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Sperm Donors Beware

If ever you are in England and wanted to help a couple conceived a child by donating your sperm you may end up paying child support according to a BBC news.

This exactly what happened to Andy Bathie, 37 of Enfield, North London thinking he was doing the lesbian couple a favor since they were his friends. According to Bathie he was assured by the couple that he would have no personal or financial involvement for the children.

Not exactly says the Child Support Agency (CSA) Bathie is being made to pay maintenance to the children, a boy and a girl of the lesbian couple.

Andy Bathie a firefighter is now in a bind as he cannot afford to have children of his own with his wife what more with the child support he has to pay due to financial complications it will incur.

The couple was approached by the lesbian couple (married in a civil ceremony) 5 years ago donating his sperm as a friend instead of going to a fertilization clinic.

Only anonymous sperm donors at licensed centers are exempt from being treated as the legal father while a spokesman for Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) said: "The law says that men donating sperm through licensed fertility clinics are not the legal father of any child born through that donation. In the same manner a spokeswoman for CSA said: "Unless the child is legally adopted, both biological parents are financially responsible for their child - the Child Support Agency legislation is not gender or partnership based."

Internet donors or those arrange through the internet are also at risk of paying child support thus one has to go through channels done anonymously or be legally responsible as the father of the child conceived.

Andie Bathie reacted in shocked, angry and despair but says has no ill will on the lesbian couple when contacted by CSA and still could not understand why he has to pay. Well you are not alone Mr. Bathie, a New York doctor who donated his sperm to help a gay colleague conceive in the late 1980s, is in the same predicament. He has allowed his name to be put on the birth certificate on his biological son who lives with his mother in Oregon.

While the doctor was in regular contact after the boy’s birth in 1989 sending him gifts, money and cards signed “Dad” the contact stopped when the mother and his partner moved to Oregon with his son in 1993. Over the past 15 years since the child moved to Oregon the contact was reduced to 7 phone calls and one brief meeting.

A New York Family court judge ruled the NY doctor must now pay child support to his 18 year old child now heading for college.

There is an ongoing appeal to repeal or amend the law but it may come too late unless it is retroactive which seldom happens. Well maybe they should consider moving to the Philippines where "sperm donors" running after beautiful single ladies cannot be forced to undergo DNA test as it invades their "privacy"..............

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