"In societies where Robbing Hoods are treated like a celebrity it is but natural to expect political parties to act like a Mafia syndicate" Political Jaywalker "In a nation where corruption is endemic people tend to confuse due process with aiding and abetting criminals" Political Jaywalker "War doesn't determine who is right, war determines who is left" Bertrand Russell "You have just one flash flood of money, you keep your people poor. It's like a time bomb and it's scary" Philippine Lawmaker

Our broken Philippine Institution, are the Senators capable of leading us?

The Supreme Court conspiracy elicited some concern on the so-called stalemate which was pointed out by Randy David in his article "Bringing the stalemate to an end ". David enumerated a possible scenario of options the senate can do which is:

  1. The Senate can resume its hearings and continue to gather information that may be useful not only to the crafting of new laws but also to the preparation of a new impeachment complaint against Ms Arroyo. The Supreme Court anticipates that the issue may eventually take this route, and so it has admonished the senators against prejudging a case in which they will eventually be the jury.
  2. Or, the Senate can conclude the hearings and cause the filing of criminal complaints against certain individuals, including high government officials. There is an implied promise in the Court’s decision that the evidentiary requirements of criminal proceedings may be allowed to override executive privilege, and thus bring out information that is being blocked in the current Senate hearings.

Knowing that our institution has been destroyed by the perverted rule of the trapos, he then states further:

The chances that any of these two options may prosper depend, of course, on the independence of the House of Representatives where the impeachment case will have to originate, and of the Ombudsman and the courts which will have to investigate and try the criminal cases. The public perception of the credibility of these institutions, at the moment, is understandably low. That is precisely why the public has turned to the Senate hearings for information that they did not think the Department of Justice, or the Ombudsman, or the lower courts cared to unearth.

Indeed and our system has long been broken by the trapos screwing the institution to suit their corrupted and perverted purpose of serving their legal or illegal vested interest. So on the first scenario, the drawback is people are leery to put it mildly on how the senate and the lower house counterpart are doing their job since nothing really concrete has come out from them since the Garci scandal. There is this perception at least as far as I am concerned that the probe has always been measured and only to a point of not opening the Pandora’s Box. People are definitely watching but definitely not taking to the streets, not because of the so-called "edsa fatigue" but guarded in a sense that while the senators are seen as the last hope to bring back sanity to our broken institution they have not earned enough credibility and respect. After all who would in his right mind would want to be left out in the dark once the bruha errr brouhaha is over with the usual "back to business" on non-transparent pork barrel?

On the other hand which is highly unlikely and if the senators especially those jockeying for the presidential cheat errr seat this early are really intent on proving their mettle to the public then it’s about time that they show results in this probe unlike in the past. This time around they must unearth the truth and bring it to a logical conclusion which is sending the culprits to prison and please no automatic pardon like Erap’s. This is also the time where they can show their genuine leadership if they are indeed of the presidential caliber in leading by example to persuade their lower house counterpart in truly serving the people by abolishing pork barrel which corrupts even the most honest people in the land of cheats and work in a transparent, accountable and responsible manner. If the people see that the legislative department are cleaning their own backyard then there will be no hesitation from the people to follow their lead.... show some political will fer christ sake.

The second scenario is very attractive and will surely get the peoples attention and hopefully show the sincerity of the senators. Filing of criminal charges against Romulo Neri is a good start together with those quadruple accused by Jun Lozada of attempted kidnapping which should have been the job and responsibility of the Justice Department instead of running after whistleblowers that sends a message to everyone how Gloria Arroyo perverts and bastardized our institution using it as a tool to hide the truth and harass and intimidate those willing to tell it all. They might as well charge Raul Gonzales of criminal abuse of authority and the jokers he organized to run after whistleblowers along with the rest in the maze that took part in the scam. While this is not their job these measures are necessary if we want to bring back sanity into our institution and gain the confidence and trust of the people back.

Randy David ends his column with this concern but I will not give any importance to the "stalemate" which I will explain later:

That is why the question that bugs us is whether we can wait until 2010 to resolve the impasse, and watch helplessly while the regime pushes the limits of presidential power and destroys every standing institution; or we must do something now to bring the stalemate to an end. God help us either way.

Although I agree that the Supreme Court decision gave Gloria Arroyo the edge and emboldened her as if she just got a license to possess an ugly face errr in destroying an already broken institution it is getting worse and reaching beyond plunder and we the people have to act fast to stop it now. The stalemate is on the probe that I believe will not affect governance but will probably delay how they screw the people, proof of that can be seen on their tract record. I believe last year's budget only took them 2 days thus it is not an issue when it comes to how they divide the booty errr allocates the budget. It's not like they do an efficient job anyway and it's not like we have a corruption free implementation all along so what will make it different this time around?

This is an opportune time for the senators to lead the nation towards redemption or they can blow it once more with empty shallow posturing and let the people decide for them, although it may not be in the immediate future if it happens they probably will not be included in the re-structuring of the new institution. A challenge to their leadership and character if indeed they are worthy of being addressed as honorable…….. genuine leaders arose in times of crisis and so far not one among the “presidentiables” are showing any inklings towards it. Why even Noli de Cashtro is failing miserably which is understandable because the guy won in a popularity contest not in a real election. An electoral contest that is fraudulent prone and lousy choice on personality versus patronage politicians that needs restructuring now to remove the regularity of aberration. There is definitely a vacuum in leadership and the people need a leader that will lead us out of this mess, now! The ball is in the hands of the senators who are in a position to do that now or lose their chance to leave a lasting legacy for the future generations to come, lest they want to be thrown in the dustbin of history along with all the despicable trapos......... So as a follow -up question on Randy David's question, I dare ask the Senators if they are capable of leading us? Do they have what it takes or are they just a bunch of popularity contest winners in a broken politics of patronage and personality electoral system?

