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Muchacho……. Errand Boy

The “verdict” is out errr the complete report of UN Raporteur Philip Alston on extrajudicial, summary killings in the Philippines. As usual there goes my favorite INJustice Secretary SIRAulO GOONzales with his shallow ramblings in belittling Australian lawyer and New York law professor UN Raporteur Philip Alston as a “mere muchacho,” a “lowly errand boy” of the United Nations. What in the name of Lady Madaya (cheat) errr Gloria is this guy thinking? Is he saying that the UN is a global feudal fiefdom just like their shallow corrupted world of backwardness left behind by the times?

Excuse my ignorance Mr. GOONzales but are you not referring to US the Filipino expatriates that are literally the Muchachos and Muchachas of the world the result of decades of thievery and mismanagement by AMOS (Masters) of the feudal lord of the politicians and military generals and top brash errr brass of your kind? Now wait a minute here Sir aulo, are you not one of the Muchachos of the present dispensatong errr dispensation? Just because you are one Muchacho to the Cheat errr Chief Executive everyone else are Muchacho like you and besides people in the west or should we say in a more civilized society does not belittle people in the service industry unless one is an ignoramus and full of himself.

In a show of Alzheimer thinking errr unity the cheat errrr chief of staff of the Armed Forces, Gen. Hermogenes Esperon, echoes the same contempt for the UN special rapporteur by belittling the completed report as “half-baked” truly speaks of the type of people and mentality surrounding the highly questionable mandate of the highway robbery presidency.

What’s up with this Espereon guy with his wishful thinking BS that Mr. Alston should have a better and complete source when they have not fully cooperated. They are to be applauded for supplying the list of the victims of extra-judicial killings unfortunately the “evidence” to support the government’s contention that majority of the victims were the result of CPP-NPA internal purges was as usual a story telling a lie. Oh boo hoo hoo so sorry that they are slighted when their word was not taken as the gospel of truth but as usual being in the feudal mindset of Asindero errr Hacendero (landed gentry) they must have believe their own delusional lying mind that indeed Mr. Alston is a lowly “muchacho” and as such needs to listen like one subservient underling….. yeah in their dreams since they are so used to be listened to when they yap their trap in their story telling a lie “experts” opinion which Alston is not buying by any stretch of imagination. The world does not revolve around their shallow feudal fiefdom so backward and degenerate not realizing that the world out there is totally different and progressively centuries ahead of the pathetic Philippine society.

It is so frustrating to see these minions put a spin and like a loyal attack dog will ravage the messenger trained to protect their masters at whatever cost unable to think or grasp the problems presented before them. So immature and juvenile that instead of being responsible and accountable would rather trivialize the issue and attack the credibility of the UN Raporteur on a personal level. Thinking that they are insulting Mr. Alston when they are actually insulting themselves, the Filipinos and the OFWs in particular.

Ibarra M. Gutierrez III director of the University of the Philippines Institute of Human Rights has a very interesting take on the Alston report that should be seen by the government as a challenge and a responsibility. Instead of juvenile retorts they should look at the principal objective of the report which is to assess the states’ compliance with its legal obligations in a given area in international law. According to Gutierrez the report opens with an enumeration of applicable treaties that the Philippines has ratified, namely the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Geneva Conventions. These form the legal basis for Philippine obligations with respect to the issue of extrajudicial killings.

How moronic can these people get, they were the ones who requested this. Now that it does not conform to their wacko reality they are opting to discredit the report which they themselves requested. Instead of focusing on what policy or measures they need to address on human rights violations perpetrated with impunity in the land of cheats they go ballistic on the messenger.

They have the audacity to belittle the report that will not stand in “their court of law” (what case does prosper anyway when justice are seen as selective at best) when this is not an “inquest” or for purposes of prosecuting the culpable parties but as previously mentioned to institute policies and laws to address the issues of human rights violation. If the intention was criminal investigation then they should not have invited the UN in the first place, it makes me wonder if the intention of the PR minded government lured the UN thinking they can outsmart Mr. Alston to be used as an unwitting tool in their spin to paint a rosy picture of the aberration in human rights violation. What nerve to even suggest that the report will not merit or passed in the court of law when not a single perpetrator of extra-judicial killings has been successfully prosecuted or punished for their misdeeds as stated in article IV page 8 no. 12 of the report which I quote:

Two policy initiatives are of special importance to understanding why the killings continue. First, the military’s counterinsurgency strategy against the CPP/NPA/NDF increasingly focuses on dismantling civil society organizations that are purported to be “CPP front groups”. Part IV (B) below examines the general approach and its national scope. Part IV(C) looks at the regional variation in how this strategy has been implemented. Second, as examined in Part X, the criminal justice system has failed to arrest, convict, and imprison those responsible for extrajudicial executions. This is partly due to a distortion of priorities that has law enforcement officials focused on prosecuting civil society leaders rather than their killers.

Do these juvenile Alzheimer gang think that just because they can fool the people they can now fool everyone even those “muchachos” of the UN? Yeah right give me a break and with this kind of response from the highway robbery presidency this conflict will be with us for a long time to come. They would rather chase their own tail and continuously spin a web of tall tales than deal with extrajudicial killings, political disappearance and military abductions as observed in the report since it serves to silence dissent and perpetuate those in power especially one that is tainted and questionable at best.

Instead of protecting journalist from assassinations La Presidenta would rather focus on capturing that one remaining “nuisance” Capt. Faeldon with a million Peso on his head reward than deal with creating a democratic space where one can openly without fear write according to their conscience.

Read the full report HERE.

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