"In societies where Robbing Hoods are treated like a celebrity it is but natural to expect political parties to act like a Mafia syndicate" Political Jaywalker "In a nation where corruption is endemic people tend to confuse due process with aiding and abetting criminals" Political Jaywalker "War doesn't determine who is right, war determines who is left" Bertrand Russell "You have just one flash flood of money, you keep your people poor. It's like a time bomb and it's scary" Philippine Lawmaker

Is Gloria Arroyo suffering from a Life-Threatening or Lie-Threatening Disease?

Sensing that Gloria “Ruamona”Arroyo’s bogus drama complete with Hannibal Lecter neck contraption will be exposed, her lawyers particularly Flaminiano desperately change their stand like a flip flopping spineless opportunist. Too bad they overplayed their pity card game that she got busted by her doctor, Mario Ver who contrary to the claims bandied about by her lawyers that her condition was deteriorating to a life-threatening illness was not exactly accurate. Ver testified that she was actually recovering well and fit to be released from the hospital to be treated as an outpatient. Now they are upset that it is a violation of the doctor patient confidentiality, ahhh hello, knock knock anyone home? When you used your clients medical condition to defend her legal right to escape errr travel, or justify a hospital arrest you unwittingly waived that right and allowed the courts to scrutinize the veracity of the medical claim. Arroyo’s lawyers seem to confuse the doctors Hippocratic Oath to the great pretender’s hypocrite oath which is totally different, LOL.
Now why would her liars errr lawyers tell a story telling a lie disrespecting first the SC in asking for a TRO to stop the government from preventing their clients to leave for emergency medical reasons? Their appeal was so out of this world enough to make Gloria Arroyo look like the Mother Teresa or the symbol of right to escape errrrr travel that is on the assumption that Filipinos are too dumb not to see the obvious charade. What is surprising is why not one among the 15 justices especially the Ocho ocho Gang never cite Arroyo’s lawyers for contempt, is it because perjury is an accepted legal defense?
Gloria 'Crocodile Tears' Arroyo
If Gloria Arroyo is not suffering from a life-threatening illness then she is definitely suffering from a new illness called lie-threatening disease. If it is contagious she should be detained in isolation lest she infects other prisoners with the same debilitating disease. We just don’t know who had it first or who is infecting who if you look at the antics of her lawyers particularly the egg fixated Ferdinand Topacio. Just because it may be highly contagious that does not afford her the right and privilege of getting confined in a government hospital.

Now that she is really not suffering from a life-threatening illness, she definitely cannot be in a government hospital. She will just deprive poor people of the much needed facility that will be wasted to accommodate her. An accused electoral saboteur occupying a much needed hospital space detrimental to the poor and needy is not exactly the kind of priority people want to see in an administration convincing us that they are on a narrow path of righteousness. That means she should also be booted out of the P50K/day presidential suite at the St. Luke's Hospital immediately.

Now what’s up with La Senadora Santiago who wants to slit her throat and wrist together with retired perennial coup plotter turned senator Gringo Honasan or was it Punasan stating that there will be an international backlash if Gloria Arroyo is humiliated by sending her to jail? They probably have a point that is, if we want to attract the Yakuzas, Mafias, Wall Street Ponzi Racketeers, fugitives, and all sort of international criminals to invest or spend their time in a leisurely vacation to the Philippines. Perhaps the honorable senators are so used to the endemic corruption that we must not in any way manner or form disrupt the status quo? Investors or plain tourist/visitors to the country will of course prefer to visit a place where they hold corrupt officials especially those in high places accountable which serves as a deterrent for cops and other small time corrupt criminals from harassing them to come across illegally. What is puzzling is why the likes of Santiago and Honasan would think along the lines of humiliation in holding corrupt officials accountable when they approved said law? Is it because those laws are intended and applicable only to those small time back door operators, not for big time politicians?

House arrest is definitely out of the question because once a plunder case is brought up against her the prosecutors has to determine if the La Vista Property is clean or no plundered money went into maintaining or sprucing it up so elegantly. There is a special place in hell errrr I meant a place for her but definitely not the posh La Vista Village and it is called BILIBISTA. Listen to Kabataan Party List Representative Raymond Palatino, he makes more sense than borderline cuckoo errr genius Miriam Santiago and former perennial coup plotter senator Gringo Honasan:
“It will be more embarrassing for the Philippines if we do not follow our own laws just to accommodate a former president. The international community will respect us more if we will jail GMA (Arroyo) because we will send a message that we punish those who violate our laws”
Gabriela Party List representative Luzviminda Ilagan says it aptly that “House arrest is a double standard. It is a rest, it is not arrest.” Same with Anakpawis representative Rafael Mariano that everybody should be equal in the eyes of the law. I would even suggest kicking this up a notch with the late former president Magsaysay who says that those who have less in life should have more in law. I am sure Magsaysay (no not the shameless Mitos) did not mean that less is short in height like Gloria Arroyo so she should be treated differently, but destitute to even defend themselves in the court of law.

