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Supreme Court Once more reign Supreme

Once again the Supreme Court has earned the reputation of the court of last resort in our literal struggle and uphill battle to protect our tarnished democratic institution in their rebuff of Comelec arrogance and questionable unlawful and illegal ruling.

They have once more restored and gave us hope that they will be there to protect the interest of our people against the onslaught of questionable and immoral rulings that serves the interest of backdoor sleazy characters bastardizing the party list system.

But then again the spokesperson of the Comelec has shown his moronic take with I respect the SC decision but blah blah blah nonsense still rationalizing an illegal ruling. Instead of posting the list of nominees he links his blog with the Inquirer article on the decision is just hogwash like it help us see who are those sleazy nominees they are trying to hide with that illegal ruling. Maybe if they focused on their job instead of complaining about how their “noble” advocacy of protecting us from ourselves should just do what the SC ordered them to do.

Kudos to Commissioners Rene Sarmiento and Romeo Brawner for not allowing themselves to be part of a mob ruling that infringes on the peoples’ right to information. The three stooges errr other election commissioners—Resurreccion Borra, Florentino Tuason Jr. and Nicodemo Ferrer—stuck to the non-disclosure provision of the party-list law prohibiting the Comelec from revealing the names of the nominees. Well, they really need to police themselves and they might as well arrest the themselves the three stooges’ errr commissioners for ignorance of the law which the SC categorically stated when it says they have misinterpreted the provisions.

There are 499 nominees out of 91 party list approved by these body and while I am tempted to celebrate this small victory, the time it will take for Comelec to comply maybe too late. Just publish those lists so we can discern and separate the bogus sleazy backdoor pimps from legitimate marginalized representatives. The disqualification case to be filed is another matter and since the ball is back in the Comelec’s sleazy hands how long will they take once again to decide? And with the kind of decision they make that are questionable at best vigilance of the people will be our best bet to get these people to get their act together. Bello was quoted in the Inquirer article as saying:

Our fears have come true that many of these people are closely associated with the Arroyo administration through the Office of External Affairs,” Bello told reporters after going through the list.

It seems and it is getting apparent that the purported documents of funding request coming from OEA maybe real after all with their agency cropping up on this anomalous party list bastardization:

The concerns eventually zeroed in on the party-list nominees themselves as other concerned groups alleged that a group supposedly operating out of Malacañang’s Office of External Affairs was running a campaign to get pro-administration party-list groups into Congress.

It was also alleged that “big-time fixers” from the OEA were offering to ensure the accreditation and victory of party-list groups for fees ranging from a low of P100,000 to a high of P10 million.

How sick can that be, back door pork barrel passes are allegedly being sold like a pimp doing their sleazy deals in dark alleys. Ahhh politics Philippine style how much more dirty can it get we have bottomed out and it just keeps on coming like a never ending bad dream. Hmnnnnn, now that SC gave them a smack at the back of their head (as in batok, lol) I am wondering how Borra is taking it with his "we will prosecute those who disclosed party list nominees"? Maybe they should just bow their heads in shame and resign en masse and give us all a break just once...... please vanish into thin air and we can all pretend this is all just a bad dream.


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