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Modern Day Heroes or Commodities in Human Trafficking of Slaves?

Are we sending our people as modern day heroes or as commodities in human trafficking of slaves? In our 21st century world, where access to information is just a click away we still see a vestige of the ugly human trafficking slave trade of the past still haunting us like a recurring nightmare. Unfortunately this phenomenon is real and happening in most developed countries of the world with the third world countries supplying them with their abundant hapless poverty stricken population like commodities in foreign trade.

Unthinkable that while freedom and democracy are spreading in every continent and societies of the world evolving to new heights of sophistication brought about by technological advances human beings are subjected to unimaginable inhumane cruelty. While nation’s progressed to never imagined heights we still see appalling and morally unacceptable conditions that hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children are exploited, abused, and enslaved by peddlers of human misery.

People in third world countries are the most susceptible to exploitation and abuse driven by poverty out of the country to seek greener pastures falling prey to heartless recruiter’s victimizing unknowing victims. Some of these victims find themselves in slave like conditions in a strange land and culture working as domestic helpers to deranged families from hell. What is sad is most of them even paid huge amounts of money to these peddlers of human misery luring them with the promise of work only to suffer verbal, physical, sexual and all kinds of deviant abused even animals don’t deserve.

A Modern-Day "Slave Trade": Sri Lankan Workers in Lebanon by Reem Haddad narrates the sad plight of how Sri Lankan women upon arrival in Lebanon ended up abused, imprisoned, raped, hungry, defenseless and alone. One such case is that of Siriani P. a 27 year old in her attempt to save her family from a life of poverty victimized by her cruel employer beating her senseless at whim as reported by Reem Haddad of Middle East Org. Escaped after 10 months of being subjected to unimaginable dehumanizing abuse of physical beating. Awaken at 4:00 am to work like an animal forbidden to eat till 5:00 pm Siriani ended up worse than her situation in her poverty stricken village.

Silence on maid abuse must end screams the headline in Singapore. Those who could speak up against maid Muawanatul Chasanah's horrific abuse kept quiet. The govt. should raise its voice now.

Muawanatul Chasanah was for nine months regularly starved, whipped, punched, slapped, kicked, jabbed with sharp objects and scalded with hot water by her employer, Ng Hua Chye. She eventually died after a severe beating on Dec 2 last year.

In Malaysia, SOS message saves 17 abused maids:

Seperti berikut: Tolong tolong dato! Kami dikurong dlm1 pejabat hari2

PUTRAJAYA: "Help, help, Dato! We are kept in an office. Every day not given food but sent to houses by (an) agent. There are 20 of us here. Eventually, all of us will die here. Help, help..."

Ministry secretary-general Tan Seri Aseh Che Mat said the issues of abused and unpaid maid needed to be addressed and handled properly as Malaysia has a special relationship with Indonesia.

These human sufferings are happenning in South East Asia, you would think that having almost similar cultural and racial traits things will go smoothly. Unfortunately it is not to be so because we are dealing with ignorance at the lowest level that some people who happens to have more seems to lack humanity in their despicable acts at par with that of the middle ages.

What about the Middle East the destination point of most of the unskilled labor coming from poverty stricken nation victimized for their lack of education given no choice in seeking greener pastures get ensnared by peddlers of human misery? They either land in forced sexual slavery or they may have landed in a legitimate household but just the same ended up in slave like condition finding themselves in an ignorant family who happen to have more money they can't fathom due to oil revenues thrown in their direction. Sad to say the Middle ages errrr East societies treats their women as commodities to be owned by their menfolks and as such having women from third world countries to work as domestic helpers is an open invitation for exploitation and abuse...... If they can treat their own women with disrespect what more with foreign women? If this is the prevailing attitude why then would government like the one where a cheating errr seating president with questionable tenure promote and encourage exporting our women as "super maids"?

How can these moronic families of ignoramuses so blatantly treat other human being with such impunity can be traced back to their sick social mindset. How else can you explain their sick inhumane treatment of migrant workers when people in their society are active participant in dehumanizing migrant workers and women in particular. Their police agencies are known to treat domestic helpers as perpetrators first rather than a victim when they return abused domestic helpers to their "masters" to suffer more unfathomable abuse with more intensity for escaping.

Torturing of "suspects" occurs when you have ill-trained police too lazy or too ignorant in gathering evidence. The situation gets worse and desperate when you have a male dominated society treating women as a commodity in a society that treats outsiders and those with western influence as infidels. In a society where might is right and no one gets in trouble for filing a false police report, the domestic helpers are in a very dangerous situation of getting abused by just about anyone in a barbaric society left behind in the middle ages. Below is the sad plight of a Filipina as narrated in an article "A Modern-Day "Slave Trade":

Last August, a Filipina housekeeper was arrested after her French employer called the police to report a theft of a gold medallion. Linda Sacbibit, 42, charged that as soon as she entered the police interrogation room, two policemen tied her wrists and ankles together, forcing her into the fetal position. A long piece of wood was inserted behind her knees, then placed across the top of two chairs and Sacbibit hung head-down from it "like a roasted chicken," as she recounted her experience tearfully through metal bars at Baabda prison. "They began beating the soles of my feet with a cable of some sort. I don't know how much time passed but it was a long time. Then they untied me and made me stand in a pot of water. Soon after, they tied me up and suspended me again," she said. "They slapped my face and they beat my body with the wire repeatedly. I don't remember more because I fainted."

When Sacbibit woke up, she saw small black spots on her chest and arms but couldn't remember how they got there. "The men then ordered me to wash my face and arms because they were a little bloody from the rope's friction. I had to hold my arms up to show them there was no blood left. Then they made me run all around the room. They kept yelling at me to confess that I stole the medallion and gave it to my boyfriend. I told them I didn't steal anything and that I don't have a boyfriend," she said. "But they kept calling me a liar and continued beating me."

Imagine yourself in Sacribit's position would you want to be in her shoes? Why do people go to these horrible places? Sad but poverty forces people to seek greener pasture but the other side does not necessarily are greener than where they left off. This one experience from a lawyer helping migrant workers really shows the kind of low life some of these people are:

For lawyer Mirella Abdel Sater, who volunteers her time and expertise to help foreign maids, the hundreds of cases she faces can be overwhelming. "Sometimes I feel so helpless," she admitted. "I tell people what the law requires, and they tell me: ‘Get out of here, you and your law!'." At one point, she decided to call abusive employers and ask them to stop the beatings. "In return, they threatened me," she said. "They told me: ‘We know important people and you'd better watch out'. Once the police even called me in for questioning! Since when do you question lawyers representing someone?"

In this scenario where even the law enforcers themselves don't respect the law what protection if any do these hapless migrant workers have? It was estimated that about 10% of migrant domestic helpers are subjected to all forms of abuse and embassies of their respective countries can't cope with the number of "escapist" that migrant workers have to take the responsibility themselves in pitching in to help one another. These abuses has to stop................ I dare say that this is a crime against humanity.

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