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Bukol Republic’s Jokers & Chief Liar Enjoys Popular Support

Manuel Buencamino at Uniffors has Tatlong Pinoy (3 Filipinos) joke about some goofballs wondering if Adam and Eve belongs to any particular race, a timely joke on Filipinos gullibility. I say more of a cruel joke and a reflection on the gullibility of some Filipinos, maybe including those paid hacks too suffering from brain paralysis going against the tide of public rage over the corruption and lies dished out by the present administratong in the Bukol Republic.

The Bukol Republic’s Chief Liar has been exposed in the recent ADB Report and now Felipe Medalla, who headed the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) during the Ramos administration, debunked the fallacy of the 2007 gross domestic product (GDP) growth as reported by the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) saying it was inconsistent with other economic indicators. Accordingly asked if NCSB was lying on their figures he said no but Gloria is the Liar because NCSB lack the resources to conduct accurate surveys on the performance of all sectors. Oh, that was too kind and what a yarn. How can you point on Gloria alone when the agency that is unreliable at best ought to shut their trap if they are aware that their data gathering are faulty at best? Just say it….. it’s a conspiracy to lie to the gullible public in denial that takes anything “positive” be it a spin or outright lie just to feel good about the “good news” of a pathetic Bukol Republic.

Their economic gains actually add insult to injury rice a kilo increased from 20 to P30, a considerable increase to 27.6 million Filipinos earning less than US1 or less than P40 a day, meaning a kilo of rice alone takes its toll on their meager income. Guess what, does it bother the chief liar and her cohorts, probably not because they now seem to believe their own concoction of lies and deception.

As if we have not have enough of the jokes and jokers DJB scored again on a law student appointed to the bangko (bench or bank, take your pick) while John Marzan is having a fit on this same "Justice" named Renato Corona for his partisanship citing an entry all the way back to the highly irregular crony appointment to the SC during the siege to throw Erap out of Malacanang. Imagine that.... only in the land of cheats where a student gets appointed in the Supreme Court at that is truly…… well,....... pathetic. The wife also gives the guy a boost in his security of tenure by being one of the signatories of certified lunatic errr supporter of La Gloria. Nothing surprises us anymore and with this monkey errrr donkey yikes kind of people having a last say on our constipation errr constitution and laws, it is no wonder why they had the gall to legalize conspiracy to commit fraud just like a Mafiosi rubbing out a stool pigeon.

Maybe we can delude ourselves that the Supreme Cover-Up errr Court will reverse their conspiracy errr decision according to their mouthpiece. Yeah like these robe wearing jokers will reverse themselves as in admitting they made a mistake right? Really, so what are the chances especially the present Justices daw (?) are answering to the call of loyalty check and one basing his judgment in return for something we ought to know by now that this is just another exercise in futility. Of course the circus is not complete without SiRAULO GOONzales having his say on respecting the decision of lapdogs in robes excuse me while I barf and emulate her lying president’s respect for her running dogs. Coming from the laughing stock Goonzales, how can you respect people that disrespects the very foundation of whatever credibility is left of the institution just escapes me, someone please wake me up from this nightmare.

Speaking of respect I believe not only are the Justices getting it but Gloria herself gets so much respect from her own kind. I must concede and admit that I underestimated Gloria Arroyo’s popularity (yes, you read it right not a typo) and respect she is getting. Contrary to the surveys which I believe erred in gathering their poll they left out the most important sector in conducting an “accurate” pulse of the nation survey. As the title of this blog implies, The Bukol Republic’s Chief Liar Enjoys Popular Support is indeed true and to prove my point let me point you to an article where it shows where her avid followers come from. Who else do you think will stick together through thick and thin and truly validates Erap’s gangland motto of walang iwanan (no retreat) showcased in the most succinct manner.

The ever so popular and world renowned via youtube of the perverted kind worthy perhaps of the Yabang Pinoy (Filipino Pride) seal of approval non other than the killers and dregs of society the dancing idiots and equally dumb warden will perform once again to show their support in honor of their idol the top honcho of the underworld Gloria Arroyo to the tune of Gloria. They were saying that they were irked by Jun Lozada and to show their support to their other idol Cardinal Vidal thus it merits shaking their booty.
Join the Gloria RESIGN! Blogswarm

So do these political morons concocting this expect to rally the people behind Cardinal Vidal and La Gloria? While I don’t discount the possibility that other criminals incarcerated and those freely roaming the streets will be inspired by this moronic dance whoever said that birds of the same feather flocks together is not true is dead wrong. So did the warden lose his marbles or something? Kissing La Gloria’s behind in the most perverted risky dangerous idiocy of gathering criminals in one place at the same time is asking for trouble and let us just hope those numb nuts are not in a mood to incite a riot or something. Well, I know in time they will get their wish…… dancing with La Gloria and Fatso Mike as the principal and lead dancer together with their co-conspirators and with that I will surely watch and even spread it all over the net.

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Romulo Neri's Glued Lips & the Supreme Court

I will not get into the nitty gritty of the provisions and legal mumbo jumbo as this Political Jaywalker is not a lieyer err a lawyer but from where I am at on top of Mt. Payatas I see a major cover-up with the help of Gloria Arroyo's appointees in the Supreme Court. Let me just share and point others who want to get on the legalities to blogs and articles that I consider a good authority on the legal issues and good insights. Fear not DJB says anyone with a good comprehension of the English language will be able to see through the provisions that was the basis of the Supreme Court decision, so go ahead and check it out. There's only one drawback though if it is such an easy read how come the justices did not get it? They probably used Janina San Miguel or Ruffa Guttierez as their reasearcher, ooops sorry I did not mean to say that lest Connie of the Mommy Journal raises her eyebrow again.
Attribution appreciated if you want to grab this

We see a President who can’t seem or refuse to see her evil deeds, a husband who refuses to hear the damning revelation of institutionalized corruption, a lackey whose lips are glued shut, top that with unfathomable SC decision and what do we have but truly a crooks paradise.

