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An Atheist for President?

An article by Beverly McPhail in Houston Chronicle brought forth an intriguing question which probably will not happen but just the same makes one pause and think. Suppose we elected an atheist for president she asked in her column citing the visibility of religion in the US presidential nominee race where candidates are scrambling to prove their religious bona fides to the left and right divide of the political spectrum.

In reality this is not going to happen considering that atheist are a tiny speck compared to the majority of the population believing in god to which I doubt if atheist can even put up a candidate much less come out in the open and declare themselves an atheist. That’s a surefire formula for defeat but looking at where we are and the intensifying animosity and violence caused by fundamental Islamic and the fundamental Judeo-Christians, maybe it is not a bad idea after all.

The advantage of having an atheist for president seems to be very logical and maybe a way out of this numbing violence, to quote
Beverly McPhail’s article:

One benefit of having a president who is atheist would be that policies would be adopted or rejected due to science and reason rather than a religious creed that may not represent the beliefs of all Americans. Issues such as stem cell research, evolution and gay marriage would be considered on their merits and in accordance with the Constitution rather than human interpretations of religious texts.

A disadvantage, however, is that journalists and voters would have to focus on substantive policy positions held by candidates rather than their professed beliefs. No longer could a voter hold up a Christian Bible, as one questioner did at a recent Republican debate, and ask if candidates believed every word in the book. Perhaps candidates would have to pledge, instead, that they have read and believe every word in the Constitution.

Another benefit of having an atheist president is that bloodshed could be less likely. Some of the most brutal episodes in world history, including the Crusades, the Inquisition, witch burnings, genocides and bombings by Christian and Islamic fundamentalists, have been conducted in the name of God. Other countries might well be more trusting of our motives if religious subtexts were absent.

The atheist are coming up or maybe OUT is more appropriate with a Humanist Identity Project while you don't have to be an atheist to be a humanist, it is a good alternative to carry around compared to those berserk religious fundamentalist with their gory war of terror/war on terror depending on how you look at it.

Friendly Atheist posted a chain email appearing to have been lifted from the Richard Dawkin's Out Campaign, author unknown, but this one chain email really stands OUT. Unlike the usual chain email I receive especially from Filipinos (you know who you are, lol geez, no wonder the Philippines ranks among the top spammers in the world) on sending superstitious email claiming miracle or bad luck this one does not promise anything of that sort.

Maybe this is what the world needs, a humanist approach especially when we see people kill or launch holy wars or Jihad all in the name of god. Heck even the most corrupt and criminal politicians in the Philippines invoke their "piousness" and supposedly clean graft free life with god as their "witness", what if we take that out of the equation? People have varying interpretation of god and religion thus we see perverted sociopaths acting like messiahs instigating and fuelling hatred and violence against those they deemed infidels or "enemies" of their faith. Instead of declaring god as the supreme being we replace it with LIFE as the most sacred and supreme being in our existence that no one has any right whatsoever to violate the sanctity of our being much less end it to suit their perverted interpretation of fundamental Islam and Juedo-Christian religion.

What if we strictly adhere to separation of church and state and one day woke up where Humanist Atheist are the majority in the world especially in the Middle East? The world will rid itself of unnecessary violence and crazed human bombs brainwashed into thinking they are "martyrs" just so they can have 72 virgins in the afterlife. Think about it maybe a godless humanist is what the world needs and there will be peace................ ok, I'm dreaming........


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