"In societies where Robbing Hoods are treated like a celebrity it is but natural to expect political parties to act like a Mafia syndicate" Political Jaywalker "In a nation where corruption is endemic people tend to confuse due process with aiding and abetting criminals" Political Jaywalker "War doesn't determine who is right, war determines who is left" Bertrand Russell "You have just one flash flood of money, you keep your people poor. It's like a time bomb and it's scary" Philippine Lawmaker

Golfing Buddies & ZTE scandalous deals

What’s wrong with ZTE execs as golf pals? Abalos as he "innocently" asked in the Malaya headline by Gerard Naval. A lot if you ask Representative Carlos Padilla, Jarius Bondoc and Black & White Movement in a deal that will cost the taxpaying Filipinos a whopping US$329Million.

It seems that the head honcho of the “math wizards” that invented a new formula defying even rocket scientist equations of our times with their dagdag (add) bawas (substract) is the subject of Jarius Bondoc’s ongoing series of articles one of which is the scandalous ZTE deal conceived in hotel 'sexcapades', Philippine Star as pointed out by the recent press release of Black & White Movement. Abalos disputes the allegations on Bondoc’s article and says the ZTE officials were just his "golfing buddies" that lavished each other with food….. Whaaaaat? Does he think he is with that diFATlicious errr divalicious Malu Fernandez that needs to be overfed to sustain the walking in-house lard factory?

The problem with this and other scandalous deals when it involves government people is lack of transparency, in this case no bidding was held because it was supposedly a government to government negotiation. Assuming it was so it does not mean that the negotiations should be shrouded in secrecy as if this involves a national security breach, they should be more transparent and open in cases such as this and one, especially if it involves hundreds of millions of dollars that the government does not have. In this case while Abalos took pain in telling a story a lie errr his side of the story and admitted ties with ZTE officials he did not answer an earlier querry (perhaps thinking it is just a minor inconsequential detail?) on who took care of the bill in his China trip. Geeez the Philippines really need to strengthen perjury laws if they want to straighten out and get the facts in dealing with people in high places, it appears that he is now admitting that ZTE paid for his China trip. Oh boy talk of the proverbial finding a neddle in a haystack........... which is just how it is in most of the scandalous government deals.

They just don’t get it they act as if they are saints uh huh yeah right we really can trust government officials especially the selected errr elected and appointed ones. Who are they kidding anyway no one trust a politician in the land of cheats especially when you see a guy named Joey Marquez a former basketball player turned politician gets convicted for overpricing a walis tingting (broom stick) of all things, que horror que Diva(lyena) de mala malu costing his former constituents P2.7Million. How blatant can this guy get? This is too much just like the overfed di na bale (never mind) that can’t control her urge to overstuff her mouth with food this guy buys 139,462 walis tingting (hard brooms) is just mind boggling.

The best thing about this broomstick former mayor is we see the Office of the Special Prosecutor doing a good job of pursuing a graft case brought about by the COA (Commission on Audit) findings on irregularities in the bidding process and the P462,708 overpricing. Kudos too the Sandiganbayan in handing out a 30-page decision convicting Marquez for 5 counts of graft earning him a 30 to 50 years jail time. Convicted along with the broom stick mayor turned comedian actor are former city treasurer Silvestre S. de Leon, former general services office OIC Ofelia C. Caunan and former city accountant Marilou C. Tanael for causing undue injury to the government when they authorized the purchase of broomsticks between January 1996 to September 1997. We can’t get ecstatic over this as yet, not yet anyway as they were told to post P150,000 additional cash bonds each aside from the P90,000 bail for their temporary liberty pending an appeal. We can only cross our fingers that the higher court will uphold the decision of Sandiganbayan and let these convicted officials rot in jail…. that is so long as they don’t get the very famous presidential pardon given away like candy to friends of the present dispensatong errr dispensation. Looking at what the Broomstick mayor has to say after the conviction makes me leery which I quote:
"We’re a long way off from jail. This is part of the risk of being a public servant"
Geez, what does that mean exactly anyway? Does it mean that it is normal for a public servant to get charge with corruption and get convicted as standard operating procedure among "honest" ever so clean armed with broom sticks fooliticians?

What has this puny transaction and inconsequential broomstick thing have in common with the ZTE hundreds of million dollar deal? They both did not go through public bidding, overpriced acquisition of convicted mayor of broom stick Marquez while ZTE’s US$329 compared to other proposal will cost the government more.

Now do I really have to stop this fat jokes on the DiFATlicious errr Divalicious and Manolo Quezon quoted this political Jaywalker as saying enough of fat jokes which is really not accurate. On the contrary I can’t get enough of the fat jokes on Malu Fernandez, because I do believe in karma…… you reap what you sow. Do I have a problem with fat people? Definitely not, but I have a problem with a thinking rich thinking ilit (foreclosed) errrr elite pretentious wanna be economy class riding passenger wanting to be treated like the queen of fat errr Sheeba as if her “exclusive space” is getting invaded by lowly mortals that happens to be the migrant workers.

