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Conclusion......from part 2 & part 1

A brief background on Quarry fee collection (source, for a more detailed comprehensive and legal background and opinion visit J. Soriano & Lito Basilio’s blog)

Congress website reported that Natural Resources and Development Corporation (NRDC) the corporate arm of the Department of Natural Resources (DENR) used to collect quarrying fees from 1999 to 2001. NRDC was able to collect P382 million averaging P131 million from 1999 to 2001 until they turn over the responsibility of collection to the Pampanga provincial government. Now why in the name of Lady Madaya (cheat) will they do that?

As soon as the vultures errr Lapids (father now a senator and son former governor both using their actors credential to run the provincial capitol) was given the responsibility to collect, the drop in revenue was like jumping off the plane without parachute collecting a measly sum of P20 million averaging P10 million annually at the time of the tongress inquiry..

The Shameless

Give it to tongress with their “brilliant” investigative work in the guise of the overused rationale in justifying their 1 minute of fame in the broadcast media. Looking in all the wrong places arriving nowhere because they seem to focus on how to project themselves trying to appear brilliant in front of the idiot box is just so pathetic. Guess what they gathered in their so called investigative work? A survey conducted by the private sector representatives of the Regional Development Council (RDC).

In the survey most businessmen in Pampanga perceived the provincial capitol system of collection for quarry taxes are tainted with corruption and irregularities. Was that a surprise or what? Now why on earth are they getting paid with so much taxpayers’ money and all they can show for it are surveys? What’s up with survey and feeling the pulse of the people or peoles' perception?

Heck, we already know that people since time immemorial perceives elected and appointed officials down to the rank and file no doubt perceives them as corrupt so why delve on surveys? It makes me wonder why they are so concerned with perception instead of digging for facts and those criminally liable. Holy mackerel they are after all “representatives” of the people, so if they are more concerned with perception instead of legislation what does that tell us?

These people are just like my neighbors in the exclusive village of social rejects or the congregation of fishermen’s wives in their gossip sessions……. concerned with what people are saying than focusing on their own private lives. What an odd similarity with the representongs just like the cheat errr chief executive so obsessing fixated with perception instead of focusing on their duties and responsibilities on a public trust sworn by them to govern effectively for the common good.

During the reign of plunder errr the term of the Lapids it was marred by the proliferation of “fake receipt”, so is it not more logical to find out why it happened instead of how people perceived the collection process? Assuming we believe their tall tales that the “fake receipt” was the reason for the grossly inefficient pathetic below 10 percent of the previous collection of P131 million annual revenue of NRDC. In effect if their findings were accurate then for every 10 truck load they can only collect legitimately from1.3 truckload and the collectors assigned to collect pockets 8.7 truckloads?

It was outright thievery and to think that it went on unabated for 6 years is beyond explanation. How can they not detect this? Are the collectors playing Jueteng (illegal numbers game) thus yearly they are losing P121 million? Well it does not take a lot of time to play Jueteng, unless they are moonlighting as jueteng collectors themselves and leaving the collection to the cobra men and women (collectors) of the Jueteng Lord known to reside in his mansion in their province.

The Lapid’s are known to own a quarry business enterprise, whatever happened to “delicadeza” and conflict of interest? Why were they allowed to control the quarry tax collection or why did the father and son not relegated the duties and responsibilities to another public official that has no interest in the quarry?

In the Ordinance 176 the board members has remove the governor and was not even a member of the council so what’s up with that? They remove an official for diligently structuring the collection in a transparent manner while the past governor whose pathetic dismal collection with conflict of interest and widely perceived to be on the take was allowed to control the collection for 6 years. Why the haste to remove the efficient collector who is barely six months in office and to think they voted unanimously so they can revert to their old bad habits?

As if the situation is not worse enough, NRDC has a standing “offer” to the provincial government to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) guaranteeing a minimum of P120 million a year back up by bond if the provincial government appoints them as the quarry collection agents. Ok, I can understand that the government is getting short changed by about P11 million a year so they rejected the offer.

So why in the world did the provincial capitol collected even less than what NRDC would shortchange them on a measly P10 million a year? Where did they learn how to count anyway, from Garcillano and the tongelec commissioners? I don’t expect politicians to have any business sense but even the dumbest of the dumbest has foresight way beyond these fools “fixing” a perfectly working collection process earning an average of P1 million/day in a years time can be hovering around + - P260 million (5 days a week) double the NRDC P131 million and TENTY SIX TIMES (26 x) repeat TWENTY SIX TIMES the Lapid’s P10 million/year. Should they not focus on investigating these anomalies making the Singson/Eraption Jueteng payola pale in comparison?

Why is Giuiao and the rest of Among Ed’s detractors so fixated on lambasting and belittling the efforts of Among Ed quarry collection that will make their province the richest instead of pursuing the corruption case against the Lapids? It makes me wonder if they are doing this as part of the usual posturing all sound bytes to boost their ego willing to pursue their “good deeds” only to a point? To a point where you don’t disrupt the monkey business of corruption since scalawags think in their narrow pea SIZE brain that all men are just like them? Now, can we blame people if they perceive his zarzuela act as tantamount to a brat’s tantrum not getting their share of the goodies? Are the people right into thinking that they are now after Among Ed because they can’t dip their dirty fingers in the quarry revenue and might as well spread the bounty down the mayor’s level and take their chance of getting their share of the bounty with scalawags? Some people are telling me that it maybe that getting some is better than none because they can’t bribe someone seriously taking his vow of poverty. What do scalawags do when they cannot sway an honest man of impeccable integrity to their corrupt ways? Give him a hard time and just like their tongress counterpart connive like a Mafiosi mob using sheer numbers to wrestle control away from him.

These people never cease to amaze me, another reason for not appointing NRDC citing a regional trial court decision which held that the power and authority to collect taxes from quarry operations was an inherent and non-transferable right of the local government. If that is the case why in the name of plundering buffoons will the gang of thieves’ errr local board passed Ordinance 176 transferring the collection duty to the mayors?

Even more Shameless

It is not possible for the quarry fee collectors to have done this without the people in the provincial capitol and the Governor not knowing what’s going on, after all P121 million loss in revenue yearly for 6 years is not a measly negligible amount. In the same manner that it is impossible for the national government to have not noticed this and especially with presidential son Mikey Arroyo actively involve in the Province being a representatong errr representative of the house of ill refute errr congress.

Mikey’s mother is a hands on president to a fault that oftentimes it makes me wonder if she would have been better as a supervisor instead of cheat err chief executive. She can erupt like Mt. Pinatubo when she sees trivial things in her visits to government facilities and berate those running the agencies when she is displeased. So why was she so eerily silent in her hometown, when the provincial capitol is losing P121 million a year or a total of P726 million based on NRDC’s past revenues?

For six loooong years the people in government have done nothing except grandstand but the scalawags and thieves are out there laughing their way to the bank leaving the people of Pampanga holding an empty bag.

Evil prevail when good men fail to act………. Ignore this and abandon Among Ed’s moral crusade for good governance and forever sink in the quagmire of corruption wher we may not recover. Let this pass and our children and their childrens children will wonder what our present generation did why they are in such a society so perverted and sick retrogressing centuries back to a wild animalistic survival of the fittest. If we don’t act now who will, if not now when? We snooze we lose, one province at a time and we may see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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