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The politics of Quarry Plunder & Jueteng 2

continuation of the series……….

How credible is the argument or rather black propaganda put forward by the agents of the politics of Quarry Plunder & Jueteng? I say nada, zip, baseless that are laughable at best but people are free to express themselves even if they make fools of themselves. They should be allowed to dig their political grave and the more they belly ache and “complain” about the “inefficiency” (yeah, that’s what they call honest, transparent, accountable and responsible good governance) of Among Ed Panlilio the more they get exposed for what they really are……. A bunch of fools whose motivations are questionable at best.

Tonette Orejas Responds

The spam going around the internet was titled “Stories Inquirer Correspondent in Pampanga Refuses to Write About” so I asked with Inquirer writer Tonette Orejas if she indeed was not reporting the so-called “other side” of Panlilio. She is the most prolific writer reporting on the Ed Panlilio front thus I directed the question to her. I am glad she obliged with graciousness although I never expected her to do so. It will not do justice to her if I just quote a portion so I am reproducing the unedited full text email response:

Dear PJ and All,

First of all, allow me to clarify that as a correspondent, my area of coverage is not only Pampanga. I'm sent on assignments and coverage in six other Central Luzon provinces (Aurora, Bulacan Bataan, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac and Zambales). That tells you I'm also on a lookout for stories in other areas. Despite health limitations, I do try to exert efforts to keep Pampanga covered.

Now, to your question if I have refused to write stories, to be exact, on the bad side of Panlilio.

Refusal is not mine. I get my hands on every bad or good story that I could get.

The refusal thing has two issues: the questions of access to news sources and their news agenda.

Before I explain that, let me emphasize I have not violated the journalist code of ethics and even INQUIRER's own ethics insofar as balance, fairness and accuracy were concerned. Neither had I been selective in my stories with regards to Panlilio. Several anti-Panlilio stories have come out (criticisms by Vice Gov. Yeng Guiao and Conscience).

Now to the question of access, two news sources have branded me as pro-Panlilio and shut me out of the information loop. I do still want to accommodate them despite that.

As for the news agenda, I don't set it. News sources and readers do. What I can only do is to report things as they are, pour time and effort in composing stories even when I do not have the power to decide which stories are to be published or not.

I am sad that I have been badly portrayed. and I think this is utterly unfair. There were only a few of us crusading and dissident journalists in Pampanga in the Lapid days. We keep the light burning in those 12 years and in my case, I still do, always on the lookout for injustices, corruption and other forms of wrongdoings on the vigilant reporting of readers and communities.

This watchdog has not rested her guards.

Peace, Tonette

In a follow up email Tonette has mentioned that as bloggers we should stop categorizing journalist as pro or anti Panlilio and I agree because this is not about personality this is about principle, renewal and what good governance is all about.

Sadly what she has revealed here is an indication of the state of ATM errr journalism in the Philippines; lack of ethics in presenting the “sides” that are questionable at best and as usual a tendency to break down into factions. Tonette Orejas has nothing to gain except credibility as a journalist in writing stories as she sees it. In contrast if we look at what Pascual and his Sunstar kuligs errrr colleagues are presenting as the “other side” which is the side of traditional politicians is like presenting the side of Cobramen and women (illegal numbers game Jueteng bet collectors), untenable and illegal activities having the gall to cry and protest for losing their illegal income.

Journalist on the take used to be known as envelopmental journalist but with the advent of technology comes ATM (automatic teller machine) wherein wads of cash that is so obviously “scandalous” (as if these people still get scandalized) and the risk of getting caught red handed naturally took a high tech approach of bribing through electronic deposit.

Governor Ed Panlilio being the crusader for good governance is like the ATM Journalist worse nightmare since there will be no ATM deposit to expect being part and parcel of the culture of corruption that has no place in the Panlilio administration.

The politics of Quarry Plunder & Jueteng has been going on for quite sometime and they will impose their will unless people stood up and declare ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The people of Pampanga have suffered enough losing hundreds if not billions of pesos from the Quarry Tax Revenue. Can we trust traditional politicians to take charge of the quarry tax collection when we see Gov. Ed Panlilio and his staff doing a job? If it ain’t broke why fix it? Go figure……..

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