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Among Ed under attack?

There are rumors going around the internet that the powers that be are out to sabotage Among Ed's legitimate mandate as the duly elected Governor of Pampanga. It maybe just a rumor but judging from the actions of local officials from the provincial boards all the way down to the mayors refusal to cooperate with the Governor tells you something rotten is going on. Unconfirmed report Mikey Arroyo that P10M was allocated for the "demolition team" out to sabotaged through mercenary spin doctors in collusion with local politicians unhappy with the efficiency of the Among Ed's administration and his team exposing the rotten corrupt politicians whose very pockets are hurting losing their milking cow known as the Mt. Pinatubo Quarry fees in the process.

In my previous post we have seen the efficiency of Ed Panlilio's quarry collection and local officials should be happy that their respective towns and cities are now getting fund from the quarry. Now why in the world will they not cooperate and that these local officials wanted to now decentralize collection when this is run efficiently and honestly for the first time? You guessed it right, maybe they are upset that the funds are going straight into their provincial treasury instead of getting into their pockets errr municipal treasury..... how dare Among Ed give them a hard time.

It is time for the Filipinos who wants to regain their pride and dignity against the onslaught of perverted corrupt politicians lording over the province and its bounty to be on the offensive. We cannot allow the trapos to subvert Among Ed's a duly elected and legitimate administration. We must act now and not wait for things to unfold and be on the defensive when we know that the local selected errr elected officials are not cooperating with him.

It is obvious and it may be true that anak ng jueteng errr son of DM Macapagal Hwy robbery errrr project is out to sabotaged Among Ed simply for collecting quarry fees (P29.6M in 26 days that took more than a year with the past administratong) efficiently.The tinseltown father & son team of the Lapids graft ridden quarry collection with the proliferation of fake receipts is an outright thievery and accountability and responsibility of those before him has now been exposed. Exposed simply by collecting fees a standard operating procedure (SOP) in countries where corruption is not prevalent.

Is this a question of incompetency of the Lapids? If the Lapids are not incompetent then they must be on the take. If they are incompetent then they must own to it and redeem themselves in the eyes of the people who suffered from their incompetency. Looking at how much money was collected against the measly collection of past administratong the Lapids has a lot of explaining to do why it took them one year to collect quarry fees against Among eds collection that took a couple of weeks or less than 1 months. If they are proven to be crooks they cannot pocket the proceeds alone without those well connected to the present administratong giving their "blessing".

Now, what bugs this Political Jaywalker is the seeming silence a defeaning silence in fact on those well meaning knights in white shining armor in their immaculate carabao frantic in their desire to proclaim themselves the savior of the poor. Actually so busy in the stance of being the hero while ignoring the developments in Pampanga where a "revolution" is going on to retake their pride and dignity stolen by the corrupt to the bones politicians running their lives.

You want action then let us be on the offensive by backing up or initiating an investigation on the quarry collection of the past administration of the Lapids & the Macapagals. You want change, then the least we could do is expose and oppose scalawags in the Provinve ofPampanga...... a good start where their citizens are retaking their pride and repudiation of crooks and corrupt public officials.

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