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Update on Filipina Jazz Singer wows listeners in the USA

Charmaine Clamor JazzipinoCharmaine Clamor a Filipina American Jazz singer is the first Filipina to break through the mainstream US radio with her album “Searching for Her Soul” heard in over 100 stations all over the USA peaked at #1 on the CMJ jazz charts in several markets. Compared to legendary vocalists Nancy Wilson, Sarah Vaughan, and Cassandra Wilson.

Since she was featured at Pedestrian Observer Group Blog last May 22, 2007 more raves and reviews are coming out her way and her Flippin Out CD is truly a blast which she calls "Jazzipino" a mix of contemporary Jazz and Filipino standards.

Christopher Loudon in Flippin Out (Freeham) says aside from her being a drop-dead gorgeous as Nancy Wilson or Lena Horne, what matters is Charmaine Clamor vocally resembles an amalgam of Wilson and Horne. Describing her vocal assets as a sumptuously elegant blend of silk and satin, trimmed with gutsy self-possession, to quote further:

It’s a sound that generated plenty of attention when, three years ago, she served up a delectable assortment of standards on her debut disc, Searching for the Soul. Now, with the release of Flippin’ Out, Clamor has moved a giant step forward, crafting an entirely new musical form; a hybrid of American jazz and Filipino folk music dubbed “jazzipino” (a term the album’s title anagrammatically toys with). Working alongside Tierney Sutton’s top-drawer trio—pianist Christian Jacob, bassist Trey Harris and drummer Ray Brinker—Clamor the inventive torch-bearer is still present with a rich, creamy cover of “I Hadn’t Anyone ’Til You,” a playfully sensuous “Candy” and a fresh take on “Sugar In My Bowl” that’s more hard toffee than honey-dipped.

San Diego City Beat writer Nathan Dinsdale gives Charmaine Clamor’s event a must see with her picture (the only one in the article) prominently displayed in the article, truly looks like a star is in the making:

PLAN A: Charmaine Clamor @ Anthology. Clamor has coined the term “Jazzipino” to describe her blend of jazz, blues, soul and Filipino folk. I might have gone with something catchier (Filipazz? Jalipino? Manila Wafer?), but critics still clamor for Clamor and her new album, Flippin’ Out.

I have seen her perform at the Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture in San Pedro, California unfortunately I was not that impressed, ok just to clarify this she is a great singer but she should really be more discerning in the type of venue she performs. It was at the yearly Filipino exhibit and in an open space with cheap sound system installed even the greatest of singers will not fare well.

I bought her Flippin’ Out CD and as soon as I popped it in my CD player the difference was so obvious and I started to appreciate Charmaine Clamor again as how she was raved by reviewers. The live performance really sucks in an open space with cheap sound system does not do justice to her talent and voice quality. The lyrics of My Funny Brown Pinay her Rodger’s and Hart’s version of “My Funny Valentine” somehow made the crowd hardly noticing the awful sound system; she definitely should try and avoid this kind of cheap events.

The CD has guest guitarist and percussionist Zaxariades on “I Need a Lot of Love,” on other songs augmenting the trio with the Pakaraguian Kulintang Ensemble (a traditional Filipino assemblage of gongs and tribal gongs) and Abe Lagrimas Jr.’s ukulele. The disc had some Harana (a Filipino courtship serenade song of old) and Kundimans (Philippine classics) to which Louden described as Clamor establishing herself as a dynamic new compass point in world music.

Her Flippin Out CD is definitely a must buy to appreciate “Jazzipino” but if you prefer to see her live in real good venues check out her schedule at Charmaine Clamor’s website.
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