"In societies where Robbing Hoods are treated like a celebrity it is but natural to expect political parties to act like a Mafia syndicate" Political Jaywalker "In a nation where corruption is endemic people tend to confuse due process with aiding and abetting criminals" Political Jaywalker "War doesn't determine who is right, war determines who is left" Bertrand Russell "You have just one flash flood of money, you keep your people poor. It's like a time bomb and it's scary" Philippine Lawmaker

Tito Sotto the Iskul Bukol Senator takes the Clueless Gwendolyn Garcia defense

Unlike the very effective right to privacy invoked by the late self-confessed Jose Pidal in thwarting the pesky congressional investigators from opening his fictitious bank account, Iskul Bukol comedian turned senator and now poster boy of blogger plagiarist errrr anti-RH Bill advocate takes on a clueless Gwendolyn Garcia defense.

The clueless Gwendolyn defense is the excuse used by the Cebu Governor in desperately trying to weasel her way out of the graft charges. The criminal case was due to their purchase of a land intended for the city housing where 3/4 of the property is submerged in water.

Why the clueless Gwendolyn Garcia defense when he could have just took the 5th, as in shut his trap and let it pass? The Blogger Sarah Pope has no intention of suing him anyway but of course being clueless combined with arrogance tends to transform the brouhaha into a Tito Sotto toilet humor B movie..

The problem with the Palusot Republic is that there is no such thing as accountability or will they hold themselves responsible and they invoke command responsibility only if they did a good job so they can pat themselves at the back, LOL.

Anyway the conversation Sarah Pope had with Sotto's thief of staff errr I meant chief of staff Atty. Hector A. Villacorta is truly amusing but as the story unfolds the more they seem to self-destruct. Here is Manuel Buencamino's account at Unnifors on the exchange:
Feel free to grab this image, attribution appreciated
Sen. Sotto’s chief of staff posted the following comment, using the account name Lezel:
August 16, 2012 at 8:18 am

i am atty hector a. villacorta. i am the chief of staff of senator tito sotto. i understand you felt slighted that your blog was not attributed to you which became part of the speech of the senator. let me say that after asking my staff, indeed, your blog was used but only in quoting also from the same book of dr. campbell- mcbride. we are both indebted to the book’s author but if you wish that you also be credited with the contents of the book, let this be your affirmation. i can do it and by this message, i am doing it. hope it satisfies you. but if it does not, what would you want us to do? what have we done to deserve your incriminating words. the senator did not lift it himself, we did. did you want us to tell him to admit what he did not do? who would you like to crucify for this oversight? all the unborn wants very much the right to be born and they need everybody’s help, including yours. remember, rizal was the seventh child of 11 children of teodora alonso and francisco mercado. be on our side. please, and don’t deflect the debate to this matter of plagiarism. it is so out of sync in this great debate. join us in the side of life and truth. forgive us our single trespass. we had no malice, we thought you would be happy about it. there was no injury. hope this makes you feel better. warm regards.

Atty. Hector A. Villacorta

Chief of Staff
Office of Senator Sotto
Sarah replied 29 minutes later:
Sarah, TheHealthyHomeEconomist
August 16, 2012 at 8:38 am

I don’t like the fact that my blog was used without my permission against the education of the women of the Philippines and their reproductive rights. That is the issue and it was indeed plagiarism. If his staff did it, he condoned it. He is responsible for your actions. My BLOG was quoted, not Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. I put her work in my own words and you copied my words.

A woman needs to know that the Pill can indeed harm her but this is NO REASON to take away this choice from her in the first place.

I do not agree with Senator Sotto’s position on this issue and he twisted the message of my blog to suit his own purposes against the women of the Philippines.

No, your lame comment does not make me “feel” any better.
And Lezel replied, an hour later, this time without Atty. Villacorta’s name at the bottom:
August 16, 2012 at 9:47 am

dear sarah;
a blog is meant to be shared and we shared it.
The arrogance of Villacorta who's supposed to know better being a lawyer truly makes one cringe but on the other hand his response has the makings of a circus freak side show. Now why will they think that what they found on the net is for the taking? Is it because theft is the SOP in Sotto's office as we see on how his side kicked errr staff conduct their research? Does Villacorta think he is recruiting the blogger to his network marketing scam errr scheme thus the tone because they thought they were on the same side?

