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A lesson In Arithmetic

A lesson in Arithmetic is going the rounds of emails and posted in blogs regarding the positive changes sweeping Pampanga courtesy of Among Gov. Ed Panlilio. When we have an honest man at the helm of the province with a genuine mandate supported by the people and not bankrolled by vested interest and traditional political parties the contrast are obvious and the crooks exposed just by watching Among Ed’s administration do their job.

Now that Among Ed and his good governance are in place maybe we should start the ball rolling in running after those crooks and corrupt politicians by sending them to a junket unlike the one where kabalen recipient of Karapatan's medal of horror errr “medalla de oro” (gold medal) splurging US$1.2 million in a one way destination to jail.

Perhaps targeting the Singapore model is a little bit too early simply because the local comelected errrr elected officials in Pampanga are unhappy with Among Ed. Politics is all about compromise and in the Philippines known for copy cat improvisation has taken compromise into new heights to what maybe termed as criminal conspiracy? They are out there and capable of derailing whatever inroads his administration is having in good governance with of course the help of national crooks errr politicians who would rather see one honest leader gone than be swept in a tidal wave of good governance where the SOP of dipping one’s finger in public coffers may become taboo and extinct.

I say expose the criminal crooks in Pampanga first then dream on with a Singaporean model. While Pampanga may appear promising, Among Ed is just one honest man surrounded by traditional politicians of the crooked kind capable of sabotaging whatever inroads he has gained towards good governance.
A Lesson in Arithmetic
(Author unknown)

"If we had more Ed Panlilios in our government, we would be just like Singapore in a short time.

"We hope we are witnessing what will be a sustained revolution in good governance in the Province of Pampanga, under its newly elected governor, Fr. Ed Panlilio.

"Only one month after Fr. Panlilio assumed his gubernatorial duties, the province’s income from the quarrying of volcanic ash from Mount Pinatubo had reached P29.4 million. (Haulers pay a fee of P300 per truck of volcanic ash that they haul from the quarry.)

"By contrast, during his predecessor Mark Lapid’s term as governor, the province’s income from the same quarrying operations amounted to only P29 million a year.

"This gaping variation in official incomes from the same activity should inspire a new set of textbooks in Arithmetic, especially for the school children of Pampanga. There is nothing like local color and local situations to cultivate comprehension in young minds.

"Sample problems: If Fr. Ed’s provincial government can collect P29.4 million in 26 days (we assume no quarrying on Sundays), how much does it collect in one day? Answer: An average of P1.130 million.

"If Fr. Ed’s provincial government collects an average of P1.130 million a day from quarrying operations, how much can it collect in one year of 313 days (365 days less 52 Sundays)? Answer: P353, 690,000, or P354 million.

"If Fr. Ed’s provincial government can collect P354 million a year and Mark Lapid’s provincial government collected only P29 million a year, what is the difference in their official yearly collections? Answer: P325 million a year.

"If Mark Lapid was governor for three years and his provincial government’s annual collections from quarrying amounted to an average of P29 million, how much did his provincial govt. officially collect in three years? Answer: P87 million.

"If Fr. Ed manages to remain as provincial governor for three years and his provincial government’s annual collection from quarrying were to average P354 million, how much will his provincial government collect in four years? Answer: P1.062 billion.

"What is the difference between P1.0626 billion and P87million? Answer: P975 million.

"Where did this P975 million go? Answer: Only God and the Lapids know. ‘Lapids’ is in the plural because Mark, as a second-generation political dynast, succeeded his own father, now Sen. Lito Lapid.

"We don’t know how much Lido’s provincial government officially collected from quarrying operations during his watch. That should be a good investigative project for media.)

"If Gawad Kalinga spends an average of P75,000 per low cost house, how many low-cost houses can P1.3 billion build? Answer: 13,000 low-cost houses.

"If the average Pampanga family were to consist of five persons (father, mother, three children), how many people would be benefited by 13,000 low-cost houses? Answer: 65,000 persons.

"Fr. Ed is to be congratulated for setting a high benchmark for collection from quarrying operations against which his predecessors have a moral obligation to explain why their collections were so low, and against which future governors will be judged by the people of Pampanga.

"Volcanic ash, by the way, is a superior building material. Many of the buildings, aqueducts & monuments of the Roman Empire that have survived for almost 2,000 years are known to have been built with volcanic ash, quarried from the environs of Mount Vesuvius after it erupted in 79 AD.

"We don’t expect Fr.Ed’s moral victory in Pampanga to be remembered for the next 2,000 yrs. We would be happy with five, ten or 20 years, enough, we hope, to spawn a moral-revolution-by- example to save the Filipinos from their worst enemies - themselves.

"Therefore, the primary cause of poverty is not overpopulation of the Phil! It’s because our country is overpopulated with corrupt officials"
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