"In societies where Robbing Hoods are treated like a celebrity it is but natural to expect political parties to act like a Mafia syndicate" Political Jaywalker "In a nation where corruption is endemic people tend to confuse due process with aiding and abetting criminals" Political Jaywalker "War doesn't determine who is right, war determines who is left" Bertrand Russell "You have just one flash flood of money, you keep your people poor. It's like a time bomb and it's scary" Philippine Lawmaker


At the rate the newspapers and TV newscasts are exposing real evidence of electoral fraud since 29 May 2007, Bantay Boto ng Bayan cannot help but feel vindicated when it exposed the Oplan Mercury Rising. The numerous dagdag-bawas reports accurately quoting by the hundred thousands of vote leads for Team Unity candidates in the 13th to the 16th slots give due credence to the Oplan. The provinces where the calumny occurred are the same provinces mentioned in the Oplan. The named Comelec officials are the same persons identified in the Oplan.

1. The delay of the Comelec en banc as the National Board of Canvassers in tallying the provincial COCs and more specifically the canvassing slowdown, particularly in the Oplan Mercury Rising provinces are indicators that this major Oplan strategy is being implemented.

It has deferred canvassing in Maguindanao, Sulu, Caloocan City, Taguig-Pateros, Davao del Sur, North Cotabato, and South Cotabato for varied reasons, including allegations of massive cheating, yet no charges and complaints were filed against any Comelec and public official involved.

It has yet to receive CoCs from Basilan, Lanao del Sur, Shariff Kabunsuan, Lanao del Norte, Sultan Kudarat, and Surigao del Norte.

This delayed sequence and pattern of submitting and canvassing is the same as in the fraudulent 2004 elections and is one of the closing strategies of the Oplan.

2. Here is how this will affect the results of the 10th to the 12th slot of the senatorial elections:

a. Based on the latest tally this afternoon, the standings are:

10 Honasan


11 Trillanes:


12 Pimentel


13 Zubiri


14 Recto


15 Defensor


16 Pichay


The vote leads of:

Honasan (10)over Zubiri (13) is only 736,742.

Trillanes (11) over Recto (14) is only 524,860.

Pimentel (12) over Defensor (15) is only 982,470.

Pimentel (12 over Pichay (16) is only 1,218,510.

b. Where will the necessary vote leads come from except from the COCs of the Oplan Mercury Rising provinces that are currently delayed in canvassing or have not yet been received by the Comelec:



Davao del Sur


Lanao del Norte


Lanao del Sur




North Cotabato


Sharif Kabunsuan


South Cotabato


Sultan Kudarat




Surigao del Norte




At 85% turn-out 4,149,584 > the Mindanao VOTE BANK of Oplan Mercury Rising

From this vote bank, it would be easy to “withdraw” even 1 million vote leads, as exemplified by the Maguindanao full fraud of a 12-0 shut-out.

3. Mike Defensor’s conceding is an opportune act that can be viewed as a tactic to cover up the Oplan’s real intent to replace rear-enders Grtingo Honasan, Koko Pimentel and Sonny Trillanes by Migz Zubiri, Ralph Recto and Pichay or Defensor. Such move of Defensor was presented to assuage the feeling of the Oppositionists but it may in effect be a diversionary move.

The Comelec and its deputized agencies have been duly forewarned that a repetition of the fraudulent 2004 elections will no longer be tolerated by the election watchdogs and the public. Their reaction was to merely push under the rug those highly classified but knowingly leaked intelligence of the Oplan. They asked for evidence. .

Now, the people, the election watchdogs, concerned media people and involved Board of Election Inspectors (as in Maguindanao) have come out of the open. Even Commissioner Sarmiento has been caught on TV with his “hands dipping on the [fraud] cookie jar.”

Comelec and their deputized agencies have only themselves to blame. They could have pre empted the peoples’ reaction. Now, there could be a backlash we all will regret.

The fraudulent acts committed and continue to be committed by Comelec with the active assistance of some military and police elements is a direct assault to the sacred freedom to choose their leaders through elections. Bantay Boto ng Bayan continuously receives urgent inputs and reports on the deplorable state of our democracy and the direct attack of our civil liberties. The challenge to remain calm is great to critical.