The absence of full disclosure in making a public statement to gather support for Gloria Arroyo is virtually lying. But in the Bola Bola Republic of Edcel Lagman that is normal and rattled off names of people who were sentenced to house arrest including Martha Stewart. What he fails to mention in the Martha Stewart's case was that her sentence was that it was not exclusively a house arrest and conveniently left out the 5 months in minimum security jail and the house arrest was an additional 5 months sentence. This thing gets better as we see how they lie through their teeth, hehehe. I don't think the people will have a problem if the court gives Arroyo the same sentence. Let us make one thing clear here Martha Stewart was given that sentence for lying when she was being investigated. So if we follow that logic and what Lagman wants for her idol Gloria then a 5 month jail sentence and house arrest is the just sentence for faking a lie-threatening errrr life-threatening illness and I suggest that her lawyers should be included in the same judgment plus the life imprisonment for election sabotage if found guilty, LOL.

Arroyo definitely has to be in jail and may we request which I believe is by popular demand that she is incarcerated at the Cebu Provincial Jail where she can be the lead dancer of the inmates to the tune of Michael Jackson's Heal the world.

What is sad is if Philippine society may have already succumb to the ill effects of endemic corruption, a much lethal debilitating disease compared to the bogus one peddled by Arroyo that will take eons to correct. We can only hope against hope that Tito Sotto is alone or an isolated nut job errr case in his plea for misplaced respect  due he says to a former president now accused of election sabotage. Only fools will think in this manner unless one has done things that may subject them to the same predicament Arroyo is in. What is this world going to when even a priest like Fr. Eliseo Mercado, a friend to Gloria Arroyo has the gall to call those demanding for justice as a lynching mob surely maybe missing his marbles. Perhaps it is this debilitating lie-threatening disease that one gets from associating with a congenital liar with nary an ounce of conscience bleeding the nation dry that distort peoples perspective?
Gloria's Gift of Scam Queso de BOLAnte
So far all is quiet on the fertilizer scam, perhaps now is the time to revive this case and thorough investigation which in all probability will lead to Gloria Arroyo. Christmas is approaching with the possibility of Gloria Arroyo landing hard in jail and the people deserve to celebrate it with real Queso de Bola not Queso de BOLAnte......

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Gloria "Rumamona" Arroyo is in "Good Company"

Update: 4/13/12
Ruben Ecleo, Jr. convicted of parricide for for the brutal murder of his wife  Alona Bacolod-Ecleo. RTC Branch 10 judge Soliver Peras handed down reclusion perpetua or imprisonment of 20 years and one day to 40 years plus more than P25M in damages to the victims family.Judge Soliver Peras of RTC Branch 10 meted on Ecleo the penalty of reclusion perpetua or imprisonment of 20 years and one day to 40 years. 
Will you leave this guy alone with your sister, daughter or any female member of your family much less in the halls of congress?
If you asked the gullible ignorant voters of Ruben "Hannibal" Ecleo, Jr. and Congress particularly his kulig errr colleague under hospital arrest Gloria "Rumamona" Arroyo it probably will be a resounding yes.

Perhaps it was Ruben "Hannibal" Ecleo Jr., who gave Gloria Arroyo the inspiration to display her Hannibal Lecter look alike contraption in her pity me pics, unfortunately her arrogance and unimaginable impunity dwarfed (pun intended) their desperate attempt at portraying a delicately sick politician with a life-threatening illness.

If her spin doctors are as smart as her medical doctors, (oh I take that back it seems there's more to that than meets the eye) they probably would have come out with something more believable gimmick in their great escape attempt. Her doctors & the St. Luke's Hospital may be in trouble with PMA, as it turns out there are 100 medical practioners who can treat Gloria Arroyo's not so life-threatening disease. But then again was there really a certification coming from St. Luke's Hospital or was that another one of those Comelec Back door operation like documents? There goes the Medical Tourism once touted by Gloria Arroyo when she was the unelected but definitely Garcified presidential term when she insist that not a single doctor can adequately treat her in the Philippines

Arrogance and huge ego has always been a problem why criminals fail to escape the long arm of justice. Just like Saif Kaddhafi who thought he is in a position to negotiate the terms of his surrender with the International Criminal Court found himself in the custody of the Transitional Government Forces, something he dread about but ended up with them anyway.

A criminal who rises up to the rank of the "Honorables" and an "Honorable" who may end up as a hard core criminal if the electoral saboteur charges sticks. The irony of ironies is that somehow our political institutions seems to attract criminals and law abiding citizen turned politicians are not just attracting criminals but turning into criminals themselves. 