My unsolicited advice to those who think that bloggers and those in the online community's "violent" reactions as just another form of lynch mob and as guilty of the same prejudice and bigotry as the DiFATlicious.... let it go. This is an exercise in OFW empowerment and sending a strong message that you can't belittle and insult a sector that plays a major role in the sinking economy without repercussions. Today we shave the fat errrr deal with elitist sick mindset..... next in the "agenda" is learning to work together and unravel the "mystery" of strategic alliance.... it can be done as long as we recognize the power of solidarity. Just remember this.... the world does not revolve around you and instead of pointing out what's wrong with "them" (which is basically us) for a change lets focus on what needs to be done to empower the Overseas Filipinos Worldwide as a major organized political and economic force working for the common good.

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A praise undeserved is slander in disguise

Guest Editorial
Movement for a Free Philippines

When I read Conrado Dequiroz's article on The PDI dated August 28, 2007 entitled, "The pen is ( still) mightier than the sword", I could not help but give also my own comment on what he read but coming from another drift.

Mr. De Quiroz said he was prompted to make that article after reading a sign that was set up by soldiers during a wake at Fort Bonifacio held for 13 of their fallen comrades, who were killed in an encounter with the Abu Sayyaf in Basilan. The sign was apparently a tribute to the dead soldiers.

The sign reads:

"It's the soldier -- not the reporter -- who has given us the freedom of the press. It's the soldier -- not the poet -- who has given us the freedom of speech. It's the soldier -- not the politician -- who ensures that we live freely and peacefully. It's the soldier who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin is eventually draped by the flag."

The sacredness of an heroic act is borne by its hallowed intention. To add or detract something from that intention to make it more heroic is an undeserved praise that invites nothing but contempt as it soils the memory of the altruistic deed. Thus, when we ascribed an erroneous intention to men in uniform for having given their full measure in the line of duty is to stain the nobility of their death with calumny.


There are so many men and women, ordinary as well as not so ordinary people, who were not in uniform but, despite which, also gave their lives for that flag. And there are many more Filipinos, from all circumstances, who , as it was before them, are more than willing to put their lives and limbs in harms way if only to see that flag, WAVE FREELY FROM A STRAIGHT POLE, FOR ALL OF US TO ENJOY AND SEE FOREVER MORE.

Yes, we owe our freedom to all of them, both living and dead; with uniform or not; known or unknown; still missing or otherwise, buried in flag-draped coffins and with full military honors or in some unmarked, lonely graves in mountain sides or some distant farms; who believed that it is a God-given right of every Filipino to live like a human being, with justice and in liberty, under a government of the people, for the people and by the people; and, who, one way or another, HAVE SHOWN THEIR WILLINGNESS to give their all for that sacred belief.

To say that we owe our freedom ONLY to our gallant soldiers, including those who died in the line of duty, is not only to detract something very meaningful about their gallantry in life and the nobility of their death but to render naught the sacrifices of all those, both living and dead, and in uniform or otherwise, who sacrificed everything, that we may enjoy the freedom that we are enjoying now. It is precisely because their acts of gallantry in life and in death were done in the name of freedom that we are enjoined to be contemptuous of any untruthfulness as to their heroic intentions, more so if it is undeserving. For in this particular case, an undeserved praise is nothing more than a slander in disguise of the true meaning of freedom and as well as of the hallowed memory of all those who purchased it with their intractable sacrifices and lives.

Ana "The Hurricane" Julaton Turns Pro!

Angelo the handler of our very own Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton brings to us the latest news on Ana.

Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton pronounced (Hoo-la-ten) fresh off the silver medal victory in the US Championships held in Colorado Spings, Colorado last June of 2007 currently ranked #2 Female Boxer in the US is turning professional.

Ana Julaton’s decision to turn pro was due to a disappointing absence of a female boxing division to be held in the Beijing Olympics (the only sport in the Olympics to not have a female division). True to her calling of bringing positive attention to the sport of female boxing and pride to the Filipino community (unlike that self-proclaimed “DIVA” Malu Fernandez who belittles her own people for her delusional self importance and above everyone else sick mindset) using her popularity and boxing skills towards positive projection of the sports by turning professional.

After defending the Diamond Belt & SF Golden Gloves title news media dubbed her the female amateur boxing version of Danika Patrick, some have said Ana can bring mainstream popularity to the sport like Kournakova. Philippine media has called her the "Philippine Queen of Women's Boxing" & "A national Treasure ".

What better way to get both her feet wet in the sports of female boxing by having Freddie Roach the Coaching King of Philippine boxing no less to be on her corner comes 6th of October in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas for the Pacquiao vs. Barrera rematch.