Why Lezel? Are they not content at plagiarizing the bloggers work because they feel so entitled that they also troll the blog? Why does he have to ask who is using the Lezel nic among the staff, is that what they do, act like kids trolling bloggers imposing their twisted logic when no one really cares to hear about their sick views?

As if it is not bad enough it appears that they have plagiarized even more as much as five sources they fed to the senator that he in turn mouthed as if whatever they found on the net is up for the taking, LOL.

Then they have the brother of the drama queen errrr king Vic Sotto who publicly proclaim that they are behind his brother. Of course we expect that since blood is thicker than water but some wagging tongue says its just Vic's way of showing his gratitude. Grateful for the help, assistance and influence Tito exerted in the rape case that was eventually settled out of court with the late Pepsi Paloma?

Supporters of the anti-RH poster boy and just like Villacorta stress that we should not deflect the issue which is to answer the merits of the "noble cause" that the Eat Bulaga actor put forward. Well, for one what was his fixation with Diane that never existed yet but blames her anyway for the death of his first born son? How can people answer or respond to his dramatic tear jerker presentation when the culprit he blames came out the market 3 years after his son died.

Perhaps this is the attention Tito Sotto is desperately seeking but those who read this in the US will not be able to vote for him even though there are Tea Baggers who may cheer for him. The problem is how can we tell Tito Sotto shame on you when he is shameless in the first place, LOL.........
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Robert "Blair" Carabuena the epitome of road rage idiocy

When one enjoys what seems like a successful professional career in a multinational company like Philip Morris International you would think that said person is on the right track and would normally be a respected member of society. The problem is some dinky dink nut case cannot handle what they thought was their high status that is more of a symbol that makes one delusional into thinking he is way above lowly MMDA traffic enforcers that it is alright to berate, insult, and physically manhandle them.

In the Philippines where employment is hard to come by landing a job at a multinational firm can easily get on one's head if one is really shallow like most other fools. When people lose their sense of balance so goes fairness and worse when one does not have their feet firmly on the ground they think they have earned the right to maltreat "lowly" people like MMDA T/C Saturnino Fabros.

Just because Carabuena is so well fed and bulging fat right now what he forgot to feed is and nurture is his sense of civility and of course in the process loosed his class or did he ever had it to begin with? Balance is the key and there is really nothing wrong with taking things in moderation as in food should be enjoyed but not to the extent of eating himself like a piggy, LOL. If one does not have self-control and they tend to overdo things to the point of anger and madness taking control of their rational self which can turn really ugly. Carabuena should count his lucky stars he has not reached the level of stupidity of Jason Ivler and Rolito Go or he may regret his stupidity the rest of his miserable life.

People like Carabuena should be taught a lesson the hard way lest he turns into a Jason Ivler or worse like convicted murderer Rolito Go. Carabuena should look at this pathetic picture of convict Rolito Go, he will soon look like him, the prison's sugar daddy errrr milking cow. Hopefully Carabuena has earned enough bribe money or it will be a very miserable life awaits him, LOL.

Money talks and lots of it make one walks as in enjoying a living out privilege like this convict Rolito Go who was supposed to serve two life sentence but you know how "flexible" is our justice system when it involves moneyed clients errrr inmates.

According to the latest report Rolito Go is missing. Now how odd is that, they can't account for their inmate and declares he is missing? As if that is not bad enough his relatives are now claiming he has been kidnapped. Really, how can an inmate in custody serving his sentence gets himself kidnapped out of jail is one for Guinness Book of World Record.

