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Rogues Gallery

Update: 4/13/12

Ruben Ecleo, Jr. convicted of parricide for for the brutal murder of his wife  Alona Bacolod-Ecleo. RTC Branch 10 judge Soliver Peras handed down reclusion perpetua or imprisonment of 20 years and one day to 40 years plus more than P25M in damages to the victims family.Judge Soliver Peras of RTC Branch 10 meted on Ecleo the penalty of reclusion perpetua or imprisonment of 20 years and one day to 40 years. 
Cult leader Ruben "Hannibal" Ecleo Jr. supreme master of the Philippine Benevolent Missionary Association (PBMA) accused of parricide, killing his wife by strangulation Alona Bacolod in her residence in barangay Banawa, Cebu City on Jan. 5, 2002. Alona's remains were found three days later inside a plastic bag dumped in a ravine in Dalaguete town, in southern Cebu.
Will you leave this guy alone with your sister, daughter or any female member of your family much less in the halls of congress?
If you asked the gullible ignorant voters of Ruben "Hannibal" Ecleo, Jr. and Congress particularly his kulig errr colleague under hospital arrest Gloria "Rumamona" Arroyo it probably will be a resounding yes.

Perhaps it was Ruben "Hannibal" Ecleo Jr., who gave Gloria Arroyo the inspiration to display her Hannibal Lecter look alike contraption in her pity me pics, unfortunately her arrogance and unimaginable impunity dwarfed (pun intended) their desperate attempt at portraying a delicately sick politician with a life-threatening illness.

If her spin doctors are as smart as her medical doctors, (oh I take that back it seems there's more to that than meets the eye) they probably would have come out with something more believable gimmick in their great escape attempt. Her doctors & the St. Luke's Hospital may be in trouble with PMA, as it turns out there are 100 medical practioners who can treat Gloria Arroyo's not so life-threatening disease. But then again was there really a certification coming from St. Luke's Hospital or was that another one of those Comelec Back door operation like documents? There goes the Medical Tourism once touted by Gloria Arroyo when she was the unelected but definitely Garcified presidential term when she insist that not a single doctor can adequately treat her in the Philippines

Arrogance and huge ego has always been a problem why criminals fail to escape the long arm of justice. Just like Saif Kaddhafi who thought he is in a position to negotiate the terms of his surrender with the International Criminal Court found himself in the custody of the Transitional Government Forces, something he dread about but ended up with them anyway.

A criminal who rises up to the rank of the "Honorables" and an "Honorable" who may end up as a hard core criminal if the electoral saboteur charges sticks. The irony of ironies is that somehow our political institutions seems to attract criminals and law abiding citizen turned politicians are not just attracting criminals but turning into criminals themselves. 

The sad part is this maniac is just one person with fanatical followers willing to die for him. It appears that the police are afraid to arrest Ecleo even though he is already convicted. Below is an old post that I feel needed to be brought up to show where our politics is going (unfortunately I seemed to have lost the original posting in the process, LOL).
Philippine Congress Elevates Criminals Even Cult Leader Ruben "Hannibal" Ecleo Jr. Accused of Parricide & Convicted of Graft & Corruption to Honorable Status

In civilized society even a small scandal is enough reason for politicians to resign their position and bow their head in shame as they fade away from the limelight. Decent civilized people are outraged and scandalized signaling the end of a promising political career. In the Philippines especially in far flung areas, political warlords of different persuasion are having a heyday lording it over their fiefdom. Politician involved in killing as grave as parricide even manage to get themselves elected and while people are indignant their protestations are muffled by the endemic corruption and endless scandals that rocks the nation.

Alona Bacolod a 4th year medical student died of strangulation on January 5, 2002 at age 27 in her residence in Barangay Banawa, Cebu City, whose remains was stuffed in a plastic bag found three days later dumped in a ravine in Dalaguete, a town in southern Cebu.

The accused principal suspect in the killing is Philippine Benevolent Missioner’s Association (PBMA) heir to the title of Supreme Master Ruben “Hannibal” Ecleo Jr. the late faith healer founders’ namesake son who claims to have the ability to “manifest his physical presence in different places at the same time.” How Ruben Ecleo Sr. was able to pull that one off is a mystery in itself or simply a case of people’s ignorance and gullibility. The accused killer is also a rocker although we have no clue if he is good or a bad musician but definitely at par with his counterpart when it comes to drug use being a shabu user. He is also former Dinagat Island Mayor and now elected representative of the lone district of the same island, this time inheriting the position from her mother Glenda Ecleo after maximizing the three term limit running unopposed as governor.