The sad part is this maniac is just one person with fanatical followers willing to die for him. It appears that the police are afraid to arrest Ecleo even though he is already convicted. Below is an old post that I feel needed to be brought up to show where our politics is going (unfortunately I seemed to have lost the original posting in the process, LOL).
Philippine Congress Elevates Criminals Even Cult Leader Ruben "Hannibal" Ecleo Jr. Accused of Parricide & Convicted of Graft & Corruption to Honorable Status

In civilized society even a small scandal is enough reason for politicians to resign their position and bow their head in shame as they fade away from the limelight. Decent civilized people are outraged and scandalized signaling the end of a promising political career. In the Philippines especially in far flung areas, political warlords of different persuasion are having a heyday lording it over their fiefdom. Politician involved in killing as grave as parricide even manage to get themselves elected and while people are indignant their protestations are muffled by the endemic corruption and endless scandals that rocks the nation.

Alona Bacolod a 4th year medical student died of strangulation on January 5, 2002 at age 27 in her residence in Barangay Banawa, Cebu City, whose remains was stuffed in a plastic bag found three days later dumped in a ravine in Dalaguete, a town in southern Cebu.

The accused principal suspect in the killing is Philippine Benevolent Missioner’s Association (PBMA) heir to the title of Supreme Master Ruben “Hannibal” Ecleo Jr. the late faith healer founders’ namesake son who claims to have the ability to “manifest his physical presence in different places at the same time.” How Ruben Ecleo Sr. was able to pull that one off is a mystery in itself or simply a case of people’s ignorance and gullibility. The accused killer is also a rocker although we have no clue if he is good or a bad musician but definitely at par with his counterpart when it comes to drug use being a shabu user. He is also former Dinagat Island Mayor and now elected representative of the lone district of the same island, this time inheriting the position from her mother Glenda Ecleo after maximizing the three term limit running unopposed as governor.

Dinagat Island is an idyllic paradise characterized by its scenic pristine rock formation but beyond its tranquility exist an aberration that defies its peaceful façade. The principle of separation of church and state is a big joke in a place of beauty and serenity spoiled not just by the presence, but usurped over as a fiefdom by cultist numb nuts morphing into political overlords complete with private armies armed to the teeth. The Ecleos has ruled Dinagat Island dating back to the time of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos considering them as an important ally that he even pays a visit because the Ecleos are able to deliver command votes similar to te Ampatuans of Maguinadanao.

Ruben “Hannibal” Ecleo Jr. was granted bail because his parricide case according to reports if accurate was downgraded to homicide which is really bizarre considering  that  Alona the victim is his wife and mother to their children. It is most likely this fixation on respect for the accused rights has more weight in our pathetic justice system in disregarding the circumstance of the crime. The BS coupled with the drama on the allege heart ailment according to doctors who examined him, alleging he may drop dead anytime enabling him to post bail. A ticking walking bomb they claim but to date has not had his heart bypass operation despite his allege delicate medical condition was able to campaign and win a congressional seat. One of the most outrageous "medical" claim was the heat in his jail cell may supposedly trigger a fatal heart attack. Are these quack doctors errr physician serious? It is not like the moron errr Ruben “Hannibal” Ecleo Jr. was not used to this climate, fer cryin out loud he was born in the tropics. HUDAS errr who does he think he is some balikyabang big shot who complains about the heat when they visit the Philippines? Well, have they not considered that Ruben Ecleo is treated like a queen inside his cell? His harem errr cellmates are reported to be so “awed” at his presence that they fan him to sleep and place themselves at his beck and call. Of course its a symbiotic relations which he seems to reciprocate and enjoys the "good times" with his harem errr fellow inmates, to quote:
Ecleo likened his condition in jail as being like that of a newlywed--adjustments have to be made.

He said he slept well because his inmates fanned him until he fell asleep.

"They are nice. Most of the time they are OK. They assist me. I enjoy being with them because we talk a lot. We're having such a good time," he said.
Although we can’t tell if the reason for such subservient slave wife like behavior of his paramours errrr cell buddies can be attributed to his being a "fun loving" cultist supreme master or the violent nature of  his fanatical followers having no qualms at committing dastardly act of murdering Ruben Ecleo’s known or perceived enemies.

Why he was allowed to post bail is beyond comprehension? The very reason for denying bail is when the accused posed a grave risk and danger to society far outweighs granting the person’s rights to liberty. You would think that if it took a combined police, swat teams, and an army backed with helicopter gunship operation just to serve an arrest warrant holed up in his mansion surrounded by fully armed elite bodyguards with 2,000 fanatical followers, some of whom were armed engaging the authorities in a deadly firefight, leaving 17 people dead in the carnage before Ecleo finally surrendered is compelling enough to throw away the keys. Unfortunately, justice in the Philippines is one unfathomable aberration that even fools in a mental institution will be hard put to comprehend or think that this is not crazy. How a case that has so far changed hands to seven different judges tells you something amiss is going on because the violence that follows this case such as the cold blooded murder of the head private prosecutor Atty. Arbet Sta. Ana-Yongco in her home office, Alona's  family murdered in their home taking along another  fatality their neighbor hit by stray bullet lead to the Ecleo's PBMA fanatic if not crazed followers.

