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More on Gonzales 07 Election Scandal

Something is really wrong with these people in the Comelec, and this is coming from a “spokesman”? What is it that he thinks he will achieve by exonerating Raul Gonzales when they are supposedly on an "investigation" phase, or are they? How in the name of Kurdapya can a spokesman render his opinion prematurely is just beyond me, or is this the official line of the Comelec and all this praise release coming from Abalos is just for show. Does he even have all the facts before him when it was supposed to be “under investigation”? Or is this another one of those praise release with the help of ATM journalist (envelopmental journalism is now passé’ technology has taken over wherein "payola" or bribes for spin write-up are now deposited directly to their ATM account) concocting their brews of lies as a show that they are on top of the scandal.

This “spokesperson” is saying that “technically” he “thinks” Gonzales has not violated any law when the secretary boasted in his radio program (which he tries to blame on Radio Bombo critical of him for “leaking” said statement) his offer of P10K to Burangay Captains for a “sweep” of TU candidates.

He claims that his “reading” of Gonzales “statement” was that he made no such offer, whaaaaat in heavens name is this spokesperson concocting in his mind? He then went on with his play of word just like some confused numb nut that can’t see reality for what it is even if it smacks them straight into their thick skinned face. He now uses “incentive” in place of OFFER which according to this person is a “reward” akin to “salaries” and “bonuses”, huh and double huh…. what a stretch indeed.

I am not a lawyer but section 261 is very clear, an offer even if the buying never transpired is in itself prohibited. Now all of a sudden he acts like a judge and his verdict of Gonzales as guilty not of a crime but propriety and poor taste. Hmmmmmn, and guess how he came about and what specific law or ruling he cited to come up with an “innocent” (incoherent is more apt) verdict, none, nada, zip. He based it on a Bullworth Movie, heck what is the world coming too, I never thought that Hollyweird has so much influence with the Comelec people that they even boast of it as if it was the gospel of truth.

I just got tired reading this guy's blog and went on to read the comments instead and found this very interesting comment of Dean Jorge Bocobo:

Comment by DJB on 26 April 07 5:56 pm

Absolutely nobody believe you or the Comelec on the matter of the insurance cards and the Genuino food. You guys are skating on thin ice now with this matter. You will surely fall through it if you keep going like this. It’s obvious to every reasonable person that these acts constitute vote buying. You were pitiful just now talking to Pia Hontiveros. I hope you all go to jail, or worse!

I share DJB’s sentiments, indeed better yet if it happens I can only wish that they throw away the key for good measure. I am not being mean here but looking at this person’s response you will understand how I felt:

Comment by jimenez on 26 April 07 8:03 pm

Hi DJB, thanks for finding your way here again. So, you suggest we don’t go through due process and just shoot every body who we think ‘obviously’ violated a campaign rule?

What about those who only look guilty?

Now how pathetic is that, he is asking about those that only look guilty? He has pre-judge this scandal when right from the very start and to think I thought they are now about to fish out their credibility out of the toilet they seem to wallow on the stink coming out of that loony Comelec. The sad part is we too can smell it from every corner of the world and this is becoming sooooo nauseatingly unbearable.

Meanwhile, Ely Pamatong filed a disbarment case against Gonzalez in the Supreme Court’s Office of the Bar Confidant, calling Gonzales' offer to the barangays in his home province “highly immoral.” Pamatong was quoted by Inquirer as:

Dancing in the glow of power,” Pamatong said in his petition, “Gonzalez has been displaying and exhibiting his lunar authority and privileges like a rogue elephant. Sycophantic and unrestrained, his tongue whimsically wags and emits caustic, sarcastic, unjust and abusive remarks at anyone who displeases him.

Asked for comment, Gonzalez said: “I do not dignify nuts ... Mr. Pamatong is a nut and he could do what he wants.”

Great now the zoo is fast turning into a circus, Pamatong gained wide publicity in 2004 following his disqualification as a “nuisance candidate” in the last presidential election for strewing metal spikes on EDSA (Epifanio delos Santos Avenue), damaging the tires of more than 100 vehicles. What a combination, add Comelec to the mix and we might as well watch a parade of clowns and maybe get entertained…. not this one that drives a sane person to the nuthouse.

In my previous entry where I mentioned Comelec Regional Director Renato Magbutay he said that the poll body cannot act to determine if Gonzalez violated any election law if there is no formal complaint and no witness comes forward to execute an affidavit. Hint…… there is no need for an affidavit; it is SOP for Radio Stations to tape and keep the record for billing purposes in their billing statements to advertisers and sponsors. Don't they get it? There I am giving them a tip and this goes to Mr. Abalos (remember when earlier he also said he was waiting for “someone” to file an “affidavit” or “complaint” before he can act on it but change his mind and announced he does not need one to initiate an “inquiry”) also…… get the recording of the Radio Station. Duh, now maybe that was not a very good idea judging from our experience with the Garci tape that they debated till they are blue or come up with different versions they may have been "erased" already. Oh boy here we go again, Hopefully this is not another one of those circus acts of showing us the “official” and “unofficial” recordings. Well, at the rate this people conduct their “investigation” or not at all, this will probably be similar to the Garci tape. There will be so many versions and numerous “experts” who will perjure errr testify the validity or not of the tape. They will argue till eternity on the source (which is really how a corrupted mindset operates especially of the crooks) until the issue dies down and Gonzales will probably be rewarded for a misdeed well done. I was wondering why Magbutay said that and guess what I found out on Kontra Daya’s blog, he was in the list, mind you it is not a party list but Kontra Daya's Pre-Election Report:

As a result, the extensive “machinery for cheating,” both within and outside the COMELEC, remains intact and available for highly probable acts of systematic and wholesale fraud in the coming elections.

A number of COMELEC personnel implicated in the massive dagdag-bawas operation in Mindanao in 2004 as revealed in the “Hello Garci” recordings have since been promoted, implying an increase in their capacity to unfairly influence, if not manipulate, the results of voting. These include:

1. Atty. Renato Magbutay, Region VI director,

2. Atty. Remlane Tambuang, Region XI director,

3. Atty. Michael Abbas, Region XII director,

4. Atty. Ray Sumalipao, ARMM director,

5. Atty. Lintang Bedol, Lanao del Sur provincial officer,

6. Atty. Francisco Pobe, Agusan del Sur provincial officer.

The sworn testimony of self-confessed vote-rigger Arsenio Rasalan revealed the role played by former COMELEC director and election lawyer Atty. Roque Bello in the fraud of 2004. According to Rasalan, Bello headed a complex operation to fabricate 10,000 ERs and replace them for the ones stored in the Batasang Pambansa. Bello has never been investigated; therefore, his extensive network of document and signature forgers are presumably intact.

Allow me to echo the “spokesperson’s” question, what about those who “look” only guilty? The answer is obvious…. THEY GET PROMOTED! Now maybe instead of wishing they go to jail we should start suing their asses off and let’s see if our dreams will come true, but then again with a justice secretary that will lead the prosecution………. what are the chances, maybe nada, zilch, zero like in dagdag bawas. If you are getting so worked up by all this moronic run around get even and click the banner below.......



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