Dinagat Island is an idyllic paradise characterized by its scenic pristine rock formation but beyond its tranquility exist an aberration that defies its peaceful façade. The principle of separation of church and state is a big joke in a place of beauty and serenity spoiled not just by the presence, but usurped over as a fiefdom by cultist numb nuts morphing into political overlords complete with private armies armed to the teeth. The Ecleos has ruled Dinagat Island dating back to the time of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos considering them as an important ally that he even pays a visit because the Ecleos are able to deliver command votes similar to te Ampatuans of Maguinadanao.

Ruben “Hannibal” Ecleo Jr. was granted bail because his parricide case according to reports if accurate was downgraded to homicide which is really bizarre considering  that  Alona the victim is his wife and mother to their children. It is most likely this fixation on respect for the accused rights has more weight in our pathetic justice system in disregarding the circumstance of the crime. The BS coupled with the drama on the allege heart ailment according to doctors who examined him, alleging he may drop dead anytime enabling him to post bail. A ticking walking bomb they claim but to date has not had his heart bypass operation despite his allege delicate medical condition was able to campaign and win a congressional seat. One of the most outrageous "medical" claim was the heat in his jail cell may supposedly trigger a fatal heart attack. Are these quack doctors errr physician serious? It is not like the moron errr Ruben “Hannibal” Ecleo Jr. was not used to this climate, fer cryin out loud he was born in the tropics. HUDAS errr who does he think he is some balikyabang big shot who complains about the heat when they visit the Philippines? Well, have they not considered that Ruben Ecleo is treated like a queen inside his cell? His harem errr cellmates are reported to be so “awed” at his presence that they fan him to sleep and place themselves at his beck and call. Of course its a symbiotic relations which he seems to reciprocate and enjoys the "good times" with his harem errr fellow inmates, to quote:
Ecleo likened his condition in jail as being like that of a newlywed--adjustments have to be made.

He said he slept well because his inmates fanned him until he fell asleep.

"They are nice. Most of the time they are OK. They assist me. I enjoy being with them because we talk a lot. We're having such a good time," he said.
Although we can’t tell if the reason for such subservient slave wife like behavior of his paramours errrr cell buddies can be attributed to his being a "fun loving" cultist supreme master or the violent nature of  his fanatical followers having no qualms at committing dastardly act of murdering Ruben Ecleo’s known or perceived enemies.

Why he was allowed to post bail is beyond comprehension? The very reason for denying bail is when the accused posed a grave risk and danger to society far outweighs granting the person’s rights to liberty. You would think that if it took a combined police, swat teams, and an army backed with helicopter gunship operation just to serve an arrest warrant holed up in his mansion surrounded by fully armed elite bodyguards with 2,000 fanatical followers, some of whom were armed engaging the authorities in a deadly firefight, leaving 17 people dead in the carnage before Ecleo finally surrendered is compelling enough to throw away the keys. Unfortunately, justice in the Philippines is one unfathomable aberration that even fools in a mental institution will be hard put to comprehend or think that this is not crazy. How a case that has so far changed hands to seven different judges tells you something amiss is going on because the violence that follows this case such as the cold blooded murder of the head private prosecutor Atty. Arbet Sta. Ana-Yongco in her home office, Alona's  family murdered in their home taking along another  fatality their neighbor hit by stray bullet lead to the Ecleo's PBMA fanatic if not crazed followers.

This is the recalcitrant accused killer taunting the authorities in a radio broadcast before the raid in his mansion that if the authorities wants war it is war they will get. Was that someone the court is confident in releasing to the public? On the other hand this rambling Rambo full of machismo was as pale as a ghost in fear when one of the newly sentenced convict tried to stick in his ass an improvised shank of a sharpened toothbrush.  It seems that when this Rambo trying hard impersonator was unable to appease the desolate convict, his remark unduly exposed his true character, may have triggered the attack when he said he wants to call his mommy now. While we will not know for sure if that was what triggered the attack it definitely exposed this macho Rambo impersonator bravado as nothing but a puny balding mama’s boy. He may be a coward and a mama's boy when on a one on one situation but it does not follow that he is harmless when he is surrounded by his well armed bodyguards having no qualm at murdering his perceived enemies.