This is the recalcitrant accused killer taunting the authorities in a radio broadcast before the raid in his mansion that if the authorities wants war it is war they will get. Was that someone the court is confident in releasing to the public? On the other hand this rambling Rambo full of machismo was as pale as a ghost in fear when one of the newly sentenced convict tried to stick in his ass an improvised shank of a sharpened toothbrush.  It seems that when this Rambo trying hard impersonator was unable to appease the desolate convict, his remark unduly exposed his true character, may have triggered the attack when he said he wants to call his mommy now. While we will not know for sure if that was what triggered the attack it definitely exposed this macho Rambo impersonator bravado as nothing but a puny balding mama’s boy. He may be a coward and a mama's boy when on a one on one situation but it does not follow that he is harmless when he is surrounded by his well armed bodyguards having no qualm at murdering his perceived enemies.

Do they really think this psycho deserves to be back in society to even deserve to be called honorable is truly amazing? Of course, if we go by the rogues gallery errrr, criminals league oooops, I meant Congress he is in good company considering they have a member incarcerated in Hong Kong accused of drug trafficking, Gloria Arroyo a former president demoting herself to the office perceived as the biggest crook and electoral cheat, Romeo Jalosjos a former member who would have been with him had his Arroyo granted him an executive pardon for his pedophile conviction and so many more criminals elevated to honorable status.

The world is full of the odd and the most bizarre psycho characters but Ruben “Hannibal” Ecleo Jr, is surely one that defies classification in this observation and warning coming from Fr. Leonardo Mercado:
……… Fr.Leonardo Mercado, executive secretary of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines ( CBCP ) Episcopal Commission on Interreligious Dialogue, said Bishop Miguel Cinches, a retired member of the CBCP assigned at Surigao del Norte, has warned parishioners not to join the cult of Ecleo because its teachings were against the Catholic church. Cinches was bishop of Surigao del Norte from March 1973 to July 2001.

Mercado said he learned from Ciches that one of the conditions for PBMA membership is that Ecleo would take advantage of young women members or their female children by having sex with them and forcing them to bear his child.

Cult members would allow Ecleo to have sex with their daughters because they consider Ecleo's child as a "blessing to the family," it was claimed.

The cult also believed that Dinagat island is a "Noah's Ark," where all chosen members residing in the island would survive the "end of the world in the year 2015," Mercado said.
Heck, now what kind of mentally deranged parents will offer their daughters as sexual sacrifice to a pervert psycho is just beyond me. Geez, I will definitely not even dare walk a fierce Pit Bull on the same street where I might come across someone like Ruben “Hannibal” Ecleo Jr for fear she might get eaten alive by the psycho maniac. Or worse he might think I am just like one his fanatic follower offering my bitch errr Pit Bull for impregnation which is really sad for the dog. This psycho has no place in Congress, much more in society at large. On the other hand it makes me wonder if he really is the Supreme Master of the "divine"  will the members of Congress offer their daughters too so they will be blessed with his offspring?

It is bad enough that the authorities allowed a clear danger to society out on the streets again and worse when Ruben “Hannibal” Ecleo Jr. has already been convicted of Graft and Corruption with his conviction affirmed by Sandiganbayan but pending appeal of his conviction to the Supreme Court is allowed to run for office and eventually winning.

In Cagdianao, Dinagat Island Mayor Bernardo F. Alcaria Jr. was sentenced to a jail term of ten years and perpetually banned from holding public office by the Sandigambayan for failing to liquidate and pay cash advances and over payments he received from the municipality totaling just P26,913. In contrast Ruben “Hannibal” Ecleo Jr. was sentenced to 31 years imprisonment for wanton fraud of overpayment amounting to hundreds of thousands and even defrauded the municipality in funding the building of a guest house owned by his organization PBMA, and yet unlike Alcaria who was banned from holding public office the conviction did not stop him from getting elected in congress. It was clearly a conspiracy to defraud the government with his co-accused, former municipal planning and development coordinator Anadelia Navarra, and private contractor Ricardo Santillano of PBMA Builders, each receiving 21 years jail terms.