While I believe the school especially Ateneo teaches their student good citizenship sometimes even that is not enough owing to other factors that shapes a human being into what they are, Harvey Keh of Kaya Natin says it best, to quote:
The disturbing and very sad incident that happened to the MMDA traffic enforcer that was done by Robert Blair Carabuena, an alleged graduate of Ateneo de Manila University should also serve as a challenge to our schools that we should not only aspire to teach our students excellence in academics but more importantly, we should also make sure that they come out of our institutions as responsible Filipino citizens with the right set of values and principles. Kahit gaano ka kagaling at katalino kung asal hayop ka naman, mas masahol ka pa sa taong walang pinag-aralan.
There are people who wants Robert "Blair" Carabuena fired and if that happens will he be able to handle it in a civil manner or will he go berserk again? One thing is clear the victim complainant T/C Saturino Fabros must not succumb to pressure and settle out of court for a measly sum. Money will not heal the humiliation and low regard for the agency. It will do the nation good if they see the likes of abusive Carabueno is brought back to earth preferably one with locked bars to show that we are indeed serious in taking the narrow straight path of righteousness.
An Appeal to Philip Morris

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Robert "Blair" Carabuena another Jason Ivler in the making?

Found this very upsetting video on Lila Shahani's FB wall about a road rage maniac. I wonder what triggered such violent reaction from this nut job enough to manhandle and insult in public an MMDA traffic enforcer. I can understand why people get irritated at MMDA traffic officer but to berate and physically manhandle them is not only uncalled for but a criminal savage act  that belongs to the zoo este the uncivilized society.

It makes me wonder why people like Robert Carabuena a supposedly Atenoyo errr Ateneo alumni will go this low subjecting them to a very humiliating savagery as if we are back in the feudal days of the feudal lord abusing their subjects.
Now, why will someone who seems to be very successful professionally in his field in the Human Resources will be so dumb to act in this manner? If that's how he treats people that he thinks are below him how exactly does he do his job?

In the case of Jason Ivler the guy seems to be angry at the world and I think I can understand why, with a mother that he has I think even a good son will probably go berserk. Does Robert Carabuena have the same kind of mother like Jason Ivler thus the anger management problem?

One thing is certain people who saw the video are very upset and it seems Carabuena has gained some notoriety for that incident. I hope the MMDA officer will pursue the case against Carabuena all the way and not settle out of court. If this is settled out of court a lot of people will be disappointed and whatever respect the MMDA people out on the field will be in tatters. Not that they are respected now but the more so that the people will lose their respect but they will be the biggest laughing stock in Metro Manila. 

For one Carabuena is no Jason Ivler, the guy seems to have some overweight issue thus the uncivilized demeanor. Is he a tough guy? I doubt it, this is the kind they want in prison. He better hope he stays out of jail but then again just to fill our curiosity I think we want him there and see if he is really a tough guy and resist being crowned the cell block queen of tough convicts who knows how to be tough all the way, LOL.....

If you have a Facebook account and wants Robert "Blair" Carabuena fired by his employer Philip Morris International this FB page has to reach 50K likes, please spread it around.

Update: 8/15/12

Gov @ Work

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will file criminal charges today against a Philip Morris executive who beat up a traffic constable in Quezon City last Saturday.

MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino said he has directed the Legal Service to file direct assault charges against Robert Blair Carabuena, recruitment officer of the multinational tobacco company, on behalf of Traffic Constable Saturnino Fabros.

The criminal complaint will be filed today at the Office of the City Prosecutor in Quezon City.
“We cannot allow this aggression and shameless attack against our men who are only doing their job as best as they can, regardless of the risks they face in the streets every day,” Tolentino said.

Saying the assault on Fabros is also an attack against the MMDA, Tolentino demanded that Carabuena issue a public apology.

Carabuena was caught on camera slapping Fabros several times over a traffic violation. Fabros said he had tried to apprehend Carabuena after he ignored the stop signal at the corner of Capitol Drive and Tandang Sora Avenue in Quezon City.

Tolentino said he will also ask the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to cancel Carabuena’s driver’s license as “abusive and arrogant motorists like him, who obviously do not have serious regard to the rule of law, have no right to be in the road in the first place.”

Under the Revised Penal Code, direct assault is charged to any person who shall attack, employ force, or seriously intimidate or resist any person in authority or any of his agents, while engaged in the performance of official duties.

Direct assault is punishable by a prison term of six months to six years.

Tolentino said the criminal liability of Carabuena is aggravated by the fact — as shown in the video footages — that he laid his hands upon Fabros, a person in authority.

“As with all of our men who were attacked and intimidated by undisciplined motorists while performing their duties, we will see to it that justice is served to Mr. Fabros,” the MMDA chief said, adding that they will extend all possible assistance to the traffic constable.

