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Arroyo is the Most Corrupt!

According to the latest survey by Pulse Asia that Arroyo is the most corrupt earning the ire of Malacanang in what appeared to be another round of word war against a former opposition senator. Malacañang on warpath, tags Serge Osmeña shouts the Inq7 story by Christine Avendaño and Kate V. Pedroso over a survey result earning the Medalla de Oro awardee from the Universidad de Alcala in Spain the "most corrupt" leader in Philippine History as the one who commisioned the survey.

Below are the questions paid by Serge Osmeña according to Pulse Asia executive director Ana Maria Tabunda:

  1. “In your opinion, which President is the most corrupt in the history of the Philippines?”
  2. “In your opinion, under which administration has there been the most intense allegations of corruption?”
  3. “In your opinion, which President is the least corrupt or not corrupt in the history of the Philippines?”

Had I been asked to answer the survey I definitely will answer Gloria Arroyo on 1 and 2 but will have a hard time on question no.3 for obvious reasons that there is no single administration of the past had any good track record to speak of when it comes to fighting graft and corruption.

At the rate presidential spin master errr spokesman Bunye goes about with his twisted logic I will not be surprised if he ends up in the same category as MSS of Sadam's regime. Biased he says was the survey due to what he termed "recency effect" on the respondents easily recalling the incumbent than the past administrations. Well blow me down and slap me silly but don't you think if there was no string of scandals too long to list here during this incumbent's maladministration the respondents will have anything at all to recall?

Jumping on the warpath like commandoes to the rescue of the embattled Queen of Cebollas sin Lagrimas, VACC executive director Janette Gonzaga said the results “were unfair and not in accordance with our own "corruption criteria.”

Say what now? What may I ask is the VACC corruption criteria? Then it was followed by this statement:

“While it is true that the Arroyo administration has been hounded with corruption controversies, her being the most corrupt President is just a matter of perception. We are calling on responsible media not to rely so much on surveys which are being paid [for] by persons or political groups motivated by political interest,” she said.

Yikes, what in the name of twisted logic was that all about? Hounded by corruption controversies but it is just a matter of perception surely floored me and almost made me wept uncontrollably like landing in ton loads of chopped onions. FYI, it does not matter who pays for the survey as long as there is no scandals pointing in the incumbent's direction and ignoring and worse dismissing corruption allegations in millions if not billions of dollars on a whim without offering evidence or at the least credible explanation to counter the allegations.

Hmmmnnnn, if this is how a so called advocate against crime and corruption perceives scandals plaguing this administration then heaven help us and the victims they are helping.

Well how about taking the challenge of Serge Osmeña in urging Bunye to divulge the results of their regular monthly surveys of the palace and tell the Filipino people if their results are different.

Why not take the dare of Osmeña for the Palace to conduct a joint survey with the opposition on whether Filipinos believe Ms Arroyo to be a corrupt leader.

I say take the challenge and show the people the palace's regular monthly surveys and having a joint survey is not such a bad idea considering that both parties (opposition and administration) can choose the same NGO that would conduct the survey as expressed by Osmeña. Proved Osmeña wrong in his assumption that the results will be the same and further debunking his contention that the Filipinos don't just think of GMA as corrupt but thinks she is corrupt. Ouch, that's hurting the incumbents feelings, how dare Osmeña say that we think GMA is corrupt, that goes against the grain of VACC's "corruption criteria"............ seriously I think they should just do the Filipinos a huge favor and instead of spin and counter spin they should just get to work in cleaning up the mess of corruption instead of non-stop grandstanding that amounts to nothing while the corrupt officials and shady contractors laugh their way to the bank.

Speaking of perception which seems to be what these politicians and their rah rah boys and girls seems to concern themselves, Phil Central in it's report tittled RP Making Progress Against Corruption? (Ok, I intentionally altered it with a question mark which I felt it needed, lol) on a speech by Lady Cebollas GMA on the 100th anniversary of the Philippine Columbian Association wherein she said that in in a few years perception will be close to reality. Why wait a few years corruption has and always been a reality in the Philippines.... oh wait, I guess she meant the perception game they play in pretending they are eradicating whistleblowers errrr I meant corruption and finally get to actually rid the nation of the scourge. Yeah right like it will happen in Gloria's term or perhaps in my lifetime but then again I give ourselves the benefit of the doubt (not her mind you) that we will eventually stood our ground and in solidarity declare enough is enough and hold these scalawags accountable and responsible for their misdeeds.

Granted that the purpose of the survey was purely propaganda why then will they counter the same with propaganda instead of addressing the corruption scandal plaguing this administration? Oh wait, I guess they can't do that and shoot themselves in the foot...... should they honestly investigate and prosecute those crooked wheeling and dealing bureaucrats they might step on teir own toes and prosecute themselves, lol.

Here is an unsollicited advice to Bunye and palace rah rah boys and girls....... why not commission a survey on the opposition too and I am sure the people will see a parallelism on both. Just like the on and off De Bola and Lady Presidenta's lovey dovey kissing and making up in public while back stabbing each other behind their back it will be a good revelation for the people to see the kind of political leaders we have fighting over the spoils of an abused and exploited nation. Since you are all stuck in this pathetic perception game why not go all out so we can all cheat errr sit back and enjoy the circus freak show.


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