One is presumed innocent until proven, a legal principle to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity and the right to defend themselves in a fair and balanced court system. The laws are interpreted by judges and justices with lawyers on contending sides arguing for their clients and that is how the justice system works, no way is the law interpreted according to the voters’ perception of innocence or guilt. It is therefore stupid to allow those convicted of graft and corrupt practice act a crime of moral turpitude unworthy of a public servants basic requirement of having a high degree of integrity to run for public office ,with his appeal dismissed by Sandiganbayan the same court that convicted him while pending appeal of conviction with the Supreme Court. Should they not clear their name first since their integrity is in question? Now it is equally irresponsible and unthinkable for the Comelec to allow those accused of serious crimes of violence resulting in death. It is the height of travesty and disrespect to the very office they purportedly represent as the peoples servant when they are involve in not just one killing but multiple deaths as in the case of Ruben “Hannibal” Ecleo Jr

Article source:

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The Twilight Saga of Gloria Arroyo’s Rumamona Attempt

Now that the warrant of arrest was issued and served on Gloria Arroyo, the next thing people are so curious to see is her mug shots. Nothing special there, nope I take that back. Unlike Erap Estrada they had him hold his own inmate identification number, while Arroyo’s was just imprinted on her mug shot. It makes one wonder if it was real as the source is anonymous, but then again what is important is that she is under arrest.
While at it there is really no truth to the rumor and I have verified this infallible information that Gloria Arroyo was assigned O-2-10 for her inmate identification number.

The only good thing I can see from this is that my FB friend MJ will not feel his rights and freedom to spit is not being suppressed anymore in the state's refusal to release Gloria Arroyo's mug shot.

Hopefully with the arrest of Gloria Arroyo Ferdinand Tupak-cio was able to save his nuts and no one can excuse him anymore of circumventing the law or was it circumcising the HDO?

What is worrisome is the hospital arrest, especially when the people in the administration as if they are in a choir group are singing in a chorus or rather telling us that Gloria Arroyo must be treated befitting a former president. Really now, I hope that they are not taking that on literally as we the people might just suffer national heart attack when we see where she is at instead of a cold cell.

P50,000.00 a day, that is where the accused electoral saboteur is billeted at in a presidential suite at St. Lukes Medical Center comparable to presidential suites of luxury hotels. If the room alone with all the amenities of a luxury presidential suite cost P50K, the attending physician is a separate charge who will bill their patients according to the price of their hospital room which in this case is the most expensive suite available in the hospital. Imagine the cost it will entail, what about the medicines and other incidental expense? 
This presidential suite with its own luxurious dining table will of course offer gastronomic fare that I suspect the lady known for her Le Cirque extravaganza will enjoy tremendously once the media eased up on her coverage. She is still in the take pity on me stage that is just making her look more pathetic than anything else. As to how she can gain sympathy when she even has at her disposal a private butler to boot, that's something for her spin doctors to figure out.

The militant groups has a very valid point in insisting that the accused electoral saboteur must be treated like any ordinary criminal who belongs in a jail not some presidential suites of hospitals that comparable to being billed in luxurious presidential hotel suites. Inmates are inmates and should be treated equally or the same way as other are treated.

That I believe is the problem why we get these scandals every so often when inmates like former Governor Leviste treats Muntinglupa Penitentiary as if it was his vacation to come and go as he pleases. Remember the likes of pedophile Romeo Jalosjos driving around the prison compound in his SUV, even constructing a sports clubhouse?

If it was negative perception that they fear, this is where the focus should be at when even criminals as long as they belong to the privilege few are treated differently. As if that is not bad enough, when the courts agree to have Gloria Arroyo confined does it mean the state pays for the bill? They should right as it has the courts permission and approval isn't it?

The state should really think this hospital arrest over very carefully and meticulously. What if she lives to 104 like Huguette Clark the reclusive and eccentric mining heiress who died in May at 104 after spending the last 22 years of her life in a hospital at US$1,000/day paid a total of  $4.9M? Gloria Arroyo at 64 years old if she stays in the hospital at 104 can easily double the amount spent by the late Huguette Clark and this will be shouldered by the state as in we the people?

Jun Versola probably is not aware of the hospital cost of Gloria but he has some very valid points that he raised at Facebook, to quote:
100x more than where GMA should stay (whether hospital, house, special jail or common cell), what I really really want the govt to do is to uncover the truth behind the high crimes--the means used, the main accomplices, the gory details, if you will.

If she's convicted and jailed for life, let's say hooray, why not, but if only 10% of the truth is uncovered in the process, then justice has not been served, and the demons will remain with us. That, my friends, stands as one of the biggest lesson of the Marcos dictatorship's overthrow, a lesson that many among us have apparently not understood.

My point directly relates to (1) the need for Congress to immediately pass the FOI bill, and (2) the need to set up an independent people's commission that can serve as amicus curia helping the courts in pushing for successful prosecutions.
Brilliant I should say precisely why to this day the frozen stiff one still haunts us like a ghost that never seems to go away and the lies just keeps on getting ostentatious as it gets old. In a country where money trump’s logic and reason where ATM journalism is the name of the game we may one day end up hailing Marcos the frozen stiff one to be canonized as a saint, LOL. What say you Pnoy? Let’s get on with the Freedom of Information and the setting up of an independent people’s commission; we have nothing to lose but our dreaded culture of corruption so we can at least regain our sanity and collective self-respect.

