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Can I bring your signature to the Colbert Report?

Three weeks ago, I published an exposé in the New York Times. It was my life story: I came to this country as a boy, learned English, embraced America, and thrived. But at age 16 I found out that I am an undocumented immigrant. And I have been hiding that fact ever since.

I left my job as a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and came out about my immigration status because it's long past time to strike up a more civil, inclusive debate about immigration in America. It was a risk, but I was tired of staying silent.

More than 6,000 Change.org members from all over the country have joined me in calling for a new national conversation on immigration -- and I'm bringing all of their voices with me when I go on the Colbert Report on Thursday night.

Would you add your name now, so I have a huge number to announce on the show?

We may not all agree on how to fix it, but one thing we can all agree on is that our immigration debate is out of control and our immigration system is badly broken. I believe not only that we can do better but that we must.

Will you sign the pledge to stand with me, Jose Antonio Vargas, in calling for a new national conversation on immigration?

Some would say my story is the tale of a hard-working immigrant who defines the American dream: achieving success against great odds, working hard, and even earning a Pulitzer Prize for my reporting. Still, despite everything I've achieved, the law still says I am not technically an American. I am undocumented.

I want to ask my fellow Americans: What would you do if you found out at age 16 that you didn't have the right papers? As a journalist, my job is to ask questions that spark conversation. Now I am asking you to join in that conversation.

Sign the call for a new conversation on immigration in America, then share it with everyone you know.

I can't wait to tell Stephen how the conversation is spreading.

All the best,

- Jose

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