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Massive cheating in 07 Election a likely scenario

I am posting these videos that is a stark reminder of the past May 2004 Electoral fraud coming from Kontra Daya. This is an issue that should concern us all on how the online community should utilize technology in gathering much needed information on the state of our electoral process. Let me re-post the private email sent to this jaywalking cyber pedestrian observer a very sensible concrete perspective coming from a longtime OAVL advocate Gil Ramos, PhD. Which I quote:

“ The real issue in the coming elections is whether the institutions of the country and its dynamics with the prevailing 'culture' can sustain a process of selecting public leaders that would have some degree of credibility to warrant claims that we are still indeed a democracy. The candidacies of the opposition figures and other independents
are only minute incidentals to this underlying transcendental issue of holding credible and clean elections.

Therefore claims of the opposition that they are better than Gloria and her cohorts and issues such as adequate representation for OFW's in the senate pales like starlight in the presence of the 'blazing sun' issue of whether we will have credible elections or not.

In this context vigilance assumes a more textured meaning and the corollary of sanctions that an angered people must exact from those who have done them wrong becomes
most significant.

Vigilance should mean developing scientific benchmarks which will prove beyond scientific and mathematical doubt that widespread cheating (if and when it happens) indeed took place in this 2007 midterm elections.

And more importantly, preparations should be underway this early to enable a process of SANCTIONS that would RESTORE democracy when indeed a failure of elections happens. OFW's can better use their limited resources in supporting such an effort rather than being distracted by pipedream efforts of putting up or supporting candidates in a playing field that’s marred by a tendency for fraud.”

Will it happen again? Most of those allegedly involved or was linked to the massive cheating has been rewarded with promotion with the exception of Garci. Even though Garci was not promoted, not a single court case prospered against him, that in itself is his "rewards". Heck, even illegal possession of ugly face errr falsification of public documents did not stick. Now as an added perk he is ruining errr running for a tongress seat using his namesake to arouse errr attract the moronic crowd in this pathetic joke on us in this electoral exercise in Bukidnon. What have we done to deserve this nightmare? Or better yet the question should be what can we do to awaken us from this nightmare wrought upon us by these scalawags?

We can allow a repeat or do something about it but until we get our act together it will be the same old thing all over again…….

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