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Junkets and the Pinoy Big Briber

I love this on and off quarrel between Joe De Binola errr Venecia and Madame de Garci hija de DM Macapagal Highway Robbery, non-stop kiss and make up then backstabbing each other at every opportunity they get. We see the JDV behest loan resurrecting while JDV leaks the extravant junket of 34 tongress errr congress people a really long queue of circus freaks of an entourage for the 9 day European trip of La Mahadera errrr Presidenta. This is very encouraging, I say they should keep at it and pretty soon all their dirty linens will be out in the open so the people will know and act accordingly.

Romie A. Evangelista of Manila Standard (yes, that’s the same liepaper errr newspaper where Lard Factory errr columnist that prints the offensive OFW bashing article) gets the nod of half a thumb’s up of approval from this political jaywalker for this informative news on the highly extravagant unnecessary junket as entourage to the Garcified President. JDV insist that the house of tongress did not spend nor did he authorize releasing a single centavo for this trip. It sure is nice to hear that JDV is saving the taxpayers a huge amount of money but it really does not make a difference if we look at the totality of funds squandered to maintain these selected and comelected officials. If JDV was telling the truth where exactly is the fund coming from that attracted a horde of kibitzers tagging along for a free ride? Well, your guess is as good as mine and surely it will not come from the private pickpocket errr pocket of the Lady by the stinking Pasig River.

House members and their companions were given $5,000 round trip business class tickets, $500/night accommodations, $500 daily food allowance and $3,000 allowance for the duration of the trip according to a congressman who declined to be identified. The following are the list of tongress people in Manila Standard article which I quote:

House sources identified those who joined the trip as Southern Leyte Rep. Roger Mercado, Bataan Rep. Albert Garcia, Bacolod City Rep. Monico Puentevella, Quezon City Rep. Nanette Castelo Daza and Noel Orate, Zamboanga City Rep. Erico Basilio Fabian, Sultan Kudarat Rep. Datu Pax Mangudadatu, Pampanga Rep. Ana York Bondoc, Pampanga Rep. Aurelio Gonzales, and Manila Rep. Zenaida Angping.

The others listed were Quezon Rep. Danilo Suarez, Pampanga Rep. Juan Miguel Arroyo, Zamboanga City Rep. Ma. Isabel Climaco, Buhay Rep. Ma. Carissa Coscolluela, Occidental Mindoro Rep. Ma. Amelita Villarosa, Bulacan Rep. Reylina Nicolas, Zambales Rep. Ma. Milagros Magsaysay, Quezon City Rep. Mary Anne Susano with friend Evangeline Evangelista, Batangas Rep. Victoria Reyes, and Masbate Rep. Rizalina Lanete with Mayor Judd Lanete.

The wife of presidential legal adviser Sergio Apostol, Leyte Rep. Trinidad Apostol, Pangasinan Rep. Rachel Arenas, Palawan Rep. Abraham Mitra with mother Cecille Mitra, Nueva Ecija Rep. Rudy Antonino, Samar Rep. Rey Uy, Batangas Rep. Dodong Mandanas, Zamboanga del Sur Rep. Tony Cerilles, Batangas Rep. Mark Mendoza, Marikina Rep. Del de Guzman, Leyte Rep. Carmen Cari, Rep. Ann Tan of Eastern Samar, Tarlac Rep. Monica Loise Prieto Teodoro, and Rep. Arnulfo Go of Sultan Kudarat were also included in the list.

The total amount of $17,000/Tongressman x 34 equals a whooping $578,000 or P2, 476,000 at P42 to $1 conversion squandered like money is going out of style is just preposterous and that does not even include the amount of monies to be spent by the first couple. Remember these names, if they are your representative you may want to ask them what their business in that trip is and what exactly was the point of their trip as your representatong errr representative of your district.

It does not really comes as a surprise when it comes to squandering money since these fooliticians treats the national coffer like their own private stash because our apathy does not help in keeping them honest.

Christmas is approaching and it’s all about giving, we can respond to these shenanigans by visiting the new awesome fun website of Black & White Movement. In the style and format of Big Brother reality TV show tilted PINOY BIG BRIBER and just like the idiot box show you can vote to evict the participants. It would have been nice if the site not just zeroes in on La Presidenta but the tongress people as well but then again we might as well cut the head off this monstrous political aberration to get the message across that we have enough. Let us give the Lady Garcified her comeuppance with an eviction vote. The sites’ goal was to have at least 50,000 votes before Christmas and they have passed it, adding your vote will somehow show our generosity and if you spread the word around we may reach a critical mass more effective than the military adventurism hotel take over. The site even has a downloadable postcard that can be found here.

Ok, I know people will almost always ask who should replace her….. really why do we even ask such ridiculous question as if there is no alternative to a garcified extravagant president. When EDSA II to which Jose Pidal errrr Mike Arroyo claims to have clandestinely orchestrated a coup that successfully drove out the Asiong Salongat presidency was she any better than Erap? Obviously not because the jueteng problem was still there with Compadre Bong Pineda reportedly holding meetings inside the PNP headquarters and jueteng is as strong as ever with different lords this time around. Rampant corruption is as bad with scandals sprouting like wild mushrooms bigger and anomalous as ever done with utter disregard nor any sense of decency. It is high time we revisit the Migrant’s Manifesto and get this going once more while we resolutely rid our nation of scalawags.

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