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Feeling like a fish out of water

Do you ever get a feeling that you're like a fish out of water, I certainly am at times when discussions about a 60 year old man messing with a 16 year old girl is justified in the name of love, LOL.
Perhaps we are really being judgmental and harsh without being aware or consider where it was coming from because oftentimes people see things along the lines of what is considered legal and prevailing culture of people back in the country.

On the other hand in the course of going around the social networking I chance upon Ninotchka Rosca's comment which became my favorite quote of the day, to wit:

"One has to render judgment, lest these things and views are never changed."

I must admit that I did poke fun and made a joke about it a number of times. I really have to stop joking about this because it does not really help but just makes it worse that we become an enabler of DOM (dirty old man) and exploitation of minors in the Philippines instead of helping come up with solutions.

The problem is we have an antiquated anti-rape law that would you believe was already amended in 1997 but is still in a Taliban like era in protecting or lack of it minor children?
In this amended law sex with minor is considered as rape only when the child is below 12 years of age. It makes you wonder if those that crafted and voted for this amendment think that children stops being a child once they had their first menstrual period. What is even more perplexing is the inclusion of incest without classifying it as incest, don't we have laws against incest in the Philippines or did they remove it altogether?

Of course when we hear a celebrity of international fame at that gets embroiled in a scandalous relationship people get shocked and reacts violently. Well at least just in the social networking site, a virtual world in written word and we ought to be thankful for that, I should say more so with Ka Freddie.

There is a need to pressure our lawmakers to first improve HB 0681 by raising the age to 18 or at least 17 instead of just 16 years old in order to discourage and prevent pedophilia. We already have so many problem with criminals and criminal minded misinterpreting due process to be beyond the right to be heard in court in a just and fair manner. It gets even more exacerbated when we have so many antiquated laws that exploits instead of protect our children.

While we are at it we need to really rid congress with PDAF and DAP because if they can't even come up with laws that exploits instead of protect our children what more with enabling laws on anti-political dynasty that's been sitting idle in our constitution for so long?

To those people insisting that it was Aguilar and the 16 year old girls personal business let me leave this question for you to ponder on......... If you have a 16 year old daughter will you give them the blessing to have a relationship with a 60 year old man or even Freddie Aguilar himself?
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Freddie Aguilar, cradle snatching, PDAF, DAP & WMD

Leave it to the lazy plundering legislators of the Philippines making Ka Pervie errr Ka Freddie Aguilar as the unofficial ambassador to foreign pedophiles.

Lolo Freddie’s trending  publicity that’s going viral now will eventually serve as an invitation for foreign pedophiles to come on over to the pedophile haven without the risk of dealing with troublesome Taliban. While it is definitely worst in Taliban controlled areas where they marry off 8 year old girls to men as old as sexagenarian Ka Pervie the Philippines is really not that far off with 13 as the age of consent  for little girls.

Some wags are saying that Ka Freddie’s favorite key is “A Minor” and it does have some basis when he brags that it was not his first time to play house errr be in “love” with a minor since his 3rd wife was just 17 years old. Experience so to speak or was it serial pedophile openly admitting his attraction to little girls?

It seems that Ka Pervie consults his dictionary from time to time as his basis for justifying his cradle snatching saying the dictionary never or did not specify who should be in love. My suspicion is he did not just looked it up in the dictionary but the laws on statutory rape because it seems that our greedy legislators are so fixated with their PDAF and DAP that to this day we have a Taliban like laws when it comes to exploiting errr protecting our minor children.

Ex US President George Bush could have avoided waging war in Iraq looking for non-existent WMD when he could not have looked no further because it was in the Philippine congress all along, LOL. Say what, am I nuts or what, WMD in Philippine congress? Well, our present laws are antiquated and if ever they craft a new law they can’t seem to figure out if it makes sense and the reason is because of WMD (weapon of mass DISTRACTION) in the form of PDAF and DAP. They can’t focus because they are distracted and fixated with the millions in windfall profit errrr funds for their pockets ooops,  I meant constituents.

Can you believe that sexagenarian like Ka Freddie Aguilar can have sex with little girls age 12 to 18 without worrying about getting charged with statutory rape? If ever the victim files a complaint the little girl has to prove first that she is a virgin before she had sex with her boyfriend old enough to be her great grandfather. Now how exactly can that be proven when she already had sex with a cradle snatcher is indeed puzzling. Assuming it can be proven the offense is not considered a public crime and therefore the authorities will not pursue the case until the victim files a complaint. As if that is bad enough the complaint that can be filed was just for seduction which carries a light sentence and would probably be most likely a slap in the hand.

It is frustrating that we still lived in the dark ages when it comes to laws protecting our minor children. What is even more annoying is while they came up with HB 0681 that raise the age from 12 to 16 the age of consent it is still short of 2 years. Ironic that while they came up with laws addressing the problem of children in conflict with the law they failed to consider if the government has the infrastructure to implement the law properly to be effective. And while they saw the problem with minor children you would think that they would at least reviewed the flaws of the present law regarding the protection of minors from sexual predatory pedophiles.

As if the situation is not getting worse and at the time that the senate and congress is embroiled in PDAF plunder scandal Senator Ralph “Vilma Santos” Recto is asking for an increased in DAP, is he clueless or what or does he wander in his own reality?  This after his colleagues got caught not just stealing but plundering their PDAF, what was he thinking? When a scandal breaks out regarding thievery and plunder leaders with their moral compass still intact would have come up with safeguards to ensure and prevent their colleagues from raiding the coffers instead of asking for more. What message is Recto trying to send, they need more to speed up their insatiable appetite for dirty money? If you still think that Scrap the Pork is not the right call, think again because money and ton loads of it that can easily be plundered is a distraction thus they can’t do their job of crafting laws that makes sense.

Clearly, retaining PDAF and DAP serves as a WMD and of course makes pedophiles happy since they are too distracted to even come up with laws that makes sense. In the meantime enjoy the song of my idol and FB friend Dennis Garcia of Hotdog who Ka Pervie probably wants to hit with his old people's walker, LOL …………
I am not so sure if Maegan the daughter of idol Ka Freddie of Apo errr Anak fame understood what pedophilia means. She is raging mad and ranting at her dad's critics calling them morons and stupid. Opppps I guess that includes me, hehehe but then again she seems like detached from society because society to her is shackling, LOL.

Freddie Aguilar and her daughter Maegan says it is love, but the what the father and daughter probably failed to do is look up the meaning of pedophilia which is defined as the act or fantasy on the part of an adult of engaging in sexual activity with a child or children. If they look it up some more like in a Britannica encyclopedia it is even considered a mental illness, perhaps they need to add more vocabulary instead of just looking at the meaning of love so they don't get in trouble with society and the online world in particular because our laws are useless.
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