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Perception War vs. Reality

Still on perception issue in Palace in Denial an Inquirer.net Blog's comment section I found Kabayan's post refreshing and decided to post the same here. Politicians love to play the lame perception war of words unfortunately in this con game they play it is the people that lose and definitely the victims casualties of useless word wars devoid of reality. Instead of addressing the negative perception which did not come about because someone paid for it but because reality is we do have a scandalous administration after administration in worsening never ending unresolved scandals running in the billions of dollars (not peso mind you even at the plunging dollar rate is still a huge amount of money that will take considerable amount of time if you physically count the actual money) depleting a depleted government coffers.

Feel Free to add what you know in this list so we can compile a comprehensive list of maladministration practices of the present dispensatong errr dispensation with questionable mandate. What an opportune time to list down the scandals plaguing Arroyo's administration and "recency effect" rationale just don't seem to work here due to the long list of scandals from the first day she sat on the throne by the stinking Pasig river. Below is Kabayan's list:

Once again, I refresh the list on why she, Gloria, and/or her administration are deemed not only to be the most corrupt but also either involved, part of, or unable to resolve the following:

  1. Involved in trying to destroy our democracy through numerous Executive Orders like E.O. 464. and E.O. 1017
  2. Part of those who wish to ram Cha-cha down our throats
  3. Massive habitual unresolved election fraud
  4. Involvement in “Hello Garci” Garcillano electoral fraud scandal
  5. Bedol scott free of his involvement in electoral fraud and boasting ownership of an armory
  6. Passports tampering involving the DFA themselves
  7. Cover-ups, protection and worse, giving Coast guard escort to illegal fishermen back to their country (ex. Chinese fishing boat caught at Tubhattaha protected Philippine marine sanctuary - this has happened several times to boot)
  8. Those involved in the Fertilizer scam
  9. Jocjoc Bolante protected by govenment
  10. North Railway anomalies
  11. Policemen serving warrantless arrests
  12. Banning, harassing, and intimidating freedom of speech and assembly
  13. Threats and arrests of media personnel
  14. Those who ignored public bidding (example; like the bidding of the dozens upon dozens of police cars) by abusing “Executive Privilege”
  15. Coddling and protecting corrupt people and criminals (ex. like those who protect and benefited from COMELEC Garcillano, Gambling Lords like the Pinedas, Jocjoc Bolante etc.)
  16. Arresting witnesses to election fraud in Lanao and jailing good soldiers like Gen. Gudani and Colonel Balutan by making the midnight Executive order 464
  17. Arresting of people for simply wearing “Palitan na, Now na” T-shirts
  18. Banning of leaders from making a speech in a Luneta rally
  19. Raiding (without warrant) a house where the opposition were analyzing fraudulent electoral returns
  20. Loss and tampering of ballot boxes in Congressional custody
  21. Assassination or kidnapping of electoral fraud witnesses like Musa Dimasidsing and 3 other teachers for being honest and having integrity
  22. Continued proliferation of Gambling Lords roaming around scot-free like the Pinedas and Singsons.
  23. Military, police officers and government officials who enriched themselves in gambling operations especially those with opulent lifestyles (Maj. Mosqueda, generals and government officials) are still out there enjoying fruits of their crime.
  24. Destruction of the spirit of the law for the ends of the corrupt few especially the one in the top position of the Department of Injustice.
  25. Killing of journalists and people simply because they spoke out against corruption and anomalies.
  26. Allows, participates and abets a host of other crimes by those in power simply because they are allies.
  27. Assigning people who indiscriminately cut trees in City Parks (ex. Arroceros Park) in top level DENR position
  28. Continually try to find ways to do away with public bidding through loopholes in “executive decisions”
  29. Use of public funds for personal election campaigns
  30. Instituted electoral fraud upon our OFWs abroad in the last election (Ahh, those corrupt in power thought this would not eventually be discovered)
  31. ZTE Deal Anomaly involving billions of pesos (Actually it's billions of dollars the purpose of which is to hook government offices in a secure online infrastructure an unreasonably exhorbitant waste of money that the government don't even have which will be financed by China. A burden to the already debt ridden government that will be shouldered by the citizens and future citizens yet to be born, JCPO.)
  32. Questionable “Made in China” deals. (ex. Cyber Ed deal etc.)
  33. Attempting (if not already partially implemented) leasing out of 1 million to up to 2 million hectares of PHILIPPINE agricultural land to a China firm.
  34. Declaring E.O. 464 to prevent Sec. Neri from testifying in additional details in ZTE bribery deal
  35. Bribery in Congress – attempted bribery of Cong. Beltran
  36. P 500,000 Bribery in Malacanang Palace
  37. Quashing of any investigation on the bribery scandal courtesy of the Committee of Injustice in Congress
  38. Arrest and detention of media personnel in Manila Peninsula Hotel
  39. The continuing killings of media men and women along with kidnapping, killing, torture, detention of people and even students.
  40. Attempted revival of the Charter Change
  41. Intimidation and threats by Sec. Puno to media people and networks.

Primarily the proliferation, whether directly or indirectly, of continuing support to this corrupt and evil system is made through people who are either:

a. Paid

b. Employees of governmentc.

c. They are relatives and friends of the corrupt officials themselves.

d. Who directly or indirectly benefit from a corrupt system

I’m certain that decent and impartial citizens of the Philippines have something to add to this list.


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