A must read excellent dissertation by DJB at Philippine Commentary in the recent Supreme Cover-up errr Court decision on a petition filed by Romulo Neri titled, "The Fallacious Heart of Neri v. Senate is a False Distinction About the Powers of Legislation and Oversight." Offering a bold suggestion to the senate and hopefully they see the decision the same way as he does, then that will make this a real showdown with a lot of fireworks to watch, to quote:

Having disposed of the PREMISES of the Main Decision in Neri v. Senate, I conclude that the decision is based on a false dichotomization of the Power of Inquiry and is therefore a decision that is morally and logically NULL and VOID. The Congress must ignore it if it is to do its DUTY of making and re-making the laws.

This decision is making MLQ weep and just to show how this bogus decision of the Supreme Court riles up people, DJB's comment in said entry is worth quoting here:

One last thing: I hope this will finally dispel the incredible idolatry of people towards the Supreme Court. I hope the Mass Media now shine their bright lights into the vast dark corners of Padre Faura where lurk crimes and coverups of dastardly crimes, quietly but lucratively executed. Remember that every justiciable case of the highest value and controversy passes through there with nary a mention or attention from the Press. But I believe that ZTE/NBN are nothing compared to all the subrosa cases they’ve decided in favor of the highest bidder.

If we think Executive Privilege is bad, the Supreme Court even forbade Newsbreak last year from looking at the Public Log book of the Court to find out who gave some judge 10 million in gift wrapped package.

Why weep?? That’s silly! Burn Padre Faura down with withering exposures and investigative reporting or bear your chains in abashed silence forever grovelling as mental slaves of those blackrobed shysters forever!

Indeed and I used to think that they are our last hope when they decided on human rights cases that inspires us and gave us hope. On the other hand I am probably in denial thinking that the SC does not play by the rules oh, wait I digress they do play by the rules. The Mafiosi rule if I may say since common good in the interest and pursuit of what is just is an aberration and exception to the rule of the Bukol Republic, when they also misuse public funds on trivial things. This latest decision laid bare the ugly side of patronage politics and false hopes that the SC is the bastion of last resort in our quest for justice. If DJB who considers himself a Rizalist (Philippine Reformist National Hero) goes on a Bonifacio (Philippine Revolutionary Hero) moment, you know that this administrations' excesses are now so blatantly arrogant radicalizing people in the process.

In a follow-up entry MLQ thinks of the development as a perfect trap due to the stalemate that allows people to rationalize an Arroyo in cheat err seat of power until 2010.

If you think the 9 - 6 decision favoring secrecy over public disclosure in Neri's case is bad enough it will be total disaster in Aries Rufo's article at ABS-CBN pointing to the 2 dissenting associate justices retirement next year. Rufo's sources also reported that the justices were evenly divided before the March 4 oral argument but with the palace applying pressure on one justice with a promise of something (as in bribe, I supposed) in return for his vote while loyalty check was applied on others. Heck what in the name of Lady Madaya was that all about? Holy mackerel, this is so sick and perverted, so even the justices are supposed to be loyal to the inidoro (toilet) Queen errr the president? Oh, well what a joke and speaking of joke check out Manuel Buencamino's 9 - 6 against check & balances take on the nine justices namely Teresita de Castro, Renato Corona, Presbitero Velasco, Arturo Brion, Leonardo Quisumbing, Antonio Nachura, Dante Tinga, Minita Chico-Nazario, and Ruben Reyes.

Toot's Ople in her blog entry titled SC Justice Art Brion and the tale of the Butterfly should change the butterfly into a bangaw (fly) in a dung's heap or how about borrowing Fidel Umaga's entry title.... "Could a Maggot metamorphosed into a Butterfly?" After all the guy that she lavished with praise turned out to be a real bangaw or something else in getting in on the decision bandwagon, that was really odd and irregular to say the least. In fairness to Toot's Ople, the entry was before the decision but she also need to be cautious and should have waited a little longer to see that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I wonder how she is taking this as the guy was not exactly how she describes him which is actually the opposite. It will be unfair to hold her accountable but her credibility as a writer will of course suffer...... unless she does something which I believe she is entitled to do, a 180 degree turn around in taking back her praise and admiration for Brion.

There is a lesson to be learned here and as the Chinese saying (I don’t think it’s a Confucian maybe confused… yan or from some smart Philippine local Chinese businessman definitely not the “probinsyanong Instik, lol) goes, “too many talk many mistakes, less talk less mistakes, no talk no mistake.” Romulo Neri is off the hook temporarily and as the deception and lies goes around like a dime a dozen the people are witnessing the farce on a national level in high places at that is like digging La Gloria’s political grave deeper and eventual demise sooner….. I hope…….. While Neri is allowed to shut his trap others are doing the talking for him that only exposes the rottenness of the Bukol Republic destroying the institutions credibility along with it. DJB's idea is very attractive but I am not going there so how about just letting this injustices know how we feel by expressing our disgust and disapointment by emailing them at pio@supremecourt.gov.ph

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Burgos ma in US to raise awareness of Philippine 'Desaparecidos'

LOS ANGELES – Edith Burgos, 64-year old mother of a missing human rights activist, lamented the brazenness of the reported abduction of his son claiming that to this day the Philippine government continues to give her the run-around in the search for truth and justice.

Implicating the country’s military for the alleged crime, the widow of veteran newspaperman Jose Burgos pleaded for the return of her son Jonas during a special evening event entitled "In Search of Jonas" held recently at the Rosewood United Methodist Church in Los Angeles.

