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Freedom to SPIT & Samina Malik

Ok, I meant freedom of speech not freedom to spit & Samina Malik but looking at this 23 year old fancying herself as the “Lyrical Terrorist” who thinks that separating “Kuffar” Infidels (non-believers) head from their body is cool really makes one think if freedom of expression is at issue here or spitting at those decapitated heads of the victims and those they left behind.

Let us start with a little backgrounder on Samina Malik the subject of a raging debate on tolerance, religious freedom, freedom of speech blah blah blah sentenced by a judge in UK court last Thursday to a nine-month suspended sentence and 100 hours of volunteer work. She was convicted for possessing material that included an Al Qaeda manual, a reference work on "mujahedin poisons" and bomb-making instructions, which prosecutors said suggested that the British-born woman was linked to violent extremists.

She thinks using an internet name of Lyrical Terrorist writing puwittry (ass) errrr poetry celebrating beheading was cool. She pens militant poetry on the backs of used sales slip to pass her time while working as a sales clerk in a WH Smith bookshop at Heathrow Airport. On one receipt she wrote “ The desire within me increases every day to go for martyrdom”. Whoa, what was that all about? Was it purely a deluded fantasy that she claims are just “harmless” words or if given a chance will explode herself to kingdom come taking with her other victims whose only fault was being at the wrong place and time?

Incidentally Samina Malik had been exposed to the teachings of Abu Hamza al Masri, an Egyptian-born cleric who preached in support of Al Qaeda but was dismissed from his post at Finsbury Park Mosque in 2003 after police opened a terrorism investigation. He eventually was convicted on charges of encouraging the killing of non-Muslims and inciting racial hatred, and was sentenced to seven years in prison. He faces separate charges in the United States in an alleged attempt to establish a terrorist training camp in Oregon.In court she has claimed to be seduced by the violent sermons of radical clerics as she began exploring Islam, and that she adopted the Internet moniker "Lyrical Terrorist" because it "sounded cool." While her writings revel and glorifies violence condemning non-believers she told the court during her trial that she never meant any of it.

Below is an extract from one of her poem:

"How to Behead"

It's not as messy or as hard as
some may think.
It's all about the flow of the wrist.
Sharpen the knife to its
And before you begin to cut the
flesh, tilt the fool's head
to its left.
Saw the knife back and forth.
No doubt that the punk will
twitch and scream.
But ignore the donkey's ass.
And continue to slice back
and forth.
You'll feel the knife hit the
wind and food pipe.
But Don't Stop.
Continue with all your might.

She claims that it was all meaningless poems and should not be construed that she meant to act on her words that it was what it ever was, simply meaningless words. Indeed to write about something and translating it into action are two different things, so the question and debate that is raging on the internet to which Clattery MacHinery and other bloggers expounded on the subject to a point of bestowing upon Samina Malik the poster girl of free spit errr expression to world Malik day (yikes) has drawn quite a number of bloggers to take her side and castigate the UK prosecutors for even bringing this “poor” aspiring poet of the lyrical terrorist kind to the court.

Was she convicted for possession of ugly thoughts? Disturbing if indeed she was convicted based purely on her repugnant writings and possession of jihadist material but is she really just a deluded impressionable person expressing her repugnant violent mindset incapable of acting upon her thirst for the macabre? Mind you this beheading is not just some video game but actual persons like Daniel Pearl lured by his criminal jihadist abductors on the story he was chasing ending up in such dastardly barbaric execution being a westerner and an infidel or non-beiever. Where is religious tolerance from the point of view of this barbaric jihadist Muslims? Do they even have a concept on freedom to exercise one's religious faith when all others outside of their religion are the kuffars of Samina Malik deserving to be decapitated?

Did she deserve the "harsh" sentence? I dare say that home confinement is a wrong sentence. She should have been ordered to seek professional help instead, but then again the UK judge will then be compared to the infamous gulags of the past Stalin regime of institutionalizing dissidents. On the other hand she is definitely not a dissident and one who glorifies and sees nothing wrong with beheading and longing to be a martyr as in suicidal human bomb definitely needs professional help.

The other question that some of her "symphatizers wanted answered is if the UK court overzealously prosecuted her based on her being a Muslim? Did the court erred in the conviction? Was her right and freedom to express herself curtailed?

In retrospect it is equally disturbing how some muslim leaders such as Sheikh Abdul-Jalil al-Karuri, the imam of Abu-Shahid mosque and an adviser to Sudan President el-Bashir on cultural and religious matters, stand on the British teacher Gibbon Williams. For "defaming" and "disrespecting" Muhammed she was convicted and sent to prison thankfully without the lashing while the Sudanese Muslim mobs are demanding a more serious crime of sedition should be filed and that is for naming a cute teddy bear Muhammed? He was quoted as telling his faithful followers running amok on the streets that 15 days was an insufficient punishment for such a grave offence considering this happened on September 15 at the start of Ramadan, making it even more offensive. To make matter worse Sudanese saber rattling Muslims who took to the streets demanding death to the infidel to which I presume in the manner of Samina maliks liking….. beheading. So while we ask for tolerance can we say the same of the moderate Muslims and “human rights” advocates of the poster girl Samina Malik side asking and demanding for tolerance for Gibbon Williams as Michelle Malkin candidly asked in her post?

Gibbons definitely did not deserve a day or a minute in Sudanese prisons nor should have been tried in the first place and if it was freedom of expression and tolerance that Samina Malik's followers are demanding they really need to look in the mirror real hard and ask themselves look who's talking.

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