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Just Thinking Aloud…. On the Sabah Issue

If only our Muslim brothers in the southern Philippines will listen I am tempted to write them an open letter. But what the heck, silly as it is, I might as well and here it goes:
If this was in the Tagalog region they probably will frown on this one, LOL.

Dear MILF,

Getting your autonomous region in the peace agreement is not enough in lifting your people out of poverty.

I also hope you know that the real enemy here is the greedy Malaysian leaders who really do not care how many people get killed in the never ending conflict. 200k lives lost so far to them are just numbers and with the peace agreement there is really no guarantee that violence will end because Umbra Kato is still out there with his own "breakaway" group. Sounds familiar is it not? I know I don’t have to rub it in that you were once a breakaway group also of Nur Misuari’s MNLF which also has another breakaway group again. Of course Malaysian leaders and their so-called “peace broker” really don’t care how many breakaway groups there is because they can always play the "hero" once again owing to the subservient greedy trapos too busy pillaging the nation’s coffers that they don’t see the big picture. I hope you know that their peace brokering was just a ploy for you people to stay disunited so that you don't have enough time on your hands to contemplate reclaiming Sabah.

I know you are not just about power or having a power trip, all these efforts has a lot to do with the plight of the Moro People. So why are you people not uniting for a common cause which makes it easier to uplift your people out of poverty? Imagine a united MILF, MNLF, Sulu Sultanate, all the other Sultanates, and Umbra Kato's group going for a common cause and objective of reclaiming Sabah.

Let's face it, fighting the Philippine government is a futile exercise that will just add more death and miseries (not because you may not win) because after the never ending plunder of the trapos there is really nothing to gain from that war. Yeah we know that this is not about defeating the Philippine government but all about autonomy or was it independence? Well, if you really are serious about development and lifting our Moro people out of poverty the autonomous region is really not enough, what with the destruction and absence of infrastructure due to the never ending conflict. The only way to improve the rate of success is to have Sabah included in the autonomous region, but in order to gain the advantage it will take a lot of work and unity of purpose.

Let us hope that all the warring factions realized by now that their real enemy is not the Philippine government but the greedy Malaysian leaders. The Sultanate of Sulu seems to have seen the big picture by now and they are coming up with a unified stand on Sabah. It will be great if all the warring factions will also contemplate and think hard on how to settle their differences and unite for a common cause. If only the MILF, MNLF, Umbra Kato’s breakaway group but forget about the terrorist Abu Sayyaf, all the other Sultanate and clans including the Sulu Sultanate uniting to recover Sabah, we just might have a happy ending instead of winning temporarily winning the battle but eventually losing the war.

Right now public opinion is on the Sulu Sultan's favor, if the rest of the population sees a united front among the Bangsa Moro people, is it likely the majority of the people in Luzon and Visayas will also unite with the Bangsa Moro people? I think it is and once that happens,, the greedy Malaysian leaders will have a fight in its dirty hand.

Yours truly,

Resident Blogger

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Filipinos in Sabah subjected to oppressive discrimination

One Newmond Tibin writes what can be nothing more than a praise release in the Borneo Insider. The said article if we can even classify it as one is an obvious blatant propaganda piece passed off as a newspaper article. And I thought ATM journalism is practiced only in the Philippines but it seems universal, although that should not come as a surprise considering how dirty Malasian politicians are. After all now that the Sabah Crisis has opened our eyes and we are now paying attention to our neighbor, it seems their politicians are no different from our narcissist corrupt Trapos (Traditional Politicians).