The people are now seeing the disastrous attack of the electoral system. The Administration and Comelec wants the people to believe the election is clean and honest. All of these are farce and insulting to our belief in democracy. People have started to protest. Again, the challenge to remain calm is blinding and deafening. Most of the agencies mandated by law to protect the state and the people sit idly by and watch the democratic process shattered by Comelec and its deputized agents. The law is clear.

We are sending a very strong message on the eventual and probable loss of Honasan, Trillanes and Pimentel, as clearly being shown by the current events.

We know that the rule of law will ultimately reign. Concerned Comelec officials must now choose whether they prefer the law of the jungle instead.

Bantay Boto ng Bayan is making this statement after due consultation with the convenors of the uniformed active and retired member organizations and with the explicit support from their allied civil society groups.

* * * * *

Commodore ISMAEL D. APARRI (Ret.)



Children Casualties of Poverty in the Philippines

NPA AmazonThe sad plight of children born in poverty and the dangers they faced on a daily basis has its cruel psychological and physical impact on the innocent existence of a young life. If life was indeed beautiful Philippine society has to respond to this nagging problem we have unwittingly created for them.

Children with Guns

Surfing the internet I came across this picture of an Amazon NPA in the outskirt of Camarines Sur province while taking a break in their preparation for the anniversary celebration of the founding of the New Peoples Army the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

The surreal portrayal of tranquility amidst the raging armed conflict in the countryside offers a romanticize perception of an otherwise violent culture brought about by society’s inequality.

How it will end, when will it end and how many more lives must the country sacrifice in the struggle for ideological dominance of interpreting the world in this day and age is truly baffling. NPA Child Soldier

The haunting picture of the child warrior in training perhaps is an indication of worsening crises of intensified resistance to an equally violent culture of impunity. Indeed scary and sad to see a young innocent child her gun pointing at those who see her, sending a chilling message of a violent gory war where the only rule is kill or be killed. Has the conflict reached the lowest ebb of man’s inhumanity to man that children are now used as pawns trained as a killing machine in a prolonged armed conflict where no clear winner emerges? Or is this a sign of a worsening grinding poverty where adults and minors alike are pushed against the wall of desperation in their struggle for subsistence. Sadly while we may lament and get shocked at the loss of childhood innocence against the backdrop of grinding poverty and armed conflict how long does it really last in this kind of environment?

Framing Children "with" Guns

In Campostela Valley, Southern Philippines a nine year old girl just finishing elementary 2nd grade was shot twice and killed in cold blood by military soldiers. Grecil Gelacio is clearly and undeniably a civilian and a minor that was tagged by the soldiers involved in the shooting to justify their murderous carelessness of killing civilians with impunity as a communist rebel. Brigadier General Carlos Holganza commanding officer of the 101st Infantry brigade shamelessly stands by the report of his men that the fatal shooting was part of a legitimate encounter with the communist insurgents and that Grecil is a rebel. This despite the insistence of her kin and friends attesting to the fact that she is not a communist much less a child warrior but a regular student and a typical child in the neighborhood who loves watching TV shows. Karapatan a human rights group has also pointed an accusing finger at the modus operandi of the “authorities” penchant for planting evidence to cover up their misdeeds of killing civilians.

Grecil barely as tall as an M-16 A2 rifle measuring 39.60” if the military’s criminal yarn is to be believed was supposedly carrying said firearm which was nowhere in sight according to Eulogio Almasa the village chief (Barangay Captain) and one of those who retrieved her lifeless body.

Life indeed is cheap in the Philippines especially in a society that has no respect or gives any value on the sanctity of human life. In Grecil’s case P1,100.00 or the equivalent of US$24.50 at P45 to $1 conversion rate the amount paid by the callous murdering men in uniform for snuffing the life of a poverty stricken child. Indeed sad and revolting that life we hold so dearly and cherished is just worth $24.50 to these murdering maniacs not even enough to fill my car's gas tank. What are the chances of a poor family getting justice in a society where might is right prevails when they barely survive, or afford to put food on their table? NONE, especially if one is tagged a communist rebel and being poor only exacerbates the problem even more!

