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The failed Peninsula “Uprising”

The Peninsula “uprising” can be summed up with the following complaints below as found on the Sundalo Website:

The abuses of her government continue. The deliberate refusal or failure of the dubious leaders to investigate and prosecute the people responsible for the scandalous “Hello Garci” electoral cheating, the Jocjoc Bolante multi million peso fertilizer scam, the IMPSA bribery scandal, the “Jose Pidal” and the jueteng scandals involving billions of public funds, the Northrail Project scandal, the Venable contract scandal, the NBN scandal, wholesale bribery of congressmen and governors in Malacanang, as well as the unabated and resolved extrajudicial killings of citizens, particularly journalists and members of the judiciary, and the use of military and police officers for some unlawful missions, among others, are clear proof her failure of good and decent governance. There are numerous illegal and immoral activities and transactions conducted by this government with impunity that betray the citizens and the State of their pristine right to exist as a people with decency, dignity and integrity.

It seems that these scandals are not enough to propel people to act and take the side of the “coup plotters,”’ “Mutineers,” “rebels” or however you want to describe the participants misadventure of taking over The Pen errrr Peninsula. Why in the world do they want to take over a 5 star hotel is beyond me but that is their choice and surely they must have a compelling reason why they choose a hotel which politically signifies nothing……….. but then again in the land of cheats where electoral cheating is an accepted norm whenever one complains about the cheating errr seating president you have an instant quip of who does not cheat anyway, ayayayay what have become of our people? Is it because one way or the other they are themselves cheating their way into anything on a daily basis so scandals and anomalies are the norm, an accepted norm to be precise. It just boggles my mind that whenever Trillanes et al takes to the “streets” it is done in style and the comforts of a 5 star hotel as in the past Oakwood Mutiny and now the Peninsula. Who knows maybe next time it will be the Shangri La especially with their happy hour special that guest who stayed there raved about for its good food and drinks.

The “situation” as Mr. Buni errr Bunye calls it is over (or is it?) and some military kiss ass errr top brass belittles the situation as nothing but a nuisance so why impose a curfew if it was just a “nuisance”. I can understand that Capt. Faeldon was not apprehended and could still pose a danger, to whom may I ask exactly? Is it to La Gloria or the people? If it was not the people that Faeldon and his men posed a danger then it is definitely to La Gloria who I believed is well protected and guarded so why should the population be subjected to curfew? Oh ok, I guess La Presidenta’s safety is the interest of the people…… yeah right, like people care what happened to the cheating errr seating president.

Seriously the issues raised here by Lim, Trillanes, Guingona et al should not be taken lightly and for them to risk being incarcerated especially former vice-president Guingona and Bishop Labayen in their advancing age should make one think what made them stand up against a regime known for highway robbery projects. It is a shame that people has become so numb and apathetic to the ongoing scandals that we seem to question the motives and composition of those reacting against the abuses. We seem to take notice of those who rock the boat instead of trying to understand why they are desperately rocking the boat. The boat so heavy with scandals that eventually may sink by itself due to the heavy load of loots at the expense of the people.

The civilians on Inquirer list that are detained at Camp Crame that the government persecutors errr prosecutors having a hard time issuing individual complaints for "lack of time" aside from Trillanes are his father Antonio III, “running priest” Fr. Robert Reyes, lawyers J.V. Bautista, Argee Guevara and Elside Fajardo, German Tiu Laurel, Leonido Toledo Jr., Evangeline Gatdula Mendoza, Jose Albert, Eduardo Castro, Ferdinand Sandoval, Myrna Buendia, Julio Ancheta, Estrella Guingona, Dominador Ireeo Rull Jr., Maamor Lantgo, Julius Mesa, Romeo Solis, Romeo Dacles, Roel Gaduin, Rhonnel Rivero, Julian Advincula, Franciso Bosi, Leodor dela Cruz, Sonny Madarang, Cezari Yassir Gonzales, Francisco Penaflor, Ryan Custodio, Edgardo Tulaylay and Rey Linaac.

The military men in detention, aside from Lim, are Lt. Billy Pascua, Lt. Andy Torrato, LtSg. Manuel Cabochan, LtSg. Arturo Pascua Jr., Lt. Eugene Perala, LtSg. James Layug, Capt. Segundino Orfiano, Capt. Gary Alejano, Navy Ensign Armano Pontejos, 1Lt. Jonnel Sanggalang, Cpl. Clecarte Dahan, Pfc. Juanito Jilbury, Pfc. Emmanuel Tirado and Pfc. German Linde.

There were a lot of analysis and thoughts spent on why the rebellion, military adventurism or what have you failed but seriously it all leads to paralysis if we just keep on analyzing why it failed instead of focusing on how to keep our political leaders honest but then again that is like wishing upon a star. Some would point out the Edsa Uno experience and try as they may to compare and differentiate the failed “uprising” it will not and never will be the same as the first Edsa uprising. No matter how hard people try to imitate the Edsa Experience it will not happen so stop comparing or waiting for another “uprising” that conforms to the “standards” of an Edsa Uno simply because this is post Edsa and where we are now is the result of Edsa. It lulled people to a stupor like a drunk that stopped short of rebuilding a nation but went back to the old corrupt ways of the past but this time around instead of one Marcos we have little Marcoses to deal with in stealing the people blind. It’s a failure alright but who really failed big time here is definitely US in our failure to keep our politicians honest and failure to stop the blatant abuse of our government officials in the mis-management of our nation.

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