C’mon, who in his right frame of mind will write an article titled Special Security Area: Najib a Saviour for Sabah? Really, people on that side of the border falls for something like that? At any rate it’s the people’s prerogative to read what’s probably not even worth something like a toilet paper but when a writer starts to thrash other nationalities especially ours then we have a problem. Just look at how he describes and bash the Filipinos which I quote:
Like ants drawn to sugar, Filipinos, particularly from the southern Philippines, flock to Sabah, attracted by the abundant opportunies to earn a living particularly in the east coast of this beautiful state dubbed “The Land Below the Wind”.
Image courtesy of: Fred Amores of the Philippine Sabah Claim Forum

Really now, we are like ants nibbling at Sabah’s abundance? So we are now likened to tiny marauding ants scrambling for Sabah’s leftover crumbs? I wonder if that makes him feel superior over the Filipino people or is he just like any typical fool ignorant of where he speaks of? As if the insult and ignorant prejudice is not enough he follows it up with more BS, to quote:
Sabah’s strategic location, with a mere one to three hours boat drive from Tawi-Tawi, has made it a “gold mine” for these foreigners who come in droves, legally or illegally.

For decades, they were free to move in or out of the state, taking advantage of its porous borders, resulting in the increased number of illegal immigrants in Sabah.

Although they played an important role or contributed much to the economic development of Sabah, especially in the plantation and construction sectors, the influx of the illegal immigrants, beyond necessity, have now become a concern in terms of security for every segment of society in the state.
The ignorance is truly appalling, but of course he has to make a living too. It is sad that there are writers’ like this dude that makes a living out of promoting their personal ignorance to their readers that may be equally ignorant or more ignorant than they are.

The problem with ignorant people is that they can see only the surface and from there based their dumb judgment without having a solid appreciation or even elementary understanding of the reason behind the exodus. The reason the Filipinos, specifically those from the south migrate in droves like “ants” in Sabah, was to escape the violent conflict in Mindanao. In an area with a never ending conflict that is still raging after 50 years and counting, the natural reaction is to get away from the conflict zone as far as possible. It was this conflict that also contributed to the marginalization of the people in the southern Philippines to unimaginable poverty and deprivation.

Lest this writer and his equally ignorant readers believe his idiotic ramblings while it is true that policing a porous border presents a security problem one has to take into account the centuries old habits and traditions of people in the area like the Tausugs having no concept of state or citizenship because Sabah for centuries to this day has been and is one of the trading routes where people come and go treating the southern region of islands their home and means of livelihood. Sabah is not like heaven awash with Ringgits for the taking where one who escapes violence and poverty from the Philippines gets to enjoy a comfortable life. Having said that it is pure cruelty and arrogance on the part of this writer and hopefully not the general sentiments of the Sabahans because I know they are better people than what this Newmond Tibin is showing.

What is sad is when the writer writes about the Filipinos as if they are less of a human being comparing them to ants and yet forgets to mention that his government literally treats Filipinos just like ants denying their children schooling if they happen to not have legal papers. Having no legal papers they have reduced quite a number of Filipino children in the limbo of statelessness denied of any social welfare services and left on the street to fend for themselves when Malaysia goes on mass deportations wherein some unlucky children were left behind. Even more cruel and inhumane is seeing the problem and blaming the victims when the cause of the conflict also points to Malaysian politicians that trained, armed, and financed Muslim separatist all because of the late dictator Marcos botched attempt more than 50 years ago to clandestinely infiltrate Sabah.

Marcos was wrong in trying to get Sabah in a foiled clandestine covert operation and for that the politicians of Malaysia seized the opportunity to create havoc and chaos in the Philippine south. Now that it has become a permanent problem even long before the death of Marcos and the threat of invasion has long been eliminated should they not have stopped and do something to stop the carnage and further destruction that is also causing the exodus to Sabah of Filipinos?

It takes 2 to tango so they say, perhaps something good will come out of this when and if ever Filipino leaders treat this Sabah crisis as a wake up call to get their act together. Unfortunately the leader that promised the Filipino people that they can hope and dream again because he is leading the nation towards the narrow straight path of righteousness is acting like Najib Tun Razak’s lap dog. It is truly sad when leaders of the Philippines and Malaysia and their lap dogs seems to be in denial or are simply just cruel as if 200,000 lives lost in the Mindanao conflict does not matter. All they see right now is the percieved wrong that the followers of Sultan Jamalul Kiram III committed against both governments forgetiing the fact that they are the aggrieved party here. 

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Najib Razak & Noynoy Aquino’s Response to Sabah Crisis Leading to SSS formation?