In Pork is political tool, not developmental tool by Y. T. Chua & B. B. Cruz of PCIJ 11/6/04 issue is a haunting excerpt from an unnamed congressman:

As one lawmaker notes, "You have just one flash flood of money, you keep your people poor. It's like a time bomb and it's scary."

Are we seeing the signs of a social time bomb about to explode?

(Mangangalahig) Bottom Dwellers

In contrast we see the haunting image of a child captured by Bahag King a Photojournalist that has honed his skills in street photography by literally living and breathing in the tough environment of the urban jungle’s bowel. There are obviously not a lot of choices when we look at the children born in poverty……. Carrying a gun or scrapping the bottom of the nauseating trash of society forced by circumstance to scrounge for a buck struggling to survive in an environment that if indeed hell exist this has got to be it. It is so ironic that while he forage for anything that he can recycle he has manage to groom himself trying to stay neat in a man made mountain of society's unfathomable maggot infested place.

What then is the difference in terms of losing their child like innocence? Early in life having no choice but to take on the responsibility of making a living in the most desperate of circumstance makes one mature beyond a child’s years. In so doing exposing their fragile existence that can either kill them instantly by getting buried in an avalanche of trash or slow death caused by inhaling the toxic fumes emanating from the mountain of trash. A colossal monument symbolizing government neglect, corruption, and mismanagement. The sad reality is once stricken by debilitating illnesses from the ill effects of the constant exposure to these toxic fumes their fate is literally sealed to the coffin. An impoverished poor person that can't even afford basic medicine should they get sick does not have the luxury of being sick. If they are lucky enough to earn enough money to afford a physician a vanishing breed of professionals leaving the country for a nursing job or hopefully not too busy scamming another scandal wracked institution infamous in the last presidential vote buying scam called Phil Health.

Children of the Streets and in Prison

Meanwhile another offshoot of poverty is the growing problem of incarceration of minors in Philippine prisons. Father Shay Cullen who has been in the Philippines for 40 years has been defending children from an unjust penal system and sexual predators. At any given time according to his estimate roughly 20,000 children are in detention exposed to abuse by hardened criminals and torture from sadistic policemen.

Two years ago the nation was shocked and embarrassed when American TV network CNN smuggled a camera inside a Philippine jail with the help of Father Shay Cullen exposing the horrors of squalid prison overcrowding with children and hardened criminals sharing a cramped cell.

According to Cullen’s estimates there are at least 200,000 children in the Philippines involved in prostitution. Despite the campaign against child sexual abuse and the conviction of some high-ranking pedophiles, children are still being used as sex objects by local and foreign predators.

If this is an indication of how Philippine society treats its children then we are doomed and bound to fail, forever sinking in the quagmire of hopelessness. Criminalizing children exposing them to all kinds of dangers to diseases and predators of the pedophile and murderous maniac in and out of uniform is really not a conducive environment in building a strong honorable and just society.

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Ana "The Hurricane" Julaton will slug it out at the Women's National Boxing Competition

Update 6/4/07 11:19 PM from Angelo Reyes

Here is the latest update on Ana's US National tournament in Colorado Springs. Ana made it to the [b]Semi Finals[/b] (that solidifies her at the very least as the rank #4 boxer for 2007). She will be fighting Tuesday Night Jun 5th at the University of Colorado Springs, Colorado. If she is successful, Ana "The Huricane" Julaton moves on to the finals Wednesday night Jun 6th, Ana will be the 1st Filipina-American to ever be ranked #1 in the history of USA boxing & The 1st female from the SF Bay Area to ever win the US National Championships. Send her all your positive energy!!

Please help pass the word around & if there is anyone who would like to watch the event in Colorado Springs please let them know to support and cheer on our champion!

Words of encouragement would also be great you can go straight to her MySpace site and give her some words of encouragement.


Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton will be leaving for
Colorado Springs on May 31stJune 7th 2007 for the US National Championships. The women’s competition will start June 2nd and ends on June 6 this will be a real test for her boxing skills, ability and stamina fighting 5 opponents in five days. To reach her goal of being ranked #1 she has to beat all 5 opponents in a grueling schedule. She needs encouraging words of support to reach her goal of being the first Filipina to be ranked #1 in the history US Women’s Boxing.