Her Pro Debut is Promoted by Golden Boy Promotions of Oscar “Golden Boy” de la Hoya billed to be one of the biggest fights of the year. The pride and honor transcend not just the Bay Area where she hails but the Filipinos worldwide as well to be an under card of an HBO PPV fight. Here are some interviews she's done recently:

Ana's most recent accomplishments include: 2006 SF Golden Gloves Champion, California State Champion, Diamond Belt Champion, 2007 SF Championships Gold Medalist, US Championships Silver Medalist, currently ranked #2 in the USA. She was also on the cover of "Filipinas" & "PrimmerRound" magazine.
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Malu Fernandez on Technorati WTF

Thanks to ederic at ederic.tinig for his submission of a blurb on Malu Fernandez at Tecnorati WTF (no it’s not what you think, it means Where’s The Fire) here you can send and even vote (highly recommended) for the article

While some people are willing to forgive and forget or even going to the extent of trying desperately to veer the attention to themselves others are not as forgiving. Rightly so, with the insults reaped on the 10% of the population contributing 15% to the nations GNP wandering the four corners of the world such bigotry and outright belittling of a sector that props up a sinking economy time and again is uncalled for and outright cruel.

Let’s examine closely what this apology is all about if it indeed came from the ingrate overfed plus size “fashionista”, to which I quote here as found on geocities:

Statement from Malu Fernandez on the OFW Controversy

I am humbled by the vehement and heated response provoked by my article entitled 'From Boracay to Greece!' which came out in the June 2007 issue of People Asia. To say that this article was not meant to malign, hurt or express prejudice against the OFWs now sounds hollow after reading through all the blogs from Filipinos all over the world. I am deeply apologetic for my insensitivity and the offensive manner in which this article was written, I hear you all and I am properly rebuked. It was truly not my intention to malign hurt or express prejudice against OFWs.

Really……… that’s a 360 degree turnaround from the previous response she had when there were just a few bloggers wanting to slaughter the pig errr giving her a dose of her own medicine.

As the recent recipient and target of death threats, hate blogs, and deeply personal insults, I now truly understand the insidiousness of discrimination and prejudice disguised as humor. Our society is bound together by human chains of kindness and decency. I have failed to observe this and I am now reaping the consequences of my actions. It is my fervent hope that the lessons that Ive learned are not lost on all those who through anonymous blogs, engaged in bigotry, discrimination, and hatred (against overweight individuals, for example)

I take full responsibility for my actions and my friends and family have nothing to do with this. To date I have submitted my resignation letters to both the Manila Standard and People Asia, on that note may this matter be laid to rest.

Death threat? Are you kidding me? Why would someone go to the extent of criminal behavior just to get back at the women with weight problem is beyond me. Well when it comes to hate I must admit that there were plenty out there but death threat is a stretch and she is once again imagining things like her “divalicious” description of herself tantamount to delusional bouts typical of one living in her own world concocted by a sick imaginative mind.

So now she is desperately turning the tables on the bloggers that she allege are engaged in the same bigotry, discrimination, and hatred (against overweight individuals, for example) and trying to appear as the “victim” is truly pathetic. Ayayayay, Ms. Malu Fernandez I don’t think people are showing bigotry and discrimination they are just (this Political Jaywalker included) pointing out the obvious………. a trying hard “fashionista” with weight problems.

Life is too short to waste our energy on anger and hating this cheap “diva”, I can forgive but never will I forget and instead of getting angry I have made it a point to get even. Do I hate or am I a bigoted prejudicial person? That is not for me to say....... all I can say is this woman has a weight problem and I don't think that qualifies as a bigoted or prejudicial statement, after all one must strive to be fit and watch one's weight to be healthy and for longetivity.

If the rumor errr reports are true that she owns a plus size "fashion" store for overweight people then that again is a disgusting cheap promotional effort disguised as an apology that really shows the kind of person she is.......... a cheap opportunist trying desperately to attract attention to herself......... and then there is this blog entry Short-lived Victory from Clear Blogs on Manila SubSATANdard with their Aug. 27th issue coming up with an ad on the return of the "Divalicious" truly adds insult to injury.

Update 8/29/07:

Ajay's of Writings on the wall..... has an entry titled: It's Official: The Divatrocious returns, had this to say regarding Malu Fernandez and the stand of Manila SubSATANdard:

An insider said: “while Malu Fernandez indeed has submitted her resignation, her resignation has not been accepted by higher management, hence we will continue publishing her column.”

There it is...... let us see if on Monday 3rd of Sept. they will really publish her witless insulting column......... I am eagerly waiting....... let them self destruct, it's a "free" country anyway and in the land of cheats anything and everything is possible.

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SEBO SPA Image spoof courtesy of:
ineyeik located in chef in hell’s kitchen of Pacland Forum

Move On or Bring It On?