The Mishandling of the Sabah Standoff by the Aquino administration has now escalated to a point of tragic consequence for the followers of the Sultanate and even local Sabahans of Philippine origins that were not involved in the disturbance.

Let’s face it, one has to be a misguided highly Trapo (Traditional Politician) partisan to think this president can never do wrong. Sadly despite the evidence of incompetency people should realize by now that they are dead wrong into thinking this president is really capable of leading us towards a narrow straight path of righteousness. We must really start reflecting deeply on how we see Philippine patronage politics controlled by political dynasties or get stuck in a never ending vicious cycle of hopelessness. After all this president got into the top by a twist of fate without any effort and brilliant political career behind him except his pedigree and people’s emotional illusions thinking he would live up to his parents ideals and fill in the unfinished task that we delude ourselves are their destiny in our nation’s redemption. 
Image courtesy of: Fred Amores of the Philippine Sabah Claim Forum
The Sabah standoff could have been averted in the first place had this president paid attention but the problem is when ignorance and feudal overlord arrogance gets the better of him his landed gentry roots unravels right before the national public exposing his ugly demeanor. A shocking unexpected demeanor and a display of ignorance and arrogance coming from a president but as much as we want to believe we are really in denial that this president despite his landed gentry roots can handle the issue before him in a manner befitting a statesman. Instead what we saw unravel was a never ending embarrassing un-presidential episode in insulting and disrespecting the aggrieved Sultanate of Sulu instead of defusing the built up of decades long frustration and exasperation of government neglect and indifference.As the crisis deepens he is even sounding more like Gloria Arroyo who once proudly touted she is Inang Bayan (Nation's Mother) saying lately that as the nations Tangnang este father his primary concern is the pursuit of peace. There is nothing wrong with going over the top at times but is he really that clueless, how can he say he is the nation's father when he is a bachelor? Well he probably sired children we know nothing about or he just didn't realize that with that pronouncement we are basically reduced as his bastard sons and daughters.

It does not matter whether their armed “intrusion” (which is really debatable) was foolhardy but the point is had this president not lose the letter asking for his guidance and eventually ignoring 2 more follow up letters, any aggrieved party will of course be angry and may just resort to making a very strong political statement that can have serious repercussions. It does not help that Noynoy Aquino’s ignorance and arrogance has just strengthened the resolve of the Sultanate’s followers led by Sultan Jamalul Kiram III’s brother Raja Mudah Agbimuddin Kiram to risk their lives and stuck it out in the standoff that encouraged Aquinos’ BFF Malaysian war freak PM Najib Tun Razak to unleash their military might against a token not even a rag tag band of Sultanates followers. All because Aquino’s master has loss his patience and has now issued an ultimatum to surrender of face the consequence and instead of sending seasoned diplomats to defuse the situation this president even coldly taunted them by saying they brought it upon themselves. With a president like that showing his prejudice and uncaring attitude towards his people who needs to be in a country like that?

What is worse is when the President and his Justice Secretary seems out of synch. When the Malaysians asked for the possibility of repatriating Sultan Jamalul Kiram III Justice Secretary De Lima says they will if it is warranted while the President says no because there was no treaty. That is the problem when you involved the wrong department (DoJ) instructing them to do a study on the “validity” of the claim as if a lap dog goes on researching instead what laws the Sultan and his followers broke. Clearly the Sabah standoff is one crisis that should be handled diplomatically but this president thinks it is a local issue and instructed his other BFF Mar Roxas to take charge when it should be under the Foreign Affairs department. Now who wants a president that is neither here nor there? He says we are being pushed into the brink of war and yet he questions the validity of the claim and worse appears to side with Malaysia, speaking as if he was a Najib Tun Razak's clone. As I have said in earlier post the timing of the Sultanate is off and should have chosen a different time of the year that is not election season because it is the time of the year when people suffer from altered perception of reality. Now despite Aquino’s popularity going down he never listen to his advisers not to open his ignorant arrogant mouth but still do because he probably thought he is running for office in Malaysia. His ratings are way up there even if we don’t conduct a survey because of his lap dog closeness to Najib Tun Razak.

