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Year 2010

Ok, I know we are just approaching 2008 and here I am yapping about year 2010, bear with me and see if this makes sense.

Year 2010 is the year of the fiesta in the context of Philippine political setting. This is the year when presidential election will be held, where the will of the people will once again be assaulted by math wizards of the garci type and traditional politicians lording over the arena of a struggling democracy or pretending to be a democracy if we the people allow the transgression.

Year 2010 will be another one of those same old things in the realm of politics if we remain indifferent and allow those who willfully and insidiously sabotaged the sanctity of the ballot.

Year 2010 will remain if not worse as all the other years if those responsible in the last election anomalies causing deaths and having leaders who were not voted by the people but through the back door operations of the comelec cheat remain unpunished and not held responsible for their misdeeds.

In lieu of the year 2010 Simbahan Lingkod ng Bayan (church in the service of the people) launched a 10 x 20 campaign, if only we as a people are willing to take action and mark a new beginning:

10 REASONS Why We Need To Get Involved in 10 by 2010

  1. The future of our democracy is at stake.
  2. This is a fresh opportunity to right the wrongs of the past and to resolve critical issues.
  3. There is a necessity to be vigilant and to protect the integrity of the electoral and political processes.
  4. There is a great need to rebuild the trust in democratic institutions and processes and to generate hope in the realm of socio-political change.
  5. There is a pressing need to authentically counteract social distrust and hopelessness.
  6. Every right that we have is coupled with a corresponding responsibility.
  7. Getting involved is our way of remembering and honoring those who defended the sanctity of the ballots even to the point of death.
  8. Inaction contributes to the whole problem and it only emboldens the oppressors.
  9. We need to be united and help one another so that our voice and force will be stronger.
  10. Effective social transformation needs to start from us – the people.

In order for us to achieved effective social transformation by the year 2010:

10 ACCOMPLISHMENTS that Should Be In Place By 2010

  1. Held those responsible for anomalies in the past elections accountable to the people.
  2. Revamped, professionalized and depoliticized COMELEC
  3. Modernized electoral system
  4. Paid a special attention to ARMM and the problem of warlordism
  5. Reviewed electoral laws and installed the needed reforms
  6. Developed mechanism that entrenched a deeper political education of voters, fostered public accountability of politicians, encouraged civic participation, and sustained a coordinated political action among the youth, civil society groups and Church-based organizations
  7. Cleaned the voters’ list
  8. Encouraged people especially the youth to register in order partake in the elections.
  9. Created avenues for constructive political engagement.
  10. Propagated the message of hope by showcasing individuals and groups who concretely help our country in various capacities.

To prepare for the year 2010 SLB has 10 options for involvement:

Political Education:

  • CGE: Citizenship by Good Example
  • Pinoy Voters’ Academy (Brgy. Edition, ARMM Edition, 2010 Edition
  • Kwentong Bayan
  • Gabay Halalan

Research and Publication:

  • SiLBi Newsletter
  • Electoral Reforms

Community Organizing and/or Mobilization:

  • Bantay Pangako
  • Disenfranchised Voters
  • Reg2Vote Campaign
  • SLB Volunteer Program

To partner or help in the campaign here are the contact details:

Loyola House of Studies
Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Contact Information:

Tel. 426-6101 local 3440 / 3441
Telefax: 426-5968
Mobile: SUN 8600
SLB (09228600752)

E-mail: slb@admu.edu.ph

Will this be the dawning of a new beginning towards a truly participatory democracy where we can level the political playing field? Will we see some if not all the groups desiring genuine change for once to let go of their bulging ego and come together in solidarity working towards meaningful change? It takes a lot of courage, sacrifice, hardwork and stubborn tenacity to achieve some if not all of the 10 to do list and 10 accomplished by the Year 2010 and it is fast approaching. Are we up to it or are we content at dreaming the impossible dream shrugging our shoulders clueless as ever?


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