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Shameless Impunity of the Forces of Evil! - p2

continued from part 1……

On the other side of the pathetic political spectrum lorded by patronage and personality politics wallowing in the muck of corruption and unexplained wealth desperately sabotaging and frustrating the good governance effort of the duly elected administration of Among Ed. The people opposite to the camp of Among Ed’s moral crusade unhappy with his good governance effort:

  • Lilia “Baby’ Pineda – Bong’s wife, former mayor of Lubao; a former BUKO (coconut) VENDOR, now wealthy business woman; locally revered ‘mother of perpetual help’ because of her yearly largess to the local poor; two term provincial governing Board Member one of the defeated candidate for governor running against former Pineda political ally Mark Lapid. A sore loser who can’t accept Among Ed’s victory as the will of the Pampanga people shamelessly accused a man of the cloth for electoral irregularities.

  • Rodolfo ‘Bong’ Pineda – reputed national gambling, or ‘jueteng’ (pronounced ‘ouetting’) boss of at east nine provinces; wealthy movie producer, fast-food and construction business owner; a reputed ‘king maker’ who, allegedly in order to protect his illegal business interests from prosecution, has reportedly backed several politicians rise to power – including (until the last election) the Lapids. This is the guy who will sue people for libel if they call him a Jueteng Lord and will not open his books to his unexplained wealth because it will "violate" his privacy..... only in the god forsaken province ruled by one with a questionable mandate will you hear such perverted "champions" of "privacy". Duh, privacy ends when there is probable cause to investigate criminal activity and last time I heard Jueteng is still illegal, so what kind of investigatong errr investigative agencies do we have anyway? Come clean and prove he is not a Jueteng gambling Lord instead of invoking "violation of Privacy" just like that self-confessed little brother of Mike Arroyo as the Jose Pidal opening a bank account using an alias.

  • Dennis Pineda, anak ng jueteng errr only son of Bong Pineda godson of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo currently the mayor of her hometown Lubao and president of the Pampanga Mayors League (PML). The “crowning achievement” aside from being anak ng jueteng errr son of Bong Pineda and La Gloria’s godson as PML president was to blame Ed Panlilio for “accepting” P500K from his fairy godmother the Big Briber and boycotting the Capitol’s social functions
  • Mikey Arroyo son of Gloria Arroyo and past vice-governor (at the height of what others believed to be the quarry tax plunder) currently a Representative in a district in Pampanga rumored to have bragged in Congress he is releasing or has released P10 million intended for the “demolition job” to discredit the governor and his good governance. Rumor has it that the disclosure of the P500K bribe by Among Ed has the son wanting to get back at the good governor for impugning the "integrity" of her mother. If the rumor on the P10M is true is it possible he has so much "lahar skeleton" in his closets that to allow Among Ed to be effective in his good governance will expose all those nasty secrets?

  • Manuel “Lito” Lapid & Mark Lapid (Banana Heart), father and son former governors of Pampanga the father now senator turning Mt. Pinatubo’s 1991 eruption disaster for the province, into a windfall for their family while the province suffers neglect needing funds for rehabilitation and reconstruction 100 of millions of pesos were lost to the so-called fake quarry tax receipts. His Family happens to own a very “lucrative” local quarry business, exporting sand and gravel to other provinces. Widely perceived by the local and outside people to have pocketed millions in Kickback as governor has control over tax structure on the lahar quarrying activities. According to reports, Lito lapid’s opponents are dying of mysterious deaths attributed to ‘duwendes” (Hobbits), unbelievable but these people are dead but he still landed in the senate. In the senate performing like their village idiot if this bloggers entry was accurate, funny on the onset but only shows a senator’s perverted mindset is just unreal.
  • Vice Gov. Joseller Guiao, Board Members Crisostomo Garbo, Catalina Bagasina, Tarcicio Halili, Ceferino Laus, Arthur Salalila, Edna David, Ricardo Yabut, Johhny Quiambao, Nelson Calara, and Nilo Caballa are cooking up things through a sleight of hand like a scamming street hustlers without shame passed Ordinance 176 and illegally overruled the governors veto power to let the mayors took over the collection of Mt. Pinatubo Lahar Quarry fees.

Why would the gang errr politicians like Guiao and the ten stooges’ errr board members “reassign” the responsibility of quarry fee collection when Governor Panlilio’s administration is doing an excellent job?

Here is a
hint…… it appears according to this source if indeed it was accurate and not the usual ATM influenced journalist report that Governor Panlilio promised full control of quarry tax collection to Guiao only to “backtrack” later on. Uh huh, well why will Gov. Panlilio promise full control to a politician when clearly the priority was to clean up the mess of the past administrator?

I am not saying or accusing the reporter of ATM journalism practice (new term replacing the infamous envelop journalism of journalist on the take) but what I am questioning here is the perverted mindset of finding fault on Among Ed’s excellent impeccable tax quarry collection never seen before in this god forsaken center of jueteng province. What gave this "journalist" the right to dictate who should take over quarry tax collection through his liepaper anyway.

Early on when Panlilio was starting the clean up process Guiao was all praises like a choir when he is not even inside a church. Now he is lambasting and belittling Among Ed’s achievement in a very short period of time like a brat having a tantrum because he can’t have his cake and eat it too? It makes me wonder if what he is doing supposedly pursuing graft cases against the Lapids are all for show and just like sly politicians will pursue anomalies only to a certain point.

Since they portray themselves as better qualified and assails the governor’s integrity may I asked why for six (6) long years they have allowed quarry tax collection lose several millions to hundreds of millions over the course of 2 past governors and turning the province into the jueteng capital of the Philippines after the power grab of the number 1 Cabalen on an anti-Jueteng platform?

Governor Panlilio has a very transparent collection system that may surpass and break the Guinness book of world record (the only government office operations that is transparent and efficient in the Philippines) that will make the Province the richest in the whole archipelago averaging P1 million/day in quarry fee collection.

Is it because Among Ed being a man of the cloth taking his vow of poverty seriously, he then becomes a liability in the circle of thieves’ errrr elected officials who has no need for material things? He owes no one any favor or any from the vested interest groups thus for the first time in the history of Pampanga a man of impeccable integrity is at the helm?

Is it frustration and greed that drives these morons to connive like Mafiosi mobsters gambling efficient centralized quarry revenue collection away from a man with proven track record and impeccable integrity? What kind of moron will rearrange and decentralize what is working to venture into the unknown transferring the responsibility in the hands of the mayors? Is it because quarry revenues in the hands of the Governor go directly to the Provincial treasury thus they can’t dip their dirty hands in the proverbial cookie jar? Greed or moron you tell me…… at stake P121 million yearly in unaccounted revenues and with Among Ed’s P1 million daily collection we are talking more money than what they were supposedly losing or use to land in some peoples’ pockets of the past Lapids administratong.
Is it because normally election expenses need to be recouped in the shortest possible time that in all shameless impunity grab quarry tax revenue away from the people of Pampanga just like the "happy" days of the past?

To be continued.......

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