Malu Fernandez apologized is it time to move on or bring it on? One of those blogs that's asking the same question is Rico of Bayanihan Blog and I quote:

Which means the discussion has become pointless, and that’s why I’m closing the comments on the original post. It’s time for the expression to stop and the action to begin. If you are really serious over your scorn for Malu Fernandez and her infamous People Asia article, then take Nick’s advice and take a more active role. Write the editors of The Manila Standard and People Asia and ask for her dismissal, resignation, or her apology. If that’s what you really want.

If not, it’s time to move on.

That is one of the steps one can take if indeed we are offended and take her insults in complicity with her publisher and editors then by all means bring it on.

Is the Malu Fernandez circus over or is this the start of something significant looming over the bloggers horizon? While there are some feeling superior Malu Fernandez derivatives (thinking & feeling elitist with their subconscious Malu mentality showing in their blogs) sees the outrage as a “mob” like reaction some see this phenomenon in a better light and recognition of the greatness of Filipinos in particular. I find Yan2’s take on Malu’s apology very refreshing to which I quote:

In the course of this controversy, we have all learned a valuable lesson. We, Filipinos, when attacked, are capable of fighting as one against a common enemy (no matter how insignificant). I am really impressed at the passion and energy invested in this campaign.

I can only hope that we can channel this same intensity into fighting the more pressing issues plaguing our country.

I hear you Yan2 there are more pressing issues suchs as this one raised by caffeine sparks that needs our attention but this is not to lessen the importance of the Malu Fernandez brouhaha because no matter how we look at it she has unwittingly and crudely highlighted the class antagonism and diametrically opposed interest of the rich and poor. A crude lesson in Marxist class struggle in her shallowness has become the unwilling target of mockery and derision while at the same time gave us a reason to reflect on the very core of the issues affecting Overseas Filipinos.

Yes there are more pressing issues that needs to be addressed and one that comes to mind is human trafficking that comes in many forms as shown in this article Migrante wants RP consul fired for alleged OFW trafficking. A case that involves the mother in law of San Francisco Consul Anthony Mandap pleading guilty of exploiting Arlene Gado, 23 by paying her a fraction of what she was promised and forbidding her from leaving the house without her employers.

Arlene Gado was originally brought to the US by the said consul to work as their nanny for US$8.00/hr and overtime pay of US$12.00/hr. but instead was flown to New Jersey to work for Angelita and Norberto Reyes of West Windsor - a suburban community bordering Princeton in central New Jersey. Mandap’s wife Maryann flew to New Jersey with Gado and told not to leave her parents residence without any of her relatives accompanying her or she will be arrested. Her passport was also taken away from Gado a scenario so common with exploited overseas Filipino workers. If our very own consular officials resort to this low down tactic of servitude is it any wonder why our government allows foreign employers to hold on to our compatriots passport? Do they exhibit the same Malu Fernandez mindset of nothing but contempt against our very own people that are now the new emerging middle class in a society that has been marginalized and impoverished by poverty due to government corruption and mismanagement?

How do we approach this problem and lack of respect or rather disrespect on a sector that has time and again prevented the sinking economy from collapsing? We need to realize that respect is earned and it cannot be demanded especially from people with false sense of superiority whose pre-occupation in life is to belittle and exploit their own people.

There is a need for an organized approach and there is a group of Overseas Filipinos forming a political party specifically to represent and empower the sector. They are called Partido ng Pangdaigdigang Pilipino (Party of Filipinos Worldwide) a small group of community leaders who wants to take action and level the political playing field, here is a short description which I quote from their yahoogroup site:

To love and serve the Filipino people with the highest degree of dignity and excellence by abiding strictly to the tenets of accountability, transparency, integrity, and credibility; and by seeking Divine Guidance in our manners and ethics.

The OFW Party will be recognized worldwide as having a tradition of excellence in governance. It will be the Party of choice by all those who believe in the teachings, ideals, and principles of our forefathers and national heroes.

This Political Jaywalker believes that Overseas Filipinos will have to assert themselves in order not just to be recognized but their voices heard in how the nation is run. I believe that the leadership should come from the ranks of Migrant Contract Workers contrary to what others believe that the leadeship will come from the West composed of Filipino Americans or Canadians. For one the contract workers will be back to the Philippines and as such they are more "connected" to the Philippines than their counterparts in the west.