Jonas “Jay Jay” Burgos – he turned 38 last Easter Sunday – was having lunch at a restaurant inside a mall in Quezon City on April 28, last year, when four armed men and a woman accosted and forcibly loaded him in a maroon van with Plate No. TAB 194. Subsequent police investigation indicated that the plate number belong to a vehicle impounded inside the camp of the 56th Infantry Battalion of the Armed Forces of the Philippines headquartered in Bulacan, Mrs. Burgos said. However, the AFP spokesman later claimed that the car plate was stolen by “left-leaning” elements, Burgos added.

The missing Jonas was an agriculture graduate of the Benguet State University and a trainer of the Alyansa ng Magbubukid sa Bulacan (Alliance of Farmers in Bulacan) an affiliate of the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (Movement of Farmers in the Philippines) supposedly tagged by the military as a subversive organization. Mrs. Burgos disputed any insinuation that her son is a subversive.

Burgos, who has a doctorate in Educational Management and had a career in education and journalism, was concluding a seven-city US speaking tour – it included the New York/New Jersey area; Minneapolis; Washington, D.C., Seattle, Washington; the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento – to raise awareness of the plight of Philippine "Desaparecidos" or forced disappearances. Human rights advocates implicate the Philippine military in the alleged abductions.

The Los Angeles event was sponsored by GMA Watch (a Philippine human rights monitoring network), the United Methodist Church, the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON), Tulong sa Bayan, Habi Arts, and Bayan USA. She was preceded in the lectern by Mervin Toquero of the National Council of Churches of the Philippines who explained a Powerpoint presentation of the human rights situation in the homeland.

As part of her US itinerary, Burgos had audiences with several members of the US Congress in Washington, D.C. In New York, the city’s Committee on Human Rights in the Philippines (NYCHRP) facilitated a visit with Philip Alston, UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Killings and Summary Executions, at New York University.

It was also learned that Burgos had filed a petition for habeas corpus with the Philippine Supreme Court, and a petition for Writ of Amparo with the Court of Appeals. She also had filed complaints with the Philippines National Police, the Commission on Human Rights, the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Task Force USIG National Capital Region, and the Presidential Committee on Human Rights.

In September 2007, she filed a complaint with the Working Group for Enforced and Involuntary Disappearance (WGEID) in the United Nations in Geneva.

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Crab Mentality, Self-Flagellation & Pacquiao

Why I support and not support, oh wait that is contradictory isn’t it, but yes that is what it is on Bong Austero’s contention regarding the much maligned Crab Mentality some people delude themselves as one “monopoly” we truly excel.

I should say that Bong Austero did raise a “valid” point on the so-called call for investigation on the possible “game fixing” in Manny Pacquiao’s close almost losing win errr split decision. How dare the anti-Gloria people even suggest such horrible investigation? I am with Bong Austero on this and if they decide to take this to the street just to discourage the investigation I will be there behind Austero not to protest but hide in shame. lol.

I am referring to the article by Bong Austero titled “Nitpicking after the victory” that was posted at E-lagda Forum where I recently joined and some Pro-Gloria people were like a chorus singing hallelujahs under the baton of Choirmaster Austero. It was obvious that the Christian pagan ritual of self-flagellation was over but the Pro-Gloria people seems vent on whipping our “Filipinoness” all because the Filipinos failed to give the Kamao ng Bayan (Nations’ Fist) their undying loyalty and support to Pacman the symbol of Filipino “greatness”, to quote Austero in all his eloquence:

Pacquiao's stellar status as a crowd drawer is not disputed. That game fixing happens is also a fact of life. But why should it automatically be presumed that the two are related, particularly in that last fight? What kind of a person automatically presumes that any person with an opinion contrary to his is simply a paid hack? Why can't people just agree to disagree and leave it at that? Better still, why can't people just express their personal reservations in a diplomatic and tactful way, while conceding that it is also possible that he or she may be wrong?

But then again, I suppose there's no fun in that. And many among us do think of ourselves as infallible. When we disagree, we do so with the sole objective of proving the other person wrong. We don't want to debate, we want to annihilate. We don't want to listen, we just want to be listened to. Those who disagree with us are simply wrong.

I hear you man, bad idea indeed don’t this people know any better? Well Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao the People’s Champ and now the world is identified with Gloria Arroyo and we know that Gloria takes care of those belonging to her camp. Manny Pacquiao was obviously hurt at the prospect of getting investigated by the Senate or maybe the lower Tongress but fear not Pacman you know what happens in those investigations….. nothing, nada, zilch, zip. So here is the deal, Gloria and the Injustice Department of SiRAULO GOONzales has this perverted sense of justice and if we go by their tract record as in Acsa Ramirez, Jun Lozada etc. where the whistleblowers are paraded on national TV as the principal suspect everything is stacked in your favor. Now, unless they come up with those pesky “wiretapped” conversations out of nowhere and if you have some skeletons in your closet that’s one risk we need to consider.

Let’s assume that an investigation is conducted and judging from their refutation the ones at risk are Juan Manuel Marquez who may get arrested or raided by the NBI, oh wait they can’t go to Mexico right, so let’s scratch that. But then again, there’s this minor problem I believe that your trainer Freddie Roach is at risk because he is an honest man who tells the truth. And for saying you were good at the gym but did the opposite on the actual fight and was not sure you will win before the decision came out. You know how La Gloria hates the truth like a plague and anyone who adheres to it are at risk. So just for that I support the Pro-Gloria in stopping this silly investigation, but there is also an advantage and disadvantage at the same time…… you get SiRAULO Goonzales and his Band of Bozos to act as your lawyer as they do with la Gloria and her minions…….. that is the advantage. The disadvantage is you have bozos for lawyers and if you are charged with let say just jaywalking, the judge might sentence you for life for having such Bozos representing you. Now this is the part of Austero’s article below where I really digress:

I am not even trumping yet the patriotism bit because I think that is a discussion minefield that is best left alone for the moment. I know that we shouldn't take anyone's side simply because of a shared citizenship, but then again, what does it make of us if we can't watch out for our own kind? And even if we can't support our own because of personal or professional conviction, do we really have to be crabby about it and pull everyone else down?