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Ferdinand Marcos, the Frozen Stiff One

The Marcos historical fraud being peddled intended for the gullible is truly sick. At the rate they praise the frozen stiff one you would think he is a saint dropped from heaven for the poor Filipinos who needed a dictator for their national masochistic perversions. Glad to see credible videos such as this television series in the US titled Unexplained Mysteries detailing the plight of treasure hunter Roxas.

Part 2

Decades of corruption that gets worse as the nation's traditional politicians fool the people that the Philippines is headed for democracy probably explains why we see perversion of its history.

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Gloria Arroyo's Saga of the Weak or the Wicked?

Never have we seen a dramatic reversal of role such as this wherein the once arrogant powerful woman known for her tantrums and flare ups will desperately portray herself as the helpless weak victim of a “vindictive” administration. At the height of her power fresh from treacherously manipulating people in what turned out to be a cheap imitation of Edsa I is quite unimaginable considering this is how they were described by an Inquirer editorial back then:

Of course, what may be immediately apparent with the First Gentleman’s court conduct is that it seems apposite to his spouse’s outbursts, her propensity to bang the phone at the slightest hint of bad news and to walk out of press conferences when she does not like the questions being thrown at her. If only for their vile temper, the two are really compatible. They deserve each other.

So are official outbursts a platform and policy of the government? We don’t know. What we have observed is that the legendary presidential temper seems to operate by osmosis -- from the President’s spouse and kin to the President’s fellow workers in government. What we’re seeing is a new public administration system: a management by flare-ups, a presidency by eruption.”

Are people really buying this cunning portrayal of a human rights victim pretender? If you asked the “Ocho Ocho Gang” looks like they did or is it because they owe her their cheat errr seat in the highest court of the land that whatever shred of credibility was left, led by their Chief Justice whose appointment was legalized, and even institutionalized (sounds like they have to be institutionalized, LOL) wait that’s not the right term hehehe or was it constitutionalized? Clearly that has the makings of a constitutional crisis but no one in his or her right mind had the urge to cut off his balls or a suicidal Miriam Santiago with an urge to slit her throat and wrist?
Ocho Ocho Gang

Arroyo’s pleas political, not human rights an article written by Raul Pangalangan succinctly explain the very obvious sinister ploy of the Arroyos. It can only be seen once we pierce the legal rhetoric that will expose her pseudo invocation of the sacredness of her human rights when her true intent is to escape justice as her final supreme perversion of our democratic institutions.

While the Aquino bashers are having a grief on their intense demand that the Aquino administration must abide strictly to the letter, coma, paragraph, phrase, period, or what have you, hehehe of the constitution to let the rule of law prevail, they seem to miss the charade altogether, LOL. A quote from the article:

Portrayed as victim

One, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has been portrayed as the victim boxed into a corner and fighting for her survival. Lest we forget, the supposed underdog here is a former President and now a member of the Philippine Congress, with loyal allies and appointees in high places, with a formidable war chest at her disposal, much of it our own money, the criminal complaints say. She is not a political nobody by any stretch of the imagination.

Two, if there was any legal sleight of hand, it lies in the TRO, which consolidated the separate cases of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Jose Miguel Arroyo. In a discussion of this case with some law school classmates, it was asked: How did Mike get to benefit from Gloria’s medical emergency?

Looks like no one seems to notice that Mike as big as he is can easily fool the people and may have slipped unnoticed had Sec. Leila de Lima not chosen to stick to her guns.

Neal Cruz may be right in his suspicion that Mike has an inside man in the SC because how else can you explain the advance flight booking? To quote his Flight is a sign of guilt:
Add to that the fact that Mike Arroyo seems to have an inside man in the tribunal who told him that the justices would issue the TRO on Tuesday. The moment the TRO was issued, the Supreme Court spokesman held a press conference to announce it (before the DOJ was even served a copy of the order), and the Arroyos were all packed and ready to go. In fact, they had already booked flights out of the Philippines in several airlines. They would have been able to leave, too, had not De Lima issued orders to the Bureau of Immigration to bar them from leaving. What’s more, Mike Arroyo allegedly told a friend that they would leave the moment the TRO was issued. How did they know a TRO would be issued on that day?

Rina David says it will be a duelling of martyrs. Sec. Leila de Lima will likely be sent to jail for contempt, should that happen spin masters will have a heyday pitting the two against each other. Who will likely win the pity crown depends on how the Filipinos look at martyrdom?

It appears according to Rina David that the Arroyo’s will be charged in court on the day of the SC en banc session. If that happens the TRO will become moot and academic and the “Ocho Ocho Gang” will have a reprieve on the ridicule from the citizenry.

