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Bitter Spiteful Opponents of Good Governance

The latest scandalous and shameless attacks on Pampanga’s Gov. Ed Panlilio and his supporters are plain and simple bitter spiteful opponents of good governance based on unpalatable concoction of story telling a lie unbelievably landing in the “news”. SunStar Pampanga came out with a “report” on a “caller” that supposedly threatens to blow up Pampanga's Best factory, by Marna H. Dagumboy in one of the latest unbelievable if not laughable “story” in a desperate attempt to destroy the credibility of Pampanga’s most honest man alive, Among Ed Panlilio.

Pampanga’s Best is owned by Lolita Hizon a former supporter turned bitter spiteful opponent of Governor Ed Panlilio, supposedly the subject of ”threats” and text messages for her “role” in the recall rumors being waged against Panlilio. I do not and will not categorically state that it was part of a demolition job; I leave that up to you by quoting the “report” and you can deduce why she became Among Ed’s opponent which is more of spitefulness or grudge if there is basis to the text:

The text message reads: "Lolita Hizon, the owner of Pampanga's Best and former supporter of Among Ed is financing the move to have him recalled as governor of Pampanga because her barangay captain son was penalized P100,000 for hauling lahar illegally. Let's teach this wicked lady a lesson. Please stop buying Pampanga's Best product and patronize other Pampanga products that support good governance. Please pass to your friends nationwide. Thanks."

Clearly this implies that this big time supporter turned bitter enemy after her son gets penalized for hauling lahar illegally, so what has this got to do with the unbelievable “news” telling a story a lie on the "bombing threat"? What are these people and Dagumboy trying to imply here, that supporters of good governance composed mostly of PPRCV people mostly priest, former seminarians, religious lay leaders and charitable organizations like Gawad kalinga are a bunch of “terrorist” intimidating a poor helpless woman? Are we supposed to take this hook line and sinker that Lolita Hizon is a “martyr” in the making intimidated and “terrorized” by religious people? Yeah right, excuse me while I throw up……… I am sorry but I am not amused or entertained by this web of unpalatable story not even worthy of filmdom’s corny movie like Banana Heart star Mark Lapid’s.

We don’t need a text message to boycott her products because if the reports were true regarding her son operating without a license then it’s the impunity and shameless display of arrogance of a hypocrite. One with perverse sense of values who thinks she is so special above the law that is the point of contention here. If this is the hypocritical character of a business owner then it follows that we cannot trust the quality of her products. And that alone if you are a discerning consumer is enough to compel consumers from patronizing her products. If the business owner resorts to short cuts and shamelessly breaks the law having the gall to smear those who impose the laws equally without favor in the interest of good governance for the sake of their constituents, what kind of products especially food products that consumers consume are they peddling to the public? Do I support the boycott? A big NO because this is not worthy of a campaign but I will definitely not patronize her food products and dissuade others knowing that they are risking their health until the business owner is proven otherwise and not a hypocrite supporter of her son’s illegal lahar operation.

Hypocrisy has no place in a moral crusade for good governance and it is obvious that we should see by now that Among Ed cannot be put down by talangkaism (small crustacean crab relative) because he is steadfast in his moral crusade being transparent, accountable, and responsible as an elected official.

While they play the dirty game of the usual political smear campaign against Fr. Ed Panlilio instead of getting provoked like a true man of god despite the dirty tricks will not approve of the text message going the rounds. They can try to smear a good man but no matter how they make it difficult for Among Ed and gang up on him like Mafiosi mob Among Ed and his followers are responding by showering the poorest of the poor of Pampanga with kindness and charity as seen on the Gawad Kalinga (an organization similar to Habitat for Humanity) and Among Ed Partnership.

Then another unpalatable spin errrr so called report comes on a story telling a lie that Kapampangans in the US are having second thoughts on the One-Dollar Campaign Against Graft & Corruption. They allege that the fundraising was allegedly dwindling due to suspicion of internet scams. Yeah and guess where that ridiculous tall tale came from? Lolita Hizon, as the sole “source” of the “newspaper” with inconspicuous lack of a reporter filing the report. Is this more likely a part of the demolition job or poor reporting? It was obvious that no journalist worth his salt even the ATM kind will file a report solely on the claim of ONE person in the name of Lolita Hizon who if the text message was true had a score to settle with the Governor. Did they try and get feed back from Filipino Kapampangan Americans? Here is a quote from Sun Star:

"Our attention was called by our members residing in the United States because of a fund-raising being waged for Governor Panlilio," Hizon wrote US Ambassador Kristie Kenney.