I wish we Filipinos can reduce our tendency to indulge in self-flagellation. When things go well, we do tend to sabotage ourselves and shoot ourselves in the foot as if there is some scripting in our national psyche that's says we don't deserve progress, or global renown, or happiness. Maybe it is time for us to believe that we truly deserve to be victorious.

Let me state this very clearly and if you are such a knuckle head I feel sorry for you, but other races that have been subjected to oppression and exploitation has a tendency that is exacerbated by these analogies against other races like natives in other areas, such as Maoris in New Zealand, coastal Indians in Canada and the United States, Chamorros in Guam and even some Blacks to this day grapples with this mentality promoted of course by ignorance and victim mentality.We definitely need to see things with an open mind to discern constructive criticism against pure heckling (I must admit that I am guilty of this at times, ok maybe most of the times, lol) and the ability to take criticism that may point to aspects where improvements are needed that we oftentimes fail to see because of our tendency to look at things emotionally.

Ok, while there are people fitting the description there are those with open mind and willing to listen for one learns a lot just by listening as we see in forums where majority are lurkers and the noisy few does not necessarily reflect the sentiments of the membership. If Austero really wants to take care of our own then one need not look any further as there are 27.6 million Filipinos right in our own backyard earning less than US$1 a day with 1.9 million families or 12.2 million souls starving and Pacquiao can very well take care of himself with all the coterie of supporters and hangers on in the government and business sector he is definitely in good hands. Can we really say we are taking care of our own when we have so many Overseas Filipinos that are in distress, some of whom are victims of white slavery, and other dire and desolate condition victimized even by our own people and foreigners alike? Now, why do people get upset when in a lousy field of boxing Pacquiao who gets the support of the majority of the Filipinos but not getting 100%, people get upset while our Overseas Workers get screwed and instead of supporting them they also get screwed by corrupt government people?

I am sorry but having a Filipino world champion does not make a difference with our "Filipinoness" and thank you for not touching the “patriotism” aspect as it is silly and juvenile to think along that line. Fer cryin’ out loud boxing is a commercial sports enterprise and the winners are definitely not the country but those who earns a living out of it. So what’s wrong when others root for the other boxer? Pray tell me why these “patriots” (thinking they are) go berserk on silly sports but not have the wherewithal or the cajones to stop the plunder and mismanagement by the trapos?

While others are venting and so is Kamao ng Bayan in this Inquirer article Pacquiao hits crab mentality, voices hurt:

Pacquiao later told Malacañang reporters that the President would overcome the latest corruption scandal hounding her.

“If you have faith in God, nothing can destroy you. Just like me, I cannot be defeated because God is with me. He is always at my side. Just like He is with Ma’am,” he said.

Holy crap, now why in the name of Lady Madaya (Lady Cheat) will he invoke god in this, so Marquez is destroyed because god is not on his side? Of all things and “Ma’am” is also in god’s favor, que barbaridad Manny you are a great boxer just stick with it and stay out of god and politics that is not something you can box your way out, OK? Then, Mr. Pidal or maybe the brother of Pidal (Iggy the younger brother was the fallguy who admitted he is Jose Pidal) has this dumb “uniting” thingy and Pacquiao takes it too seriously that I think is one of the reasons why he ventured into the unknown that is way beyond his league….politics:

Also at the Palace to congratulate him was First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo. He said he was thankful that Pacquiao won again. “It’s a good thing what he’s doing for the country. He’s a uniting factor for the country.”

Ayayay, no wonder Alexandre Imperial posted an entry Buwisit at Tinig on Pacquiao's event and I don’t blame him nor do I blame Pacquiao but hopefully his handlers if they are indeed after his welfare will advice him to stay out of politics. After all with this berserk power trippers I don't think he has a choice of staying away as they can make life difficult for someone like him.

Ang Kuwago has a very interesting entry about The Brahmana (priest) and the Prostitute, A lesson on Crab Mentality from an Indian religious perspective which is really about minding your own business.

Jay at Froodee has an entry titled "Hail, Pacman" focused on commentaries by boxing analysis and Pacquiao's lamentation. You can also check out Dita's entry at Mystique titled A Standstill for 12 Rounds.

P. Kenneth Burns takes on crab mentality and black victimhood in Maryland politics just to highlight and prove a point to hopeless ignorant people that Crab Mentality is not the exclusive domain of Filipinos. While Lotus factor blog has Sports and Life Parallel that is a good read on Black sports, athletes and Crab Mentality that goes with it.

The only people that benefits from the false notion that Crab mentality is the exclusive domain of Filipinos are the TraPos and sadly self-flagellation goes hand in hand with this ignorant mindset. Instead of looking at the totality of the problem we tend to put on our blinders and whipped those fellow Filipinos as if they have not been abused and exploited enough. Is it because it is easy and convenient to point the blame on our "Filipinoness" instead of focusing on the Trapos that brought us so much hardship and endemic corruption? Why if they become so good at mastering the nuances of spinning they can even get hired by those numb nuts who will stoop so low just so they distract the people away from them.