Reading some Malaysian online newspapers most of the articles I came across and the commentaries show a scary chorus of mostly cruel demand for blood and total annihilation of the “intruders” even dubbed as terrorist. They are angry alright but one article that stands out was the one about United Borneo Front (UBF) Chairman Jeffrey Kitingan take on the Sabah issue.

In the said article he pointed out the role of the Malaysian government in the 5 decades old Mindanao conflict. Upon reading the article I was surprised that such perspective from the other side of the border that actually makes sense exist and sees the problem caused by Malaysians or specifically their politicians’ role in training and arming Muslim insurgents in Mindanao was given space.

While it’s probably shocking to Malaysian readers, the observation has some limitations when he fails to mention that Sabah also served as a safe sanctuary for the Mindanao rebels and now that they are facing the consequence in causing 50 years of conflict and instability in the Philippines their military response is at best dumb as ever.

Indeed I see the logic of his observation that the only way to resolve the issue is for all the stakeholders, Malaysia, Philippines, Sultanate of Sulu, Sabahans, and the UN to sit in the negotiation table. Once again if they truly want a fair, just and lasting solution they should also include the migrant workers, immigrants, asylum seekers, traders, and the nomadic Badjaos instead of bombing the Sultan’s people who now realized that their guns should have been pointed at the Malaysian direction all along. 200 thousand people lost their lives on both the Philippine government and rebel side all because the Malaysians resented the botched clandestine never implemented Olan Merdeka to sabotage and start a civil war in Sabah of the late Philippine dictator Marcos. In the same manner that the insurgency was triggered by the Jabidah massacre due to government neglect of Mindanao to which the Malaysians seized the opportunity to foment separatist rebellion . But come to think of it, it was never implemented and in order for the word not to spread they massacred all the trainees, unluckily for them one survivor was able to escape. And because of that 200 thousand people has to die, shouldn't they have just ran after Marcos, which is a better option? What is even sad is when some Marcos loyalist (oh yeah they still exist unlike the dinosaurs, LOL) would rather blame Ninoy Aquino for exposing the massacre and Operation Merdeka, no wonder the conflict lasted 50 years and counting we have people with not just altered perception of reality but also deranged sense of justice.

Now that they are sensing that they are bound to be in the same predicament they unjustly put the Philippine government for 50 years and counting their response truly reflects their war freak mentality and cruelty that they ought to be ashamed since this ugly mindset in this day and age is so passé’ and uncivilized. What is ironic is that these are just a rag tag armed Sulu Sultan's followers and they are already in a panic mode as if they have been invaded by a marauding force when armed incursion was just holding back their position in an act of defiance. Imagine the havoc they can cause once all the ethnic Philippine Muslims unite and realized that the cause of their misery and losing their loved ones was orchestrated by Malaysia? 

Karma has a way of reminding Malaysian politicians for their sins of fomenting the Mindanao conflict.

If Malaysia were able to agitate and provoke the different ethnic Muslims in Mindanao in a never ending war that extends to 5 decades and probably more they may soon find themselves in the same shoes as the Philippine government. While they are the peace broker in Mindanao conflict it was designed to fail with the collusion of dumb Philippine officials using Malaysia as a peace broker when they clearly have an agenda. An agenda that was really to divide the Muslim people in order for them not to unite that may turn their attention in pursuing Sabah instead.

Karma has caught up on Malaysia and they will pay a high price for their role in the death of 200 thousand people and further marginalization of southern Philippines. In their irrational greed not to lose their milking cow (Sabah) and while they may have succeeded in fomenting 50 years of Mindanao conflict, what they seem to forget is that Sabah just like Mindanao may also be seen as their former territory usurped by Christian land grabbers and I will not be surprised if most of them point their guns in the Malaysian direction. They should remember that they have subjected Filipinos in Sabah with abuse, discrimination, slave wages, and treated less than a human being. In the government's indiscriminate mass deportation that left some of their children to fend for themselves homeless living as street children denied welfare assistance because these poor Filipino children (as if being poor is a crime) will deplete their resources. These stateless children are even denied schooling and even if their parent have not been deported they are reduced to scavenging since that is all children denied education knew in order to survived the asphalt jungle of Sabah. Sadly most of the opposition in Sabah sees the IC (state issued identification card) as a tool of the ruling party to remain in power. And yet fail to see the misery of being stateless and did not realize that the very reason they were there was because of the never ending conflict and the resulting poverty caused by the war supported and fanned by the Malaysian government.