Malu Fernandez & the Overseas Filipinos Worldwide (OFW)

No, the title is not a typo... OFW stands for Overseas Filipinos Worldwide coined by cyber activist/advocates in an unprecedented campaign that culminated in the passing of the AVL (absentee voting law). The new emerging middle class that some unknown callousness errr columnist of Manila subStandard belittles in her delusional need for self validation that she is above this "lowly" class of Overseas Filipinos. Unlike this overfed trying hard Malu Fernandez whose definition of privilege and entitlement is shoving her kind errr food in her filthy glutton of a mouth, the OFWs are smashing the stereotype of "class segregation" in a nation run by a few ruling minority elites like a fiefdom. In this day and age ignorant people such as Malu Fernandez and her kind never cease to amaze me, what she did not realize is she has insulted not just Filipino migrant workers but the whole sector of Overseas Filipinos Worldwide who can identify with each other regardless of social standing.

Just when things are going great seeing bloggers from all walks of life starting what could have been the biggest exercise in strategic alliance as envisioned by Jose Ma. Montelibano the unthinkable happened...…. The fat lady is singing but the choir is not so this thing is far from over. We have yet to hear the editor and publisher of The Manila (sub)Standard and the People Asia Magazine for their complicity in this arrogant despicable prejudice against our OFWs. It appears that she has finally landed back to earth like an alcoholic whose short lived high is now grappling with hangover and finally realized that her moronic prejudicial mindset will bring down not just herserlf but her politician relatives as well. There are unconfirmed reports that she is the sister of Vicky Zubiri the mother of UNBEDOLABLE (unbelievable) tailender winner Miguel "Migz" Zubiri having himself seated comfortably in the senate may be the subject of scrutiny from the people.

The phenomenal reaction to this lard manufacturer in the person of a self proclaimed Diva named Malu Fernandez has unwittingly galvanized Filipino’s from all walks of life. She has angered quite a number of bloggers with her propensity to scratch the surface thinking everything is an itch just like her lard oozing pig like skin has people wanting her roasted in a stake like her distant relative.

Her insensitive lame attempt at humor generated so much animosity and rightly so with her larder errr larger than life goof up has made her the fatest errr biggest subject of contempt. Can we blame our people especially the OFWs from being offended? Are they over reacting? I dare say not because if we look at the hell hole some of our OFWs found themselves in just like “Melissa’s” in this article Filipina OFW being Kept as Sex Slave a post in reaction to Jon Mariano of OFW Living in Hong Kong taken from an ABS-CBN News. The sad part is this is not an isolated case according to Maita Gomez of Migrante quoted as saying that they have received numerous report on cases of sexual slavery/exploitation. E Akino of Kabayan Junction then followed it up with a post in reaction to the fate of “Melissa” titled Show The Power Of United Filipino, while Nina Bumanlag of Underside in her entry of The People We Export in her reaction to the plight of OFWS.

No one said that life is fair but sometimes something good amidst some disconcerting news do come out that makes us feel good. Take the case of Lanie Ejercito a nursing student from Cebu together with 15 others are victimized by peddlers of human misery otherwise known as recruiters fed to the sharks and perverted human traffickers. Through some scheming debt bondage scam forced their victims to a life of sexual slavery. Life is hard and for many young promising Filipinos the lure of earning the mighty dollar in a foreign soil is one opportunity they just can’t resist.

False pretense and the promise of an entertainment career in Malaysia, they were tricked into a country that has a low score or bad refutation in human trafficking. Once they have reached their destination are tricked and forced into debt bondage by mobsters operators of sex den in collusion with corrupt law enforcement agencies. Initially the mobsters demanded US $1,200 for Lanie's release that went skyrocket high to an unbelievable amount of US $60,000 once they have reached or about to "finalize" the "negotiation.

Unlike some of the hapless victims of this kind of sick scheme Lanie had an aunt who cares enough. Married to one of the finest gentleman a former marine named Troop Edwards of Portland, Oregon.

Troops Edwards of Portland, Oregon upon receiving a distress call from Lanie was given the marching order by his wife…… rescue Lanie and never return home without her. Together with long time buddy Jerry Howe former FBI agent who was with the Patty Hearst Rescue team set out to venture into the unknown. An improbable rescue mission and undaunted the duo came up with improvised plan despite the distance of 8,000 miles away from home never wavered with their determination.

First stop Cebu where Lanie’s family resides and luckily through coincidence the peddler of human misery a defiant woman recruiter named Rachel just got back from Malaysia. The video shows Rachel the peddler of human misery in a human trafficking scam through their bait and switch tactics forcing their recruits into prostitution in their despicable debt bondage scheme.

Seeking help in Penang, Malaysia a not so friendly territory especially Caucasians Troop Edwards and Jerry Howe was warned by Cebu Police to be extra careful. It would have been enough for the weak of heart to get discouraged at that point but the 2 men is not about to let anything stand in their way with their mission.

Kenny Kang the mobster predatory pimp operator of the sexual slavery den in Malaysia together with a gynecologist partner in “business” (I say crime is more apt) named Ng Kok Kwang is seen on this video. Career criminal indeed treating the police investigation as a minor inconvenience having “good” rapport with local jerks errr police that are either dumb or in cahoots taking the victim’s statement with the victimizer in the same room. Heck what are these moronic investigators thinking? Do they expect the victim to tell of her harrowing experience when the perpetrators is right beside her who nay have been dictating on the victim what to say?