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GMA’s Shameless Garcified Advertisement

There she goes again! Gloria M. Arroyo just can’t seem to shake the bad refutation that she seems to be known for this days starting with the 2004 election to questionable overpriced D. Macapagal Highway Robbery errr project to the ZTE-NBN kickback scandal and everything in between. The latest caper is the full-page advertisement of her fellow alumni that was exposed and repudiated in the article below by Chona A. Katigbak, Bea Tan, Cora B. Lopa, Zeny R. Tanada, and Mandy Torres, which I should just quote in full as it truly mirrors the shameless brazen act of a demented errrr desperate regime clinging to anything even her dead classmates. Yikes, and to think that it’s bad enough that unscrupulous backdoor Comelec operators pad the votes with names of the deceased we are now witnessing the lowest of the low in paid advertisement of bogus support is just unbelievable. Are they losing it or what? Here is the article titled, Pro-GMA ad brazenly padded:

MANILA, Philippines - In the interest of truth, we would like to set the record straight in regard to the full-page advertisement titled “Concerned Assumption women in support of truth and stability” (Inquirer, 3/13/08) and the correction the advertisers hastily, possibly frantically, issued two days later.

The advertisement, listing fellow alumnae of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo from Assumption College who supposedly were supporting her, was clearly a brazen case of misrepresentation. The “honest mistake” was not as insignificant as the advertisers—upon being swamped with complaints of arbitrary listing—claimed they were. For how could people proclaiming themselves publicly to stand for the truth—indeed, paying their way dearly through publicity—have mistaken dead people (15 years dead in one case) for living Arroyo supporters, and graduates of other schools for alumnae of Assumption College, Ms Arroyo’s alma mater?

To say that the “errors” were made due to voluminous influx of data from relatives and friends is unacceptable. Would a relative volunteer the name of a loved one who has long been dead? Is it not deception, shameless as well as desperate, to nevertheless put on the list the name of a person who has told the advertisers to their faces, “’I don’t want to be included”?

In fact, from Ms Arroyo’s own class of 80 (yet, a moderate estimate) fewer than a dozen support her. The advertisers admitted 16 mistakes, but added new names to make up for them. But, again, how could the exact event of the misrepresentation be determined? Surely, if we had the time and resources to investigate more closely, we’d have found more evidence.

At any rate, such case of padding and lying could not have come as any surprise to anyone who knows how this government is run. It has been the story of GMA’s reign.

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Pimps & Perversion in the Land of Cheats

Once again the Philippine TraPos under the deluded leadership of the biggest Liar next to the past conjugal dictatorship raised the ante in plundering the nation dry. Indeed Dummies are Passé; Pimps & Perversion in the land of cheats prevail with nary a pipsqueak from a numb apathetic sector willingly and willfully nodding like a crazed maniac watching as the villains of society plunders their own people.
Toilet Saint

A very observant student of Trapoistic Corruption Gloria Macapagal Arroyo knew too well the problem with dummies that are not as dumb as they used to be. When Marcos was driven out of Malacañang the companies supposedly owned by the conjugal dictatorship through those not so dumb dummies refused to return the stocks to the rightful or should we say wrongful, “owners” what they stole or forcibly took over from legitimate owners.

Instead of going the usual route of the dummies this administration shamelessly acts as pimps in partnership with their “comrades” that are busily poking the nations’ legs wide open in search of oil and natural gases at the expense of the exploited people of the Philippines.

While her partners are busy committing gross human rights violation against the Tibetan people her minions are busy lying to the public having the gall to challenge anyone who questions the arrangement to sue them. This is the kind of governance where 1in 3 of its people are marginalized or 27.6 million people barely earning a dollar a day trying in vain to survive while their leaders sink them and future generations to come saddled with debts most of it going into their pockets.

Poor nation ravaged to the left (Commie Chinese comrades) and right (Bishops on the take) in between the legs errr the so-called TraPo political divide dipping their dirty hands but quick enough to condemn others while insidiously hide their own plundering through their sick pork barrels and other scams to bleed us dry. Where oh where do we turn to?

Why even skirt wearing Bishops are shamelessly perverting peoples’ blinded by gambling money shows Machiavelli is alive and well thriving in a nation so corrupted to the core. A quote from Gloria and God in the Philippines, by Cher S. Jimenez shows our spiritual leaders moral bankruptcy:

That's in part because Arroyo has deftly played the religion card. The Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country and senior bishops have in the past flexed their moral authority to affect political outcomes, including elections and crucial laws and legislation.

But a series of controversial incidents, many involving financial links to Arroyo's administration, has called the clergy's own legitimacy into question. Nueva Vizcaya Bishop Ramon Villena recently admitted in a newspaper report that the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), the lottery run by the Office of the President, had given him 1.6 million pesos (US$39,000) to build a hospital for the poor in his home province. However, the total assistance given to Villena's province, according to the report, was 3.2 million pesos.

The report also showed that the Catholic Church-run Radio Veritas received more than 2 million pesos in ad placements from the PCSO, which while not necessarily a new development, represented a huge increase in the amount of government funds doled out for similar initiatives in the past.

That gifts or money would blind the eyes of bishops and seal their lips to gross corruption when solidly proven would be a tragic contradiction to their experience as pastors at Edsa I and Edsa II," said Cotabato Archbishop Orlando Quevedo, a former CBCP president, referring to the clergy's participation in past people's power movements which overthrew corrupt governments.

As if this is not disgusting enough seeing the nations’ spiritual leaders hypocrisy not content with turning a blind eye has the audacity to sink so low as to defend and rationalize a corrupt regime, oh my what a shame. Then to make matters worse we see Alex Maligno errr Magno the once touted as the next party ideologue former “dialectical Materialist” turned “Materialist Dialect Guru” of pure greed and selfishness without shame rationalizing his untenable position has the gall to fool the people with his paid diatribes aimed at everyone that contradicts his “Materialist Dialect teachings” be they on the left, right or in between the political divide to please his masters. On the surface the paid hack seems to have a point but as always disclosure has never been an ATM Journalist virtue, to quote:

The democratic ethic requires a pious respect for diversity in viewpoints. We knew then what Black-and-White cannot seem to get today. We knew then that once we behaved with excessive self-righteousness that we could not respect diversity in opinion, all was lost.