The current rankings according to the USA Boxing site:

125 lbs
1. Ronica Jeffrey, Brooklyn, N.Y. (320)
2. Jennifer Han, El Paso, Texas (275)
3. Katy Klinefelter,
Iowa City, Iowa (200)
4. Melissa Roberts,
Manchester, Conn. (150)
5. Ana Julaton,
Alameda, Calif. (125)
6. Magdalene Kearse, Atlanta, Ga. (100)
7. Jennifer Barber,
Northridge, Calif. (75)
7. Kayla Kay Combs,
Lubbock, Texas (75)
8. Jody Ann Weller,
Pomona, N.Y. (50)
8. Elizabeth Cole,
San Francisco, Calif. (50)
8. Celena Salazar,
San Antonio, Texas (50)
8. Amanda Jones,
Visalia, Calif. (50)
9. Valerie DeFreitas, W.
Va. (25)
9. Diana Blue,
Dania Beach, Fla. (25)

Here is her LatiNation coverage:

Latin Nation

Add to My Profile More Videos

Help spread the word around especially those who happen to be in Colorado Springs this June 2nd to 6th to watch and cheer for our very own Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton. Send her some words of encouragement if you can't come to the fight either here or her MySpace site. If succesfull and the olympics decides to include women boxing, which has been her goal and advocacy to gain respect for the sport it will be a historic moment for women and Filipino women in particular to have a Filipina compete in the olympics.


Join Text & Email Campaign for Jonas Burgos

Let us help stop political abductions and repression in the Philippines be counted and post this appeal in your blogs to text and email our friend, relatives and anyone we know to send a clear message to the Philippine Military to stop the dastardly repressive practice at e-wan@army.mil.ph on May 28th, 2007 at 1:20PM. You can also copy and email this post to your online social network of friends, relatives and online groups.

To all Concerned Filipino,

Sa darating na Lunes, Mayo 28, ganap na 1:20 ng tanghali, ang ika-1 buwan ng pagkawala ni Jonas Joseph Burgos, isang farmer advocate at anak ng press freedom hero na si Joe Burgos, Jr. Matibay ang paniniwala namin na mga operatiba ng Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) ang dumukot sa kanya.

Kami’y nanawagan para sa isang “text and e-mail flaming” sa ika isang buwan ng pagkawala ni Jonas. Sabay-sabay po tayo na mag-text sa ating mga kamag-anak, kaibigan, kapitbahay at mag e-mail sa Armed Forces of The Philippines sa e-wan@army.mil.ph sa ganap na 1:20 ng tanghali ng mensaheng:

Ang paghahanap kay Jonas Burgos ay paghahanap sa katarungan.

Ang paghahanap sa mga disaparesidos ay paghahanap sa kapayapaan.

Ilitaw si Jonas Burgos ! Itigil ang sapilitang pagkawala! Labanan ang anti-terror law, ipagtanggol ang karapatang pantao!

Sabay-sabay po tayong manindigan at magtanggol. Maraming salamat po.

Free Jonas Burgos Movement

Para sa karagdagang impormasyon, magtxt sa 09192130284, freejonasburgosmovement@yahoo.com , friendster – free jonas burgos movement o tumawag sa 4546468 hanapin si onin o ed.

Let me acknowledge fjordan allego at Hiraya: Endless Journey , for his effort in letting this blogger know of the campaign. Rem of Pinoy Photojournalist has this post also, how about you?

Maguindanao & Pinoy's Misplaced "Over Sensitivity"

I’ll give it to jokers in this electoral contest when it comes to stand up comic act in a stage or rather staged play of crude untalented performers trying desperately to pass off a scam as a major play of the century.

