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The Romualdez, Roxas, & Aquino political Drama in Haiyan’s aftermath

The bickering, blaming game, and the crying drama have been dominating my Facebook wall and it can really get tiring or even annoying. What makes it even obnoxiously annoying is how this squabble is starting to create a wedge or was it a simulated wedge that what I am seeing are just paid hacks influencing the gullible social media people?
Fish tale straight from the fishes mouth.
It’s a damn if you do and damn if you don’t situation, thanks and no thanks to the paid hacks muddling the issue. Not that the national government was remiss in early warning. As a matter of fact the president no less went on prime time national TV to announce the dangers of the impending super typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. How exactly did some people react if I may ask? They ridiculed the president and even got upset because their prime time idiot box show was interrupted by the president who they believe just wants his face splattered on national TV. They can't believe the president they keep calling abnoy is wasting their time on some typhoons that is a normal occurrence of hitting the country 20 times a year anyway. Or so they thought not realizing this one packs a wallop so powerful that it has becomes the strongest that ever made landfall.

Sadly ignorance can kill and in the hands of the disgraced now resurrected political family dynasty it can kill not just one or two human beings but thousands that could have been prevented with just a few keystroke on the computer. How hard or how difficult is it for the mayor of Tacloban to go search the web what is a storm surge? Don’t tell me they don’t have the luxury of time because in 22 seconds google came out with 55,100,000 results and they could have grasped the enormity of the grave dangers to start evacuating the people to safer grounds. If the people of Tacloban see their mayor ignorantly thinking that he can sit out Yolanda/Haiyan's wrath how exactly will the people react especially when no one told them that a storm surge is one of the major causes of death in a super typhoon?

Instead of overseeing and monitoring the emergency situation he decided to just order his chief of staff to stay at city hall to monitor what is happening while he sits it out in comfort by his beach front mansion rendered useless as he clings for dear life by the roof. Imagine the stupidity! Knowing his mansion is right smack the path of a super typhoon and he opted to sit it out is like a script out of the Dumb and Dumber movie, LOL.

So far Mayor Alfred Romualdez has successfully deflected the issue on his accountability and responsibility on the thousands of death that could have been avoided. By playing a blaming game complete with crying drama that gives tear jerker soap opera a run for their money. Romualdez story telling a lie is just like a tele-novela that gets improvised as the series unfolds as if concocted by writers for audiences to demand for more drama or was it? I am not a fan of Roxas but I can surely understand where he is coming from being a victim of outright lie myself concocted by a guy but worse than a fishwife gossip monger that's so fantastic to even be believable, hehehe.

Politicians are known for white lies while corrupt public officials as we all know have elevated lying into an art form. So while DILG rules indicate that B&W communication is needed for them to take over it is still just a formality. One has to insist on it when dealing with a liar. The media blitz complete with edited video highlighting Roxas comment presented in the wrong context plus the crying drama and outright lies of Romualdez validates such fears coming from Roxas. This is where the irony is, while people complain about the use of the term storm surge that they have no clue and even the Kring Kring of the wife of Romualdez admits on TV. There seems to be no lack of talent when it comes to editing audio and video to present Roxas in the wrong context enough to convince the gullible that Roxas and the Aquino administration is unfairly pressuring the poor victim of a mayor in "politicizing" the tragedy for Mar's presidential ambition, LOL. Well, to say that people are a sucker for the underdogs is an understatement but is Romualdez really an underdog? Lest some people forget Romualdez belongs to the long disgraced and discredited political family dynasty, a close relative of the frozen stiff one former dictator who once ruled the country with an iron fist and a reputation as a congenital liar. A Romualdez of the Imeldific tribe wannabe royal blood that's more like prone to blood sucking than royal.

Romualdez should consider himself lucky that the president only blamed him for his debacle and poor preparation, he should have been held accountable and responsible for the thousands of death for dereliction of duty and incompetence with deadly consequence. But guess what, this is where trapos excel at like the Arroyo’s, able to deflect the issue by saying the president is playing a blaming game and gullible people are taking the bait hook, line, and sinker.

Funny how people or were those paid hacks accusing Roxas of politicizing the tragedy when it was Alfred Romualdez that sees politics in what is asked of him. He sees the a black and white request as a resignation letter when he wants curfew imposed by the soldiers and his fans rants and raves right away that Mar was too fixated on processes and too legalistic. Perhaps, Roxas came in too strong but this is a nation where nothing moves without the “processes” that was put in place due to decades old corruption. This is a nation where processes are interpreted in so many creative ways and failure to do so can also be interpreted in various creative ways. Despite all the whining and crying and on national TV at that by Romualdez he never wrote anything as requested. Come to think of it, he maybe the dumbest person there is because how can you write a letter of request that serves as a resignation letter beats the crap out of me? LOL. But then again this the husband and wife that has no clue what is a storm surge and now does he think his crocodile tears is enough for him to escape responsibility and accountability for the deaths in the thousands of his constituents?

Someone please organize all the survivors of the Tacloban Yolanda/Haiyan and sue the LGU, yes that means the crying drama prince mayor and Kring Kring of a wife councilor of wrongful death class action lawsuit for incompetence and criminal negligence to protect the welfare and well being of their constituents. No one says that taking the straight narrow path is easy, it is not as straight as we thought it is and there are roadblocks and other hurdles that we need to pass in order to get where we want to be............. But then again is this administration really serious or are they being taken for a ride by the corrupt people around them?
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