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More dirty tricks from alleged Malacanang "Front" Party List

In one of Arkibong Bayan’s site article comes this email from one of Davao’s anonymous concerned voter complete with images of Insurance cards and movie tickets. These cards were reportedly coming form House Majority leader Nograles people whose son Carlo (hmmmmn, the son of a majority leader marginalized?) is the nominee of KALAHI.

Now whoever said that there is no free lunch is apparently lying, not only did they get free lunch it came with insurance cards and free movie tickets filling their tummy and eyes in the process. Apparently NO FREE LUNCH does not apply in the Republic of Madaya errrr Philippines wherein a supposedly Barangay Captain sent out invitations to residents of Subdivision homeowner association officers in District 1 of Davao City to a FREE lunch meeting at Greenhills restaurant in Davao City where he and Kalahi party list distributed campaign materials, FREE Insurance cards (100,000), and FREE Cinema Tickets (Gaisano Cinema) bearing the name of Cong. Nograles and the Kalahi Party list.

If this is true and as rampant as it seems while It may appear to be free I wonder how much it will cost the electorate of Davao and free moochers in terms of Pork Barrel and perks once they get their cheat errr seat through the backdoor of pathetic halls of congress.

Indeed if a picture is worth a thousand words and this one is probably not just worth a thousand words but pesos as well.

I am sure some “geniuses” of the highly partisan fools will once again question the authenticity and validity of the allegations and question the anonymity or look for motives behind all these especially if the sources are leftist or progressive organizations. It’s just a few days before the circus ends and no one seems to get amused at these sideshows that can be likened to a freak show. I fear for the anonymous Davao Voter who must hide in anonymity because some people classified with the idiot kind whose tiny brain fell off their index finger may literally shoot the messenger.

The question that really comes to mind is who are really bankrolling these insurance and other perks being distributed like candys indiscriminately to people. Not only is this kind of incident an isolated case in Davao but even Pacquioa and Joe De Venecia are reportedly caught on TV distributing insurance cards.

Something smells fishy and I am not even in a fish market or talking to a fisherman’s wife, why does the insurance card bear the signature of the President and the speaker of the house? Who are the underwriters? Is it the government or a private insurance company? Indeed we are in the land of miracles that happens every 3 years unfortunately after the miracle comes the backlash……. more people are reduced to poverty. Despite the “miracles” how come we still see 3,000 Filipino families broken up every single day so that their parents or older siblings can work abroad and bring food to the table? Hmmmmnnn, for a marginalized party list they seem to have so much excess funds to give away, dirty indeed and with the kind of Comelec we have it does not really comes as a surprise.



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