The road to democracy indeed is not a walk in the park, as Boy Montelibano puts it aptly:
Democracy, however, is not about the freedom of speech. It is in its very core about a justice system that is, simply put, fair and equitable to all. From an environment where equality, liberty and fraternity are enshrined, democracy can find nourishment and growth.

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Gloria “Rumamona” Arroyo’s Right to Travel or was it a foiled Houdini Great Escape?

If there is anything that is so pronounced in the characters that hugs the headlines in the Philippines, it is none other than their vicious callousness to be at the center of attention even to the point of ridiculousness. As if the pity pics and the wheelchair bound Gloria "Rumamona" Arroyo arriving at NAIA in an ambulance does not give us an overdose of Zarzuela we see more characters joining the fray. How else will you explain the disgusting reference to cutting of the balls of Arroyo’s lawyer or a senator’s (Miriam Santiago) mental disorder of having an urge to slit her throat and wrist because they feel that the victimizer has now been victimized is just insane.

Why can’t these people think of something “enlightening” other than their balls and committing suicide to make a point? If they insist on this silly ball that some suspect is missing I suggest that we bring this a notch higher by asking the 8 justices who issued the TRO to Gloria that should she not come back, said ball should be fed to them as undercooked soup ingredient for their pink slip party. I am sure if that was part of the precondition to issue the TRO the 8 named justices below will probably think twice:

Chief Justice Renato Corona, Justices Presbitero Velasco Jr., Arturo Brion, Diosdado Peralta, Lucas Bersamin, Roberto Abad, Martin Villarama, and Jose Perez.
Of course we need to be entertained with La Senadora Miriam Santiago’s antique errr antics or this lame attempt to gain sympathy starting with pity pics culminating in the foiled great escape that gives us more ammo for mocking. Do people really care if Miriam Santiago slit her throat and wrist? Well, if the famous slogan of just do it will do I say yes do it and let us see if people will really care. Do the majority of the people really care about Arroyo’s right to travel when they cannot even figure out where to find the money for their next meal, what more for a plane fare and around the world at that?
Is Gloria “Rumamona” Arroyo really seeking medical treatment abroad as Randy David asked how serious is Arroyo’s medical condition in his column? If it was indeed about her very delicate condition as shown in her pity pics why should she opt to travel around the globe that included mostly countries where the Philippines has no extradition treaty? Love the drama that unfolds that makes reality TV shows look like a nursery playground squabble as seen in this SINATorial reaction:
Opposition Senator Joker Arroyo, for his part, said the issue of the ex-President’s medical condition and right to travel was “merely incidental when compared to the executive branch’s move to emasculate and damage the Supreme Court, as it insidiously asserts its supremacy over the Supreme Court.”

“The trend would transmogrify into an autocracy, with the President a virtual dictator, with a supplicant Congress and an inutile Supreme Court. That would make our Constitution a paper Constitution,” Senator Arroyo told the Inquirer, recalling that Malacañang earlier tried to impound a significant portion of the Supreme Court’s 2012 budget and those of other constitutional agencies.

“The public, fully trusting P-Noy (President Aquino), has its guard down. They do not see the undercurrents of the creeping authoritarian bent of the current administration. They are consumed by the high drama involving the image of a sick and forlorn GMA (Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo) being barred from leaving,” the senator added.

“The stakes are high in what appears to be another one of the predictable confrontations between PNoy and GMA. Let us not be misled. The real aim is to upend the structural balance between the executive, legislative and judicial branches provided for in the Constitution to ensure executive dictation, legislative abdication and judicial submission.”
Wait a minute here, emasculating the SIPSIPreme Court? Well if it was emasculation that they are concerned with the SIPSIPreme Court has long been destroyed and has lost its credibility and legitimacy ever since Gloria “Rumamona” Arroyo acting like a thief in the night in her midnight appointment of Renato Corona as the Chief Justice past the deadline which is clearly illegal and unconstitutional. As if that is not bad enough the dishonorable injustices acted like a Mafiosi protecting its own validated the illegal appointment forcing the people to obey their ruling as it has effectively became part of the law of the land. Now, when will the madness stop and when will they stop ruling in favor of legalizing an obvious criminal act and the senator named Joker whines of emasculation? Now with this kind of logic we see from our distinguishable like the Joker and the Chizzy one Escudero claiming Leila De Lima is bringing the country into the brink of constitutional crisis is nothing but a Teopacio impotence cutting off his balls talk.

Senator Koko Pimentel has some valid points that the SC justices may have missed or ignored in issuing a TRO without even touching on the constitutionality of the DoJ MC 41:
“I think it would have been prudent if the SC had first called for a factual investigation on the true medical conditions of the former President before issuing a TRO that would allow her to seek medical treatment abroad,” said Pimentel.

