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Disbar the First "BOOR"

There’s an e-mail going around complete with pictures and allegations regarding the Pidal brouhaha on hidden wealth and sexual misconduct. This is just one of the very interesting and very serious allegations on the so-called " Court Petition Document" found on the internet against Mr. Mike Arroyo.

9. In many instances, what the petitioner and Respondent did, instead of working, was to engage in drinking sessions every night. They would have this drinking sessions with Respondent’s partners and cousins. Respondent would broadcast to them that petitioner was her “favorita” and would call GMA an “igorota”.

Hmmmmmnnnn, If this is true , I wonder how the bitter half errrrr the better half no less of the FG who is the present cheating errrr seating president of the Philippine reacted to such ignorant label? Not a good idea to resort to name-calling just so one can “score” that only shows his contempt for our indigenous Kababayan. Now, If it really happened I wonder who should feel insulted and demeaned by such ignorant remark…….. I am sure the Igorotas are the ones who felt maligned here; these people are known for their honesty and integrity with strong work ethics. Does it come as a surprise why he uttered such ignorant rant against the wife, well from the Inquirer editorial below one may see the picture?

From the Inquirer editorial comes this quote:

Of course, what may be immediately apparent with the First Gentleman’s court conduct is that it seems apposite to his spouse’s outbursts, her propensity to bang the phone at the slightest hint of bad news and to walk out of press conferences when she does not like the questions being thrown at her. If only for their vile temper, the two are really compatible. They deserve each other.

So are official outbursts a platform and policy of the government? We don’t know. What we have observed is that the legendary presidential temper seems to operate by osmosis -- from the President’s spouse and kin to the President’s fellow workers in government. What we’re seeing is a new public administration system: a management by flare-ups, a presidency by eruption.”

If all these allegations are true, you don't want to be in his shoes right now, the alledged former "girl friend" pissed off with him, the bitter errrr better half surely is as upset, the indiginous people and then this class action suit filed by journalist gaining ground taking along some international attention.

So Mr. future Senator Alan Cayetano maybe you should cut
FG Mike some slack (the urot in me wanted to see more though, hehehe) baka hamunin ka ng "square" if he has that tendency if we are to believe the Inquirer editorial........ but then again it will be one hell of a show that may turn out to be better than the rubbish they show on the idiot tube.

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