The Muslims of different ethnicity after all these years knew all along that they are neglected by their respective governments. The Mindanao conflict would not have lasted this long had it been just to avenge their Muslim brothers massacred in Corregidor, it was also about the neglect and prejudice that they see compounded by the influx of Christian migrants from Luzon and Visayas that they perceived are taking over their ancestral lands. Mindanao just like Sabah is rich in natural resources and there is no denying that they are the milking cow of Malaysia thus no matter what happened they are vent on holding on to it at whatever cost. The similarities of the condition wherein the Muslims sees themselves as the victim of oppression and discrimination and the governments of Malaysia and the Philippines neglect of their ancestral land it is not a remote possibility that a federation of SSS may just form one of these days. A federation composed of Sulu, Sabah, and Sarawak because the conflict is a never ending one owing to the fact that Malaysia and the Philippine government think that repeating the same mistake of not including all the stakeholders in the negotiating table all over again will produce a different result.

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The Sabah Dilemma & Aquino’s Narcissist Response

Decades of bungled mishandling of the Sabah issue has contributed to the frustration of the Sulu Sultanate and the dimming of the prospect of ever reclaiming their territory. It does not help the effort of the Sultanate of Sulu and Borneo to get back their territory when politicians on both sides are fixated on seeing everything and anything to be about them. One thing is certain though is that Philippine and Malaysian politicians are both deluded with a mindset of a borderline fool if not already there thinking the world revolves around them. It does not matter that people are shedding blood and countless peoples’ lives disrupted with a huge number abused, discriminated and their rights trampled.

The uncanny similarities among the politicians are almost surreal that when you read their dailies there are times you might doubt if you are in the Philippines or Malaysia since there is almost no recognizable distinction that separates them. The narcissism is just unbelievable on both sides of the contested border that one is given the impression that without them the world will be on a standstill.

Not to disrespect the decision of the Raja Muda and his followers regarding their decision to resettle back to their Sabah homeland during election season of both countries, it is not the best of times to make a political statement of this magnitude. Unfortunately election season is the time when people mostly politicians suffer altered perception of reality. It is the time when narcissistic tendencies of the politicians gets full blown and see everything and anything no matter if it’s of historical or territorial significance delude themselves that it is all about them. Case in point is when Noynoy Aquino thinks that this is the handiwork of the political opposition particularly the camp of Gloria Arroyo to embarrass his administration. He sees the political action as a personal affront and an act of sabotage to derail the almost done deal peace agreement with the MILF. What is incredible or was it pathetic is when he also suspected his relatives particularly his uncle Peping and his Wife Tingting Cojoangco to be behind the plot but cleared them in the most laughable and ridiculous manner. Really, does he not realize that accusing his relatives only shows his lack of leadership and proving it only validates the his incompetency even more and further erodes his credibility as a leader?

Lately he is now “seriously” looking into the role of the “plotters” and intends to flush them out while at the same time mouthing the stand of Malaysia. I just don’t know if in his ignorance he is confusing the need for election rhetoric that will reverberate or get laugh at all the way to Malaysia since the Administration candidates in Malaysia are also mouthing the same plot pointing an accusatory finger at the Malaysian opposition. If they are correct which is really farfetched then it would mean that the opposition in the Philippines and Malaysia are in cahoots or conspiring together,  now that is definitely a gas, LOL.

Marvin Bionat of Philippine Update has this to say and an image to boot on Noynoy Aquino's embarrassing conduct on the Sabah standoff:
For siding with Malaysia in the continuing Sabah standoff, President Aquino has been conferred by his Malaysian handlers the title of "Datu." He is now to be addressed royally as Datu Puti P-Noy ...

