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A gathering of Heroes

Amidst the political uncertainty a glimmer of hope out of the political muck that local politicians in Pampanga are desperately trying to drown good governance in their Mafiosi rule of the mob style of governance.

Boy Montelibano a strong advocate of Gawad Kalinga who is also a columnist at Inq7 titled Glimpses just reported a gathering of men and women of good intentions and good will. A gathering of heroes 200 strong to be precise, coming from different church groups congregated in Macabebe, Pampanga place of Fil-Am Bong & Carol Tulud of Houston, Texas.

Despite the evil machinations of the local provincial board and their vice governor here they are in a truly Christian response of showering evil deeds with good deeds to help alleviate the plight of the poorest of the poor in a province where might is right. Where having excessive money irregardless of where it came from does not matter whoever has it is treated like god.

Another affirmation that man is good and mans desire to do good is contagious as shown by these men and women of GK. The meeting was geared towards helping their fellow men unlike the provincial board meeting whose agenda was how to sabotaged good governance gain showing their “talangka” (tiny crab like creature) mindset or kiss the behind of their supreme leader the daughter of the infamous DM Macapagal highway robbery errr project affirming their “unswerving” loyalty. Now who says only the north is solid, so are Pampanga’s local officials….. I just don’t know if it was the moolah, intimidation, or skeleton in their closet factor. At the rate the forces of good are going the local forces of evil will eventually self destruct if they don't change their ways. Oh incidentally did anyone know that even the youth representative of the provincial board is on Giuiao's "bandwagon" of belly aching impatient officials..........hmmmmn, they start them young do they?

Below is the email from Boy Montelibano, I have added a couple of links for more insights:

Tony & Lyn Meloto, Drs. Martin & Sylvia Bautista (AKP senatorial bet), and Hapag Kainan painter, Joey Velasco arrived together, with San Isidro (Nueva Ecija) Mayor Sonia Lorenzo and UP Dean of Public Administration & Governance Alex Brilliantes and his wife following shortly after. This comprised the GK team that Tony Meloto brought to rally Macabebe and support the GK fund-raising efforts of Bong & Carol Tulud in the US.

On the side of Macabebe, there was the complete GK caretaker team and their second line support of GK volunteers, Bong & Carol Tulud, their guests and clinic partners from Houston, the top leadership of CFC Pampanga, and different Church groups and foundations already engaged with Carol. The vice-mayor Felicisimo P. Navarro Jr. of the town was also there although the mayor was not.

Among Ed arrived the last, having had to pass by a farmers cooperative in Apalit. Before he arrived, Tony Meloto had started the ball rolling by challenging the citizens of Macabebe to help their poor so that the efforts of Circulo Kapangpangan in the US will not go to waste in Macabebe. A land donor, the first in Macabebe, was introduced, and the plan to set up Macabebe's first GK village was announced. The funds for the houses raised by Bong & Carol are already in place.

It was announced that another property in nearby Masantol town was being donated and GK committed to build another village there once the donation papers are finalized. Again, Bong & Carol Tulud will raise the funds for the homes in what will also be Masantol's first GK village.

Another property in Guagua has been donated and can absorb at least 50 homes for the poor.

Three new GK sites - Macabebe, Masantol, & Guagua - are confirmed and will soon be added to the present number of GK villages in Pampanga.

In his short speech, Among Ed announced his gratitude to GK and committed to have GK as an integral part of his vision for Pampanga. Both Tony Meloto and Among Ed reiterated their invitation for all LGUs in Pampanga to set aside political differences and join the GK movement in Pampanga.

GK and Among Ed's staff and leaders of various civil society groups will meet immediately after New Year's Day to finalize operational plans on how to build more GK villages in Pampanga.

Photo of GK advocates w/ Among Ed courtesy of:

Boy Montelibano

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