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Recall Bid Against Ed Panlilio Brewing?

Something's cooking and the people doing the cooking are not even crooks errr cooks but local politicians close to the daughter of D. Macapagal Highway Robbery errrr project. Say whaaaaat.... A recall bid against Ed Panlilio brewing!

Guess on what grounds or basis the morons are cooking up to oust a very "unpopular" (to the scalawags not the people) governor elect according to an inq7 report......... INCOMPETENCE! Holy mackerel so their governor is incompetent for collecting quarry taxes averaging P1MILLION A DAY and this numb nuts says he is incompetent. Now wait a minute here, something is awry and perversion in its lowest form afflicts those who are supposedly behind the criminal mafiosi conspiracy to rid the province of a man of integrity.

Well blow me down and slap me silly this is like a nightmare that never ends! When Lito Lapid was the governor he barely collected almost nothing from the quarry tax, is that not INCOMPETENCE? Ok maybe he was so competent at pocketing the tax proceeds if the rumor was true as was widely known and circulated in the province so "incompetence" does not apply here. Why do these "great" and "competent" elected local officials not held him accountable then? Are they afraid of the "duwendes" (trolls) that was "killing" Lapid's opponents?

He has a conflict of interest as a governor with responsibilities and duties controlling the quarry tax structure while at the same time own a family quarry business never even landed in the papers much less heard from the geniuses who wants Ed Panlilio ousted.

So what do the geniuses identified with Gloria Arroyo together with equally loyal like running dogs of the administration even supporting him in his successful senate bid? Well, if you look at his “splendid performance” I think people know the difference and another name for INCOMPETENCE is....... LITO LAPID.

So if it was the people whom Ed Panlilio defeated as those behind the recall well what can you expect from these geniuses anyway? Great minds indeed concocting what maybe another "miracle" in the Cobra Man & Cobra Women's (illegal numbers game bet collector) fashion when they shamelessly picketed and successfully stop the anti-jueteng drive campaign since they have a "right" to make an illegal livelihood. Now why am I not surprise that these geniuses will pull something up their sleeves on a "legal" option that will just expose their true intent...... they can't live with transparent, accountable, and responsible good governance.

Well six months has passed and the politicians spent ton loads of money to get elected so they are getting impatient......... you know when they are so used to recouping their "investment" in the shortest time possible and the governor instituted transparency measures in the process you can expect trouble. Big trouble in fact that crooks will resort to anything to a point where they will self-destruct.

All the 21 local officials in Pampanga are ganging up against Ed Panlilio with the exception of San Fernando Mayor Oscar Rodriguez, according to Panlilio. All 14 members of the local provincial board are like their tongress counterpart including youth leaders, que barbaridad do they start them early or what. So young yet so perverted, I wonder how they will turn out once they reach maturity.

I don't think incompetence will fly and according to Lito Basilio a law student, blogger, and avid supporter of Good Governance of Among Ed, one of the basis that may stick is loss of confidence. Well in the land of cheats where laws are interpreted according to who owns errr are in power with an equally loyal injustice secretary and a not so blind justice system anything and everything is possible.

This is the time where I want to see IBP (Integrated Bar of the Philippines) the biggest lawyer group to the rescue of what is just and right against the immoral and perverted politicians’ lust for power and greed that comes with the office. I hate to see them going out of the street to stage a protest like what they did in Pakistan in their frustration at the grind of justice which is more of an injustice in seeking the truth on the raging scandals of this administration.

This is where the Supreme Court is needed the most to shut the trap of these scalawags and let the rule of law takes its due course on what is fair and just. This is the point where I want to see the scalawags where they rightfully belong…… in jail and throw away the keys for good.

Panlilio has extended his reconciliation and forgave them and ask for forgiveness if they have been wronged, we will see how this will turn out next year...... a classic battle is looming, good vs. evil. On one side is Ed Panlilio, his supporters including Ang Kapatiran Party and numerous organizations including the newly formed Save Pampanga Movement and overseas cabalen associations and YOU if you believe in good governance while on the other side will be the 21 local officials backed by an allege jueteng lord reputedly the new "kingmaker" together with of course the Arroyos and their minions plus the ATM journalist. How times have changed, from the sugar barons to gambling lord as "kingmakers" to what's next? KFR (Kidnap for ransom) Lords as kingmaker?

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