All is well that ends well wherein Lanie and the rest of the victims were rescued through the gallant effort of this 2 fine older gentleman never having any illusions of grandeur even jokingly referred by MSNBC as the Walther Mathau and Jack Lemmon duo but the bottom line is they got the job done. Unfortunately there are more cases with a not so happy ending as Lanie's and her group, unlike them they have no one to turn to but the bureaucrats that are not exactly symphatetic or may even have the same Malu fernandez sentiments. In contrast what we see are seeing are sound bytes of Filipino Politicians puffing and huffing siginifying nothing but empty twisted PR media spin to make them appear like conquering heroes. Like foolish dogs chasing after their tail while some consulate people focused on working for a "settlement" and shielding the misery of the OFWs away from the press.

...................... and who was that who said that she did not find it amusing to see bloggers hitting the fat factory below the belt? I am sorry but enough of this delusional I am better than the rest of you therefore I am the privilege one who can judge these "lowly" bloggers. Excuse me but this time I am looking at the glass half full (I can't imagine myself saying that but I did, lol) wherein we see bloggers bonding together in solidarity voicing their opinions on this particular subject setting aside at least for the moment looking beyond the horizon away from their little own world known as the "I" world.

SEBO SPA Image spoof courtesy of:

Official statement of the Movement of the Free Philippines

The deployment of the military in civilian areas of metro manila should stop immediately.

This development should not be tolerated any minute longer by civilian authorities.

By any language or spin as you may call it this is de facto military rule in metro manila.

We demand that this deployment be ended immediately.

The urban areas of metro manila has not become a battleground to warrant such a deployment of the army as is being done now.

Civil organizations and local governments should immediately enjoin the Supreme Court to declare such military deployment as violative of the spirit of the constitution which enshrines the supremacy of civilian authority over the military and to stop the chief executive from deploying elements of the army in purely civilian areas.

The Movement for a Free Philippines will exert all effort both within the Philippines and Internationally to peacefully end this insult to this sacred Constutional provision.

Our call is simple.

To the Military leadership we tell you - if you think you control the chief executive who in her impotence could not order you to go back to the barracks... then do so on your own while you have not yet tried the patience of the nation to its limits.

Go back to the barracks or risk the provocation of a civil war!

for the MFP

Gil R. Ramos
Executive Director
Movement for a Free Philippines

Ninoy Aquino's Martyrdom

As Filipinos commemorate the assassination of a martyred Ninoy Aquino this 21st of August Narvasa would like us to “move on“ with a statement plastered in an Inquirer headline by Juliet Labog-Javellana: We should close book on Ninoy Aquino’s murder. No this is not a good way to commemorate Ninoy Aquino's martyrdom, whose death galvanized the people that toppled the conjugal dictatorship in a peaceful uprising of people in its quest for freedom.

Andres Narvasa is the former Supreme Court Justice and a member of the Agrava Fact Finding Commission tasked by then dictator errrr cheating President (like the present one) Marcos to investigate the assassination of Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino. “They have suffered enough” Narvasa was quoted referring to the convicted soldiers responsible for the cold blooded murder of Ninoy Aquino. This closure he said should be made even if the mastermind of the murder remained unknown. The soldiers have been in jail for 10 years and he felt it was enough punishment, I am sorry Justice Narvasa but people committing lesser crime than these soldiers have been in jail longer. This is not about vengeance but justice. Pardon for these criminal soldiers sends a wrong signal to the murderous men in uniform that one gets away with murder much less with someone with Ninoy Aquino’s stature what happens to small time activist being gunned down and kidnapped with impunity?

As if to make matters worse we see Enrile joining the chorus in this inquirer article by Veronica Uy; Enrile seeks clemency for soldiers in Aquino slay.

While Enrile pointed out the obvious that the case should not be closed if there are new evidence and procedure for doing so, which is how this should be treated. Unfortunately having jumped into the side of the cheating errr seating president he wanted the executive department to exercise its power of clemency regarding the 14 convicted soldiers. I should say that these convicts will definitely take that as a manna from “heaven”. Looking at the executive department’s record on clemency as in the pedophile rapist Jalosjos……. You know exactly what happened there and leaving it in their hands would mean end of story and the masterminds and all those high up in the totem pole are laughing with contempt on the gullibility of the people.

How sad that with their failure to uncover the mastermind of the cold blooded murder some people would rather have a "closure". It just shows the weakness of the people at the helm and if they can't render justice to a hero what are the chances that mortals like you and me should we suffer or get victimized especially with those men in uniform?

