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Ana "The Hurricane" Julaton will slug it out at the Women's National Boxing Competition

Update 6/4/07 11:19 PM from Angelo Reyes

Here is the latest update on Ana's US National tournament in Colorado Springs. Ana made it to the [b]Semi Finals[/b] (that solidifies her at the very least as the rank #4 boxer for 2007). She will be fighting Tuesday Night Jun 5th at the University of Colorado Springs, Colorado. If she is successful, Ana "The Huricane" Julaton moves on to the finals Wednesday night Jun 6th, Ana will be the 1st Filipina-American to ever be ranked #1 in the history of USA boxing & The 1st female from the SF Bay Area to ever win the US National Championships. Send her all your positive energy!!

Please help pass the word around & if there is anyone who would like to watch the event in Colorado Springs please let them know to support and cheer on our champion!

Words of encouragement would also be great you can go straight to her MySpace site and give her some words of encouragement.


Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton will be leaving for
Colorado Springs on May 31stJune 7th 2007 for the US National Championships. The women’s competition will start June 2nd and ends on June 6 this will be a real test for her boxing skills, ability and stamina fighting 5 opponents in five days. To reach her goal of being ranked #1 she has to beat all 5 opponents in a grueling schedule. She needs encouraging words of support to reach her goal of being the first Filipina to be ranked #1 in the history US Women’s Boxing.

The current rankings according to the USA Boxing site:

125 lbs
1. Ronica Jeffrey, Brooklyn, N.Y. (320)
2. Jennifer Han, El Paso, Texas (275)
3. Katy Klinefelter,
Iowa City, Iowa (200)
4. Melissa Roberts,
Manchester, Conn. (150)
5. Ana Julaton,
Alameda, Calif. (125)
6. Magdalene Kearse, Atlanta, Ga. (100)
7. Jennifer Barber,
Northridge, Calif. (75)
7. Kayla Kay Combs,
Lubbock, Texas (75)
8. Jody Ann Weller,
Pomona, N.Y. (50)
8. Elizabeth Cole,
San Francisco, Calif. (50)
8. Celena Salazar,
San Antonio, Texas (50)
8. Amanda Jones,
Visalia, Calif. (50)
9. Valerie DeFreitas, W.
Va. (25)
9. Diana Blue,
Dania Beach, Fla. (25)

Here is her LatiNation coverage:

Latin Nation

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Help spread the word around especially those who happen to be in Colorado Springs this June 2nd to 6th to watch and cheer for our very own Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton. Send her some words of encouragement if you can't come to the fight either here or her MySpace site. If succesfull and the olympics decides to include women boxing, which has been her goal and advocacy to gain respect for the sport it will be a historic moment for women and Filipino women in particular to have a Filipina compete in the olympics.


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