Read Statement of Chairman Francis N. Tolentino on the Saturnino Fabros incident

UPDATE: 2/7/13

If only all of our judges are like Judge Juris Dilinila-Callanta, manufacturers of wheelchair will be out of business in no time, LOL. Looks like an accused weasel trying to avoid the court trial feigning sickness as an excuse will not pass with this judge, hehehe.

The problem with our injustice system errr I meant injustice system is that once the complainant lose interest in the case the judge automatically dismiss it. Whatever happened to the case where it says boldly on top of the subpoena that the People of the Philippines vs. the accused, yes people of the Philippines therefore once it reached that stage the accused is now accountable to the people of the Philippines instead of just one complainant? Of course one of the old tricks is to exhaust the complainant since justice in the Philippines as some believes rely on who has the most PESOnality instead of evidence and therefore will try and delay the proceedings.

Well this time around, Carabuena was issued a warrant of arrest for failing to attend the trial and also before that the preliminary investigation with his bail doubled to P12,000.00 and his lawyer for failing to attend the trial. His failure to appear before the woman judge truly validates how most bully responds when it comes to determining their accountability........ the coward that they really are will try desperately to weasel themselves out but in doing all the wrong move actually just get themselves in the hole they dug for themselves, LOL.

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A Father's Plea: Medical Attention for Ericson Acosta


Political prisoner Ericson Acosta is in need of medical attention. Please forward, blog, tweet and share this letter of appeal from the Acosta family. We also encourage everybody to write to the Department of Justice (DOJ) to request the resolution of the Ericson Acosta case review which has been pending for almost a year. You may also address appeals to concerned government officials to drop trumped-up charges against Ericson and effect his immediate release.

A Father’s Plea

I am Isaias Acosta, father of detained artist and activist Ericson Acosta. I am writing this while I recuperate from a minor surgery pending further medical tests. Prior to my operation, I was all set for another visit to the sub-provincial jail in Calbayog City, Samar where my son has been detained for more than a year now.

I am now 79 years old, not in the best of health but would not pass up a chance to visit Ericson if I could help it. My wife, Liwayway, is turning 80 this year. She would have gone to Calbayog without me but she can hardly walk without support. We are both physically suffering due to our respective conditions but nothing compares to the torment of knowing that our son continues to be unjustly imprisoned.

My recent medical setback ironically and agonizingly emphasizes the reason behind our intended urgent visit. Lately, Ericson had been complaining of a nagging pain in his abdomen and lower back. The pain, he says, intensifies whenever he urinates. Now he has also noticed spots of blood in his urine. My cousin, Ericson’s uncle, displayed similar symptoms before he succumbed to prostate cancer.

Ericson rarely complains when he is sick. Even when he was arrested last year, his first words to me were, “Daddy, huwag kayo’ng mag-alala.” He always tells his mother not to fuss over him. Ganyan si Ericson. Hindi niya iniinda hangga’t kaya niya. Once when he was still in grade school, he waited until a “stomach ache” had become too unbearable before he finally told us to take him to the hospital. It turned out he immediately needed to undergo an appendectomy. The doctor said we got there in the nick of time.

Ericson’s last check-up two years ago revealed a renal function abnormality and a possible prostate affliction. So as soon as we received word that he is in pain, we arranged for a visit and asked our lawyers to immediately file a motion before the court seeking urgent medical attention for my son.

We had to skip the visit because of my condition. But after we filed the motion, we were told that the judge in charge of his case had just retired. How long would it take until a new judge is installed? It is as if our frustration with the slow resolution of Ericson’s case is not enough. We are once again left bereft of immediate legal options.

I write this letter of appeal to the jail warden, to the Department of Justice, to Secretary Leila de Lima, and to all other concerned branches of government. I am an old man with no shortage of illnesses as expected of anyone my age, but I would gladly forfeit any trip to the doctor if it could only be traded for much-needed medical treatment for my son. His mother and I fear that his latest hunger strike has further worsened his condition. Ericson must get the medical attention he needs.

I am writing this letter a few days after former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was released on a million-peso bail. I cannot but be distressed by the continuing prejudice of our justice system against my son and other political prisoners like him.

