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'Not a Mistake': NASA in Disbelief over Rate of Melting Ice | Common Dreams

'Not a Mistake': NASA in Disbelief over Rate of Melting Ice | Common Dreams

2012 SONA (State of the Nation Address)

The much anticipated SONA (State of the Nation Address) of President Benigno Aquino III marking his third year in office as the nation's leader has been delivered and I would say quite disappointing for some people. Ok, don't get me wrong now. I read the Filipino and English version and seriously I am impressed at the improvements and inroads complete with figures considering the past nine (9) years of plunder and endemic corruption we have been subjected to by the Arroyos. 

So, how will it be disappointing to some people when he actually produced some major improvements considered quite a feat in a nation where corruption seems to be the norm? Well, there is the narcissist impeached and convicted Renato Corona who three (3) days earlier thought that the world revolves around him will be subjected to the president's relentless attacks on his person as part of his SONA spits errr speech. Here's a snippet of Inquirer Visayas Ador Mayol's report:

Corona told reporters here on Wednesday that he was informed by his friends in Malacañang that criticisms against him were part of the President’s annual address to the country.

“Actually, this is nothing new,” Corona said, noting that he has been getting constant attacks from the President even after the Senate voted to remove him from office on May 29. “There is nothing that I can do if he wants to do that.”
The closest reference to Renato Corona with his name not even mentioned was in reference to the lowly court interpreter Delsa Flores sacked for not declaring her market stall in her SALN. If there's anything that Renato Corona ought to be thankful for is that Delsa Flores is not as bitter anymore knowing even a Chief Justice can get fired for failing to accurately disclose what they are worth. If there is any reference at all to Renato Corona, he was just part of the bigger picture, that of the state of mind of the president's detractors of mostly sour losers, hehehe, to quote:

 With every step on the straight and righteous path, we plant the seeds of change. But there are still some who are committed to uprooting our work. Even as I speak, there are those who have gathered in a room, whispering to each other, dissecting each word I utter, looking for any pretext to attack me with tomorrow. These are also the ones who say, “Let go of the past. Unite. Forgive and forget so we can move forward as a people.”

I find this unacceptable. Shall we simply forgive and forget the ten years that were taken from us? Do we simply forgive and forget the farmers who piled up massive debts because of a government that insisted on importing rice, while we could have reinvested in them and their farmlands instead? Shall we forgive and forget the family of the police officer who died while trying to defend himself against guns with nothing but a nightstick?

Shall we forgive and forget the orphans of the 57 victims of the massacre in Maguindanao? Will their loved ones be brought back to life by forgiving and forgetting? Do we forgive and forget everything that was ever done to us, to sink us into a rotten state? Do we forgive and forget to return to the former status quo? My response: Forgiveness is possible; forgetting is not. If offenders go unpunished, society’s future suffering is guaranteed.

True unity and reconciliation can only emanate from genuine justice. Justice is the plunder case leveled against our former president; justice that she receives her day in court and can defend herself against the accusations leveled against her. Justice is what we witnessed on the 29th of May. On that day, we proved that justice can prevail, even when confronted with an opponent in a position of power. On that day, a woman named Delsa Flores, in Panabo, Davao del Norte, said “It is actually possible: a single law governing both a simple court reporter like me, and the Chief Justice.” It is possible for the scales to be set right, and for even the rich and powerful to be held accountable.

This is why, to the next Chief Justice, much will be demanded of you by our people. We have proven the impossible possible; now, our task is reform towards true justice that continues even after our administration. There are still many flaws in the system, and repairing these will not be easy. I am aware of the weight of your mandate. But this is what our people tasked us to do; this is the duty we have sworn to do; and this what we must do.

Our objectives are simple: If you are innocent, you will appear in court with confidence, because you will be found not guilty. But if you are guilty, you will be made to pay for your sins, no matter who you are.
What really strikes me was Corona's attitude or is he really delusional just like Arroyo? Anyway he says he forgives those including officials in Malacañang who had worked to take him out of the Supreme Court. Forgive meaning one was persecuted because if those were the exact words coming from a convicted murderer upon sentencing, I don't think the judge and the police will treat it lightly and consider it as a serious threat, isn't it?

But then again if Corona was referring to those fools at Lolong's errrr I meant Batasan Pambansa lower and upper house representatives where a self-congratulatory mural  celebrating the victory of the prosecutors in his conviction, then yes he may want to forgive them for their juvenile display of EPALness.

What I find odd is the fashion statement being strutted around the halls of Lolong's Crocodile Farm este Batasan Pambansa as if it was a Hollyweird event sans the red carpet. While there are marked improvements in governance how can people dressed to kill errrr dressed so elegantly when there are still quite a number of people that are barely surviving brought about by poverty? Such elegant display is uncalled for and only shows that the elites of our society especially of the Trapo kind are insensitive, but then again we already know that so what's the point of bringing them back to earth? LOL.

So when the likes of Corona says move on or moving on I prefer President Benigno Aquino III's conditional moving on, as in justice should prevail above all unless we want to revert back to the same injustice of the old corruption days.

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