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Blogging to END ABUSE

Blog Catalog is on to something big again and I support this bridging of the cyber world towards the real world making each one conscientious regarding our surroundings.

Blog Catalog for those who are not aware is a social networking site for bloggers and come 27th of September 2007 as a blogger you can join this initiative and a challenge to be socially relevant by posting an entry AGAINST ABUSE. You decide which abuse you want stop, Darfur Genocide, Migrant Abuse, Elder Abuse, Animal Abuse or whatever form of abuse you want to end. Be heard and join this challenge, meanwhile you can start blogging on this topic to build a momentum and hopefully reached a critical mass that may eventually make this world a better place to live.

Tony of site pro plus posted an entry at blogcatalog titled You Can Be a Part of Blogging History and looking at the response this will be a huge event.

NINE of CellRater Blog came up with logo design to unite bloggers against abuse, there are a couple to choose from that can be found here and must be link to this entry
BlogCatalog Challenges You To Blog Against Abuse.

Bloggers Unite

Bloggers Unite

Il Fannullone also created some logo and buttons that can be found here, there are now quite a number to choose from:

Bloggers against abuse

Bloggers against abuse

In the meantime here is what you can do as suggested by site pro plus:

* Spread the word among all the bloggers you know. Perhaps even give them a link to this Discussion.

* If you are a graphic's designer, perhaps you can come up with some small badges announcing the event, that we can then place on our blogs. To share the badge, place it on this thread.

* List any organizations, on this thread, who are involved in putting an end to abuse.

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You get to use your blog for an important cause.

You get to create blogging history.

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Blog post Compilation on Malu Fernandez

The long list of blog entry on Malu Fernandez has exceeded 1K+ as of 9/1/07. The new entries has to be compiled separately as the 800+ listed on blog entry "More on The Diva or was it Di Na Bale (Never Mind) Malu Fernandez" is slowing the loading time tremendously:

The PinoyPress Top 10: Great quotes from Malu...
What Is the Big Deal? ( A Commentary on Malu...
Now what?
Annoying Malu Fernandez & equally annoyed...
My List of The Top 10 Most Annoying People On...
Malu who?
The Divalicious Returned, alright
Article by Malu Fernandez on OFWs Smelling of...
just simply biatch!
Statement from Malu Fernandez on the OFW...
Malu Fernandez resumes writing
Malu (Hu?) x 2
Media in Focus: Mobs Rule August 30, 2007
Ousted journalist Malu Fernandez resumes...
Another Filipino columnist who knows nothing...
Malu Fernandez comeback article ”Unseen evil o...
Ousted journalist Malu Fernandez resumes writing...
Annoying Malu Fernandez & equally annoyed Blog
On Blog Comments and Instant Angst Release
Guess who's back
beached whale bitch malu fernandez
Pinoy Blogosphere Weekend Recap (09/02/07)
Self Proclaimed Diva
Discovery Shores Boracay = World Class Service
What’s Up at the BBN
Pride and Prejudice
"from boracay to greece." by Malu Fernandez
Tha Malu Fernandez debacle
Sinigang na Malu Baboy Fernandez
Malu Fernandez Controversy in Media in Focus @...
Lifestyles of the Nouveau Riche and Infamous
commentary on current events
Malu Fernandez Controversy in Media in Focus