“This because in opposing the TRO petition, I believe that the DOJ cited a factual finding of Health Secretary Enrique Ona that the condition of Mrs. Arroyo is not life-threatening so there is no pressing need for her to travel for treatment,” he added.

Pimentel also noted the assertion made by the Philippine Medical Association that there are so many Filipino medical specialists and hospitals in the Philippines that can treat the bone disease being cited by the former President in wanting to travel abroad.
Hold Departure Order and the Immigration watch list has been with us since Martial Law and funny thing is instead of declaring it unconstitutional strengthened it by issuing MC 41 courtesy of Arroyo’s DoJ secretary Agra. Randy David says it best below:
Many Filipinos and foreigners have been prevented from leaving the country on the strength of this circular. No one questioned its constitutionality—until now. It is no small irony that the one who is questioning it is none other than the former president herself during whose term it was conceived and enforced. If this does not speak volumes about the privileged class’ attitude toward the law, we don’t know what does.
Apparently the haste in the SC decision was not intended to settle the constitutionality issue of MC 41 that was Arroyo’s undoing but a very obvious show of gratitude to their patroness. Since the SIPSIPreme Court did not tackle the constitutionality of MC 41 but just on the specific DoJ order on Arroyo they should have heard the oral arguments first and determined if indeed Gloria is ill needing further specialized medical attention that can only be done abroad. The way they have conducted themselves lately and in the recent past like a gang of Mafiosi capo in validating the CJ unconstitutional appointment will make it extremely difficult for them to fish out their credibility out of the toilet bowl of Arroyo’s dirty politics. In short as Cheryl L. Daytec puts it, the SIPSIPreme Court decision is nothing but a political decision that needs an equal political response.

They whine and have a tantrum as if this new Arroyo tele-novela really is all about justice and yet no one seems to notice why she made airline reservations before the decision came shows foreknowledge, as observed by Daphne Ceniza. Was she privy or have inside information on the decision and if it was proven that the decision was leaked in advance her being their patroness who then will cite those at the SC for contempt?

If that was not the case perhaps Leila Rispens-Noel is right in her suspicion which I quote:
For all we know the drama in Manila with pathetic looking GMA being refused by Immigration officers to board her plane is the kind of public sympathy they were trying to get and they succeeded! GMA 9 years of plunder and corruption forgotten; erased, erased na... sige sick Gloria mag abroad ka na. Suddenly si De Lima ang bad girl... hay naku na lang....

Neal Cruz makes a lot of sense when he says Leila De Lima was just using her common sense over this failed tear jerker tele-novela, to quote:

As I see it, Secretary De Lima is only using her common sense. Already, the justice secretary suspects that GMA may seek political asylum in some other country and not come back to face the very serious charges against her, why should she be allowed to leave the Philippines? Who would be blamed if De Lima allowed the former president to leave and GMA leaves for good? Coming in the wake of the escape of Ramona Bautista, a suspect in the murder of her own brother, letting GMA leave now would be the height of stupidity. As De Lima said in her decision, “we would be the laughingstock of the world.”

But lawyers will always be lawyers and will try to make black look white, and white look black by invoking legal technicalities. Put two lawyers together and they would never be able to agree on any issue. Sure the Constitution guarantees a person’s right to travel, but all rights have their limits, as when they collide with the rights of others. Freedom of the press is limited by the law on libel, freedom of speech is limited by the law on slander, the freedom of workers to strike is limited by other labor laws, the freedom to gather and seek redress for grievances is limited by many other laws.

Think about it, if these empty noise and braggadocio is really about justice and human rights, of all people why use Gloria Arroyo as their poster girl really escapes me but I think supporters of Arroyo legit or paid must answer this question from Neal Cruz:
Why should a person’s right to travel be more important than a whole nation’s right to justice?
The TRO that some numb nuts wants us to obey is really nothing but the SC justices way of paying their debt of gratitude and special accommodation to their patroness as shown by Marites Danguilan Vitug's FB post:
The Supreme Court, on Tuesday, extended the office hours of its cashier to 6pm to receive the P2M cash bond of GMA. This seems very unusual. When Gemma Mendoza, our writer, was arrested (in relation to a libel case filed by Chavit Singson) at about 3pm on a weekday, we rushed to the Pasig court to post bail, on her behalf. The cashier's office closed even before 5pm! Then we had to look for a night court--and arrived in Quezon City hall of justice about 7pm. Guess what? The night court closed at 6pm! Well, Gemma ain't GMA.
Seriously Madam butterfly errr Gloria, do you really expect us to believe you are that sick when you are even wearing high heels in that wheelchair bound pity pic of yours? Here's an unsolicited advise to the allies of Arroyo deluding themselves about impeachment, if the pity sick in the head errr neck Arroyo who was very unpopular could not be impeached during her stolen term, how do you think you will succeed now?

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