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Maguindanao & Pinoy's Misplaced "Over Sensitivity"

I’ll give it to jokers in this electoral contest when it comes to stand up comic act in a stage or rather staged play of crude untalented performers trying desperately to pass off a scam as a major play of the century.

Maguindanao so it seems is getting bestowed the fraud capital of the Republic of Madaya (cheat) better known as the Philippines. This video report says it all; we see fooliticians, leaders, teachers and voters raising a howl wanting to crucify the “whistleblowers” for “unduly” tainting their impeccable “integrity” are just so unreal. Well it does not come as a surprise as they say monkey see monkey do when the cheating errr seating president set the precedent with parading star witness Acsa Ramirez as the principal suspect really speaks volumes on the kind of integrity we have in this god forsaken trying to pretend they are not a third world country.

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In a related development Mr. Dilanghangin errrr Dilangalen was quoted by Inquirer as saying there was an election held but has no clue how many voted or how they voted really does not help at all. He urges the Comelec to conduct an “honest to goodness” investigation to “clear” the names of Maguindanao officials….. say what now? What in the name of Lady Madaya was that all about? Well blow me down and slap me silly but this kind of mentality is what I see with criminal minded people. Clearing their names bah, investigations are conducted to determine if any laws were broken and those culpable hauled to court. Why will the government waste meager resources on “clearing the names” of those officials who were linked in the last fiasco of the Garci scandal be the objective of the investigation really says it all.

What about this bicycle riding we’re corrupt errr Way Kurat Zamora lamenting the allegations as an affront to the Maguindanaon’s who are supposedly “staunch advocate of clean and honest elections”, yikes what in the world is this guy yapping about. This is coming from the guy quoted in a PCIJ article titled “Pork is a political tool, not a developmental tool”:

Congressmen, however, rarely see anything wrong with their role as patrons of their districts and implementers of projects. "Take that away, ano pang gagawin namin (what else would we do)?" asks Compostela Rep. 'Way Kurat' Zamora. "Of course, there's the national budget, naming of streets, but saturated na rin ang laws. And I think without that (pork), no one will run."

Although this is not a statement coming from Way Kurat in the same article it tells you where the tongress people priorities are:

"We're prisoners of the game," says a congressman. "People are kept dependent and poor because that's how you want to keep them. You don't empower them, so they stay poor. You just buy people with project money."

This is a stark reminder of that infamous event when the Philippines sent grown man with shaved facial, armpit, and leg hairs passing them off in the Little League Baseball in Long Beach, California USA. There is this similarity in the way people reacted to that shameful expulsion of the Philippines in the world Little league baseball event wherein Filipinos of “integrity” wanting to skin the journalist alive for exposing the fraud instead of those behind the fiasco. Same thing here in Maguindanao, we see the people ganging up on the teacher whistle blowers when it was clear what the “villain” witnesses were saying……. check the penmanship in the ballots, they are mostly coming from three penmanship.

On a positive note and let’s hope that they will pursue the case until those culpable is sent to jail for life for electoral fraud in this Inquirer report:

The affidavits -- secured by the GO-Party-List Task Force Poll Watch through interviews conducted by members of the Suara Bangsamoro early this week -- comprise the first documentary evidence of fraud in Maguindanao and will be used by the task force to seek the voiding of the elections there, which resulted in a 12-0 sweep of the administration’s Team Unity.

In his affidavit, a 51-year-old man said he and his fellow BEI members were taken from the treasurer’s office on May 14 to a banana patch where they filled up ballots while armed men stood guard.

He said they were taken to the National Irrigation Administration office in Shariff Aguak when night fell on Election Day and kept on “standby” the entire May 15 before the counting of votes started much later, in the evening of May 16.

The BEI member asked that his name and that of his town be withheld until he deems it safe to face the Commission on Elections.

In his own affidavit, BEI poll clerk Faisal Kalantungan said 38 ballot boxes and 190 election returns (ERs) had yet to be picked up from the Pagalungan municipal council 10 days after Election Day although the provincial canvass had already been completed.

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