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Pacquiao vs. De La Hoya Dream Match a Nightmare

Watching the De la Hoya vs. Pacquiao Dream Match fight in Lost Wages errr Las Vegas was out of the question especially in hard economic times like this. The next option was to go to a sports bar although it will pare in comparison to the excitement to the actual venue it is good enough where contending fans try to drown each others as the fight progress. There is only one problem the sports bar near my place was charging $25.00 entrance fee per person (with 6 people will amount to $150.00) not counting the drinks and food so I opted for the pay per view where we can watch the fight at home and the luxury of recording it.
The under cards were a yawner with one sided fights lasting one or two rounds and the only fight that lasted all the way was that of another Filipino pugilist from Maasim, Sarangani in Mindanao. Richie Mepranum, fought on a masterful unanimous decision victory over Cesar Lopez. A promising fighter that sadly was overshadowed by Manny Pacquiao which is the only decent match in the under card I should say and HBO never showed the fight! Geez and since the fight was what you may call a quickie, so one sided that there was a lag of 40 minutes. Since they cannot have the main event ahead of schedule as per contract stipulations, that would have been a waste of time had one arrived early. Just for that opting to watch the fight on PPV was well worth it rather than fiddle your fingers for 40 minutes after Juan Manuel Lopez floored Sergio Medina thrice in the first round, forcing referee Joe Cortez to put a halt to the match at the 1:38 mark Victor Ortiz demolishing Bronx native Jeffrey Resto, knocking the taller New Yorker out at the 1:19 mark of the second round.

Last Saturday’s undercard of the “Dream Match” was truly boring that gave me that strange feeling or wondering if this might be an omen of things to come between Manny Pacquiao and Oscar De La Hoya. An Olympian gold medalist with 10 world titles to boot who is taller, the Golden Boy had the professional odds maker giving him the edge enough to prepare Pacquiao fans to expect the worse.

Indeed while the bravado of the Golden Boy still rings in one’s consciousness a sudden unexpected reversal took its course. After the unveiling of the triumphant statue of the Golden Boy at Staples although there were some rag tag complain that it should have been elsewhere somehow it has a psychological effect that this man still has what it takes to deck Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao is fighter known for his relentless attack that is vulnerable to Oscar de la Hoya's left complete with a threatening knock out fizzled out like a bursting bubble. Such threat was enough for some to doubt if Pacquiao’s moniker of “mexecutioner” days are numbered. Perhaps another mis-match just like the undercards but lo and behold round after round all 8 of them was surprisingly dominated by Manny Pacquiao. Just like the mismatch bout with lightweight champion David Diaz this latest one is also a one sided fight but this time around the one expected to dominate was dominated and given a lesson in boxing.

So who’s next for Manny Pacquioa or as Dung Markus asked in his artwork at Pacland Forum, Is there anyone else?
Ricky Hatton or Floyd Mayweather so they can settle who is truly the pound for pound fighter......... whoever Manny Pacquiao takes on he definitely should get the bigger purse unlike this "Dream Match" that is more of a nightmare for Oscar de la Hoya but surely it is well worth getting one's face beaten to a pulp for a guaranteed US$20M purse.

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