Yes, people need to respect diversity in viewpoints provided that said viewpoints are valid and not tainted with so much PESONALITY (bought and paid for), so passing off a paid viewpoint does not qualify nor doest it merit respect in whatever form or manner, they should be exposed.

Now what’s up with “excessive self-righteousness” Mr. Dialect Materialist is harping about? Sounds familiar, hmmmmnnnn where did I hear that remark? Oh yeah it was from that incident with sharp shooting her hip Julie Defensor and Black & Whites’ Leah Navarro. I suppose that when one utters such remark it was an admission that every single individual in the Philippines are corrupt so only a Christian without sin can cast the first stone? If that is the case then the other “diverse viewpoint” that we need to “respect” (hopefully not cherish, lol) is another form of admitting they are corrupt but since each and everyone are also corrupt then not a single Filipino can throw the first stone. So did that change the fact that they are corrupt? Now how much more perversion are we going to allow before we say enough is enough? That corruption is so ingrained to the very core of their selfish greedy being that we should just dismiss the scandals since we are all corrupt? Wrong! While corruption is endemic the difference is the people are the victims of corruption and the perpetrators are reaping the benefits while the a huge sector are marginalized since budgets are cut and services affected and mismanaged. Speaking of sins Conrado de Quiroz has a timely article, to quote:

The notion that everyone is a sinner is not an insight, it is a tautology. Of course everyone has sinned at some time or another. But there are sins and sins. Some sins are of the order of Mary Magdalene's, others are of the order of Sodom and Gomorrah's. Mary Christ forgave, Sodom and Gomorrah God destroyed. Guess what order is the sin of someone who has stolen votes, lives and hopes. Even heaven weighs sins differently and punishes them accordingly. Only our bishops cannot, or will not.

So guess what will happen to La Gloria and her cohorts if indeed we look at this from a biblical viewpoint, don't tell me they will present a "diverse viewpoint" from the Satanist Cults? Howie Severino has a one liner that should be quoted here:

When bishops need to remind certain leaders about a certain commandment, and a pro-government newspaper saw fit to make it a banner headline, it's time for those leaders to look deep into their souls this Holy week.

Unfortunately, the big question is do they even have an inner soul since they have long ago lost their conscience or if they even know what it is. Let me end this entry with a quote from Conrado De Quiroz in the same article that says it all on how pathetic we have become:

Discernment is not an impediment to action, it is a guide to action. You see a woman being raped, you raise an alarm; you do not sit by and meditate on the relative value of chastity. The latter is not the path to discernment, it is a signpost to a mental institution. The bishops need not look far to see a sublime example of discernment guiding action. Jesus Christ himself, in whose name the bishops claim to speak: when he saw how his temple was being defiled, he flew into a rage and overturned tables shouting, "My temple is a house of prayer, but you have made it into a den of thieves."

You see God's temple being turned into a den of thieves and you say, "Let us all repent"? That may be many things but that is not Christian.

And guess where some of the hypocrite Bishops took the church together with their gullible flock? A "saint" is in the making with a different halo on her head and it stinks so bad............ because Pimps & Perversion in the Land of Cheats are thriving...... institutionalized in the sacredness of a toilet presidency complete with the bishops blessing on the take.

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Could a maggot metamorphose into a butterfly?

Once more, our people’s angry cry for transparency in national governance reverberated around the archipelago in the wake of Jun Lozada‘s disclosure on the NBN-ZTE deal. Hardly before its echo could totally ebbed, another highly questionable transaction of the government suddenly exploded before us with a resonating sound. This is the Joint Seismic Marine Understanding (JSMU).

A laundry list of unresolved issues in national governance.

We do not want to belittle the other perceived excesses from that hole by ILOG PASIG such as the hijacking of the presidential election in 2004 with some high placed members of the AFP as the enforcers of the heist; the Joc-Joc Bolante grand scale larceny; the inordinate and illegal use of public funds during the 2004 election; the Hello Garci scandal and the prostitution of the Comelec; the utter disregard for human life in connection with the disappearance and extermination of legal dissenters and young social activists; the malicious application of the Rule by Law for the Rule of Law to smother legal dissent; the unabashed attempt to amend the constitution at all cost to push a system that would obviously firewalled the agents of this government from accountability for their past egregious acts, to name a few. These anomalous acts are not mere pecadillos but egregious transgressions in office that assault our basic notion of decency in public service, both as a people and as individuals. All these questions remain unresolved today as the minions from that hole by ILOG PASIG continue to stonewall the demand for truth and justice in public service.

Now, the JSMU came out booming.

This latest caper from that hole along ILOG PASIG could be the MOTHER LOAD OF ALL CORRUPTION IN PUBLIC OFFICE.

Like other unresolved questions about this administration, it smells so odiously fishy from its usual sub rosa governmental cloak and surrounding loose ends. However, unlike previous unresolved questions, JSMU seems to top the list of what a repugnant and publicly insatiable greed could lead to. This time, the questionable transaction apparently involves the control and enjoyment of our natural resources; our national sovereignty, 3rd party foreign countries and an unconstitutional contract. It is publicly perceived that this agreement by the Philippines with China was in consideration of a soft loan from the latter to the amount of 8 billion dollars, allotted equally for the next 5 years starting in 2005.