Arroyo was placed under hospital arrest in consideration of her illness. Si Arroyo, sa kabila ng kanyang mga kasalanan sa taumbayan, ay pinayagang manatili sa de-aircon na ospital, regular na inaasikaso ng mga doktor at nars gamit ang buwis ng mamamayan. Ngayon siya’y pinalaya pa. Si Ericson at iba pang tulad niya na ang tanging kasalanan ay magsakripisyo para sa maliliit na tao, nasa kawawang kalagayan at hindi kinikilala ang mga karapatan. No, we do not seek preferential treatment like Arroyo. What we demand is that Ericson and all other political prisoners – who are ailing precisely because of dismal prison conditions – also be accorded the right to medical attention as necessary.

We appeal to all freedom-loving citizens and human rights advocates to once again help us in our latest plea for Ericson. During these disconcerting times, we shall continue to fight for Ericson’s release from detention. We add our voices to all others whose sons and daughters are unjustly imprisoned – free all political prisoners.



Details for letter-writers:

Department of Justice

Padre Faura Street,
Malate, Manila,
Telephone: (02) 532-8481, (02) 523-6826
Email: communications@doj.gov.ph
Website: www.doj.gov.ph
Secretary, DOJ
Telefax: 523-9548
Direct Line: 521-1908
Trunkline: 523-8481 loc. 211, 214
Email: lmdelima@doj.gov.ph; lmdelima_doj@gmail.com 

H.E. Benigno Simeon Aquino III
President of the Republic of the Philippines
Malacañang Palace
JP Laurel St., San Miguel
Manila 1005
Voice: (+632) 735-6201 / 564-1451 to 80
Fax: (+632) 742-1641 / 929-3968
E-mail: corres@op.gov.ph / opnet@ops.gov.ph

Directory of Philippine consulates and embassies:
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Passing the RH Bill does not mean we will run out of Babies

Patricia Evangelista wrote about Danilo Suarez’s "courage," which I believe should have been shameless opportunism for abandoning RH Bill 4244 of his kulig este colleague former minority leader Edcel Lagman. Together with his fellow clowns jumping in joy at seeing their BPF (Best Plunderer Forever) Gloria Suarez announced that the following nut jobs errr fellow lawmaker are now the party of RH Bill abandonist aligned with Padre Damasos, namely:
  • Siquijor Rep. Orlando Fua
  • Una Ang Pamilya Party-list Rep. Reena Concepcion Obillo
  • Lanao del Sur Rep. Mohammed Hussein Pangandaman
  • AA Kasosyo Party-list Rep. Nasser Pangandaman
  • Camarines Norte Rep. Elmer Panotes
  • Anad Party-list Rep. Pastor Alcover
LOL..... there goes the opportunist showing their true colors together with an irrelevant church imposing their religious beliefs on the ever growing marginalization of their flocks.

Suarez reasoning if ever we can call it that for abandoning the RH Bill was when he visited western countries he does not seem to see children around, hehehe thus he felt the need to abandon the "cause" lest we run out of babies, LOL.

Suarez unfounded fears only shows he has no clue on the enormity and almost hopeless problem we are dealing with on our population explosion. So far there are 95.5 Million Pinoy and counting 18.4% living in poverty with an average age of 22.2 and fertility rate of 3.27% do they really think we will run out of babies in the near future even if they passed the RH Bill now instead of endlessly debating it?

There are almost 500,000 illegal abortions performed yearly risking life and limb even jail sentence just to avoid giving birth to babies they can't afford to feed and did that huge number stop the exponential growth of our population? The point is we need the government to provide our women an alternative to illegal abortions and if they have to do it should be done in a safe clean medical facility performed by licensed physicians.

The government does not dictate on the churches how to practice their religion so why do we allow them to dictate and impose their religious beliefs on the government. Let them use the pulpit to give us a sermon on losing our Maria Claras if our Padre Damasos learn how to use contraceptives and they are within their right but to dictate on how the government is run is just too overbearing and against the separation of church and state......... But then again with the realignment of the plunderer and the church the people ought to know who are the real social villains here, hehehe.

