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Media Repression & Malignos (aberrations)

No one seemed to be bothered by the arrest of the media people covering the Manila Peninsula takeover (a description one Alex Maligno of Philippine Star deemed inappropriate who just like his Mafiosi minded kuligs errr colleagues deserved to be hauled in jail) reminiscent of the martial law days of blatant disregard for the constitution and civil liberties. An act so brazen aimed at preventing journalist from covering events of this nature to inform the public using such lame excuse as “obstruction of justice” truly characterizes the criminal mindset of the present regime whose mandate has been questionable from the very beginning. Below is a statement of Maria Ressa, Senior Vice-President, News & Current Affairs of ABS-CBN:

In no instance did ABS-CBN ever "obstruct justice" or prevent authorities from taking action in last Thursday's standoff in Makati. ABS-CBN continued its live coverage because the public has a right to know. We calculated the risks, took precautions for our team, and made the choice to stay. We did our job - to make sure that whatever actions both sides take, they are accountable to the people.

It is clear that the arrests of 12 of our journalists along with our other media colleagues is unconstitutional. Statements from law enforcement and government officials now seem confused: as some officials tell us there is no probe on ABS-CBN, I receive a subpoena "commanding" me to appear at a police hearing on December 5. It seems attempts to intimidate and harass journalists continue.

These actions show a gradual erosion of press freedom and degrade our country's democratic processes.

If we are to believe the likes of Alex Maligno a mouthpiece errrr a journalist himself (a paid consultant to the govt. dishing out a not so independent thoughts that he should just keep to himself) in the MSS fashion and DILG Undersecretary Dong Puno (full of it or tree with the later as more apt English translation of his name) the public will now be fed with the daughter of DM Macapagal Highway Robbery sanctioned news, not that we are getting any objective non-partisan news now but at least there are a few true journalist worthy of the profession doing their job accordingly.

Never mind that the complete report of UN Rapporteur Philip Alston on extrajudicial, summary killings in the Philippines is out confirming journalist assassinations and blatant abuse and disregard for human rights this nut job underlings of the present regime with questionable and garcified tenure will impose their anti-constitutional tactics to harass and suppress the media to follow their sicko line for public consumption. I am sure the thieves in police clothing are jumping in joy at Mr. Full of it’s pronouncement that arresting media men will be the rule so that no one obstruct or witness and worse report the looting of the establishment where “pesky rebel rousers” congregate.

Did they really impede the serving of arrest warrants as Mr. Full of it claimed? Did the media people act as human barricade to slow down the assault against Trillanes and company? Do they think the public is that gullible to believe their ridiculous claim? Give me a break Mr. Full of it, quick to pin the blame on everyone else but eerily silent on the thievery of those men in uniform like a mob ransacking hotel employees belongings in their private offices looting and grabbing computers and anything of value. Is it really surprising why those men in uniform supposedly tasked to protect the people are the ones the public should protect themselves? Monkey see, monkey do as simple as that. When lowly underlings of the scandal ridden administration see their bosses get themselves involved in questionable multi billion dollar schemes what do you think comes to their mind when “opportunity” comes their way?

This is really very sad and Saksi (witness) TV news it seems was the only outfit that reported on the looting. Why may I ask are the other outfits or liepaper not reporting this very serious incident? Let me guess……….. is it because dipping ones finger at peoples’ belonging is an accepted norm in the thieving republic? Once again in a study released the other day by Transparency International ranked the Philippines among the 10 countries where the level of petty bribery is highest, confirms this political jaywalker's contention. Sad, sad, sad indeed but at the same time scary since if these are the very people tasked to protect the citizens of this country looting and robbing people, who then will protect Juan de la Cruz?

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