Maguindanao so it seems is getting bestowed the fraud capital of the Republic of Madaya (cheat) better known as the Philippines. This video report says it all; we see fooliticians, leaders, teachers and voters raising a howl wanting to crucify the “whistleblowers” for “unduly” tainting their impeccable “integrity” are just so unreal. Well it does not come as a surprise as they say monkey see monkey do when the cheating errr seating president set the precedent with parading star witness Acsa Ramirez as the principal suspect really speaks volumes on the kind of integrity we have in this god forsaken trying to pretend they are not a third world country.

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

In a related development Mr. Dilanghangin errrr Dilangalen was quoted by Inquirer as saying there was an election held but has no clue how many voted or how they voted really does not help at all. He urges the Comelec to conduct an “honest to goodness” investigation to “clear” the names of Maguindanao officials….. say what now? What in the name of Lady Madaya was that all about? Well blow me down and slap me silly but this kind of mentality is what I see with criminal minded people. Clearing their names bah, investigations are conducted to determine if any laws were broken and those culpable hauled to court. Why will the government waste meager resources on “clearing the names” of those officials who were linked in the last fiasco of the Garci scandal be the objective of the investigation really says it all.

What about this bicycle riding we’re corrupt errr Way Kurat Zamora lamenting the allegations as an affront to the Maguindanaon’s who are supposedly “staunch advocate of clean and honest elections”, yikes what in the world is this guy yapping about. This is coming from the guy quoted in a PCIJ article titled “Pork is a political tool, not a developmental tool”:

Congressmen, however, rarely see anything wrong with their role as patrons of their districts and implementers of projects. "Take that away, ano pang gagawin namin (what else would we do)?" asks Compostela Rep. 'Way Kurat' Zamora. "Of course, there's the national budget, naming of streets, but saturated na rin ang laws. And I think without that (pork), no one will run."

Although this is not a statement coming from Way Kurat in the same article it tells you where the tongress people priorities are:

"We're prisoners of the game," says a congressman. "People are kept dependent and poor because that's how you want to keep them. You don't empower them, so they stay poor. You just buy people with project money."

This is a stark reminder of that infamous event when the Philippines sent grown man with shaved facial, armpit, and leg hairs passing them off in the Little League Baseball in Long Beach, California USA. There is this similarity in the way people reacted to that shameful expulsion of the Philippines in the world Little league baseball event wherein Filipinos of “integrity” wanting to skin the journalist alive for exposing the fraud instead of those behind the fiasco. Same thing here in Maguindanao, we see the people ganging up on the teacher whistle blowers when it was clear what the “villain” witnesses were saying……. check the penmanship in the ballots, they are mostly coming from three penmanship.

On a positive note and let’s hope that they will pursue the case until those culpable is sent to jail for life for electoral fraud in this Inquirer report:

The affidavits -- secured by the GO-Party-List Task Force Poll Watch through interviews conducted by members of the Suara Bangsamoro early this week -- comprise the first documentary evidence of fraud in Maguindanao and will be used by the task force to seek the voiding of the elections there, which resulted in a 12-0 sweep of the administration’s Team Unity.

In his affidavit, a 51-year-old man said he and his fellow BEI members were taken from the treasurer’s office on May 14 to a banana patch where they filled up ballots while armed men stood guard.

He said they were taken to the National Irrigation Administration office in Shariff Aguak when night fell on Election Day and kept on “standby” the entire May 15 before the counting of votes started much later, in the evening of May 16.

The BEI member asked that his name and that of his town be withheld until he deems it safe to face the Commission on Elections.

In his own affidavit, BEI poll clerk Faisal Kalantungan said 38 ballot boxes and 190 election returns (ERs) had yet to be picked up from the Pagalungan municipal council 10 days after Election Day although the provincial canvass had already been completed.

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Petition On the Human Rights Situation in the Philippines

Japanese NGOs and Filipinos living in Japan held candle vigils in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka to protest the continuing killings and abductions greeted Gloria Arroyo's visit to Japan.

The candle vigil were organized by the following organizations: Amnesty International Japan, Human Rights Now, WAYAWAYA, Philippines Committee, National Christian Council in Japan,Tokyo & Yokohama People's Network against Political Killings in the Philippines.

More than 850 political killings and growing number of missing activist, the picture conveys a just sentiment and hopefully foreign governments' aid are dependent on how justice is dispensed in Gloria Macapagal's questionable tenure................ NO JUSTICE, NO AID!

