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Pacquiao a victim of PADDING!

No it was not the dagdag bawas (add subtract vote shaving irregularities) where Manny Pacquiao was victimized. He was victimized by his own people. According to the Philstar article of Christy Fermin which was posted at Pacland Forum. In said article a reliable source has intimated Manny was dejected over the treatment he got from his own people and his town mates.

His winnings in the last fight with Solis of roughly P85M (according to Fermin’s informant) went down the drain in his bid for a seat in congress. In one single swoop ok rather at the rate his “trusted” sycophants whom he thought were his trusted friends and followers were sucking his prize fight money like leeches.

He has accepted his political loss graciously but what really got him so depressed was the way his “people” took advantage of his giving attitude literally stealing his money under his very nose. It was reported that most of the expenses in his campaign sortie was PADDED shamelessly by vultures just like the tongelec backdoor operators will pad a P10K bill to P100K.

On occasions where they have booked starlets in hotels for their campaign sortie the food he was paying for was equivalent to throwing out a bash when there were just a handful of starlets booked at the hotel.

It’s all about the zero, adding zero at the end of the bill and they just suckered the poor guy who does not know any better. It was also reported and this was coming from some Pacland forum members that people in his town were literally camping out in his headquarters not only freeloading but asking for money every single day.

Thievery, that’s what it’s all about, people are reduced to stealing like “wise guys” of the Mafiosi type with of course our politicians acting like one it really does not come as a surprise that it has that trickle effect on the people.

Patronage politics will bring you nowhere and while his is a noble intention to help it will just not cut it in a game where thieves prevail. It was also reported in some newspaper before his fight with Solis that he was doling out as much as US$2K a day to people asking for money. The only time he refuses was when he does not have his wallet. His advisers must be feeding him some wrong information, but after this report from Christy now we know why people will ask him to run. Here, there is a way for Manny and maybe this will cheer up the people’s idol, he gets this banner award from the nosey jaywalking Pedestrian Observer just like Lady Miriam.

This is precisely why Loida Nicholas Lewis of the Beatriz Fortune and past President of NAFFA was so disgusted at the state of our electoral contest according to Rob Ceralvo one of the active Absentee Voting advocate. She felt that all they see was the dollar they can squeezed out of her that she just will not involve herself in Philippine political elections. Vultures indeed abound in a nation where politics is treated as a major source of livelihood where stealing is a game people play and no one goes to jail when one gets caught or even get tried in court.

Next time if Manny is planning for a political run he should just print out that Five Peso Bill and give that away to his “loyal trusted friends” and see if they will stick around.

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