As if this is not crazy enough we have Bishops who flew over the cuckoos nest este who stretch their argumentation to the hilt by saying that contraception is corruption. All because taxpayers money will be used to provide the contraceptives. 

If providing for contraceptives to prevent baby factories from making babies is considered corruption because of the use of taxpayers money, what is feeding the exponentially growing poor population and unwanted babies called?

Corruption is when someone pocketed the funds and thus adversely affected the integrity of the project. C'mon Mr. Bishops, you gays este guys can do better than that silly argumentation, LOL.......

Read Patricia Evangelista's article here....... 

Pass the RH BIll or eat ourselves to extinction?

While Philippine politicians of different persuasions indulge in a never ending debate whether to pass or junk the RH Bill LA Times came up with a very scary article on global population explosion.
It is understandable that people of different beliefs and persuasion will stood pat on what they deem to be right. In the end what counts is whether said stand helps the nation move forward towards a better society or one that was made even worse by their deluded decisions.

Prominent in the video section was that of retired archbishop Cruz a once active anti-Jueteng crusader who seems to have changed his priorities into the anti-RH Bill stance coming up with his pro-life version of population is the nation's wealth argument. Perhaps the good archbishop is overly optimistic, nothing wrong with that if what we need is to feel good but one must be grounded on the actual conditions and realities of the population explosion if we want humanity to survive in this ever changing world. Really scary, this is like saying if ever we get a buck for every child born out of the baby factories in the Manila alone we will all probably be wallowing in millions of pesos. I have no clue what drugs Mr. Cruz is taking right now but can he not see clearly that we are having problem of stunted malnourished children due to poverty and ignorance?

How can we treat our faster than rabbit like population explosion as our wealth when we see in the video a mother who wishes and prays to god that in case her children get sick and dying, to take them quickly and spare them the sufferings because she can't afford medical care? She can't even afford to regularly food food on their table what ore with hospitalization or simple medical needs?

Can we really be so foolishly optimistic in looking at the population is wealth half glass outlook when we have quite a number of children whose growth are stunted and malnourished? How can our population be our wealth when we know all along that malnutrition also affects children's brain development? True we sometimes need to have a brighter outlook amidst the squalor but one has to draw the line when it borders on delusion or plain lies.

We seem to be so fixated at denying realities that when the recent storm hit Manila hard it came with a sea load of trash dumped at the exclusive Manila Yacht Club turning it into mother nature's alternate dump site and surrounding areas. The sight as disgusting as it was is so surreal that took 500 people to clean and they can't even keep up with the enormous volume. A nasty reminder from mother earth nature not to use our open seas as our enormous dump site and was it because quite a huge sector of our population are not serviced by the city for their trash disposal? Signs that we are so overpopulated that we can't manage our trash disposal eventually polluting our surroundings even our seas?

Can we just stop the lies and call a spade a spade instead of virtual deception in the guise of optimism? As I watch the disgusting video coverage of the storm the onion skinned media willfully or was it naivete on their part when they encourage and contribute to the lies and deception? They know that they are lying when they call a mangangalkal (scavenger) to a mangangalakal (trader) which no matter or on what angle you look at it a scavenger is a scavenger. If we see scavengers getting excited at the disgusting tonloads of trash maybe it is about time we seriously consider passing the RH Bill and not be a burden to not just our own society but the world as well. Oh, in case the optimist still see population is wealth they may want to take a serious look at the exponential population explosion that will hit us like raging waves brought about by the storm and along with it mountains of trash.

Beyond 7 Billion, the worlds population and growing, until we figure out how to balance the exponential growth of the population against a dwindling natural resources we may end up eating ourselves to extinction.

On the surface if we look at China it appears that the myth that population is wealth seems to  be valid. While having a large population seems to help them it is not exactly utopian and their extremely huge population definitely affected the whole world in the fuel price hike unheard of before China became a consumer nation. Imagine if they did not embarked on a one-child policy would they have prospered or if they did can you imagine how past we can we deplete the world's fossil fuels? What about food production and our forest, the mineral resources, water, and electricity? Will we have enough to sustain our existence or are we heading towards self extinction?

95.5M Pinoys, 18.4% in poverty, with a median age of 22.2, and a fertility rate of 3.27%, guess how many babies are we expecting soon?

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