Petition On the Human Rights Situation in the Philippines


We, Filipinos and Japanese, condemn in the most vigorous terms the rampant violation of human rights in the Philippines committed by the Arroyo government through its agents and hired-killers in the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police.

The statistics speak for themselves. We are outraged by the more than 850 cases of extrajudicial killing and the hundreds of other cases of enforced disappearance, illegal arrest, torture, intimidation and harassment of members of legitimate people’s organizations, political parties, media, and church organizations who have dared to speak for the rights and wellbeing of the poor and exploited majority of Filipinos.

These patterns of violence are worse than the dark years of martial law during the time of Marcos. And it pains us to know that a systematic and well-planned campaign of violence like this can serve only one purpose, and that is to prolong Mrs. Arroyo’s desperate hold to power which she has brazenly robbed from the Filipino people in order perpetuate her rule with strong backing from the U.S.

As concerned citizens, we cannot just be silent and do nothing about the situation in the Philippines. Therefore, we strongly demand the Arroyo government to STOP these politically-motivated killings and all forms of human rights violations against its very own people, and to swiftly bring the perpetrators to justice.

We likewise call on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to make quick and decisive action by condemning these acts of violence, to STOP all Japanese aid and support to the Arroyo government, and to side with the Filipino people by demanding justice for all the victims and their families.

Similarly, we appeal to all peace-loving peoples of the world for their support to and solidarity with the Filipino people so they may find the true path to justice, freedom, and lasting peace.










You can make copies of this petition and send to:


Secretariat c/o FMC: 1F Copo Ogawa Bldg.

2-3-29 Higashi Sakura, Higashi-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 461-0005

Telefax: (052) 935-6709 Email: filmigcen@yahoo.com

Photo courtesy: Migrante-Japan

Really Funny Parody at Pacquiao Pacland Forum

Pacland is populated by really talented people like Dung Markus, KOOlit, and chain_knuckles, I hope you enjoy it as I did. It was so funny seeing it on different threads and seeing how much effort was put into it I decided to put some of them together making it more hilarious.

Sorry no pork for you, by Dung Markus

and KOOlit enhanced it with this....
Official Total Votes for Manny, posted by gbh32001 an original artwork by chain_knuckles

It's Final and the winner is...... posted by Dung Markus


Filipina Jazz Singer wows listeners in the USA

Charmaine Clamor a Filipina American Jazz singer will be performing again at the Catalina Bar & Grill in Hollywood, California on May 22, 2007 at 8:30PM (for current and future shows/performances click HERE) as special guest of Michael Konik & His Tasty Band. She is the first Filipina American Jazz singer to break through the mainstream US radio with her album “Searching for Her Soul” heard in over 100 stations all over the USA. Her album peaked at #1 on the CMJ jazz charts in several markets.

While critics and disc jockeys have compared Charmaine's sultry alto voice to legendary vocalists like Nancy Wilson, Sarah Vaughan, and Cassandra Wilson, they also recognize her style and sound as distinctly her own.

What makes this Pinay standout is her down to earth attitude and perspective that is truly remarkable in recognizing the very essence of a Filipina as seen in her brief Bio:

A Pinay is a Filipina woman. I spent the first 16 years of my life in the Philippines, and I witnessed a syndrome that persists to this day. Filling our magazines and lining our country's major roadways are countless advertisements and billboards promoting whitening soaps and creams, with larger-than-life photos of European-featured mestizas and mestizos, idealized creatures with creamy skin and distinctly pointed noses. Even today, in the 21st century, my beautiful little brown nieces wear heavy long-sleeved shirts under the broiling sun for fear that they might become even darker -- which they equate with "uglier." Visiting them recently reminded me of my childhood, when I was called a negrita and teased for my flat nose. I recall desperate (and fruitless) attempts at bleaching my skin with papaya soap. I tried pinching my nose every night, hoping I would awake the next day to find it nice and pointy. (Take a look at my face: It didn't work!). As a lifelong fan of American jazz standards -- and as a tribute to America, where, for the first time in my life I learned to appreciate my unique attributes-- I've rewritten the lyrics to the classic Rodgers & Hart tune, "My Funny Valentine," while preserving its essential sentiments. I'm trying to communicate to all my dear Pinay sisters a sincere appreciation of their Indio beauty. I say with the utmost pride, "Stay?don't change your hair" -- or anything else. Because you are Filipina, and you are beautiful.

