction speaks for itself and it does not matter on whose term it was filed since it is now her responsibility. How about citing all the data instead of just the 47 cases when the total number of disappointing cases was 97, here is the total picture:

The conviction rate record this year has been dismal. Based on data prepared by OSP supervising administrative officer Severo Sotto, out of 97 decided cases by the anti-graft court, only 14 led to convictions or a 14.43 percent average from January to June this year.

In March, 21 cases led to acquittal and only one led to conviction. The May data was even worse: out of 29 decided cases, only one led to conviction.
Patricio Mangubat in his entry Crime most foul cites the talk going the rounds of coffee shop:
Some coffee shop habitués say Villa-Ignacio is just being made a "sacrificial lamb" by the Arroyo camp who's now engaged in political talks with the Erap camp. His ouster could have been one of the possible "concessions" or "negotiating" points put forward by the Erap camp.

If that's the case, then, that's a betrayal of the highest order! Is that the reward for those 6 years spent by Villa-Ignacio in researching and attending those trials which led to the conviction of Erap?
Now really, maybe the tongress mob should just stick their noses on their probes in aid of Sulpicio Lines errr legislation and passed laws that the Philippines can actually enforce instead of rushing to the aid of Merceditas Gutierrez a known Mike Arroyo ally and former classmate.

Since da hood in Tongress insist on their partisan mafiosi attitude the issue here really is all about Incomptence spelled with BIG capital I. Think about it folks, that is if the tongress mob allies of Merceditas Gutierrez are capable of thinking, Elvira Chua's filing of "Estafa" or fraud charges against Villa-Ignacio only shows her lack of understanding of the law. As if this is not bad enough they actually tried to pass it off as a legitimate complaint so if this is the kind of people that runs the Ombudsman maybe it is about time to rethink the position of the bar flunker as it really shows so baaaad. This also explains why the acquittal is so ridiculously high compared to a guilty or no verdict during bad hair days. In contrast Jocelyn "Joc Joc" Bolante has never been charge in a fertilizer scam worth hundreds of millions of pesos allegedly diverted to Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's campaign kitty. How can they see the "crime" of Estafa involving some measly thousands of pesos that went to a good cause and organization like Gawad Kalinga fully acknowledge complete with receipt, while they seem blind or perhaps blinded by the hundreds of millions in the fertilizer scam is a clear indication why they have such dismal record.

While they connive and gang up on Dennis Villa-Ignacio the criminals are just too happy watching the Ombudsman on the sidelines probably amused at how they make a fool of themselves together with their tongress allies. In the meantime Rodolfo "Bong" Pineda to this day has not been indicted while the principal accused Joseph Estrada has been convicted and pardoned, those that was supposed to be indicted with him are having a Jueteng merry ways. But then again, I really want to see Mr. Dennis Villa-Ignacio fight on and never let up………….. surrender is not an option or let the culture of impunity prevail in the land of cheats run by incompetent mobsters.

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