Hizon raised the issue of US laws against mail fraud and similar crimes done under dubious fund-raising campaigns for various causes.

The Internet fund is allegedly being led by certain Dr. Philip Chua, chairman of the Filipino United Networks (USA), said Hizon, who also cited "various fund-raising campaigns before that victimized Filipino residents by exploiting patriotic sensibilities and philanthropic emotions of people."

Anyone can write to US Ambassadors anywhere in the world but did the lieporter errr reporter check if the Ambassador even read the garbage of a letter? If she thinks she can fool Amb. K. Kenney she is wrong because they are aware what is happening in the Philippines as well as Filipino Americans that can launch a powerful lobby to rally support from their US Representatives in the US congress against corrupt government such as the Philippines. Do they expect us to take this hook line and sinker into thinking this will discourage people from supporting good governance? Well, if the report is insinuating that one dollar campaign is a scam then they should come up with credible reporting and not from the jueteng congregation rumor session source.

The Nigerian internet email scams are done by groups of scam artist and to insinuate the one dollar campaign as similar will not fly and is just ridiculous. Filipino scam artist victimizing fellow Filipinos "exploiting their patriotic sensibilities and philanthropic emotions" go to jail and hunted down by US authorities. Hmmmmn, I wonder which fish market they got that one, name names so we can send them to jail because the justice system in the US is very efficient compared to the Philippines.

People love underdogs and if the lieporters errr reporters are trying to portray Lolita Hizon as the underdog, I am sorry to say that it is failing miserably to a point of ludicrous pathetic lame desperate attempt……. In case these morons did not notice, it is Among Ed and San Fernando Mayor O. Rodriguez that are the underdogs here and being ganged up by Mafiosi mob style politicians all the way to the top honcho garcified president down to local politicians by hook or by CROOK will do anything to get their hands on a very lucrative Quarry tax collection by the hundreds of millions thanks to Among Ed to puny 10 million if we the people allow them to succeed in their sinister maneuverings.

Conscience, what in the name of buko vendor was that name all about? aaaaarrrrrgghhh excuse me while I throw up again maybe in the land of cheats this kind of slanted reporting are able to influence the Cobra Men and Women (Jueteng bet collector) but oh please do not insult the intelligence of US based Filipinos because they can discern spin from real news. If you are a Kapampangan and a member of the “Conscience group” of this woman will you still support her bitter fight against good governance? If indeed this is a group of Kapampangan with conscience, does it not bother you what this woman is doing to Among Ed and his moral crusade for good governance?

In an email sent by Dr. Philip Chua, in response to the malicious smear campaign casting doubts on the validity and legitimacy of the campaign shows a contrasting face (see A Reply to the Angry Ms. Hizon News Account ) of the dark forces and the people taking the initiative for good governance. Dr. Chua also sent an email on the man they smear with their vengeful mean spirited demolition job has just been repudiated with Among Ed being declared as Inquirer’s Filipino of the Year 2007, here’s an editor's note on the mechanics of the award:

Now on its 17th year, the Inquirer’s Filipino of the Year honors a living Filipino who made the most positive impact the past year. Eligible to vote were Inquirer editors and assistant editors. There were 44 voters this year. Fr. Ed Panlilio topped the nominees with 20 followed closely by Chief Justice Reynato Puno with 15 votes. Other nominees were Justices Teresita de Castro, Diosdado Peralta and Francisco Villaruz Jr. of the Sandiganbayan special division that tried and found ex-President Joseph Estrada guilty on two counts of plunder. (4); Sumilao farmers (2); Filipinas who made it to the summit of Mt. Everest (2) and Team Sinag (1), the country’s first solar car team that finished 11th out of 20 teams in the race of solar-powered cars in Australia.

I say on with the One-Dollar Campaign Against Graft and Corruption…… click on the one dollar campaign, copy and paste in your email then send this to as many people as you can and urge them to do the same, and don’t forget to send in your dollar. Your One Dollar is our potent weapon to repudiate the evil dark forces to free us from the embarrassment and humiliation these shameless cretins in Philippine society subjugate our people in their corrupted stranglehold of our government. What is hapenning in Pampanga maybe the start of a MORAL REVOLUTION........ I wish I can say that with certainty but I believe you and all those desiring the dawn of a new beginning are the ones in position to confirm this by how you respond to this development...........

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