Confessions Of A Marketing Addict
But I digress
The second coming of Malu Fernandez ?
Recurrences in Online Sexual Journals
kasumpak sumpak!
A Trivial Week (for me)
How Not to Market Online
Random stuff: Everywhere like such as Malu...
Exploring An Alternate Universe: What Makes...
rules of engagement
a tale of two hens
“Divalicious” Making A Comeback
An Open Letter to Malu Fernandez written by...
no excuses for malu's editors
Delayed Reaction
From Boracay to Greece Malu Fernandez
In the Name of Bigotry
Eat the rich aerosmith
The Divalicious will resume next Monday
Closing The Chapter On The Malu Fernandez Issue,...
malu fernandez and the OFWs
Blog: My Sari Sari Store
the simple truth
The Divalicious will resume next Monday
The Divalicious will resume next Monday
Waxing nostalgic and blogging the boob tube
Pinoy Evil Blog Awards Polls Now Open
My Blog, My Rules. So...
It’s not the end for Malu Fernandez
Before Willie, there was Malu
Malu Fernandez OFW na? (Out Flying Where)
Litsunin ang manlalait ng OFW!! Workers of the...
England Plane Ticket. Dan Mayfield Tells You...
I hate to say I told you so
Not Only Piggy Banks are Huge and Hollow
Malu Antoinette
Malu Fernandez: The most hated Pinay
the PRESS gets its groove back
A Smelly “Turn Off” Events
Malu Fernandez
EEEEW!!! THIRD WORLD TV vs Victoria's Secret...
Malu Fernandez Scandal on TV Patrol World
Malu Fernandez: Manila Standard today, Bigotry...
The Malu Fernandez issue.
Blog Round Up and Ratified now accepts sponsors
Who is Malu Fernandez?
Malu Fernandez
Who the Hell is Malu Fernandez?! or better yet,...
paris hilton calling malu fernandez
Malu Fernandez
On Malu Fernandez
News Flash ! ! ! Malu Fernandez Says Sorry (and...
The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Malu Fernandez, vanishing air miles, Guild Wars...
Malu Fernandez resigns
Ano ba ang gusto nilang palabasin?
Diva My Ass
Father Grevy,Voltaire and Malu Fernandez
OFWs as perceived by Malu Fernandez
Social responsibility and the interbutt
Malu Fernandez Issue...OK, Guys...Comments......
A small tongue do kill; in fact, it can also be...
Witlessly Woeful
Idiotic Depths
Malu Fernandez is back?
Malu Fernandez...OK, Guys...Comments... =)
The Article of Malu Fernandez that Causes...
And you were expecting what? An award?
And you were expecting what?
The Self Proclaimed Elitist MALU FERNANDEZ of...
Malu Fernandez will be back in the pen
the PRESS gets its groove back
Malu Fernandez: Wit or No Wit?
Letter to Malu Fernandez
It's Really Simple, Stupid!! (Or RSS For...
Being in Malu’s Squatty, Well manicured Toes
The Post Mortem: Media In Focus
boycott Manila Standard Today
Ganun na nga lang ba yun Malu Fernandez?
politically correct
Malu Fernandez is back (Was she ever away?)
Lessons Learned From Malu Fernandez
Malu Fernandez is back.
channel surfing
my emergency
Good News, Bad News
The Results of the Malu Fernandez Experiment are...
Malu Fernandez Resigns
Malu Fernandez flies economy class...
To Every Action There is an Equal and Opposite...
malu fernandez
OFW's Around the World Deserve a Public Apology
My 2 Cents worth...
Insulting Article about OFWs from People Asia
Power at Your Fingertips
Only Manila Standard Can Decide The Fate of This...
Malu Fernandez, Who is Protecting You?
Malu Fernandez: “Divalicious will resume next M...
Malu Fernandez article in People Asia
Boycott Manila Standard Today and People Asia
sakay na!
you'd feel the same way too...
Gag me with a spoon
Here's to Malu Fernandez never writing again!
The Game Plan For Tomorrow
Malu Fernandez resigns
Babe Romualdez Issues A Statement Regarding Malu...
It’s official: The Divatrocious returns
Malu Fernandez is Back
"Mahaderang Matapobre" against OFW
On the Malu Fernandez Issue
This Just In
From Boracay to Greece to the Doghouse
From Boracay to Greece to the Doghouse
Malu Fernandez’s Controversy
Don’t Be Malu Fernandez
Malu Fernandez: Hate ugly Filipinos
A Short Comment on the Malu Fernandez Bruhaha
seves you right, ms malu fernandez....
A Confession ...
The Malu Fernandez brouhaha
Casting Stones
The Divalicious will resume next Monday
The Malu Fernandez Controversy: In...
August 28
Malu Fernandez Refuses to Fade into Oblivion
Malu Fernandez In Hot Seat!
Malu who?!
Malu who?!
The Blog Lynching of Malu Fernandez
Malu Fernandez is...
Ana "The Hurricane" Julaton Turns Pro!
pagsasara sa isyung Malu Fernandez
One of Malu Fernandez's offensive article
Malu Fernandez vs. The Filipino OFW Community:...
People Asia Magazine and Vicki Fernandez Zubiri
OFWs need a public apology
Another OFW Controversy
How to make her accountable
Past the Rubicon to Rephidim
The most hated pinay
Lifestyle writer who wrote against the OFW's
Blogging ethics, cyber meatspace wars, and moral...
Malu Fernandez Returns?
How to make her accountable
Malu Fernandez Returns? What Happened to the...
Is the Curtain of Political Correctness...
Malu Fernandez Says Sorry
Malu returns to the Manila Standard Today?
Malu's back?
The Malu Fernandez OFW controversy by Babe...
Malu Fernandez’ Demise and the Rise of F...
The Malu Fernandez OFW controversy/ From the...
Blaming Is Our Business… And Business Is G...
random rains
Blogging Responsibly
The Malu Fernandez OFW controversy: According to...
Thank you to our OFWs
An Article of Malu Fernandez
Carlos Celdran on the Malu Fernandez issue
When shit hits the fan
The most hated pinay
Carlos Celdran's view on the whole Malu...
To use the phrase loosely, "quod scripsi...
Malu Fernandez
Kalaliman ng kababawan at kabaliwan
Wild Ideas by Free : Ideas Innovations ...
Washing of Hands Using Business Section
just one more for laughs before the topic is...

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