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Campaign against Graft & Corruption

I came across the One-Dollar Crusade against Graft and Corruption, an email campaign supporting the beleaguered Good Governance Crusade of Ed Panlilio penned by Phillip Chua, MD.

I was hesitant to post it here until I do my diligence and find out who is behind the campaign and I was glad I did. In his response to the Political Jaywalker’s email query I was able to get a glimpse of the man behind the campaign.

There are so many ways to skin a cat so they say and what is important is that people are taking the initiative. They are staring to act and not just content with staying on the sidelines watching like a zombie as the events pass them by not realizing that this one event has the makings of the dawning of a new beginning. The event may signal what may be the start of a bigger clamor for change to rid the nation of its ills that has robbed our people of its pride and dignity. Let me just quote Dr. Chua’s email response:

Thanks for your email and kind words. The Filipino United Network (USA) surely appreciates your kindness in including our appeal on your Political Jaywalker website, which website we truly admire.

When some of the FUN board directors and I met with Gov Panlilio Dec 14, a request was made for a fund raising by us, in order to help defray the expenses for radio, newspaper, TV ads, and also time for Gov Ed to "talk" to the people...this will also be used for printing flyers, posters, newsletters, etc...and now that a recall is being planned by the opposition, there will be more funds needed to counter the recall.

The repository of the fund will be the Filipino United Network. We are asking people for $1 donation, because what we need more is their commitment and support. The one-dollar will just be a token of that commitment and support. And comes election time, we request everybody to come out and vote.

The names of those who respond to our appeal will be published on the following website: FALCON Advocacy

For verification of my identity, people may Google me or access and of these sites:

CV Hospitals, FEU- Alumni, Malmon

We, the luckier ones, have the obligation to help our poor people back home,more than 70% of them languishing in poverty because of the massive corruption in our government. Its time for us to give back to our country.

Its time to rid our government of graft and corruption. And the first order is to have an honest and transparent leader.

While Among is is not a seasoned political leader, he is, today, the best option to lead the Philippines.

Let's rally behind decency and integrity in government. Let's support Father Ed Panlilio. He is worth more than our one-dollar!

God bless and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.


There, if you think this will help or make a difference in our desire and clamor for change then send the email to your network and don’t forget to send in your dollar.


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