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Among Ed, GK & The Trapos

I am wondering how Anak ng Jueteng errr Dennis Pineda son of sore loser Lilia “mother” Baby Pineda husband of “kingmaker” Bong (whose fundings we don’t know where it came from since we can’t “violate his privacy”) president of PML (Pampanga Mayors kulig errr League) godson of Lady cheating errr seating in Malacanang regarding this article of Tonnette Orejas of Inq7 taking this? There it is announcing to the whole world… ok maybe to the worldwide Filipinos reading the article on the net on a massive partnership in Pampanga of Gawad Kalinga as announced by Tony Meloto and the nations’ symbol of hope Gov. Ed Panlilio.

The article clearly repudiates vice-gov. Guiao’s accusation that Among Ed has not done anything except collect quarry taxes. Well how about we turn the table and ask Guiao what exactly has he done that’s even close to what Among Ed has achieved in a very short period of time as Governor and before his election? Oh yeah he actually had some “accomplishment” if we can call it that but I am sure the Lady known for eruption is so happy when he led all the pack of local officials in swearing their undying love and devotion for La Presidenta. True to the call of GMA in her new year message for unity, they are actually united so united in a Mafiosi style of grabbing quarry tax collection in passing and overruling the governors veto powers on that Ordinance 176.

The partnership intends to reach out to 21 towns all of whom are ganging up on Gov. Panlilio with the exception of San Fernando Mayor Oscar Rodriguez, well what do you know? Unlike the trapos with their exclusionary attitude GK and Among Ed shares the blessing to their constituents because that’s how it should be and hopefully the people of this province realize the difference in having a leader not identified with any of the Mafiosi type trapos fattening their pockets and bloating their egos.

Is this a wake up call folks? The jueteng and quarry crooks ought to get their acts together and cooperate with Gov. Panlilio's good governance while there is still time for them not to self destruct but knowing how greed and ego gets in the way, they will still not get it. Their constituents and Filipinos worldwide are watching and seeing the kind of people that was "elected" and its about time they hold these “liders” (a popular term for bogus egoist leaders) accountable and responsible and demand transparency and why exactly they are trying to snatch the Quarry Tax collection from the most efficient collection they have ever seen.

Let me just share the email coming from one of the leaders of GK, Jose Montelibano:

Yesterday, the GK leadership received a contingent of Among Ed supporters from KMI or Kapangpangan Marangal Inc., including Archie Reyes who now serves as the governor's chief of staff. After the announcement last December 27, 2007 at Macabebe, Pampanga, in a gathering at Villa Magdalena, that Among Ed is adopting Gawad Kalinga as a pillar of his vision for the province, the coordination work between the two groups has been a regular activity despite the holidays.

On the suggestion of Tony Meloto, the Pampanga contingent visited the Gawad Kalinga villages in the heart of Taguig so they could appreciate what urban development for the poorest of the poor can look like. Risa Velez of KMI, herself an interior designer, commented that the Gawad Kalinga units would be considered "first class" in Singapore and Hong Kong where space is very limited. The visiting group also interviewed the Gawad Kalinga residents of the Poveda and Fuji Xerox GK Villages and learned about the bayanihan format of building a village - donors and residents and volunteers from various groups working together with the active support of Taguig mayor, Freddie Tinga.

Another trip to Gawad Kalinga, this time on a rural setting, is being scheduled by the Among Ed staff and supporters. Meanwhile, Gawad Kalinga will meet with Among Ed in Pampanga, preferably in an existing GK village, to show how the governor can immediately weave into the Gawad Kalinga program in his province. It is anticipated that Pampanga will host at least 20 GK villages by year-end. And if Among Ed will be able to allocate local funds as the province's counterpart to what Gawad Kalinga is raising abroad, there is no reason why every barangay in Pampanga cannot host a Gawad Kalinga village in the foreseeable future.

There is strong support in North America for Among Ed and his provincial administration. This strong support combines with the strong support that overseas Filipinos are already extending to Gawad Kalinga. A Gawad Kalinga alliance with Among Ed promises a bright future for the landless and homeless in Pampanga, the perennial poorest of the poor who are the priority of both icons of the marginalized. The alliance will all the more be a powerful one in the battle against poverty because Gawad Kalinga's program is multi-sectoral where each well-meaning citizen or organization is welcome to contribute time, talent or treasure.

The forces of good are marching on while the evil forces are lurking in the dark like mafiosi mob will of course be in forefront of the "Photo-op" once it gets going in all hypocrisy while scheming how to get their hands on the Quarry Tax revenue with the help "ATM Journalist" away from the hands of an honest governor.


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