In 2005 world famous Catalina Bar & Grill Jazz Club saw the first Filipina performer headlining a sold out Filipino-American Jazz Festival. A longtime member of the renowned vocal harmony ensemble CRESCENDO, Charmaine is also the first Pinay to headline the world-famous Catalina Bar & Grill jazz club, in Hollywood, which presented Charmaine at their sold-out 2005 Filipino-American Jazz festival. In 2006, she headlined the Manila International Jazz Festival in her birth country, the Philippines.

Originally from the provincial town of Subic-Zambales, Charmaine Clamor and at age 3, is already showing signs of a promising performer singing to passengers at the back of buses traveling to Manila. It does not come as a surprise to see her in the Jazz scene growing up providing piano accompaniment to her mother singing kundiman (Filipino torch songs) and American classics. Her love for the classic standard songs came from her early exposure to the Great American Songbook.

She is one of the founding members of JazzPhil-USA, a non-profit organization that promotes Filipino-American jazz artist in the United States together with Bobbie Garcia, Evelyn Haddad, Elizabeth Reyes, Thelma Sugay and Tony Vizmonte. She is also in the board and president for the year 2006 – 2007.

Charmaine’s Sophomore CD “Flippin out” due to release officially on August 31st 2007 containing Filipino Kundiman (first time in US Jazz history sung in tagalog) songs featuring some of the top Filipino jazz artist in the US including Abe Lagrimas, Jr. (ukulele) & Julius Tolentino (alto sax), the renowned trio of Christian Jacob, Trey Henry & Ray Brinker (Tierney Sutton Band) , the indigenous Filipino instrument called Kulintang performed by the celebrated Pakaraguian Kulintang Ensemble and the Filipino Naxos Recording artist, Richard Ickard on guitar.

This is how she was described by Don Heckman of the Calendar section of Los Angeles Times last December 7, 2006 Classy Jazz, via the Philippines:

When Charmaine Clamor's warm, luscious contralto slips into a rhythmically seductive version of "I'm in the Mood for Love" or purrs through the tender lyrics of "The Very Thought of You," there's no doubt that a first-rate jazz talent is present. Her first album, "Searching for the Soul" (2005), announced the arrival of an impressive new vocal artist who worked her magic with material including Duke Ellington's "Come Sunday," Percy Mayfield's "Please Send Me Someone to Love," Rodgers and Hart's "My Romance" and Gordon and Warren's "You'll Never Know."

What is surprising about her singing, with its very real sense of jazz authenticity, is the fact that Clamor is a Filipina, born in the provincial town of Subic-Zambales. Her first contact with anything remotely jazz-related came while she played piano to accompany her mother's vocalizing on kundiman (Filipino torch songs). It didn't take long, however, before she was on her way to becoming the first Filipina jazz singer with a recording heard on more than 100 radio stations across the U.S.

On Saturday and Sunday, Clamor will be one of the headliners in the second annual Filipino-American Jazz Festival at Catalina Bar & Grill. If jazz and the Philippines seem an unlikely combination, think again.

The music has built a considerable following in the islands since the post-World War II swing music days. And Clamor is among a growing number of Filipino jazz artists who have begun to attract international attention. Among those who will appear at the festival: keyboardist-composer Emil Mijares (known as the "grandfather of Philippine jazz"), singers Mon David and Sandra Viray, alto saxophonist Julius Tolentino and jazz ukulele player Abe Lagrimas.

Check out Charmaines' MySpace blog where you can listen to some of her songs such as “My Brown Pinay” her own version of My Funny Valentine and listen to the frank and honest lyrics. A self realization that shatters the stereotype of a conditioned mentality on aesthetics attributed to a colonial mindset. To check out current and future shows and event go to Charmaine's website. Continue reading on the latest update HERE.


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