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Celebrating Chinese New Year 2014

A pictorial blog in Los Angeles China town during the Chinese New Year celebration of the wooden horse.
Since it was our first time to celebrate the Chinese New Year in China Town, we did not expect a celebration this big complete with a parade participated by different groups coming from different parts of Los Angeles County.
What is noticeable is that the event seems to have become a mainstream celebration with some children and adults wearing Chinese Pajamas, hehe. Anyway, they seem to have blended well at least in terms of brilliant colors matching the colorful parade.
The dragon dance it appears is not solely for the Chinese anymore with members of the Lomita Shaolin Temple Kung Fu disciples.

Of course like in any other celebration you finish it off with food and as usual tend to order more than what is humanly possible to consume so a "kari" out is necessary. Wait was that to catch our attention or what, a "kari" out instead of carry out? LOL. Anyway, gung hay fat choy!

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