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Garci on the run....

..........for a tongress cheat errr seat ........ hahaha, unlike in the past where he is in hiding he seems to be very visible nowadays. From the looks of it he is getting some "local" politicians in his stable. I wonder why someone as unpopular and despised as he is will have people who will want to be seen with him much less to be with him.

Barely 7 days left till the electorate’s troop by hakot or kurakot to the voting booths and I have yet to see a single senatorial candidate that can capture my imagination with of course the exception of Ang kapatitan’s 3 senatorial bets. People are writing their list of who they will vote as if their choices will make a difference in changing the same old rotten politics that we are so used to.

Garci is still on the running with can you believe 80 vehicle loads of supporters that reportedly snaked their way to the streets of Bukidnon in his filing of CoC. How in the name of kurdapya can someone so embroiled in an unresolved scandal support a character like that one is truly amazing and beyond logic? Well, it appears that he knew how to get those people aroused errrr mobilized I should say since it was reported that he got one of the hot babes to fool errrr campaign for him.

Hmnnnnn, it was reported that if he gets elected his first privilege speech will deal with the Garci tape, que barbaridad is it because when one speaks in the halls of tongress one is immune from any prosecution? Uhuh, what is this world coming to, is it not cheaper to just go ahead and talk in the court of law than spend millions just so you can talk is just dumb. He also promised to file a case against those he says are behind the Garci scandal, start with yourself Garci because in case you have forgotten you are one the major player in that tape. Let us see if people in Bukidnon are as dumb as what garci think they are. Amazing indeed and he is saying that his family has “suffered” so much from the scandal so he thinks he has a legitimate grievance to sue, but he has to be a tongress man first to do so.


Photo courtesy: Arkibong Bayan

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