Reacting, the Pharisees from that hole in ILOG PASIG and their ATM Journalists automatically replied with their oft-repeated mantra of varying tones. With their usual pious indignation and denial, they claim that the public is being mislead again by lies from opposition people and their communists allies; that the sole intention of this groups, behind their cry for truth, is really to unseat Gloria Macapagal Arroyo; that JSMU is, contrary to the shouts of street parliamentarians, Philippine diplomacy at its best because it could, among others, diffuse if not solve that dispute between neighboring countries over an area known around as the Spratly Islands and its maritime boundaries; that JSMU is but a tripartite business arrangement between business corporations of the Philippines, Vietnam and China pursued to address our over reliance to imported fuel at a time of a rising supply crunch; that as a business arrangement, with only the pre-exploration activity of our natural resources for its subject matter, JSMU is not circumscribed or limited by certain basic constitutional considerations on treaties, both as to their form and substance, and not being a treaty for that matter, the JSMU therefore is well within the discretion of the executive office to enter into, with or without the prior clearance nor ratification by the Senate.

The proof of the cake is the pudding.

Simply, the questions now before us are three fold:

  1. Is the JSMU validly entered into by the Philippines or not?

  2. What was the consideration, if any, for the Philippines, to enter into a joint and EXPENSIVE activity with China regarding a most vital and strategic natural resources of our country?

  3. What happened to this consideration?

The JSMU between the Philippines and China before it was amended to include Vietnam, it appears from its wordings that it is supposed to be an agreement between the parties to conduct, as a pre-exploration activity, a joint research on petroleum resource potential of certain areas of the South China Sea. This provision of the JSMU on joint research, when put to actual practice, appears to consist of seismic surveys done on an area covered by the Spratly Islands, northwest of Palawan by China’s CNOGC.

The meaning of the word, SURVEY, as appearing in the contract, when contraindicated with the meaning of that other word, EXPLORATION, seems to conjure a solid footing for the validity of the JSMAU. The word, survey, supports the argument that such an activity merely involves a comprehensive appraisal of the potential petroleum resources of the area and holds that what ever data gathered, collected and interpreted would be shared by all the parties of the contract.

Conventional wisdom observes that the problem in passing a lie, one needs to remember always the original story told lest the new yarn contradicts the old version. On the questioned JMSU, the government has forgotten this practical lesson from experience. Thus, what ever arguments of the government might have had on the validity of JSMU, were totally thrown to the back-house by the government’s own previous admission from its repeated use of the term “exploration” on the Philippine Information Agency’s website where a
November 11, 2007 press release quoted Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye as saying that the “first phase or the exploration phase has been completed,” and that the Chinese Premier expressing hope that “the three countries would continue the cooperation on the developmental level.” These admissions were followed on its heels by no less than the latest declaration of the former president of the Philippine National Oil Company, Eduardo Manalac, being a signatory himself on behalf of the Philippines to the embattled JSMU, admitting that the “ seismic studies already form part of the exploration stage”. The gravitas of Mr. Manalac and his admission could hardly be questioned, being a signatory to the questioned JSMU on behalf of the Philippines and a Geological engineer himself, to boot. It is not surprising therefore to note that the corporations doing the surveys and tests in the area in question are corporations actually engaged in the commercial extraction, development and sale of fossilized fuel or petroleum. None of them could be called disinterested scientific legal entity because all of them are basically commercial companies.

Once more, the government could hardly deny the nullity of the JSMU for violating the constitutional injunction against the exploration, development and utilization of our natural resources including its marine wealth in archipelagic waters, territorial sea and exclusive economic zone by non-Filipino citizens and or corporations 60% of which are not wholly owned by Filipino citizens without the consent of the Senate.

On the matter of the consideration for the questioned agreement, it seems uncontroverted that this agreement is also premised on our country’s access to the 8 billion dollar soft loan from China. Since 2005, the funding of government developmental contracts such as the Northrail, Southrail, the aborted ZTE-NBN deal and some 27 other contracts since 2005 lead to the doorsteps of China and her 8 billion soft loan. These major and high-ticketed contracts of the government with funding from China’s 8 billion dollar soft loan are characteristically hounded by the same public cry for transparency in view of the questionable and scandalous circumstances surrounding these transactions. JSMU is no different. And as it was then and now, the people’s demand for transparency, for truth in national governance is unjustly muffled and gagged through a combination of government denials, double-talk, stonewalling, deceit and wanton use of executive influence, privilege and power not to mention public funds distributed for envelopmental ends such as to stymie the truth.

And as it was before, the people would like to know the long and short of these anomalies, not so much because they are still uncertain as to this administrations privilege to continue its mandate but precisely because they still want our democratic institutions to work before they take other options.

The fly in the ointment.

It is true. Aayaw pa ng taong bayan na sumuong sa isang hinde matahimik at matiwasay na pagaaklas para sa katutuhan at katarungan kung kayang kuhanin pa ang mga ito ng paupo. This augers well for the people, country and this administration. It shows our people have started to learn from the past and the country for that matter could be spared from an end that we might all regret in hindsight. For this administration, it gives it a breathing spell to make amends for its past sins to the people and country. But there is no true contrition if truth is still maintained deceitfully hidden. To start a new day and to move on at last for POR DIOS Y LA PATRIA, this administration must offer an untrammeled truth with justice on its side.

Will this administration do so? From its past actuation on similar matters, it would appear that it won’t. Ever since this administration assumed power in a historical fashion in 2004, it persistently met with unabashed arrogance every people’s demand for transparency in public office. Why? The answers are as clear as the stars on a moonless night. If transparency would be given liberty, many people will spend the rest of their lives from the opulence and glitz of that hole in ILOG PASIG to that real hole in MUNTINGLUPA even before 2010.

The Filipino people obviously failed to see this.

But the more compelling reason comes from the observation of a wizened man who asks; is it not against the law of nature to expect a maggot to metamorphose into a butterfly?

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