Do they really think this psycho deserves to be back in society to even deserve to be called honorable is truly amazing? Of course, if we go by the rogues gallery errrr, criminals league oooops, I meant Congress he is in good company considering they have a member incarcerated in Hong Kong accused of drug trafficking, Gloria Arroyo a former president demoting herself to the office perceived as the biggest crook and electoral cheat, Romeo Jalosjos a former member who would have been with him had his Arroyo granted him an executive pardon for his pedophile conviction and so many more criminals elevated to honorable status.

The world is full of the odd and the most bizarre psycho characters but Ruben “Hannibal” Ecleo Jr, is surely one that defies classification in this observation and warning coming from Fr. Leonardo Mercado:
……… Fr.Leonardo Mercado, executive secretary of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines ( CBCP ) Episcopal Commission on Interreligious Dialogue, said Bishop Miguel Cinches, a retired member of the CBCP assigned at Surigao del Norte, has warned parishioners not to join the cult of Ecleo because its teachings were against the Catholic church. Cinches was bishop of Surigao del Norte from March 1973 to July 2001.

Mercado said he learned from Ciches that one of the conditions for PBMA membership is that Ecleo would take advantage of young women members or their female children by having sex with them and forcing them to bear his child.

Cult members would allow Ecleo to have sex with their daughters because they consider Ecleo's child as a "blessing to the family," it was claimed.

The cult also believed that Dinagat island is a "Noah's Ark," where all chosen members residing in the island would survive the "end of the world in the year 2015," Mercado said.
Heck, now what kind of mentally deranged parents will offer their daughters as sexual sacrifice to a pervert psycho is just beyond me. Geez, I will definitely not even dare walk a fierce Pit Bull on the same street where I might come across someone like Ruben “Hannibal” Ecleo Jr for fear she might get eaten alive by the psycho maniac. Or worse he might think I am just like one his fanatic follower offering my bitch errr Pit Bull for impregnation which is really sad for the dog. This psycho has no place in Congress, much more in society at large. On the other hand it makes me wonder if he really is the Supreme Master of the "divine"  will the members of Congress offer their daughters too so they will be blessed with his offspring?

It is bad enough that the authorities allowed a clear danger to society out on the streets again and worse when Ruben “Hannibal” Ecleo Jr. has already been convicted of Graft and Corruption with his conviction affirmed by Sandiganbayan but pending appeal of his conviction to the Supreme Court is allowed to run for office and eventually winning.

In Cagdianao, Dinagat Island Mayor Bernardo F. Alcaria Jr. was sentenced to a jail term of ten years and perpetually banned from holding public office by the Sandigambayan for failing to liquidate and pay cash advances and over payments he received from the municipality totaling just P26,913. In contrast Ruben “Hannibal” Ecleo Jr. was sentenced to 31 years imprisonment for wanton fraud of overpayment amounting to hundreds of thousands and even defrauded the municipality in funding the building of a guest house owned by his organization PBMA, and yet unlike Alcaria who was banned from holding public office the conviction did not stop him from getting elected in congress. It was clearly a conspiracy to defraud the government with his co-accused, former municipal planning and development coordinator Anadelia Navarra, and private contractor Ricardo Santillano of PBMA Builders, each receiving 21 years jail terms.

One is presumed innocent until proven, a legal principle to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity and the right to defend themselves in a fair and balanced court system. The laws are interpreted by judges and justices with lawyers on contending sides arguing for their clients and that is how the justice system works, no way is the law interpreted according to the voters’ perception of innocence or guilt. It is therefore stupid to allow those convicted of graft and corrupt practice act a crime of moral turpitude unworthy of a public servants basic requirement of having a high degree of integrity to run for public office ,with his appeal dismissed by Sandiganbayan the same court that convicted him while pending appeal of conviction with the Supreme Court. Should they not clear their name first since their integrity is in question? Now it is equally irresponsible and unthinkable for the Comelec to allow those accused of serious crimes of violence resulting in death. It is the height of travesty and disrespect to the very office they purportedly represent as the peoples servant when they are involve in not just one killing but multiple deaths as in the case of Ruben “Hannibal” Ecleo Jr

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