Where in the world are the leaders of both countries bringing this issue when the Malaysian political clown’s errr parties are accusing each other of orchestrating the standoff that eventually led to the firefight that claimed the lives of 10 Tausugs and 4 wounded on the side of the Sultanate and two dead and 3 wounded on the Malaysian police side? While the Sultanate wants to elevate their grievance to the ICJ, the Malaysians refused it outright (we know why, isn’t it?) Aquino is still in the stage of studying the validity of the Sabah issue. With a president like that who needs a government when he helps derail the very issue that the Tausugs are bringing forward and even go to the extent of helping Malaysians throw your followers into the lions den?

Seriously people, how is it possible for 234 men and women with at least 30 of them armed to go on a suicide mission based on the mere prodding of the unseated out of power opposition? Are they seriously implying that a plunderer has that clout to “persuade” men and women to make a political statement that can cost them their lives? What about the Malaysian politicians of the administration and the opposition side, do they think these men and women who have a valid historical claim and birthright to Sabah will do the ultimate sacrifice just to help them get elected?

Why in the name of mentally challenge buffoons of a politician will they trivialize a serious valid issue into one of their deranged narcissistic conspiracy theories is just beyond me. The sad part is that in a society where lying has been transformed into an art form instead of treating it as a fraud that is against the law, opportunist dense people make a living muddling an issue like Sabah.

It does not help that we have vocal highly partisan characters that also sees everything according to their dog lineage errrr political loyalty based not on the party principles but personal loyalty to their patron saint errrr political dynasty patrons or bosses. Then it gets more pathetic and the issue gets sidelined because they act as if they are in corner sari-sari store gossip congregation insisting and shoving in your throats hearsay's as if it was the gospel of truth, LOL.

Instead of looking at the crisis from the vantage point of how both can come up with a win-win solution they would rather indulge in the most pathetic sidetracking of the issue that’s boils down to their selfish selves. If ever they veer away from themselves they pin the blame on other parties such as the MNLF, ArroyoI, Etc. instead of looking at the implications or how it will affect others. Are they even sane enough to look at the issue objectively from the vantage point of what is the greater good?

The biggest disappointment and loser here is none other than Noynoy Aquino because his landed gentry roots is showing and worse every time he intimidates and threatens Sultan Kiram III and his followers with criminal and constitutional violations he is being perceived as ignorant and worse as the present day Makapili collaborator. It is bad enough in the past Arroyo regime that we have allowed Malaysia as the arbiter when they are a party not just having a territorial dispute with us but actually had a role in the never ending Mindanao conflict. Just because we have an administration now that has straight narrow path as its slogan it does not mean that repeating the past mistake of collaboration with Malaysia as the peace broker make it right today, it is still grossly wrong on all levels.

The sad part is after his buddy or was it his boss Najib brags about talking to him on the phone giving the Sultan’s followers an ultimatum of surrender or face the consequence of its mighty military force he goes around issuing the same ultimatum to his own citizens that’s in dire situation now in Sabah. Genuine leader sees crisis as an opportunity to lead his people in tackling the problem as just a hurdle to lead his people out of that challenging times, and sadly Noynoy Aquino is truly a very disappointing one. 

What is puzzling is that Aquino seems to see the point of view of the Malaysian on the "intrusion" and yet failed to see the role of Malaysia in the never ending conflict in Mindanao that was supported and armed by the so-called peace broker. He does not see that Sabah when it comes to Muslim insurgents is a safe haven when they are being pursued by the Philippine military but intruders when they assert their historical birthright? Aquino mouths his desire for peace and yet fails to see that he is consorting with a neighbor that actually not just meddles but clandestinely or was it openly supporting the Muslim rebellion in our own shores. I believe the term for that is treason and he should instead focus on that rather than seek the "plotters" that may turn out to exist only in his fertile imaginative mind.......... One can only hope that we don't wake up one day losing Mindanao and see the emergence of a new Republic of Mindanao and Sabah, all because this president and others bungled up an opportunity to address the historical wrongs against the Moro people.

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