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Reports coming from the field confirm that the election fraud operators of Oplan Mercury Rising are ready to issue out pre-computed and pre-accomplished Statement of Votes and Certificates of Canvass at the municipal and provincial levels in the areas covered by the Oplan.

This stage was set after the following conditions and situations have been successfully carried out:

  1. The unusual increase in the 2007 registered voters compared to 2004 from 8% to 20% in these areas. Just compare these percentages to the population average growth of 2.5% annually.
  1. Declaration of “failure of elections,” as in Lanao del Sur and Maguindanao so special elections can be justified. Remember that in 2004, special elections were also held in these same areas.
  1. Overprinting for reserves, and theft and losses of accountable election forms - SOVs and COCs as already announced by Comelec.
  1. Sensing on how the candidates, especially the senatorial ones, are performing in non-Oplan Mercury Rising areas with the tabulation of initial returns. This is to determine whether the pre-computed “lead” levels of favored candidates will be sufficient to overturn the early leads of the opposition candidates.
  1. Knowing the results of exit polls to fine-tune the pre-computed leads.
  1. Getting indicators on how the voting public will react to the above.

The original Oplan Mercury Rising was to offset the opposition leads that are expected from Metro Manila and Luzon. The idea is to push the senatorial bids of Zubiri, Defensor and Pichay, among others, into the winning circle, even if they will land in the last slots. The magic number to add is at least 2M votes in Oplan Mercury Rising provinces, roughly an average of 100,000 lead in about 20 provinces.

The reports indicate that these leads are already pre-computed and being written in the SOVs and COCs. These will be released on a staggered sequence next week from the Oplan provinces to the Comelec for senatorial canvassing. Please note the same pattern in the 2004 elections where FPJ,s lead in Luzon and MetroManila were wiped out when the votes from Cebu, Iloilo and Bohol were canvassed, and the final GMA lead of 1M was completed when the votes from special elections and the ARMM provinces were finally submitted, as the last provinces to be canvassed.

Bantay Boto has the data on such voting patterns. The attachment contains these data from only 5 Mindanao provinces to convince the public of the deep intelligence penetration of Bantay Boto..

From this fraudulent pattern, one can see immediately the devilish intent of the fraud operators:

  1. The 2007 registered voters from the Oplan provinces were from 8 to 20 percent higher than 2004.
  1. The voter turnout was much more than the 2004 voting turnout.
  1. The votes garnered by the Administration candidates in the provinces were consistently 50 to 100% higher than those from the Opposition.

In these 5 provinces alone, the lead of the Administration is almost 1.0 M.

Bantay Boto is appealing to the fraud operators not to push through with this plan. DO NOT DO IT. IT IS NOT WORTH IT. Bantay Boto is also serving this notice to the fraud operators and their accomplices. WE KNOW YOU. Our eyes and ears are tuned to you. Perpetrators will be dealt with accordingly.

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19 May 2007

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