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The Criminal Senators of the 07 Election!

All 12 Senate winners are ‘criminals’ -- Senator Santiago, screams the headline of Inquirer by Gil C. Cabacungan, Jr. Wow, what just happened there, for a while I thought I was watching the schizophrenic character version of “Princess Leia” (Miriam vainly and desperately was portrayed as Princess Leia in her unsuccessful presidential run) in Return of the Jedi Star wars movie but no it was Lady Miriam. I could picture her in her signature rant but that’s just her and for the first time ever I can’t believe I am agreeing with her.

Is this really for real? She will resign in protest or will she do the usual retraction of "hahaha sorry, I lied”. Well one thing for sure this election is obviously dirty and seeing how ridiculous the squandering of money as if it was going out of style truly makes this election goes down in history as the year of the BASTARDS. First was the BASTARDIZATION of the Party List complete with FIXER PIMPS selling accreditation and nominees now we have Senator elected to be branded by Lady Miriam as criminals with the 2 giant networks as the unholy coupling parenthood of the bastardization? Yikes, are we transforming into a nation of bastards, well it does look that way if we look at what’s happening in our electoral contest. Is this one of her bane grandstanding just like what we witnessed and reported in Inquirer when she was dropped from the SC list?

“I’m not angry, Mr. President, I am not angry,” she began, addressing Senate President Manuel Villar.

“I am irate. I am foaming at the mouth. I’m homicidal. I’m suicidal. I’m humiliated, debased, degraded. And not only that, I feel like throwing up to be living my middle years in a country of this nature. I am nauseated. I spit in the face of Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban and his cohorts in the Supreme Court.”

She speaks the “truth” because it will be very difficult to get hard evidence especially with veteran Tongelec operators honing their “skills” in the previous ones who knew very well how not to get caught red handed. Unless there is this telebabad reincarnation of Garci and Miss Supervisor in charge of every detail shut their trap for a while they will probably get away with murder.

Is this a sign of re-awakening? Have they come to their senses that what started as “minor” infractions of bending of the rules has now come back to haunt them like an out of control unstoppable monsters rearing its ugly head. Unfortunately, while I welcome her revelation something inside of me like a nagging wife is telling me that there is something here that is beneath that we need to look into. Well for one there is no telling what she is thinking and knowing for sure what drives her into issuing statements of this nature especially with this past remark on her being dropped from the list:

“I will say that I resent it very deeply. I take it very personally and I will see to it that while I remain in public office that every member of the JBC shall eventually be held to account for their partisanship. For this reason, I will participate in the Con-ass (constituent assembly) for the main purpose of abolishing the JBC for corruption,” she told the Inquirer.

Is there a personal agenda somewhere? I hope not and I definitely give her credit for saying the unmentionable or taboo among conniving Mafiosi minded lawmakers of letting it out in the open:

“The people with the most money will win. That is why I am thinking of resigning and registering a protest against farcical elections like this one we’re having. It has turned into a contest among billionaires. There is no ideology, no theory, no policy. I don’t see any policy discussion taking place, all personality,” Santiago said.

Do I see a cheering squad here or what, hmmmmn but wait a minute is this really the start of a crusade of “GOOD” vs. “EVIL” or another one of those grandstanding to score “ATM” points from our steamed (not a typo it is really not esteemed, lol) journalist?

The people deserve more; why not start a major cleanup of the “house” so to speak starting with her son Narciso D. Santiago III, persuade him to drop out of the nomination of the Party List Alliance for Rural Concerns (ARC). Yeah, I know the guy is an "expert" and helpfull in their cause but what about "delicadeza" is that trait just like Tongelec's credibility that went down the toilet too? What's wrong with just being a "consultant" like that Webdeologist" whatever the heck that means being offered by Klinkity Ang's Father Dear if they win a cheat errr seat in the backdoor errr party list election. Next is to bring it further and look at her ally La eruption de Glorification de la Napoleona’s alleged squandering of government resources in the last scandalous election.

Just a clarification though while her motivation seems questionable let us not discount the fact that what she brought out are valid and we as citizens of this Republic of cheats errr honorable men should take the cue and encourage them in exposing those dirty linens. Indeed this election is about who has the most money to squander where principles, ideology, or platform has no place but purely a contest of personality with the help of spin doctors errr PR people in cahoots with the madaya errr media networks.

The sad part about this is she herself acknowledges the fact that it will be very difficult if not impossible to come up with hard evidence when it comes to bribing local officials and Tongelec operators of the backdoor kind ala dagdag (add) bawas (substract) vote count. Top that with how her ally treating whistle blowers as in Acsa Ramirez star state witness to be to suddenly becoming the principal accused. Given a choice and assuming there is one with a conscience among the backdoor operators will you come out and risk prison time or keep quiet and reap the bounty of promotion and wealth unexplained as it is does not really matter when no one really gets prosecuted for it.

She will resign she say, is she serious? I doubt it but if she is really serious on this she should get this going instead of resigning and do us a favor by continually exposing the ills of our pathetic political state of affairs. Who knows maybe they can redeem themselves and this maybe the start of a transformation towards a truly democratic nation where genuine servants of the people stepping up the plate in our path towards a better Philippines. I am no ingrate and for all her efforts I give her the much coveted banner award (the banner at the top) from the Cyber Jaywalking Pedestrian Observer Istambay delivered here after ducking and avoiding getting run over by undisciplined Jeepney drivers. Here let's give those DOJ People some work, click below to lodge a complain on these soon to be "criminal" Senators..........


My cyber buddy mschumey07 just had a new entry in his blog titled Hope Springs From Us, why not indeed. While all indications points towards massive fraud I see a glimmer of hope wherein people are now starting to do something positive to counter the abuse emanating from the trapos. A million volunteers he cited will be out there to guard the sanctity of the ballot risking life and limb indeed should sway cynics to action and not just shrug this off this time around. If personalities we love to hate could not stomach the absurdity anymore and spilling the beans, then it is a good sign of good things to come.


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